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          Tempest sat with Void and Nila in the library.  Homework for uncharming class.  They were waiting for Chad and Divina, but they weren’t there yet and it was beginning to annoy Tempest.

“Hey!  What are you three doing here,” called a voice.  They turned and saw Hydra standing with Zoltron.

“We’re doing homework for Uncharming Magic class,” stated Nila.

“And waiting for Chad and Divina.  You two haven’t seen them by any chance?”


“Yes.”  Hydra and Zoltron looked ay each other and Hydras’ eyes widened.

“Hydra dear, where did you see them?” asked Tempest.

“We were supposed to lie if she asked Hydra,” said Zoltron as he covered his face with his hand.

“Shut it Zoltron.  Hydra darling if I have to cast a spell on you I will.”  Sh flashed her vampiric smile and flew up to her face.

“Upstairs.  Don’t tell them I told you.”

“Don’t worry and thank you.  Void, Nila, come.”

“Coming,” they said in unison.

Tempest walked up the corner staircase and snuck around quietly.  Hydra hadn’t specified where they were so she will say that she was just looking for them.  Tempest crept around a corner and stopped to examine a vibrant coloured book that stuck out like sore thumb.  She grabbed the book and continued on her search.

“I smell Divina’s perfume,” stated Void.  “She’s close.”

“I know, I can smell Chad.  Nila your hearing—“

“Down two more stalls on the right.”  They crept silently so as to make a surprise attack.  Tempest smiled along with Nila and Void and she turned around the corner.  Tempest stood transfixed at the scene before her.

“That’s it!  Why don’t you two ever tell me anything?!”  Chad and Divina pulled out of their kiss and stared at Tempest.

“Zephyr—“ began Chad.

“Hush.”  She flew to the seat in front of them and sat there.  “I don’t mind that you two are together.  Honestly, although I am a bit upset that you two just happened to neglect to tell me!  Why?”

“We’re not exactly sure,” said Divina.

Tempest rolled her eyes but smiled none the less.  “You two are idiots, but I’m happy for you anyway.”  She gave them each a hug and got up from her seat.”

“Question, did you already finish the homework?”

“Yeah,” said Chad.

“Give it here, please.”  They laughed.  “I’m serious you two.”  They looked at her and pointed it at the table.  Tempest smiled and took the work and walked back to Nila and Void.

“Come on you two, lets leave these two love birds alone.”  Void and Nila snickered before following Tempest back down the stairs.


Merwick was killing them.  One by one.  First the girl in green, then the girl in red.  Next was the girl in blue and finally was the girl in white.  One by one Merwick was killing each of them, and each time a colourful glow erupted from them and flew to Merwick.  He smiled at Tempest, a malevolent smile and stabbed her.  Now she was dying and he was taking her essences and her power.

Tempest jolted awake and reached under her bed for her vials.  She knew she wouldn’t be able to fall asleep for after that, especially now that she knew her dreams were not just dreams.

Tempest got dressed and crawled from her bed.  She opened the window along the wall.  She thought it was brilliant how even though the doorway was near the catacombs, the tower itself was the tallest tower.  Curled up around the top of the tower was Aidan, he looked up at her.


“Nightmare.  Merwick as planning on killing four girls.  Obviously there’s something important about these girls.”

“Are they familiar to you?”

“No.  I wonder what is so important about these girls, I could sense something about them though.”


“They had remarkable power.  Power like the Lady of the Lake and her sister.  Something about them was pure magic.”

“Do you know why hr might want them?”

“Their power, for his own.  The same thing he’ll take from me one he kills me.”  She laughed aloud bitterly, then stopped abruptly.  That book she found.  It only had those same colours that the girls were dressed in.

Tempest jumped down from the tower and caught herself on the window ledge.  The joy of being a vampire, she thought.  She jumped in and went to her bed and shuffled among the books.  It was gone.  She swore under her breath.  It was like when she had found the fire book.  She was hoping she could avoid the looked part.


“What are you looking for,” whispered Nila above her.  Tempest had heard her coming so she did not more.

“That book I grabbed yesterday is gone.”

“The colourful one?”


“Hmm, I don’t know.  Hey the family books,” Nila whispered.  She grabbed volume one and opened it to the first page.  “Hey, look, the Lady of the Lake and her yesterday.”

“Of course they would be on the first page,” Tempest tucked everything back down under the floorboards.  She told Nila to move over and sat herself next to her.

“Wow, she was beautiful,’ said Nila indicating the mother.

“Yeah, and he was hot,” said Tempest indicating the father.

“Yeah.  Hey look, Mab created Merlin out of magic and put the child in a mortal woman.  So myths are true.  He was the child of a woman with no mortal father.”

“You’ve been reading?” asked Tempest looking at her questionably.

Nila simply shrugged.  “I got bored over the summer.  Hey look Merlin married and had twins . . . you know before Morgan trapped him.”

Tempest rolled her eyes and looked at the tree.  The Lady of the Lake and Tempest linked together with another woman.  Tempest grabbed the book from Nila and looked closely.  Four girls were under them.  Four beautiful girls that were surrounded in a different colour each.

“Oh my god.”

“Why do I hate it when you say that,” remarked Nila.

“I had a dream about these four girls.”

“Dreams are not good.”

“Merwick was killing them, taking their power and then he killed me.  I wasn’t powerful enough to stop him.”

“Crap, so I guess now we know what he’s up to now.”

“Yeah, I don’t like this.”  She got up.  “Come one, lets go talk to Master Vlad and get Void.”



Tempest stood with Void and Nila in front of Mater Vlad’s desk as he looked at the book.

“He killed these four girls?”

“Yeah, would you happen to know who they are?”

He shook his head.  “I am sorry, I’m afraid you are on your own this time.”

“Great,” she said sarcastically.  “Do you mid if we get excused from our classes to research the catacombs book rooms and the library?”

“Do you know what you’re looking for?”

“Actually I do . . . unfortunately.”

“Why is it unfortunate?”

“Because, I’m afraid, to be honest.”

“Understandable.  Okay then, you three should get started.”

Tempest, Nila and Void ran to the library and handed Madam Paper their note to search the Restricted Section.  She laughed and was happy that for once they were not sneaking in.

They were looking for a bok that stuck out like a sore thumb.  Colourful and vibrant.

They had been looking at every shelf, pulling out every book they thought was it.

Tempest smacked Void when she caught him asleep.


“Come on, lets go get some food, we’ve been looking all morning.”

“‘Kay, hey where’s Nila?”


“I’ll carry her.”

“Are you sure that’s wise?  Edana.”

“She’s still not talking to me and frankly I don’t care anymore.  Nila’s my friend and we’re actually saving each other.  Besides there is no way Nila is going to wake up.”  They laughed and Void picked her up.

They walked down and Astrea blocked their path, along with Heather and Cassandra.

“Astrea, I really don’t have the time for this.”

“This won’t take long, I was just curious to as how long Nila and Void were dating?”

“We’re not Astrea,” said Void.

“Really, so that kiss you two shared on the train three weeks ago was nothing?”


“Enough Astrea, it was nothing and you know it.”

“Really?  See in my book when a guy takes a girl and kisses her tenderly on the lips that signifies that something is going on.”

“Okay enough, before I break your nose . . . again.”

“Fine I’ll go.”  She turned and laughed.

“She’s such a bitch,” yawned Nila.

“How long were you awake,” asked Void.

“Long enough.  I thought it best to pretend so as not to give her something more to talk about.”

“Good call,” said Tempest.  Nila smiled and laid her head back down.  Void smiled too and they all soon sat down to each.


They had finally finished checking the library and had found nothing.  Now they were taking a break in one of the book rooms.

“I hate Merwick.”

“We all do sweetheart,” said Nila.

“Ugh!  Come on lets get looking”

They all groaned and got up.  Tempest walked along the wall and looked around.


“You found it?” asked Nila yawning.

“Yeah.  Hey what time is it?”

“Half past midnight,” stated Void.

“Catch.”  Tempest pulled the book out and Void caught it.  Tempest dropped to his side and grabbed the book.

As they walked back to the Slimythings dormitory.  Tempest began to read the as she walked.

When they all got there they sat on the ground near the fire.  Out of nowhere crawled Nila’s Sevratis.  It crawled onto her and like that she looked like a woman of the Earth.

“Found anything,” she yawned.

“Yeah.  Those four girls are the elements.  Like they each have complete control over one element, and over magic.”

“How do you mean?” asked Void.

Tempest smiled.  “Finally for once you’re asking the questions.”

“Get on with it.”

“Well, you know how magic was brought into the world by the ‘Tempest’.”  They nodded.  “Well apparently they both created four girls to watch over one aspect of magic because it was too much for just the two of them.  Broom go’s with Air and Earth.  Potions with Water and Fire and Earth.  Spells take one form from all the Elements.  Without them, magic as we know it would be nonexistence.  Just a mass of chaos.  If Merwick takes their power he will have complete power over magic.”

“So your saying that those four girls basically control magic.”

“Govern it actually.  They allow mortals like . . . you two to be able to control and use magic.  We can’t let him kill them.”

“If he does.  He’ll kill is all and we won’t be able to stop him at all.”

They all looked at each other.  If there was anyway to kill a mortal leave it to Merwick to discover it thought Tempest unhappily.

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