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The person Serena ended up talking to was Xeno, much to the dismay of gossip hounds such as Alice. Serena wasn’t about to rush into the arms of Sirius in the middle of the Great Hall, sobbing about how mean Bellatrix Black was, when she was trying to keep a low profile. Instead, the pretty blonde moped to Xeno and the unicorns in the Forbidden Forest. Xeno, surprisingly, moped back – if only a little.

“It’s that new girl.” Xeno sighed, shaking his frazzled head. The comets swirled across his sweater, which had appeared to have shrunken in the last wash.

“What new girl?” Serena asked from her rock perch as she picked the split ends out of her hair.

“From Beauxbatons.” Xeno replied from deeper in the Forbidden Forest.

“There’s a new girl from Beauxbatons?”  Serena asked, leaning forward from her rock to try and get a clearer view of what her friend was doing. “You’re not, like, blowing anything up are you, X?”

“No, no.” Xeno laughed and kept forging forward until Serena was forced to follow if she wished to keep up the conversation. “Haven’t you seen her? She’s gorgeous.” Serena kept to herself what she thought was “gorgeous” according to Xeno. Instead she tried to rack her brain for any new people.

Later that night, Serena sat still thinking in between Sirius and James in the library. Remus sat several tables over, muttering that he couldn’t think when they were all just gossiping and joking. Serena blew her bangs out of her hair, picking their split ends and contemplating giving them a trim. Sirius watched her out of the corner of his eye as he tried to work on his Potions essay. James seemed off in his own world, staring out the library window into the dark night.

“Your girlfriend has been hanging out with me lately.” Serena murmered to James. Potter looked over at her with interest, subconsciously messing up his hair at the mere mention of Lilly.

“Lillykins?” He whispered. Sirius rolled his eyes at his best friend, but Serena bit her lip in a smiling nod. From across the library, first years were trying hard not to stare at them. As a trio they were somewhat intimidating. Serena’s long hair was messy, and she looked casually relaxed in her black school kilt and faded black Rolling Stones concert tee shirt. It hung loosely off her thin arms, which were covered in bits of colored string for bracelets. Sirius and James were both in fraying polo shirts and black school pants. Their hair hung in their faces, obviously messed up from the mischief of their school days. And with their heads all bent in towards one another, whispering together like they were all in on some big, amazing secret… it made sense that people were whispering about them.

“That means Alice too.” Serena stuck out her tounge to represent her displeasure. Sirius and James both frowned with compassion, and Remus sighed loudly from his table.

“What was that Mooney?” Sirius whisper-yelled. “Can’t hear you from over here.” Remus groaned and, picking up his books, stomped over to Serena, Sirius and James. The whispers from the first years increased when Remus stomped over to the table. His sandy brown hair was falling in his yellowish-brown eyes, which were filled with frustration for the less than studious. However, anyone who knew him could still see the glimmer of mischief behind his serious eyes.

“Shouldn’t you be studying?” He ushered to the first years, who blushed and went back to pretending to study. Remus tossed his tie over the shoulder of his faded red button down shirt as he settled back into his friends’ table. They teased him momentarily about his constant seat changing, until Serena finally changed the subject.

“Remus, have you heard of any new girls from Beauxbatons?” Serena asked lightly. She figured that since James only had eyes for Lilly, and Sirius seemed to be otherwise engaged with her, Remus was the most observant when it came to new girls. Remus thought for a moment before he finally spoke.

“There is Mirabelle Montain.” He explained. “I think she’s from Beauxbatons. She’s in Ravenclaw though.”

“What’s she look like?” Serena said dreamily, imaging Xeno’s dreamgirl. It would be nice for her socially awkward best friend to have a glamorous, forgein girlfriend. Maybe she smoked cigarettes out of long cigarette holders and wore heavy liquid eyeliner and had beauty marks. Serena daydreamed more, imaging brilliant Xeno with a bombshell, French sex-bomb girlfriend. That would stop everyone making fun of him.

“Well… She’s a bit…” A first, Remus fumbled over his words.

“What?” Serena snapped out of her daydream, though her tone was still light and airy. James and Sirius feigned interest in the conversation.

“Well, peculiar looking would be the nice thing to say.” Remus bit his bottom lip.

“What do you mean peculiar looking?” James asked, eyes squinted in confusion. Suddenly, a crash was heard from one of the corners in the library. Serena rushed towards the sound. Bellatrix Black’s retreating back could be seen, but more importantly was the petite girl who seemed to have tumbled from the upper shelves of the library.

“Ohmygosh! Are you okay?” Serena asked, her voice high with concern. The girl stood up and Serena got a full look at her. Her hair was pale blonde, practically white, falling past her shoulders and all the way down her back. Her eyes were a light, bright green – almost neon, and heavily lined in black liquid liner. They popped out at their surroundings. Her skin was delicately pale and her features were small and feminine. Around her head was an intrictately wrapped leather headband with bright red, orange and yellow feathers dangling from it. Serena realized after a moment that they were indeed phoenix feathers. The girl’s lips were a deep, ruby red and parted to display perfectly straight teeth. When the girl smiled that she was alright, Serena noticed that one of her front teeth was shockingly made of gold.

“Mirabelle?” Serena asked. The girl looked at her confused.

“Bonjour?” She smiled at Serena, but with a look of wonder on her face. Her tone rivaled Serena’s in dreaminess. Both girls talked as if they were on cloud nine.

“I’m Serena.” Serena stuck out her hand with a goofy smile plastered onto her face. On anyone else she would have looked like a goofy first year, but (Sirius noted from his seat) on Serena it made her look like a beautiful, friendly  goddess. Mirabelle smiled.

“Bonjour Serena! Je m’appelle Mirabelle.” She laughed. “But you know that obviously.” Her accent was heavy and French, but Mirabelle herself was dainty and sweet. The two girls smiled at each other, as if they shared a secret.

Shortly after, Serena and Sirius wandered out of the library. Their hands intertwined as they walked down the desserted corridors. Serena hummed a tune lightly as Sirius tickled her sides. Their comfortable silence was occasionally interrupted by students running through the halls trying to beat their curfew. Serena and Sirius walked slowly down the darkened halls, not paying attention to the time, or worrying about curfew at all for that matter.

“Want to go to the Astronomy tower?” Sirius spoke up. Serena crinkled her nose, the image of Bellatrix and Lucius flashing in her head.

“Overrated. Let’s find a better spot.” She smiled up at Sirius and kissed him on his tan cheek. “Now!” Sirius laughed.

“Like where, crazy?” He asked and Serena shrugged her skinny shoulders.

“What about outside? On the hills facing Hogsmede?” She suggested with hopefulness. Sirius nodded and quickly led the way.

Once they got outside, they lay down in the tall grass and stared up at the sky. “See!” Serena giggled as she tucked into Sirius’ chest. “This is better than any silly Astronomy tower.” Sirius, with his family’s knowledge of constellations, pointed out the stars to Serena who ooh’ed and aah’ed at all the right moments. She rubbed his stomach and he ran his hands through her hair as they both relaxed in the late night breeze. Eventually, both pairs of beautiful eyes closed as the two fell into sleep. They slept soundly through the night on their soft blanket of grass. The rising sun didn’t even wake them, as they tossed and turned together as if they were on a small bed.

Hogwarts began to wake up and they stayed slumbering. Students began making their ways from their dorms to the Great Hall, when a murmer began to flow through the school about it’s two missing students. Sirius felt something nudge his back, and blinked his eyes open several times. James, Remus and Peter stood above him, all with separate smirks on their face.

“What…?” Sirius spoke sleepily.

“You better get back to the dorms before McGonnagal actually starts listening to stalker first years and realizes that you two spent the whole night outside of the fucking castle.” Remus said sternly but with a smile. James tossed the invisibility cloak down to his groggy friend.

“Classes start in half hour. You’d better hurry.” 

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