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Authors Note: Hello fellow Authors/Harry Potter Fan Fiction Readers! I'm sorry about the long wait but firstly this chapter was rejected for a long character string that frankly I CANNOT find and then, I became immensly confuzzled on whether I had posted this chapter or not, so yeah. Crazy one over here! anywho, on with the story!

Kerris awoke the morning afterwards with a sickening thought.

I have just made a bet with Rochelle Diarra.

She felt like she was about to throw up. She might as well go and jump into the black lake now and save the time. Three months wasn’t nearly enough time, how had she been so sure of herself yesterday. She would have to get to work straight away. There was only one problem. Sirius probably hated her for even looking at his brother let alone speaking to him. 

This is going to be harder than I thought …
She thought with a groan.

She swung her legs off of her bed, so they were hanging off the side. She stood up onto the soft, warm, crimson carpet and made her way into the bathroom. She looked at her face in the mirror, and sighed sadly. She had big, black mascara lines running down her face where she had cried last night.

She had come into the dorm yelling something to Natalie and Elis about her brother and Sirius being egotistic, insufferable gits before she burst into tears. The truth was she had never had a huge fight like that before with her brother, nor Sirius.

She washed her face and managed to get all of the mascara lines off of her face before she added her makeup, she brushed her teeth and brushed her hair, making sure she looked like her little spat last night with James and Sirius hadn’t affected her at all. She strolled back into the dorm and stood in the middle of all the beds.

“IT’S SATURDAY!” she sang, fairly loud.

All three of her roommates sat up, rubbing their eyes. Elis groaned and threw a pillow at Kerris, who laughed, April merely flumped back down on her bed and closed her eyes, however Natalie jumped up to join Kerris.

“HOGSMEADE!” shouted Natalie happily.

“Yes Natalie,” groaned Elis “We know it’s Hogsmeade today, and Kerris, yes it is a Saturday, that’s usually when normal people have a lie in.”

“Well not today!” Kerris said, prancing over to Elis’ bed and whipping off the covers. “Up, up, up!”

“Why are you picking on me and not April?!” Elis whined.

“I’m on it!” said Natalie, rolling up her sleeves, getting ready to jump on April.

“There, happy?” asked Kerris “Now up!”

Elis groaned and stood up out of her bed, Kerris smiled at her and sent her into the bathroom to get washed up, whilst Natalie had started a dog pile with April. Kerris flounced over to the two girls and made a sort of stretching gesture before gracefully falling on top of them.

“Ok, ok!” April was able to breathe, “I’ll get up!” she said giggling slightly.

Natalie and Kerris got off of her and grinned.

“Good!” said Natalie.

Once all of the girls were ready, they all went down to the Great Hall, since their stomachs were all rumbling awfully. When they entered the hall Kerris noticed the marauders sitting at one end of the table. Usually, Kerris, Natalie, April and Elis would all sit near the marauders and would be able to have a conversation with them, but today, Kerris ignored them all completely and led her friends down to the other end of the table.

Kerris grabbed a bowl of cereal and added milk, whilst Natalie took a piece of toast and buttered it and Elis and April took some eggs and bacon, but April took some mushrooms, whilst Elis wrinkled her nose at the sight of them.

“So, where we going to in Hogsmeade today?” asked Elis, trying to bring some happiness back.

This made Kerris smile.

“Well we’ve definitely got to go to Honeydukes!” she said happily.

“And Zonko’s!” added Natalie.

“Can we go to Gladrags Wizardwear?” asked April excitedly

“Is it alright if we quickly pop into Scrivenshaft's?” asked Elis “I know you guy’s think it’s boring, but I need a new quill.”

“Sure!” said Natalie, smiling.

“And we have to go to The Three Broomsticks.” Kerris said.

“Oh, my god, have you tasted the new butterbeer they’ve got in?” asked April “It is so nice, I can’t even begin to explain it.”

“Oooh!” said Natalie dramatically, making Kerris laugh.

They all finished their breakfast quite quickly and stood up from the table and began to walk out of the Great Hall when Lilly Evans came over to them.

“Excuse me, Kerris?” asked Lilly.

Kerris smiled “Yeah, Lilly?”

Kerris and Lilly weren’t at all like James and Lilly. For one, Kerris wasn’t madly ‘in love’ with her, two, Kerris does not go around intentionally hexing Slytherins or any enemies she may have --cough--diarrhoea--cough--, and three, Kerris has never teased, annoyed, nor embarrassed Lilly, therefore the two of them were on rather good terms with one another.

“I just want to say that I totally agree with you.” Lilly said with a kind smile.

“About what?” asked Kerris.

“About Gryffindors and Slytherins being friends,” she said admiringly “I thought it was unfair that you were treated awfully because of yours and Reglus’ friendship, I mean, no one really cared about my friendship with Severus, but because … Potter is your brother, your suddenly treated differently.”

“Thanks.” said Kerris gratefully

“I just want to say that … I really admire you for standing up for yourself.”

“Thank you Lilly.” said Kerris happily “It means a lot coming from you.”

“No problem, I’ll see you later.” and with that Lilly went and sat with her friends Mary McDonald and Alice Longbottom.

They then headed off to Hogsmeade, again ignoring the marauders as they passed.

Once they were in Hogsmeade they went straight to Scrivenshaft’s for Elis to get her quill. They spent about five minutes in there and then went straight to Honeydukes and spent about half an hour in there, buying way to many sweets. Afterwards they headed to Gladrags.

“Oh my god!” Kerris heard Natalie yell. Natalie appeared from one of the isles in Gladrags. “Kerris!” she said with wide eyes.

“What, what?” asked Kerris, half excited, half frightened.

Natalie grabbed Kerris’ hand and dragged her down the isle she just came running out of. Natalie stopped dead, a grin on her face. Kerris looked ahead of Natalie and saw a massive clothes rack with a sign above it. 75% off. Kerris’ eyes went wide like saucers. She was having trouble suppressing a grin. Her and Natalie looked at one another. They gave up trying to hide their smiles. Elis and April came out of one of the isles, Elis’ eyes went wide with fear.

“April …” she said, grabbing a hold of her friend. “We better get out of the blast zone.”

the two quickly dispersed and were out of sight, as Natalie and Kerris let out little squeals of joy and ran forward, rummaging through the sale section.

“Oh my god, Natalie!” said Kerris happily. “Look!” she held up a white and black, low cut blouse. “You should so buy this!” Kerris held it up against her “It goes well with your hair.” she said smiling.

“That is gorgeous!” Natalie said looking at the blouse.

After about an hour and a half, Kerris and Natalie finally emerged from the shop, with at least 12 bags each.

“Are you two quite finished?” asked April looking rather irritated.

“Have some patience A” said Kerris smirking

April merely rolled her eyes.

“To Zonko’s?” Elis asked.

“Sure, why not.” said Natalie.

They were most probably the only girls who absolutely loved Zonko’s, they also loved Mr Zonko, he was the nicest man ever!

The four girls entered the shop and were instantly surrounded by ‘Stink Pellets’, ‘Gobstones’, ‘Hiccup Sweets’, ‘Nose-biting Teacups’, ‘Wizard Chess sets’, and the famous ‘Dung Bombs’. Mr Zonko seeing the four girls who came in here regularly, came over to them almost immediately.

“Hello girls!” he said “I’m pleased to see you again.”

“Hello Mr Zonko!” said Kerris, just as cheerfully.

“Miss. Potter, how many times must I tell you to call me Joe?” asked Mr Zonko, smiling amused.

“And how many times must I tell you not to call me ‘Miss. Potter’” Kerris replied cheekily.

Mr Zonko merely laughed. Mr Zonko was a man in his late twenties, he was quite attractive, he had dark eyes and a blonde-brown hair colour. He was thin and tall, he had a peachy face with rosy cheeks and little dimples whenever he smiled.

“Very well Miss Potter.” Mr Zonko said, teasing her. “What can I do for you four lovely ladies.”

“Oh nothing Mr Zonko,” said April “We’re just browsing.”

“Well, call me if you need anything!” he replied cheerfully and then disappeared between the isles.

April and Kerris went over to the practical jokes, whilst Natalie and Elis went over to the trick cards and games.

April and Kerris had been having a discussion about how they should alter their dung bombs, so they had something in them that their victim hated above all.

“That would truly be awesome!” April said clapping her hands together.

“Snivellous’ would probably be shampoo…” said Kerris in a wondering tone.

April laughed hard as Kerris smiled. She looked up out of the window and saw the marauders walking around outside. Kerris felt a smirk emerge on her face as she called Mr Zonko back into view.

“Mr Zonko can you do me a favour, please?” she asked

“Of course dear, what would you like?” he asked.

“You know my brother?” Kerris said, unable to suppress her evil grin.

“I’m rather familiar with his work.” said Mr Zonko playfully.

Kerris smiled in amusement “Well, do you think it’s possible for you to … well … not … serve him today?” she asked “It’s all part of a practical joke you see.” she lied, an evil plan already formulating in her mind.

“I’m sorry Miss Potter, but I’m afraid I’ve already served him today.” Mr Zonko said full of remorse.

“Oh.” said Kerris slightly disappointed, watching her foolproof plan go up in flames “Oh, ok never mind.” she covered up with a smile.

Once Kerris, April, Natalie and Elis bought 8 dung bombs, 2 boxes of stink pellets, a set of self shuffling cards, a wizard chess set, a ‘Grow Your Own Warts Set’ set and three boxes of sneezing sweets and hiccupping sweets, they headed off to The Three Broomsticks. Kerris and Natalie had immense trouble fitting in the door of the pub with all the bags they were clutching, but still managed to squeeze through the doorway. They sat down at a table in one of the booths as an attractive waitress, with rather big breasts, came up to them, a pen and notepad in her hand.

“Ello’ welcome to The Three Broomsticks,” she said in a very flat, south London tone, not looking up from her notepad “My name is Madame Rosmerta, and I will be your waitress for today.” the woman looked up and smiled rather warmly “What can I get ya’ darlin’s?”

“Four butterbeers?” April said looking around the table, confirming the order. “Four butterbeers, please” she repeated certainly.

“Anythin’ else?” Madame Rosmerta asked, after scratching the order down on her notepad.

“No, that will be it thanks.” replied Elis.

When Madame Rosmerta returned with their ordered drinks, Kerris got a word in before the waitress could turn away.

“Say,” she said “You look rather young.” she said tilting her head to the side “How come I’ve never seen you at Hogwarts?”

“Aint’ allowed to go there innit’?” she replied “Got kicked out by McGonagall in fourth year.” she then began to smile “Dumbledore’s a saint inne?, ‘e looked like ‘e was findin’ the ol’ situation ‘illarious” her smile then turned into a scowl “But ol’ McGonagall ‘ad to take it the wrong way … it was only a few fanged Frisbees … I guess she was mostly upset ‘cos it took a giant chunk outta’ her hair … don’t fink it’s been the same since”

Kerris and Natalie broke out in uncontrollable laughter, April spat out the butterbeer she had just sipped and Elis was trying to suppress a grin … It wasn’t going too well.

“Hey …” said Madame Rosmerta, looking over at the door “Aint that your brother an’ ‘is mates?” she asked, Kerris, Natalie, April and Elis all swivelled round to face the door, and no doubt there was her brother and his ’boys’. “You do look alike … except for the blonde hair and … ya’ know … being a girl an’ all.” she rolled her eyes and gave James and Sirius a dirty look as they winked at a group of fifth year Ravenclaws. “They do that a lot, don’t they?” the waitress confirmed “The other one is always tryin’ta get a date with me.” Madame Rosmerta just shook her head and rolled her eyes. “But I aint going for some seventh year, let alone one who flirts with everythin’ that is willin’ to stick it’s tongue down ‘is froat.”

Kerris threw her head back in irrepressible, loud laughter. She was absolutely positive that the marauders had heard her and were now starring, even though she wasn’t able to see them because of the tears in her eyes. Kerris made a hand movement to tell Natalie to move over, and allowed Madame Rosmerta to sit next to her. Once Kerris had calmed down she was able to get a few sentences out.

“You mean Sirius?” she asked.

“Is that the other flirty one?” Rosmerta asked “Then yeah.” she said as Kerris nodded.

“You know, except for us … and Evans, your probably the only female who isn’t head over heels for a marauder.” Natalie said.

“Marauder?” Rosmerta asked, confused.

“It’s their little group, what they call themselves … a marauder is someone who wanders around looking for pranks to pull and things to steal.” explained April. Everyone looked at her oddly. “I got bored one day”

“So you looked up marauder?” asked Elis.

“And a few dirty words.” added April, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.

Anyway” said Kerris “What’s your first name?” she asked Rosmerta curiously.

Rosmerta opened her mouth to speak, until a voice came from the bar.


Madame Rosmerta jumped up with fright and gave the girls an apologetic glance. “I -- I’m sorry Mr. Chalke!” she said quickly. She smiled at the four girls before disappearing into the crowd of people at the bar.

“Well done.” came a very sarcastic voice.

Why do people keep saying that in that way to me?Sirius then came into view.

“My poor, dear Rosmerta has gotten into trouble because of you.” he added, pointedly at Kerris.

“Do you even know her first name?” Natalie asked.

Sirius hesitated for a moment. “Do you?” he asked.

“We’re not claiming, that she is our dearest sweetypie” Kerris said rather amused.

“But still you managed to cause a great scene there.” he said smirking.

“What do you want Black?” snapped Kerris “I would’ve thought you’d be off shagging some slag in a broom closet.”

Sirius’ eyes darkened. Once again she had gotten under his skin.

Point one for Kerris

“And I thought you’d be off writing to daddy about your all your little, girly problems …” Sirius then put on a little pouty face in imitation of Kerris and rested his hands on his hips. “‘Oh daddy, it was awful! Yesterday I broke my nail whilst clothes shopping! It was my longest one too!’” he said, making a very Kerris-like movement with his hips, whilst he stamped his foot. “‘Not only that, but they didn’t even have my size in Gladrags! I mean’” he said in a very whiny voice “‘Who doesn’t have a size 0?!’”

Kerris’ head snapped viciously towards her ‘friends’ who were all sniggering very noticeably and glared.

“You’re supposed to be my friends!” she yelled angrily at them.

Kerris stood up, slammed three knuts down onto the table for her butterbeer, grabbed her shopping bags and stormed out of the pub, allowing her shoulder to slam into Sirius’ as she left, ignoring all of their attempts to call her back, also glaring at the other marauders as they gave her questioning looks.

As Kerris stomped into the Gryffindor common room, after practically bellowing the password at the fat lady, she ran up to her dorm, slamming the door shut as she did so and letting out an angry growl while she flung her shopping bags down beside her bed and went over to her ginger cat, Macavity. She stroked his messy fur and ran her fingers through his uncombed whiskers. Macavity was a very tall and thin cat, with sunken in, bright green eyes. He meowed loudly and purred as she picked him up and sat on her bed with him scratching under his chin and behind his ear.

“I don’t think this bet is going to work Mac,” she told her cat “I mean how the hell am I meant to do it, if I want to beat him to a pulp basically every time we speak?” Kerris sighed, “I am so screwed.”

She place her cat on her bed and walked out of her dormitory and out of the portrait hole in search of a certain someone. After a while of searching the halls she finally found him … or he found her … or they both found each other … basically again they ran into one another. He kept his head down and muttered a quick ‘sorry’ before trying to walk off. Kerris grabbed his arm, so he would stop.

“Reglus?” she asked.

“Hey Kerris.” he said still not looking up.

“Reglus, what’s wrong?” she asked now rather concerned.

“N-nothing.” he said flatly.

“Reg, look at me.” she told him.

He hesitated for a moment, before looking up at her. He had a swollen black eye and a bruised cheek. Kerris gasp.

“Reglus … w--what happened?” she practically whispered.

“Had a bit of a disagreement with someone …” he said quickly “Listen, Kerris,” he said after a few seconds, looking at her apologetically “I--I can’t talk to you anymore.”

“Oh.” said Kerris, slightly surprised. “Slytherins see us talking?” she asked.

Reglus smirked. “Not as such.” he said.

Now this did surprise Kerris. “A certain Gryffindor’s handy work.” he said pointing to his bruises. “He told me, and I quote, ‘Go near her again and you’ll soon end up as Slytherin’s apprentice house ghost.’”

Kerris shook her head and glared at nothing in particular. “James …” she growled.

“Wrong again, Ker.” he said, confusing her even more. “It seems that our siblings are the complete opposite when it comes to family.”

“What do you mean?” she asked.

He chuckled slightly “Take a wild guess.” he said smiling kindly.

“Sirius did that?!” she whispered, extremely confused. Why would Sirius care?
He nodded once and then turned away, leaving her with her thoughts for a moment. Until she suddenly called after him.


He turned to face her. “Yeah?” he asked.

She smirked playfully “I’d put some ice on that cheek if I were you” she said knowingly “And put some crushed lavender on as well, it wont do much for the bruise, but it does wonders for your skin.”

Reglus laughed his deep loud laugh. “I’m going to miss you Kerris.”

“I’m not dying or anything.” she said impishly.

“You know what I mean.” he said smiling.

“I know.” she said.

He turned away and began walking, until she called out his name, again.


He grinned as he turned to face her. “Yeah?” he asked

“I’ll miss you too.” she said.

He smiled at her as he turned away, disappearing around a corner.

She smiled to herself. I really will miss him. She thought. Kerris went back to the Gryffindor common room and up into her dormitory. No one was there, it was like seven o’clock and they still hadn’t come back from Hogsmeade and her and Sirius’ detention started soon … like three minutes ago actually … she slapped her hand to her forehead.

“Damn it!” she said loudly “McGonagall’s detention!”

She had completely forgotten about it. Kerris ran down to professor McGonagall’s office and knocked on the door.

“Come in.” came an unusually calm voice.

Kerris hesitantly opened the door and stepped inside.

“Sorry - I’m - late - Professor - got - caught - up - in - Hosmeade - and - lost - track - of - time - and - had - to - sort - out - a - few - problems - and - completely - forgot - and -  I’m - sorry - I’m - sorry - I’m -- sorry!” Kerris said at top speed.

“Miss Potter no need to worry yourself, Mr. Black isn’t here yet and to be honest, I think you are right on time.” said Professor McGonagall, rather amused.

Kerris looked at her watch. Stupid, fast watch! she yelled inside her head, mentally smashing it to pieces with a beaters bat. After 20 minutes of waiting for Sirius, and he still hadn’t shown up, McGonagall handed Kerris a few first year papers to mark, with the answers on a different sheet. She didn’t need it of course. Kerris soon came across a girl called Bethany Juke’s paper. It was a first year who she saw getting sorted, she remembered her glorious blonde curly hair. The girl got every single question right, Kerris was rather amazed. No one ever got full marks, unless you were like utter brainiac. Kerris put a large O for outstanding in the corner of the page and then put a ‘well done!’ underneath it with a smiley face.

Suddenly McGonagall’s office door flew wide opened and in strolled Sirius. Kerris rolled her eyes and went back to checking papers. McGonagall didn’t even bother looking up.

“Mr. Black, you’re late.” she said as he sat down on the opposite isle from Kerris.

“I apologise Minnie.” he said grinning at her.

“Well don’t be late for your detention tomorrow, for making up for lost time, Mr. Black.” McGonagall said, dropping the papers down on his desk.

Kerris had to bite her lip hard, to stop herself from giggling.

“Mark them, and use this,” McGonagall said pointing to the answer sheet. “To mark the answers, not this,” she said tapping her wand onto his head twice, patronizingly.

Kerris was now shaking with silent laughter. She chanced a looked through her hair that had fallen down, in front of her face. She saw Sirius scowling, this made her grin widely, she put an E on the paper she was marking and then got another paper from her unmarked pile.

Sirius, just taking into account that she was there, began to torment her again. You see, Kerris is a very girly person, and she enjoys being a very girly person … but when you have someone like Sirius to suck all the fun out of it by taking the piss … well it just makes you not enjoy it as much. Kerris blew her hair out of her eyes as she marked a paper with a P … funnily enough it was a Ravenclaw’s paper. Sirius then copied her in a totally over-exaggerated, girlish manner, blowing the hair out of his eyes and then flicking his wrist as he marked the paper, putting swirls in his writing. Every time Kerris would cross one leg over the other, Sirius would do the same. It soon became so ridiculous, even McGonagall began to notice. It was after Sirius had finished twirling a small piece or hair around his finger, did McGonagall say something.

“Mr Black would you please cease to do that!” she said in a rather irate tone.

“Do what ma’am?” he asked, feigning confusion.

“Acting like your in a prostitute house.” said McGonagall without a trace of embaressment in her voice, she actually said it very coolly, not even looking up from her papers.

Kerris and Sirius sat there in stunned silence for about two whole minutes, starring at this strange, new McGonagall they were seeing. Kerris finally broke the silence by bursting into uncontrollable laughter.

Tears were soon streaming down her face as she clutched her stomach. Even through her watery eyes, she could still see Sirius very broad grin. McGonagall was starring at Kerris, like she had gone mad, she then finally shook her head and looked back down at her paperwork. After Kerris had ended her laughing fit, she realised she had a whole new level of respect for Professor McGonagall.


When McGonagall finally let them go, after she realised it was way after hours, they soon began to head back to the common room. Kerris was still ignoring Sirius, therefore she walked about 6 meters in front of him. Sirius wasn’t about to apologise anytime soon and neither was she. They suddenly heard a crash come from down the hall, Kerris shrieked in fright, just before Sirius clamped his hand over her mouth. They waited a few seconds in the hard silence. Someone had definitely heard Kerris scream. There was suddenly a loud cackle.

“Don’t let Peevesy catch you out of bed, or he’ll cause havoc, that he knows you dread!”

“Peeves.” whispered Sirius and pulled Kerris along.

Kerris felt herself being shoved into a dark place and then someone joining her.

“Black?” Kerris hissed into the darkness, just to check.

“Yeah?” came Sirius’ deep, husky voice.

“Oh good.” said Kerris.

She could even feel his smirk.

“Your frightened aren’t you?” he said amusedly.

“Oh, fuck off you twat, no I am not scared.” she spat.

“Ok, ok!” he said patronizingly. “Whatever makes you feel safe.” he muttered with a large grin on his face.

Kerris however heard this and gave him a forceful shove.

“OW!” he yelled as he ricocheted off of the shelf and landed onto Kerris.

“Get off of me Black!” said Kerris unable to control her temper.

“Something else that’s going into you daily letter to daddy?” asked Sirius coldly.

Kerris narrowed her eyes at where she imagined Sirius’ face would be and opened her mouth to yell at him, However light suddenly appeared. Kerris looked around and realised where they were. Uh ho. They were in the third floor broom closet. Lilly Evans stood by the door in shock, her eyes wide. Kerris looked at her and Sirius’ positions. Not good. Kerris had her back leaning against the wall and her legs slightly forward, Sirius had his hands either side of her face and his legs straddling hers, from when he had fallen onto her. Kerris opened her mouth to say something, her eyes just as wide as the red head opposite her, however Sirius got there first.

“Cor Evans!” said Sirius smirking “Don’t you ever knock?”

Kerris looked at him horrified.

“Oh, of course Black.” spat Lilly “I always knock before I go into broom closets, the brooms do deserve their privacy.”

“There’s nothing to be knocking for.” Kerris said, pointedly glaring at Sirius. She then turned back to Lilly “We weren’t … you know, --”

“--I know,” said Lilly “Although I know of your brothers tainted reputation, I do think that you have much more class …” she said

“So you wont tell anyone?” asked Kerris, thinking of her brother.

“I’d much rather erase the memory of Black doing … whatever the hell he does to girls in there with you, than go around gossiping about it.” she said in a disdainful manner that was meant for Sirius.

“For you information, I do not ‘do things to girls’” Sirius said, with pride “Every girl I take in there is in there with me willingly”

“I wasn’t.” muttered Kerris

“Now, what were you two doing out after hours?” Lilly asked, a rather smug look on her face.

“Well,” Kerris began “Professor McGonagall gave us a detention and basically she lost track of time and sent us back.”

Lilly raised an eyebrow “Really?” she asked sceptically.

“Really!” Kerris said.

“Well alright,” she said “Just go straight back to the common room and don’t tell anyone I saw you.”

“Thank you so much Lilly!” said Kerris quickly pushing Sirius off of her and walking rapidly out of the closet.

She didn’t even bother to check whether Sirius was coming or not, she merely speed walked to the common room and snuck in without much hassle from the portrait. She found Macavity lurking around the common room.

“What are you doing down here cat?” she asked it.

Probably looking for Peter

Poor boy always gets harassed by my cat

Kerris scooped up her cat without much trouble and took him up to her dorm. Once she got up there she noticed Natalie, April and Elis were all sitting on Aprils bed. They immediately stopped talking as she walked into the room. There was a very uncomfortable silence as Kerris, moodily, place her cat onto her bed, grabbed her toothbrush and walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. She could faintly hear their muffled voices begin talking again through the door as she brushed her teeth.

“It’s true what Sirius said.” said April “Daddy’s little princess.”

Kerris spat out her toothpaste into the basin and set down her toothbrush. She looked into the mirror. Was that really what they thought of her?

“Yeah,” said Elis “A spoilt brat through and through.”

“Nothing more.” finished Natalie

Kerris felt an extremely sharp jab in her heart. Like a dagger had pierced through it. She felt her tears brimming her eyes, a few spilling down her cheeks. She couldn’t say that it didn’t hurt hearing them words … especially from the three people she considered as not only her best friends, but as her sisters.

She had to get out, but she was no way going past them. Kerris opened the bathroom window and looked out into the nights sky, she stood on the window ledge and then onto the outside of the window, there was a drain pipe trailing down her wall, she had plenty of experience of climbing up and down the drain pipe by the window in her bathroom, so she decided to climb down it, feeling the wind whip her hair. She thought more about what her friends had said about her, that got her thinking about what they might have said about her before she came in and what they were saying about her now. She felt a few more tears trickle from her eyes, dampening her cheeks. She finally managed to get to the bottom of the drain pipe. She stood onto the ground and turned to face the whomping willow. It was an odd tree, she had to admit, but it somehow gave her happiness, a sort of feeling that something in this school was as strong, temperamental and lonely as her. She gave the tree a weak smile before realising what she was doing.

What the hell?! I just smiled at a tree!

Kerris shook her head and walked on, she walked until she came to the Black Lake. Kerris looked at the lake for a long time, muffled sobs coming from her, until she saw something emerge from the lake, she immediately stopped crying and stared at the object. She walked over to the edge of the lake, she jumped onto a rather large rock, that was surrounded by the deep water of the lake, curious to find out what the mysterious object was. The creature was too small to be the giant squid and to large to be a grindylow. The creature went back under the water and began to make it’s way over to her. Kerris bent down onto her knees as it approached her. It’s head surfaced, inches away from the rock she was kneeling on. It was a merperson. It seemed extremely calm and gentle, it reached it’s scaly hand out of the water and slowly make it’s way towards hers. It looked deep into her eyes, and Kerris soon found that somehow she could not look away. It softly took her hand in it’s, and began to slowly bring her hand into the water, gently pulling her in. She couldn’t stop it, her body nor her mind was cooperating with what was morally right. All she could do was look into the piercing yellow eyes of the merperson, it was somehow hypnotising her, somehow controlling her. She had blocked out all the sounds around her and focused on nothing but the water creature in front of her. The creature was fully under the water now, along with her right arm. She then heard something a sort of soft, eerie singing coming from when the merperson was floating. She somehow knew what it was saying, she knew it what it was telling her.

“Don’t worry about a thing now child,
Come with me find a world that once smiled,
We shall rid you of all you wounds and woes,
Protect you from all your fears and foes,”

Kerris’ shoulder was slowly being pulled in, her ears were becoming less muffled, her hearing growing stronger as she heard a stifled shout. She did not tear her gaze from the creatures eyes as it pulled her under. It dragged her further and further down into the lake, Kerris felt the insides of her lungs become tense and pressurised, the air was now serving her no use, she couldn’t breathe, yet she couldn’t move, she heard a splash come from above her, however before she was able to even comprehend what had happened, her whole world tumbled into darkness and she was in peace.

Elis is football crazy

April was going to be called Heather however her mother realised that that was the name of her colleague whom she hated.

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