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Life Collides Chapter Six:

A Song

When Harry and Emily arrived at the small restaurant they sat down with Emily’s manager, Susan. She was an older woman, with curly grey hair that was kept in place by a large clip. She wore a black suit, and wild red glasses. She peered at Harry curiously, shaking his hand with both her own hands.

“It’s nice to meet you,” Susan smiled.

“Same,” Harry mumbled, finding her kindness a little off.

Sitting across from Susan at the table, and next to Emily, he listened to them talk business. Susan listed the venue’s she had booked for Emily so far.

“You’ve book my in Scotland?” Emily asked, excitedly when Susan told her that she was playing five venues’ there. “I’ve never played my own show there before! I’ve always had to open someone.”

Harry laughed. “Is that a good thing?”

“A very good thing,” Susan answered for her, looking from Harry back to Emily. “Now Eric and I are just trying to see if there is any place in England who will take you – he said there are already four places who have contacted us before.”

“That’s insane,” Emily mused. “When will the tour start, you think?”

“Well we had hoped to start as soon as the summer comes, but we don’t think it will continental until after Christmas.” Susan explained.

“So how many shows do I have to do before then?” Emily asked.

“We have you booked in some places here in Toronto and the Greater Area for the next few months, but in June you’ll be playing in Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and then you’ll be flying to Halifax, and do a couple of shows there. We hope to go to Quebec and some more places in Ontario, but we haven’t gotten that far. I’ll get back to you about that as soon as I can so you know what you’re doing.” Susan said, pulling out a small device from her bag which she started to hit buttons on. “I’m just e-mailing Eric,” she told Emily.

The lunch didn’t last much longer, and once Harry and Emily had paid they left and got back on to the subway back to their area. From there they walked to Emily’s favourite music store so she could get some strings. While there, Harry took the opportunity to tell Emily of his decision to learn guitar, and what he knew saw far.

“That’s great Harry, I’m glad you’ve found something you like.” Emily said, half joking and half being serious.

After paying for her strings, they left the shop and started walking back to the house. It was nearing four o’clock, and Harry wondered aloud what he would do for the rest of the day.

“You can come practice guitar with me if you’d like?” Emily asked, as they turned down Dublin Street.

“Yeah, that would be cool.” Harry grinned.

Once back at the house, Harry first went to his room where he put his jacket and shoes, and grabbed his guitar. He took a moment looking at it before going out in to the hall where he bumped into Emily.

“Come, we can practice in my room.” She said, and led him to her attic bedroom.

Harry, having already been in there took a seat at the sofa, while Emily walked over to her fridge and took a bottle of water out of it. She paused on her way over to the chair opposite Harry to take a guitar off the wall. Harry had no idea what it was, but he saw the word Gibson on the head, and Emily turned to Harry with a smile.

“So show me what you know so far!” She exclaimed, sitting down on the chair placing the water on the floor, and leaned her guitar against the chair arm. Harry, feeling a little nervous, was hesitant. Slowly, he put his fingers into position to avoid possibly screwing up, and finally when he was ready, he flowed through the scale as if he had been doing it for year. He repeated it three times, gradually getting higher in pitch, before at last stopping and looking to Emily.

She had an impressed look on her face, and she grinned. “You’re a fast learner – have you learned any songs?” she asked.

“Only the ones in here,” Harry said picking up the start out book Georgia had given to him. It hadn’t been difficult for him to learn the songs, he had to admit. It was like second nature. He didn’t know why it was so easy, but he didn’t mind it.

“Holy crap, Harry!” Emily exclaimed taking the books from his hands. “You are some kind of musical genus, you are!” she laughed. “Play some more!”

So Harry did. Before he knew it Emily was showing him some chord progressions, and rifts of popular songs that he had never heard before. He went along with it, just glad to be learning some new things. It wasn’t long before two hours had passed, and the two of them were playing songs together.

“That was so much fun,” Emily babbled as she put her guitar back on it’s stand. “We should do this way more often.”

“Definitely,” Harry agreed. He stood by the door, his guitar and book in one hand, and his other hand on the door knob. “I’ll see at dinner.”

Emily nodded, falling on to her couch. “Yeah, I’ll see you. I’m pooped.” She laughed.

Harry grinned, and turned, opening the door, and left the room. He closed the door and headed back to his own room where he put his own guitar away. Feeling tired himself, he fell on to his bed, and stared at his white ceiling until he fell asleep, only waking up when Georgia came home with dinner.

After dinner Harry decided it would be best to avoid hanging out with Emily for a while, and asked a very tired Georgia if she would like to teach another lesson. As Adam still hadn’t come home from work, she agreed and together they parked themselves in his room, this time coming prepared with a bright yellow guitar, that Harry could see only Georgia loving.

After playing a few scales, and going through a few of the songs in his book, Georgia decided to take a break.

“Are you going to Emily’s show next week?” Harry asked, curious as to if he would be alone for this one.

“No, I can’t. I have to work. But Adam and Teddy will be there. I think that’s it though, sorry.” Georgia told him, yawning.

“It’s okay; I thought I would be alone. I’m glad to know that there will be familiar faces.” Harry explained quickly, strumming the strings of his guitar quietly. He stared at the floor, randomly hitting the string in an un-harmonic way.

Georgia watched Harry thoughtfully for a moment, and reached out and touched his hand. Harry glanced up and looked at Georgia. “Is there something bothering you?”

“Why does everyone keep asking me that today?” Harry immediately said, now realizing that he was showing his feelings more then he liked.

Georgia backed up a little in her chair. “I’m just asking Harry; lately you’ve been looking really down.”

“I don’t know why you think that – I’ve been nothing but happy since I moved here.” Harry argued.

Georgia frowned. “I know Harry, but when you think nobody is watching you have a look in your eyes as if you’re thinking about something terrible.” Georgia explained.

Suddenly feeling naked, Harry almost his behind his guitar, hitting a few more strings in a much more pleasing way then before. All he could think of was the conversation he had had with Emily earlier that day, and he sensed another moment like that was about to happen. He didn’t want to shut Georgia out – she had been the first person he met when he came to Canada, and she had been the one to help him get a job. He couldn’t do the same with her that he had with Emily.

Glancing up, he took a brave breath. “I’ve been having nightmare’s lately, that’s all.” Harry told her.

Georgia blinked at him, almost as if she didn’t believe. But when she saw that he was being serious, her eyes softened, and she leaned in. “Nightmare’s about what?” she asked softly.

Harry looked down, expecting the question. “Just things that happened back in England, that’s all.”

“Like what,” Georgia encouraged Harry by placing her hand on his that sat on the guitar neck.

“Over a year ago,” Harry started roughly, “she got in an accident and ended up in a coma. I lived with her family, but I couldn’t take it. It was my entire fault because I wasn’t there, and if I had been she wouldn’t be in a coma. That’s why I left – I couldn’t stand the guilt on top of the sympathetic looks they gave me.” Harry started to shake, as he fought to keep from saying too much.

There were tears in Georgia’s eyes, and she took Harry’s hand in her own. “I’m so sorry, Harry, I can’t even imagine…” she trailed off when she found no words.

Harry quickly shrugged it off, letting go of Georgia’s hand. “Please don’t give me your sympathy, Georgia. You’re my friend, and I don’t think I could make it through the day is you gave me that look. I need to know that you still see me as me.” Harry told her.

Georgia looked bewildered but nodded. “I won’t Harry, if that’s what you want me to do, I will try to not give you that look.”

Harry smiled, knowing she was trying her best to understand. “Thanks Georgia, I appreciate it.”

Georgia nodded, and then slapped her hands together. “So let’s get on with this lesson. I know you played with Emily earlier, let’s hear what she taught you.” Georgia banged on.

Harry sighed inwardly, but picked up his guitar and showed the few songs he had learned from Emily, and just like she had done, Georgia bantered on how he was some sort of musical genius.

“I don’t really think you need anymore lessons, Harry. Here are some harder songs, but I’m pretty sure that thus far, you can teach yourself.” Georgia told him, handing him some books. “It will teach you how to read tabs, and give you a few songs in them as well.”

“Cool,” Harry said taking the book. He stood up, holding his guitar and the books. Georgia grinned at him. “I should be getting to bed,” he told her.

Georgia nodded. “Agreed,” she stood up, and to his surprise hugged him. “I know you don’t want my sympathy, but I think you deserve this.” She said and let go. She picked up her things and left the dinning room saying goodnight as she went.

“Good night,” Harry chimed, not minding at all that she had hugged him. In all reality, it felt nice to know that she cared, even if people caring for him always equaled bad in the past, it was a new day. He had started a new life in Canada, and Georgia and her feeling went along with it.

The next few days passed quickly as Harry worked, practiced and went out with his friends. He was falling into their daily routines with ease, and he felt like he belonged. Georgia was his best friend, and it didn’t take long for them to form inside jokes. However, Harry did notice Emily’s lack of presence. She never seemed to be home, always meeting with her manager and various others. She said it was all in preparation for her tour.

One night as the pizza guy came by dropping off three large pizzas, and everyone sat crowded into the kitchen to eat, and share some laughs. Some friends of Teddy’s were over, and it was four times louder then usual. Harry didn’t really understand what the occasion was, but assumed it had to do with everyone being home at once – something the happened rarely.

“So I’m going tour in two months,” Emily stated, her words hanging in the air and everyone went silent to look at her. “I would love it if some of you could tour with me.” She added, smiling.

Georgia was the first to say anything. “That would be awesome, Emily. Adam and I will definitely go on tour with you – right babe?” Georgia decided, cutting herself off to look at Adam who stood near the sink. He nodded vigorously as he took a bite from a big slice of pizza. Georgia grinned, and took a slice from the pizza box. “Yeah, we’re coming. I’ll talk to our manager tomorrow.”

“Great, fabulous,” Emily went on and looked to Alan. “What about you?” she asked.

Alan shrugged. “I’ll come, but you have checked that this is all right with Josh, haven’t you? I mean, it would be bad if we all walked out on the job to tour.” Alan said looking around at everyone.

Emily smiled. “That’s the thing, when I went to talk to him he couldn’t convince me not to go on tour. He had plans to redesign the building, so with us out of there he doesn’t have to worry about. Besides, I think Josh always foresaw the possibility that we would all go on tour together.” Emily explained, and everyone started laughing and talking again.

Harry sat uncomfortably silent next to Emily, and tried to think what six months alone and jobless would be like. Emily looked at him. “You could come to Harry, maybe perform if you practice enough.” Emily told him quietly while the others chattered loudly.

Harry shrugged, feeling even more uncomfortable now. He may have a new found love for music, but he wasn’t sure if he could take it anywhere. He didn’t have the confidence to play in a band, and it seemed like Emily believed he could be something more.

“Don’t worry about it right now,” Emily mumbled, and then hushed everyone else. “They have plans to tour in England quite a lot, so that means we’ll be going overseas, which is just unbelievable.”

“Hey, we should bring Harry along; it is his neck of the woods.” Teddy chimed in, standing behind Harry now. He had slapped him on the back, and Harry smiled at him pretending he was amused, when really he was wishing he could throw the table to Ted for pointing the fact out to everyone.

“That would be so cool if you could come along!” Georgia agreed cheerfully. She seemed to forget the conversation she had had with him the other day, and he gave an intense look hoping she would get the message he wanted her to not promote the idea. The last thing he wanted was to go back to the place he so desperately fought to escape, and stay away from.

“Yeah, I don’t know, I didn’t travel a lot when I was there, and I don’t really have any reason to go back.” Harry said, struggling to find words to make them all forget he was British.

“Wow Harry, way to be a downer.” Jonathan, and band mate of Teddy’s, said as a joke.

But it was enough, and Emily jumped back in with all the confirmed dates she knew about. Everybody started talking about other things, and soon the whole subject of touring blew over, and Harry wanted to leave the kitchen. After finishing a third piece of pizza, Harry stood up and said he was going to turn in early. It wasn’t long before he was in his room, holding his guitar in his hands. Even in his room, he could everyone’s voices, laughs, shouts, among other things.

Brushing the strings lightly, Harry stared out his open window and at the bright city around him. There was someone on his mind, and at the mention of England she was all he could think about. Emily’s brownish red hair caused his heart to skip a beat, and Georgia’s light brown eyes made his breathing slow. All around him there were things to remind him of Ginny, no matter how far he ran. She would always be there.

Harry couldn’t help but feel cold all over, and alone. He had spent the last year and half just running from his past, and now that this new twist has been set before him, he could feel his old life pulling him back, calling him back.

I can hear my train comin'
It's a lonesome and distant cry
I can hear my train comin'
Now I'm runnin' for my life
What makes a man walk away from his mind?
I think I know
I think I might know

He didn’t know where it was coming from, how the words seemed to spring into his head, and how the notes escaped his finger tips. A rush of wind blew though the open window, pushing Harry into a second verse.

I can feel the wind blowin'
It's sending shivers down my spine
I can feel the wind blowin'
It shakes the trees and the power lines
What makes a man spend his whole life in disguise?
I think I know
I think I might know

I think I might know
I think I might know, oh oh

Harry stopped, his hands shook, and he focused on not loosing complete control. He hadn’t expected it at all, and he certainly hadn’t expected the sound that escaped his mouth either. He had spent the last two hours scribbling out a song on a piece of note paper, and looking at Harry could not believe his eyes. He had written a song, something he had not foreseen or seen thought about doing.

It wasn’t finished, Harry could see that much, but he had written three verses, which was enough. He would show it to Georgia the next time they got together with their guitars, and maybe she could help him finish it.

Pulling the guitar strap off from over his shoulders, he stood up, crossed the small distance of his room where he put the guitar down, and flicked off the light. In the moon light he went back over to his bed where he took the note pad off, threw it on to his desk, then stripped off his clothes and quickly crawled underneath the covers of his bed. He stare out the window and listened to the voices downstairs, and the sirens and city noise outside. It seemed he had come so far, and still had far t go. But like the world, his life would go ‘round, and it seemed soon he would be meeting up with his past life.

A/N: Thanks for reading, I know it wasn't my best. I didn't quite get to the point I wanted to with this chapter, but I think this was a good place to end it. The song is called What Makes A Man by Dallas Green (City and Colour). Check him out on Myspace if you feel like it. Thanks for reading, again

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