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Disclaimer: I do not own the titles of any of the following books: Northern Lights, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe, Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging, Journey to the River Sea, I Capture the Castle, Pride and Prejudice, and finally of course I do not own anything remotely Harry Potterish, for that I give full credit to JK Rowling!

Chapter 7 - The Third Discovery

Voldemort watched as Nagini slithered out of the doorway. She would no doubt be heading for the old rabbit hole that would lead her to surface on the common, and the hunting would keep her occupied for hours. When he was sure she was safely on her way, Voldemort cautiously felt for the thin line he had travelled through only yesterday, hoping against hope that the giant Muggle would not be around and that he could explore the outer world in peace. He found the opening in the air with ease, and carefully stuck his head through, eyes gleaming like slithers of rubies. At the sight of the silent, tiled floor in front of him, he smirked and pulled his skinny body effortlessly through the shimmering substance, stepping out on to the grid like surface.

This time he knew exactly where he was and why, and headed confidently over to the edge of the tiled platform, the black, lettered slabs tip-tapping below his weight. When he reached the edge, he sat down with his spindly legs dangling over the side, then gently lowered himself down onto the wooden ground below.

‘Now where to?’ he hissed to himself, staring around at the vast wooden land he was now standing upon, and the gigantic room he could see in the distance. ‘I must be on some kind of table...’

He began walking forwards, slipping slightly on the polished surface, and drew his wand just in case of danger. He chuckled smugly to himself, thinking how easy it was to stride forwards on this exploration, the only character to have ever escaped the pages of their story...

Suddenly the world seemed to spin, and he froze in his tracks, heart beating fast as his left foot teetered over the edge of a steep cliff, brown fuzzy land lying hundreds of metres below. He closed his eyes for a moment to gain his balance, taking deep, shaky breaths to calm his racing pulse. Then he stepped slowly backwards away from the treacherous edge, hugging his body tight. That had been close. He could have died!

But rather than scare him, this knowledge only increased his ego and gave him a certain thrill. What other dangers lurked waiting to be conquered in this giant universe?
He headed confidently in the opposite direction, but with a lot more caution than before. A wall seemed to loom up at him as he stepped forwards - a striped wall of many colours. He slowed to a tiptoe as he approached the base of the construction -  the long, upright bricks seemed oddly familiar.

He stared at them for a while, pale face screwed up in concentration, then scratched his bald head as an idea skipped into his mind, tickling the inside of his skull.

Books!’ he thought with fascination, ‘These can only be the spines of giant books!

Having deciphered the object’s identification, he curiously continued on his way to the ‘wall’ of books, stopping about a step in front of them. ‘Hummm,’ he mused aloud. ‘Could they be books of Dark Magic? Secrets to living in the giant world, perhaps? Maybe, ways in which to kill Potter?’ He laughed a high pitched laugh at the latter, imagining the prospects.

I must know what they are...’ he thought greedily, and proceeded to perform the levitation charm on himself: ‘Wingardium Leviosa!’

He rose lightly into the air, grinning twistedly at the feeling of elation, and resisting the urge to go ‘Wheeee!’, reminding himself firmly that he is the evillest wizard in the world, and on a mission that represents all wizard kind.

When he reached a height great enough to gain an aspect of the range of titles running down the bright spines, he held the spell steady and scanned the books.

‘Northern Lights, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe, Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal- what?’ His usually colourless cheeks tinged pink as he moved his eyes hastily to the next titles. ‘Journey to the River Sea, I Capture the Castle, Pride and Prejudice... HARRY POTTER! TWO of them!?!’

He almost fell out of the air in shock, but steadied the spell hurriedly, staring at the books with indignation. Then he remembered what the giant had said yesterday, about he and his world being only mere copies of an original work. These must be the original stories!

He slowly lowered himself to the solid wooden surface once more, deep in thought and wishing the books were normal size. Normal for him, that is. He would like to have a read of those stories, find out if he were the more powerful character out of him and the original Voldemort... He reached forwards, made to stroke the spine of the nearest book, Pride and Prejudice - and his hand just went straight through the cover!

‘What the-’ Voldemort drew back his hand in confusion; that had felt similar to the substance of the computer screen, only globbier...

A flash of inspiration flooded through him. If he could get out of his story, what if he could get into others?

Without a moment’s hesitation he strode forward and passed through the spine into another world.

He grimaced. This world was the right size for him at least, but also appeared to be the countryside in Spring, for it was raining in large warm droplets and he had stepped into a cold muddy puddle in the ruts of a rugged farm track.

Pulling the hem of his robes up to his knees in disgust, he turned around to see the edges of a field fading out into the distance, and for a moment panicked, wondering how he would get back into the outer world. But no sooner had this thought entered his head then a curling, transparent edge of a page appeared in the hedge on his right hand side. Sighing with relief he put his hand to the line and found that it slipped through as normal. Had the weather been pleasanter he would have stayed to explore, for the style of the farm house he could see across the dreary field looked to be older than the buildings they had in his world. Instead, he slipped back through the spine of the book and onto the desk surface, shaking his sodden robes and wiping his shiny head that was dripping water down along his nose and ears.

‘Scorgify,’ he muttered, and the mud on his ankles siphoned away. He then proceeded to dry his whole body with pressured hot air from the tip of his wand.

That was interesting...’ he thought as his robes billowed under the spell. ‘I can get into these muggle books! Harry Potter here I come. And the original Voldemort had better watch out!

Without a moment’s hesitation he took a few steps to the right of Pride and Prejudice and slipped through the cover of the next book.

Something immediately felt different. He appeared to be standing on the lane to Hogwarts, the wrought iron gates shining up ahead. But there was a loud ringing in his ears, as if a fire or burglar alarm had been set off in his mind, and as soon as he took a step forwards, two solid looking black and white bodyguards Apparated out of nowhere, faces stony and disapproving. They flanked the path in front of him, arms crossed defiantly.

‘Who are you?’ the one on the left grunted, inky eyes suspicious.

‘I am Lord Voldemort,’ replied Voldemort silkily. ‘Let me pass.’

The bodyguards looked at one another, clearly amused.

‘No,’ replied the other guard in a firm and clear voice. ‘You don’t belong here.’

His partner chuckled stiffly. ‘You may be a Voldemort but you’re not the Voldemort. If we let you pass, you’ll be infringing copyright.’

Voldemort’s red eyes narrowed. He hadn’t had this trouble in the other book world, what was different here?

‘Copyright?’ he asked with a sneer, ‘what is this copyright?’

The guards shifted slightly on their blackened feet. ‘Well,’ began the one on the left, looking at him as if he were stupid. ‘When an author completes a book for publishing there are certain rules placed on it, aint there, to stop plagiarism or interference from roaming characters like you. ‘Tis also a means of securing the rights to a title or plot in the real world, but in the Realms of Fiction it means protective charms and alerts and the employment of the Inkmen (that’s people like us) to keep guard.’

His fellow Inkman nodded in agreement. ‘You can go into any world, Mr Voldemort, ‘cept for the one you are based on. Those are the rules and they cannot be broken.’

Voldemort didn’t like the sound of this - who were these grimy people to tell him what he can and cannot do.

‘Avada Kedavra,’ he hissed lazily, pointing his wand at them swiftly, one after the other.

An invisible force knocked the wand out of his hand and it cluttered to the cobbled road surface, soap bubbles floating in the air in place of where the cursed green light would normally have travelled.

The Inkmen guards laughed. ‘Rules is rules,’ they said in unison in a lettered tone, watching as Voldemort picked up his wand in embarrassment, before turning his back on them and feeling quickly for the transparent page edge that would take him back to the outer world.

‘See you...’

‘...wouldn’t wanna be you.’

Voldemort heard the cheeky voices echo distantly behind him before he emerged in the giant Muggle’s room once more, seething with anger.

‘Tough time, Voldy?’

Voldemort groaned. After being humiliated by splodgy black and white people called Inkmen, he did not need a giant Muggle girl bossing him around to improve his mood. He turned his back on the giant face and crossed his arms.

‘Aww, look at you pout. Shouldn’t you be pleased and not sulking, Voldy? You did after all just make an extraordinary discovery, gained entrance to different fictional universes...’

Voldemort stood up straight and preened his snakelike features. ‘I did make extraordinary discoveries,’ he hissed quietly, ego soaring high again. ‘Of course I’m happy, I have a genius brain. But I couldn’t defeat those stupid Inksplats... they wouldn’t let me into my world...’

‘But it isn’t your world, Voldy. It’s the original version of your world, and there must be rules about that. Surely not being able to go into one book doesn’t matter, there are plenty of others for you to explore, better ones for they aren’t even based on your own universe!’

Voldemort was beginning to feel much better, and he turned around to face the giant. ‘You’re right,’ he said smoothly, eyes glittering with a new determination. ‘You who are so lovely and smart and wonderful and-’

‘Oh don’t start that again! I won’t be sweet talked into making you the one to triumph over Harry Potter, nor keeping you alive. Speaking of which I need you to be getting back to your own world, I came up here to write you know, only to find there was missing gaps where Voldemort should be!’

‘Sorry,’ Voldemort muttered greasily. ‘But you do know that I shall be coming back out here on other occasions? You can’t stop me...’

The giant grinned. ‘Course I can’t! I wouldn’t want to either. You’re welcome to come out whenever you like, as long as I’m not writing. Just mind you keep your manners though.’

Voldemort scowled, but he stroked his bald crown thoughtfully. ‘All right,’ he agreed, and levitated himself up onto the platform below the computer screen, to the obvious amusement of the giant girl.

‘I haven’t forgotten about that hair...’ Voldemort heard her call as he tumbled through the shimmering front of the computer screen into his dungeon.

‘Huh, yeah right,’ he said wistfully, before getting ready to go face his Death Eaters in the House above.

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