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Chapter 10: Slytherin vs. Hufflepuff

About a month had gone by since Christmas, and the match against Hufflepuff was coming up.  It was an important match because if we won we’d be in the finals, so Justin had the whole team practicing day in and day out, we basically practiced from the end of classes until curfew and even then a few of us snuck out to practice on the pitch at night.  It was important to win this match because we would probably be playing Gryffindor in the finals and I wanted to beat my brother so badly. 

As Quidditch practices were going strong the amount of homework that the Professors were giving out started increasing and I couldn’t go into the common room without hearing someone griping about how much homework Professor Snape had given them or that Professor Binns wanted a 10-foot essay on the Rise and Fall of Lord Voldemort.  I wasn’t having any problems with my homework which was good and bad, the bad part was that everyone, even the older kids were asking me to help them, apparently it had gotten around the Slytherin house that I was brilliant so now I studied in the Astronomy tower. 

The week before our match against Hufflepuff I got a letter from Dad.  It was Saturday and I was sitting at the Slytherin table in the Great Hall eating lunch when my owl Gloria came swooping in with the letter, stamped with the Malfoy crest.

My Dear Tori,

The Counsel has finally made a decision, and I’m moving back home tonight.  I went and pleaded my case to the Head Elder and he insisted that they were being silly, that I had lived in the village and served the Fairies since I was 18 years old and there was no reason to believe that I was anything but worthy to be married to your mother.  You made me realize that I had to fight for her.  Thank you Tori, you really are becoming a wonderful young lady and I love you.

Hugs & Kisses,


I squealed in excitement and ran off to find my brother.  Later that evening as I was heading back to the Slytherin common room from Quidditch practice I heard some voices behind a tapestry,

“He’s been spending an awful lot of time with her.” 

Said one angry voice,

“I know!  I bet she’s bewitched him with some sort of love potion!” 

There was some movement and as I ducked behind a suit of armor two sets of feet appeared from behind the tapestry and headed in the direction of the Ravenclaw common room.  I couldn’t help but wonder who they were talking about; it seemed to me that these two girls were jealous.  It really wasn’t my business but I was curious just the same so I decided to follow them, I thought they might continue to talk about this girl if I did.  I snuck up behind a cute Asian fourth year and an Irish fifth year both dressed in Ravenclaw robes. 

“He’s so dreamy though, what could he possibly see in a lowly first year?” 

The Asian girl sighed,


Said the other simply,

“The Malfoy name is synonymous with power.  Everyone knows that.” 

I gasped.  They couldn’t be talking about me…could they?  I stopped following them after that but I couldn’t stop thinking about what I’d heard.  Justin loved me; I knew that but could it be possible that his love was only for my name?  I went to bed that night more confused then ever.

The next morning I woke up with a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach but it wasn’t long before I remembered the conversation I had overheard the night before.  I didn’t want to believe that Justin only loved me for my name but I needed to find out for sure.  That would have to wait though because this afternoon was the Slytherin/Hufflepuff game and I needed to be at my best. 

After breakfast I went back to the rock by the lake and began to meditate; just like I had before the Ravenclaw game, only this time I wasn’t feeling rage.  This was becoming a Quidditch tradition for me because as soon as I heard the voices and footsteps of the other students I headed towards the changing rooms to get ready for the game.  We crushed Hufflepuff, 300-0 and celebrated with Butterbeer and Cauldron Cakes until dawn.  We were in the finals!

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