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The Leaky Cauldron was absolutely buzzing with talk about Voldemort. Of course they never said his name, they always reffed to him as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named or You-Know-Who. It completely irritated Tempest considering the man they were afraid of was nothing more than a no good psychotic half-blood.

She drank some butter beer and sat in a dark corner. Now and days she loved her dark little corners. Nila looked at her nose piercing in her little mirror. She had changed the stone from fuchsia to green. She closed her mirror and rolled up her sleeves.

“I'm bored.”

“Aren't we all,” said Void.

“For once I can't think of anything to do,” said Tempest.

“Well that is something 'eh” laughed Nila.

“Did I tell you I ran into Merwick a couple weeks ago.”

“No!” Void and Nila shouted in unison.

“Oops, well sorry.” Tempest began to tell them about her encounter with the twisted old man.

“Ew, he actually touched you?” exclaimed Nila. Tempest nodded. “God that's revolting.”

“Did he actually say 'I actually welcome the thought of your mouth on my neck, of course anywhere else would be just as good'?” asked Void.


“Well that's it then, I'm going to go kick his ass.” Void began to get up but Nila put a gentle hand on his arm.

“You wouldn't even begin to know where to find him.”

“I guess but . . . ”

“Just sit down already.” Nila smiled sweetly and he clucked his tongue ring against his teeth then finally sat back down.

“Thank you.”

“Whatever . . . your welcome.” They shared smiled and Tempest let her eyes drift back from one to the other. Suddenly Edana came out of nowhere and jumped into Void Lap kissing him in the process.

“Ugh Vayne, please stop kissing him it's disgusting.”

“Oh hush.”

Nila stood up and Tempest stared at her. “I have to go to the bathroom, I'll be right back.” She turned to walk away and Tempest took note that Void stared after her. Unfortunately so did Edana. Tempest jumped up and ran to Nila stopping her.

“Are you all right?”

“Yeah, I'm fine . . . oh my god is that Divina and Chad?”

“Huh.” Tempest spun around and looked at a table in a dark corner. Nila was right, there they sat together, laughing.

“Well I wonder what they were up too this summer,” said Nila.

“Yeah, well we'll bother them later.”


They stood there a moment when all of a sudden two arms wrapped around both of their shoulders.

“What are you two up to?” asked Zoltron.


“Really? Hey look it's Chad and Divina. Chad! Divina! Tempest rolled her eyes and walked along with Nila and Zoltron. Chad and Divina waved back at them.

“Come on, let’s go sit back down.” When they got bac, Edana and Void were in a very tentative lip lock.

“Okay that's it, Void we have to go buy our school supplies . . . now.” She pulled him yo and Edana pouted. They all walked in silence and walked staight to Knockturn Alley. People murmured as they passed. Apparently they could see their Dark Marks. Tempest didn't even care or flash her devious winsome smiled. Neither did Nila or Void. They all just walked constantly and in silence. She couldn't help but feel sad inside, but what could she do, she was sworn into his service long before she was even born.

Tempest walked into Cutt and Newt, the Knockturn alley bookstore.

“Void do you have out supply list?”

“Don't I always.” He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a patch of parchment.

“Okay, here we go. Hey I just realized that this year we have all our classes together,” remarked Void.

“Yeah, after last year—” Nila paused. “Well you know after last year, we should just stick together.”

“Yeah,” remarked Tempest.

They walked in silenced for a moment before bumping into fours people. Astraea, Cassandra, Heather and Entia.

“Hello Zephyr.”

“Astraea. Entia.” Entia ignored her.

“Tempest . . . Zephyr, may I have a private word with you,” said Astraea. Tempest nodded. Her and Astraea weren't friends but that was besides the point.


“I don't like Entia. She started to write to me over the summer and now she stalking me. I've told her everything that happened but she doesn't care and will not believe anything I say. You have to fix this.”

“I can't bring her brother back fro the dead. Can't you just be cruel to her?”

“No, she's older than me and received a job at the Ministry of Magic, being cruel to her would serve me no purpose.”

“Just don't reply to her letters. Ignore her once school starts.”

“Ugh fine, but I guess that's my only option eh. Huh, what I wouldn't give to be you.”

“Trust me, you don't want to.”

“Good point.” She walked away and Tempest just leaned against the bookcase waiting to Nila and Void to pop out of nowhere. She heard them as they crawled over the bookshelves.

“Have fun?”

“Actually yeah we did,” said Nila. Tempest looked at her a moment and noticed that her clear lip gloss was smeared over her lips. She looked at Void to discourage the thought forming in her head and thankfully for her, his face was perfectly clean.

“Nila, you lip gloss is all over your face?”

“Ugh, stupid book.”

“She was trying to see how close she could get to the books,” said Void.

“So she could what, eavesdrop?”

“Duh,” said Nila fixing the rest of her makeup.

“Well isn't this a coincidence,” came a subtle voice. They all turned around and saw Adrian along with Jason and Isolde.

“Adrian,” yipped Nila. She ran to him and he gave her a big hug.

“Thorn. Isolde. What are you two doing here because this I know is not a coincidence.”

“Something was sent to us by your school for you and Void. They asked me to deliver it for them and wanted to apologize for being late. Tempest and Void looked at each other before taking the two envelopes.

“Adrian do you know what there's are?” asked Tempest.

“Just open them.”

Tempest did so but was more than astonished at what she saw.

“Zephyr?” asked Nila.

“We made house prefects,” said Void.

“I think I'm going to be sick,” muttered Tempest.

“Why?” asked Isolde.

“My dead boyfriend was prefect then House Boy.”


Tempest sat down on the ground. She couldn't believe it. First off, she was not the most perfect student alive. She always skipped class, well most of he time. She basically always broke all the rules and was always running off to go fight Merwick, who proclaimed himself good. Now Void, she could see why he would be prefect but why her, she wasn't.

“Zephyr,” asked Void.

“I don't understand how I made Prefect.”

“Oh come, you are virtually perfection achieved,” began Nila. “You always do your home work, you always do well on test and you are always going off to go save peoples’ lives. Zephyr you deserve this.”

"But I don't want this."

"Well just deal with it already." Nila knelt down and cupped her face. "Zephyr, this is a good thing all right, accept it."

Tempest stared at her then finally smiled. Nila always knew how to make things better for her.

"All right I will, but only if you get your hands off my face."

"Oh sorry." She laughed and held her hand out to Tempest. Tempest was hoisted up, of her own will.

"Come on, let’s go tell everyone the good news." Nila started to skip off and Void just followed, a smile on his face as he kept his hands in his pockets. Tempest rolled her eyes and gave Jason, Isolde and Adrian all warm hugs before she walked.


They walked to the table that sat Divina, Chad, Edana and Zoltron. Zoltron waved at then and with that Edana jerked around and ran up to Void a long hard kiss on the lips. Nila made puking motions directed at Tempest and like always made her laugh.

"Shut up," said Void rather rudely as he walked forward dragging Edana along.

"Oh, I don't think so," said Nila harshly. Tempest stared at Nila and Void and noticed the hostility. Nila was angry as her tone revealed malice, something Nila never was. Nila took a seat across from Void and sat next to Zoltron and placed her head on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry am I missing something here?" asked Tempest.

"I second that," said Void who was glaring at them.

"What, didn't you all know, I'm dating Nila." He turned his head and kissed her on the lips and she in return held him close.

"Okay enough, what is everyone part of a relationship?"

"We aren't," said Chad and Divina in unison.

"Thank you."

"What about Draco," asked Zoltron as he wrapped his arm around Nila's waist.

"One word. Panzy."

"He hasn't ended it," said Zoltron.

"Yet," said Nila taking a drink of butter beer.

"No yet. Actually I like it this way, but only because I hate her." Tempest smile and so did they. None of them liked Panzy.


Tempest sat on the ceiling of her room above Nila and stared down at her.

"Something’s up."

"With what?"


"You're just being paranoid. Hold on, do you know a spell that will allow me to join you up there. It's starting to hurt my neck talking to you like this."

"I don't know one."

"Good thing I do. Ascendo-Coupa, can you cast is on me? Please."

"Ascendo-Coupa." Nila was lifted up and she positioned herself on the ceiling and looked at Tempest.

"This is fun."


"Do you know what I just noticed?"


“Voids name. If you put an “a” infont of his name you get Avoid.”

“Yeah and if you put a “nil” in front of it of that you get Nilavoid.”

“Ha, you do...hey what are you getting at?”

“Something is obviously going on between you two.”

“You’re insane.”

"What’s your point?" They laughed and hung there for a while longer and Tempest looked at her mirror. Her black hair dangled down and her eyes were colourful. Yup, she was perfection.


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