Dorcas Meadowes stretched her arms over her head and quickly got out of bed. It was March 10th Remus’ birthday. Dorcas hurried into the bathroom and showered. Once she was finished she woke Lily up as well. Lily quickly got out of bed and into the shower. When she came out of the bathroom she walked over to Dorcas, "So, what do you need help with?" she asked her.

"Oh nothing, just figured you would want to be up." Dorcas said, "Unless you want to do my hair."

Lily smiled, "Of course I want to do your hair. What would you like me to do today?"

"Whatever you would like. I know for some reason you love my hair."

Lily chuckled, "I do. I like your hair because it's so long and pretty." she said as she led Dorcas to the vanity and told her to sit down.

"What are you going to do when I cut it?"

"I'm not sure. I'll probably cry." Lily joked as she parted Dorcas' hair down the middle.

Dorcas laughed quietly, "Well you've got some more time to be in love with it."

Lily nodded, "I hope so." she replied as she took the section of hair on Dorcas' right side and started braiding it.

Dorcas laughed, "What do you mean by that?"

"I hope your hair stays this long until we're in at least seventh year." she said as she finished braiding the right side and tied the end of it with an elastic band. Then she walked over to Dorcas' left side and did the same. Once she was finished, Dorcas had braided pigtails that lay softly on her shoulders. "There we are. All done." Lily stated once she had tied the end of the other side with an elastic band.

Dorcas put her hands on her hips, "Thanks, but you heard when I was going to cut it right?"

Lily nodded her head, "When you decide to lose your virginity."

"Yes, why should I wait that long? If I feel I'm ready I'm going to. Emmeline already did."

            "I didn't say you had to wait that long. I just said I hoped it stayed this way until seventh year." Lily responded.

            "Why?" Dorcas asked.

"Because I love your hair."

            Dorcas laughed, "If I don't I promise I won't cut it all off, but do you have any idea of the headaches I get sometimes."

            Lily smiled, "Okay. And maybe those headaches aren't just from your hair. You know who we're friends with."

            Dorcas smiled, "Will you wake up Marlene so she can go shower and then I'll wake up Em. Raine should just keep sleeping for now."

Lily nodded her head in agreement and walked over to Marlene's bed. "Mar. It is time to get up," she said softly as she lightly shook Marlene's shoulder.

            Marlene groaned and sat up rubbing her eyes, "What time is it?

            "Time to wake up." Lily stated before walking over to her bed and sitting down on it. "Get in the shower before Em does."

Marlene nodded and stood up stumbling lightly into the bathroom. Once she was safe behind the door Dorcas jumped onto Emmeline's bed and started bouncing all around.

Lily smiled. Emmeline groaned, "What is your problem?"

Dorcas dropped into a seated position, "Up."

Emmeline sat up sleepily and rubbed her eyes while yawning, "I'm up. What's today? I feel it's important."

"It's Remus' birthday. Get up I was going to let you dolly up my face."

Emmeline smiled and threw the covers off of her body. She rushed over to the vanity and got out the mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, and lip-gloss. Then she rushed back over to Dorcas and immediately started putting eye shadow on her eyelids. Then she rubbed the eyeliner on Dorcas' bottom eyelid. She then lightly applied the mascara and lip-gloss. "There we go. You look beautiful!" Emmeline stated.

"Thank you." Dorcas said hugging her, "Do you guys mind if I go see Remus now?"

Both girls smiled, "Of course not. Go have fun." Lily said.

"Thanks." Dorcas replied before going down the stairs and up to the Marauders' dorm. She knocked softly on the door.

"Remus?" she asked softly.

Remus was sitting on his bed already dressed reading a new book, "Hey Love." He said.  

Sirius groaned and stood up from his own bed, "I'm going to shower."

Dorcas smiled, "Thanks for that information Sirius." she said as she walked over to Remus' bed and sat next to him. "Hello. Happy Birthday." she said before kissing him lightly on the cheek.

Remus grinned, "Thank you." He wrapped an arm around her.

"So, is that a birthday present?" she asked, pointing to his book.

"Yeah it's from my parents."

"That's nice." Dorcas smiled.

"Thanks. You look beautiful this morning."

Dorcas blushed lightly, "Thank you. You look pretty darn handsome today."

Remus grinned and kissed her cheek. "Shut up." James said groggily, "Damn never mind. Happy birthday Moony."

Dorcas laughed quietly. "Why don't you wake up fully before speaking to us? You're pretty mean when you first wake up." Dorcas told James.

James groaned. "Be careful Love. He might throw something." Remus said as James sat up and dug around underneath his bed. "Here." James said tossing a gift-wrapped box towards them. Remus caught it, "Thanks mate."

"You're right. How rude. You shouldn't throw things at him on his birthday." Dorcas joked.

"Fine, Moony give me back the present." James said standing up and walking over.

"Nope. If you take that present away from him, I'll... Well, I'll do something." Dorcas stated.

James rolled his eyes and Remus handed him the present. James handed it back, "Here's your present Moony, Happy Birthday."

Dorcas smiled. "That's much better."

"I thought so." James said before walking over and shoving Peter awake.  Sirius walked out of the bathroom with a pair of pants on. James walked into the bathroom and closed the door.

"I hope you have a great birthday Remus." Dorcas stated before kissing Remus on the lips.

Remus kissed her back, before Sirius jumping onto the bed interrupted them. "Happy Birthday Moony." Sirius said before handing Remus his present.

Dorcas jokingly glared at Sirius before watching Remus open his present.

            Sirius had given him what looked to be a year’s supply of chocolate and a new book.  "That should last you the weekend." Sirius said before pulling himself off the bed and over to his trunk to get out a shirt.

Remus grinned, "Thanks Padfoot."

            Dorcas smiled and then kissed Remus on the lips again. "No problem." Sirius replied.

            Remus kissed her back. "Can't you guys do that later?" James asked walking out of the bathroom all of his clothes already on.

Peter walked over handed Remus his gift before saying a weak, "Happy birthday." He then quickly went into the bathroom.

Dorcas huffed. "Fine," she said before watching Remus open yet another present. Peter had given Remus even more chocolate, another new book as well as a new quill. "Are you guys trying to make him fat? I don't think he needs all this chocolate."

"You'd be surprised." James replied.

Dorcas laughed, "Whatever. So, what do you want to do today?"

Remus shrugged, "It's a Hogsmeade trip today."

Dorcas nodded, "I know. Is there anything special you want to do while we're there?"

"Not really." Remus said, "I don't have to go to Honeyduke's now so. What do you want to do?"

"It doesn't matter. This is your day. You can choose. We can stay here at the castle or go into Hogsmeade."

"We can go to Hogsmeade. There isn't much to do here anyways."

Dorcas smiled, "Well, anyone care for a bite to eat?" she asked while standing up from the bed.

"We're waiting on Peter, Love."

Dorcas rolled her eyes, "Alright."

"Do you not like him?"

"He's alright. He's never actually talked to me or Raine, or Lily, or Emmeline, or Marlene. So, none of us really like him." Dorcas replied.

"He's shy, Love." Remus said. Peter came out of the bathroom fully clothed. James and Sirius both jumped up and they made their way down to the common room.

"Let us go then." Dorcas said as she held her hand out for Remus and they both walked down stairs to the common room with Peter following behind them.

Everyone but Raine was already down stairs. James was about to ask where she was when she came running down. Everyone said their happy birthdays to Remus before going to the great hall. "I wonder what everyone else is going to give you for your birthday." Dorcas stated as they walked down to the great hall.

Remus laughed, "We'll see Love."

Dorcas smiled as they both entered the great hall and sat down next to their friends. Lily smiled at Remus before handing him yet another gift-wrapped box.

"Thank you Lily." Remus replied while opening up yet another book.

Dorcas laughed, "I hope you're not sick of books."

"Not at all love. I can never get enough."

She laughed again, "That's good." Marlene smiled at them before handing Remus another gift-wrapped box.

Remus opened the gift and saw it was another book and some Bertie Bott's Every Flavored Beans. Remus chuckled, "Thank you Marlene."

            "You're welcome Remus." Marlene said.

Remus smiled and ate some toast. "So, what is everyone doing today?" he asked. Everyone shrugged and looked at him. "What?"

            "We're doing whatever you want us to do Remus." Sirius replied.

Remus sighed, "Okay, I don't care what we do. How about we all just go to Hogsmeade?"

"We were already planning on that. Why don't we all meet up in the three broomsticks around one? So everyone can do things they want and get things they need." Dorcas said. Everyone nodded and continued eating. "No one's very talkative today." Dorcas said before eating some of her grapes.

Raine looked up from her food and shrugged. "Oh, Happy Birthday Remus." Raine said.

"Thanks Raine." Remus said.

Raine handed him an envelope. Remus looked at the envelope and back to Raine before carefully opening it.  "It's a gift certificate to that book store in Hogsmeade. You can buy about ten books with it. I didn't really know what kind of books you like to read. Sorry." Raine stated.

"Oh this is great thanks Raine." Remus said.

"You're welcome." Raine replied softly before eating some eggs.

"Are you okay, Raine?" Dorcas asked.

"I'm fine. I just don't want to say anything to ruin his day." Raine replied.

Emmeline rolled her eyes and said quietly, "By acting this way you're going to ruin everyone's day. Please just act normal."

Raine shrugged, "Alright. So, what did you get from Dorcas?" she asked Remus.

"She hasn't given me anything yet." Remus replied.

"Do you fancy on giving it to him right now?" Raine questioned Dorcas.

"I could but I don't have it all yet." Dorcas answered.

"Oh!" Raine said.

"Alright then." Marlene said, interrupting Raine.

Dorcas looked at her friends strangely for a moment before going back to her food. "So, what did you get from the rest of the Marauders?" Raine asked.

"Books and chocolate." Remus replied, "Oh and a new quill."

"Sounds delicious." Raine stated.

"Yes." Remus said, "Well I'm done eating."

"Here here." Raine replied while scooting her plate away from her. 

 "I am too." James and Lily said simultaneously.

Everyone laughed and walked out of the great hall. "Could you boys excuse us for a moment?" Dorcas asked.

The boys nodded their head and continued walking while the girls stayed behind. "What's up Dor?" Raine asked after the boys were out of earshot.

"What's with you guys? You are all acting weird."

"We are?" Raine asked while looking around at everyone.

"Yes, first you are all really quiet. Then Marlene why didn't you let Raine finishing talking?" Dorcas asked.

Raine sighed, "James told me not to ruin Remus' day..."

            "I interrupted her before she said anything stupid, as usual." Marlene stated.

            "Okay, well I do need some help besides you guys all be weird."

            "With what?" Lily asked.

            "I don't know what to get him." Dorcas said.

Raine's eyes widened but then Emmeline looked at her sternly and shook her head no. Raine sighed, "Never mind."

"What?" Dorcas demanded.

"Nothing. I forgot." Raine said.

 "Why don't you get him a new Wizard's Chess board?" Marlene suggested.

            "What Raine. You did not forget, I could but..."

            "But what?" Lily asked. Raine just looked up at the ceiling or at the floor.

            "I want to give him something special that's why I don't want to give him books. Raine!"

            "Emmeline, may I tell her my suggestion?" Raine asked.

            "Fine." Emmeline said.

            "Give him a journal. And write a little note on the inside cover. Something lovey dovey. Or, we can look for all the pictures we have of all of us and you can make a little scrapbook." Raine stated.

            "Oh that is good, but I don't have time to make a scrapbook. Unless we brought the stuff with us."

Raine smiled, "I have everything you need."

"Oh I love you." Dorcas said, "On James' birthday I'll help you do anything you want."

Raine nodded, "Alright. That's a deal. Come on, let's go."

Dorcas nodded and the girls quickly went to meet back up with the Marauders.

"Hello everyone." Raine said as she ran and jumped on James' back. Dorcas laughed and walked up to Remus and grabbed his hand.

"Hey." The Marauders said before everyone walked to the door to get checked off the list for Hogsmeade.

Raine wrapped her hands around James' neck. And when they came up to Filch she saluted him with one hand, "I hope you have a grand day today Mister Filch!"

“So. Are you heading off with Remus Dorcas? I believe I need to go over some... things with you later on." Raine stated.

"Oh no. Did we forget to tell you guys?" Sirius asked.

"What?" Raine and Dorcas asked.

"We're kidnapping Remus. We'll bring him back around one." James said.

"Yes!" Raine said.

            Dorcas laughed, "Alright."

Sirius kissed Emmeline's forehead, James slid Raine of his back before kissing her cheek, and Remus kissed Dorcas lightly before they and Peter started to walk off, "We'll see you ladies later!"

            "Alright Lo-James!" Raine shouted. The rest of the girls just yelled "Okay."

Dorcas laughed, "So where should we go to work on it?" She asked.

            "I think, behind the bookstore. Or at the Shrieking Shack. Your choice." Raine said.

            "Why behind things." Dorcas asked.

            "So they won't find us!" Raine exclaimed.

            Emmeline rolled her eyes, "I know a place and you can even go inside."

"Let's go there then." Dorcas stated.

            "That's what I thought." Emmeline said leading them down an alley on to one of the other streets of Hogsmeade. She led them into a small shop.

            "How come I've never seen this place before?" Raine asked.

            "It's not on the main road." Emmeline said while a voice from the back called out, "Em is that you?"

Emmeline turned around, "Yes, it is."

             "Emmeline, where are we?" Lily asked.

            "Why?" Emmeline asked walking over to a table and dropping into one of the chairs.

"Because I'd like to know." Lily said while sitting down next to Emmeline.

            "My older brother's shop." She replied as a man with brown hair walked out of the back.

            “Oh. Hello there!" Raine said. 

            "You don't mind if we work on something here do you?" Emmeline asked her brother.

            "No I guess not. Being good?" He asked, "Well, hi I'm Damien."

Emmeline rolled her eyes, "Yes, I am. We're working on a birthday present."

            "It's nice to meet you Damien. I'm Raine de Luca and this here is Lily Evans, Dorcas Meadowes, and Marlene Falk." Raine said while pointing to each of her friends.

            He nodded, "Nice to meet you. Well alright I'll be in the back."

            Emmeline nodded, "Thanks Damien." she said as her brother walked into the back of his shop. "Now, Raine, you have everything, right?"

            "Yes, Em." She said pulling another bag out of hers and placing it on the table.

            "Great. Thanks for the idea Raine." Dorcas said.

            "You're welcome." She said carefully dumping everything on the table.

            After an hour or two, Dorcas and the rest of the girls finished the scrapbook. Dorcas looked through it one last time and said, "This is perfect."

            Raine grinned, "I'm glad you like it, Emmeline I do have a one question for you." "Yeah me too." Lily said.

            "What?" Emmeline asked.

            "Why have we never heard about or meet your brother before?" Raine asked.

            "Um, I don't know. I guess it just never came up." Emmeline replied.

            "Sure. Why?" Raine asked.

            "I don't like to talk about my brother." she whispered.

            "Why?" Raine asked. Emmeline sighed and pointed to her left forearm. Raine rolled her eyes, "Try Aiden, Donnalyn, and Ella."

            "Yea, but he was in Gryffindor."

            "It doesn't mean anything what house you were in." Dorcas said.

"Plus the Ministry is after him." Emmeline added softly.

            "Then why haven't they found him if he's here?" Raine asked as Dorcas got all of their stuff together.

            "Because no one actually knows this place is here. Only a few people like myself, my parents, and a couple of people who have stumbled upon it."

            "Oh." Raine said. 

"Come on we should go it's almost one." Dorcas said standing up the scrapbook in her arms.

Raine nodded and started walking towards the door. "Bye Damien. I'll see you at home." Emmeline shouted.

            "Yeah, Bye Em. Bye everyone else." He called back.

            "Bye! It was nice meeting you!" Raine yelled as they all walked out the door. "Hey Em. I've seen him before. He was at my house most of the summer." Raine stated.

            "I'm not surprised." She replied as they slowly made their way to the Three Broomsticks.

Raine shrugged, "I hope he likes your gift Dor."

            Dorcas grinned, "Me too. Thanks so much guys."

            "Your welcome." Everyone said as they opened the door to the Three Broomsticks.

            "Oi! This way. I've found them." Raine said as she walked towards the table the Marauders were sitting at. "So, did you guys have fun?" Raine asked while sitting down next to James.

            "Yes, Love." James said wrapping an arm around her. Emmeline made her way and sat down next to Sirius resting her head on his shoulder. Marlene and Lily sat next to Raine. Dorcas smiled and walked over and sat next to Remus.

            "What did you guys do?" Marlene asked.

            The guys all looked at each other, shrugged, and replied, "Nothing."

            "You lie." Raine stated.

            "You have no proof." James said.

            "Touché." Raine said as she crossed her right leg over her left leg.

            James rolled his eyes. Dorcas smiled at Remus and kissed his cheek, "I have your present if you want it."

Remus raised an eyebrow, "Of course I want it."

             "Jolly Holly." Raine said randomly.

            Everyone stared at Raine for a moment before Dorcas handed Remus his present. Raine shrugged and pointed to Remus. He looked at his present and opened it. He looked through all the pictures and then closed it. "This is the best present. Thank you, Love." he said before kissing Dorcas' cheek.

            Dorcas grinned and wrapped her arms around his neck, "I'm glad you like it."

            Remus hugged Dorcas, "Of course I like it. It's from you after all." he smiled as she pulled away from their hug.

            Dorcas smiled again, "So how has your birthday been so far?"

            Remus smiled, "Perfect."

            "Lolly Man! That's who it is Lolly Man!" Raine exclaimed.

            "Bloody hell put a muzzle on her." Emmeline said.

            Raine glared and stood up from her seat and went over to the counter. She came back with a waitress behind her. The waitress was carrying nine butterbeers and a giant chocolate cake. Before she made it to the table Raine started singing, as loud as she could, "Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO REMUS! HAPPY BIRTH DAY TO YOOOOOOOOOOU!" she

            Remus chuckled and Emmeline and Dorcas glared at her lightly, "What if the rest of us wanted to sing?"

            "Well, sing it again. Or, you can sing it at dinner tonight. I asked Dumbledore if I could stand up in front of the Great Hall and sing it during dessert." Raine stated.

            Everyone groaned. After the cake was done and away with Remus leaned down and whispered in Dorcas' ear, "Remind me to not be at the table for dessert or anywhere within 100 meters."

            Dorcas giggled and said "Okay."

            "I'm ready to run. I feel bad about myself after eating that." Raine said as she patted her stomach.

"Good get going." James said before wrapping both of his arms around her.

Raine laughed, "I can't if you’re hanging off of me."

"Extra weight for a better run."

Raine rolled her eyes. "So..." Raine said.


"So, what do we do now?" she asked.

"I'm ready to go back to the castle." Remus said.

Raine yawned, "Me too. James, get off of me. I can't feel my shoulder."

James laughed and removed his arms. Everyone stood up and made their way outside. "So, what did you guys do today?" Dorcas asked.

"Nothing Love." Remus replied holding her hand.

"Tell me please James." Raine said as she laid her head on his shoulder.

"No." James replied, "Drop it."

"Fine, jez. We had fun though. Didn't we?" Raine asked the girls.

            “Yes." They replied.

            Raine smiled, "James, where's Lolly Man?"

            "I have no bloody clue what you're talking about, Love." James replied.

            Emmeline stopped walking, "Sirius?"

            Raine stopped, "Sirius, what's wrong?" she asked after she turned around.

            "Nothing. What Em?" Sirius asked. Raine shrugged and turned back around. "Why haven't you talked a lot today?" Emmeline asked.

            "Oh I'm sorry, Love. We haven't spent much time together. What did you girls do today?" Sirius asked.

            "Nothing!" Raine yelled.

            "Go away!" Sirius yelled, "Em?"

            "Just as Raine said. We did nothing."

            "Well alright." Sirius replied wrapping his arm around her waist, "We okay?"

            "Mhm." Emmeline said while nodding her head.

            "Alright come on let's go up to the castle."

            "Okay." Emmeline replied.

            Raine let go of James' hand and stopped walking immediately. "What Raine?" James asked.

            "Walter. Today is his birthday too." Raine replied. She shrugged and walked slowly to where James was. "I still feel bad about myself. Anyone fancy a run to the castle?" she asked.

            "Go right on ahead we'll watch." James said, "Write Walter when you get back."

            "No one wants to join me?"

            "No." Everyone said.

            "Fine. I'll just go by myself." Raine said as she started running towards the castle. Then she made a sharp turn and ran towards the Quidditch Pitch. When Raine got to the pitch the Slytherins were there. Orenda and Narcissa were up in the bleachers talking and the Slytherin team was practicing. "Hello." Raine said as she ran past Orenda and Narcissa.

            "Oy! What in the name of Merlin do you think you are doing?" Orenda asked.

            "Running." Raine called back.

            "Well stop it, you're making us look bad."



            "Who am I making look bad?" Raine replied.

            "Cissa and me."

Raine rolled her eyes and ran back to Orenda and Narcissa. "Why am I doing that?"

"You're running and we're sitting on our arses."

"Well, I just ate and it made me feel bad about myself and the only way I can fix that is if I run."

"Or you could stop and sit down and pretend you didn't. It's not like your Quidditch Captain won't make you lose any weight you might have put on."

"Well, I just feel really fat right now. We had a chocolate cake for Remus' birthday."

Orenda raised one of her eyebrows, "How many bloody people are getting older today?"

"What do you mean?" Raine asked.

"I mean it's his birthday too? Bloody hell I'm glad I wasn't born in March." Orenda said.

"Who else has a birthday today?"

Narcissa laughed, "Regulus'."

Raine smiled, "Really? I should've gotten him a present while I was in Hogsmeade."

Narcissa laughed and Orenda said, "It's okay I think he's going to be too bloody knackered to notice."

            Raine nodded her head, "I think he'd throw away anything I gave him anyways."

            "Maybe, one second, Rab!" Orenda yelled, "Sorry he's mad at me again."

            "Oh." Raine said.

            "What Orenda?" Rabastan yelled.

            "Are you done killing Regulus it is his birthday?"

            Rabastan raised his eyebrow, "So? Why is de Luca here?"

            "I asked her to come here. Because she won't get mad at me for no reason!"

            Rabastan rolled his eyes and told everyone, "Practice is over. Hit the bloody showers."

            Everyone silently thanked Orenda and flew to the ground and walked over to the showers. "Are you done being an arse then?" Orenda asked.

"I suppose." Rabastan answered as he flew to the locker room and went in.

            "Well, I think I know what I want for my birthday." Raine stated.

            Orenda raised an eyebrow, "What?"

            "A Slytherin Quidditch Player." Raine laughed. "I guess I never noticed them before because of playing against them for five years. And having everyone tell me that Slytherins were no good."

            Narcissa raised a pale eyebrow, "I'm confused." Orenda just laughed.

            "For my birthday, I'd like to have a Slytherin Quidditch Player. Most of them on your team are mighty good looking." Raine smiled.

            "Oh." Narcissa said, "Sorry." Orenda just laughed again and grabbed her bag.

            Raine laughed, "Well, I guess I have to get back to the castle."

            "Why?" Orenda asked.

"Remus' birthday." Raine sighed.

            "You haven't told Regulus happy birthday yet." Orenda said, "Even if he doesn't like you." She had already walked down the bleachers.

            Raine smiled, "Alright, I guess I should. Should I give him a hug too?" she asked jokingly.

"Depends on how clothed he is." Orenda said, "You staying out here Cissa?"

"Yeah I'll see when you come out."

            "So, am I coming in there with you?" Raine asked.

            "Yep, wouldn't be the first time I've been in there."

            Raine laughed, "Alright then. Are all the Slytherin Quidditch players guys?"

            "Yeah, no one's really sure if they have ever had a girl on the team." Orenda said as she opened the door to the locker room.

            "Yummy." Raine replied jokingly as she followed Orenda into the locker room.

            Orenda laughed and walked further into the room, "Hey guys."

            Raine slowly appeared behind her, "Hello fellas."

            The guys just groaned and pretended they weren't there.

            "Orenda, do they not like me?" Raine whispered to Orenda.

            "They always are like this. They hate that they can't tell me to get out because Rab doesn't care."

            Raine nodded her head and walked away from Orenda to try and find Regulus. She passed a couple of guys and said, "Hey."

            The guys just nodded at her. Everyone was too tired to do much else.

"Has anyone seen Regulus?" she asked them.

"He's over there." One of them said pointing in the other direction.

Regulus was already back into his normal pants his hair still damp.

            "Hey Regulus." Raine said quietly.

            “Hi?” Regulus replied.

            "I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday," she told him with a small smile on her face.


            "Um, I don't know how to do this..." Raine said.

            Regulus looked at her, "Do what?"

            Raine smiled and wrapped her hands around his neck, "This. Happy Birthday Regulus." she said as she gave him a hug.

            Regulus sighed placed his arms around her waist for a second and then removed them again.

            Raine pulled back, "I guess I'll see you later."

            "Yeah bye." Regulus said.

            "Happy Birthday. Sorry I didn't get you anything." Raine said as she started to walk away.

            "It's fine." Regulus replied.

            Raine smiled and walked towards the entrance of the locker room. She looked around for Orenda, but she couldn't find her. So, she asked one of the guys that was getting dressed, "Um, do you know where Orenda ran off to?"

            "She went outside. Her and Rabastan must have gotten into another argument."

            "Oh, thanks." Raine said as she turned around and walked towards the door.

            Once outside she saw Orenda leaning up against the wall. Narcissa had gone off to the castle.

            "Hey Orenda. What's wrong?" she asked.

            "Nothing he's just being an arse. He was mad that I brought you with me. Lucius wouldn't have cared."

            "Oh, I'm sorry."

            "It's okay. He's such been an arse lately. I'm getting tired of it."

            Raine nodded her head. "Well, I wished Regulus a happy birthday."

            "Yeah how'd he take it?"

            "He actually took it pretty well. He acted as if I was actually someone he could tolerate. I have him a hug too." Raine smiled.

            "Oh and how'd that go?"

            "He hugged me back!" Raine said happily.

            "Oh." Orenda said as Regulus walked out of the locker room.

            Raine smiled, "Hey Regulus."

            “Hey, Cissy go to the castle?"

"Yeah, do you know what's been wrong with Rab lately?"

            Raine nodded. "So, what all have you gotten for your Birthday Regulus?"

            "I don't know Orenda. Some books, a new broom from my parents, some candy, my family ring, a few other things."

            "That's cool." Raine said. "Perhaps he just needs a break." Raine told Orenda.

            "From what?" Orenda asked.

            "From everything. School, Quidditch, shagging, and everything else. Or, perhaps he has a mission that is causing him stress. I know Aiden gets like that when ever he has a stressful mission." Raine replied.

            Orenda looked at her, "Excuse me."

"So what did you do in Hogsmeade, Raine?" Regulus jumped in.

            "We went to Emmeline's brother's shop."

            "Oh I never knew she had a brother." Regulus said watching Orenda carefully.

            "He's like Aiden, Donnalyn, Ella, and Lucius. He just had to hide from the Ministry. Crap! Don't tell anyone I told you this."

            Regulus nodded and Orenda smiled at them sweetly before saying, "I'll see you both later." With that she turned and walked away from them.

            "I'm sorry if I said anything." Raine called to her. Orenda just kept walking and Regulus groaned. "I'm sorry," she said quietly.

            "Just ignore it." Regulus said.



            "I asked her about those people. She told me to never talk about them again." Raine replied.

            "I'm not to surprised by that."

            Raine rolled her eyes, "So, why the sudden change?" she asked, trying to change the subject.

            "What me?"

            "Yeah. Why are you all the sudden being nice to me?"

            "I'm to bloody tired to do anything else." He said as they reached the castle.


            "Rabastan had us out there at 7 this morning."

            Raine smiled, "I'm sorry. Maybe you should take a nap or something."

            "I'm going to get some food and then go sleep."

            "Well, that's good."

            "Yeah, I'll see you later then." Regulus said before walking towards the great hall.

            "Bye Regulus." Raine said while she smiled. She then turned and started walking up to the Gryffindor common room.

            Regulus Black groaned and walked into the great hall. He walked over and sat down in his usual sit at the Slytherin table. "Hey mate."


            "What's with you and de Luca? Are you two a thing now?"

            "Eww no. What are you talking about?" Regulus demanded as he pulled all the food within reach to himself.

"You two were walking together. And talking."

            "Well Orenda had been there until de Luca said something that made her storm off."

            "She makes everyone storm off doesn't she? Every time I see her she's made someone mad and they storm off away from her."

            "She hasn't learned to word things right apparently." Regulus said.   

            "Oh. Okay."


"Oi! Black!" Some one asked.

            He groaned, “What?"

            "Why were you and de Luca hugging in the locker room? Oh, do you know if she's still with Potter?" he asked.

            "I don't know if she is why? And she was wishing me happy birthday."

            "Oh I'm sure. And I want to know because she has a damn fine body. I'd shag her in an instant." he replied.

            "Yeah and have not only my cousins Narcissa and Bellatrix kill you but her brother Aiden and her cousin Ella?"

He shrugged, "They might, they might not. It all depends if she ever mentions me to them."

"They'd find out and if you've got a problem with it kill Rosier he's the one who ruined her to you guys."

"That's right. I should go have a talk with him... But not now. Would you shag her?" he asked randomly.

"No." Regulus said.

"Why not? If your cousins were out of the way along with her family, would you?"

"No. She's friends with my brother."

"That's not what I over heard last month."

"Yeah well I don't care she has been friends with him at least some time in her life and that makes her rubbish."

"If she wasn't friends with your brother, would you? Or, if she ever joined him, would you?"

"She would probably find a way to even mess that up. She doesn't seem to have a brain at all."

"Which makes her easily persuaded." the other guys stated.

"Only to a point. Rosier didn't get to."

"Well, he probably would have if he hadn't called her a tease."

"Whatever. Hey Barty." Regulus said as Barty Crouch sat down next to him.

"Hey Regulus."

"What have you been up to today?"

"Nothing." he mumbled sleepily.

"Sure. Well I'm going back to the common room. Anyone coming with me?" Regulus said standing up.

"I will." the second guy to talk to Regulus said as he stood up from the table.

"Alright." Regulus said as they walked out of the Great Hall.

"What are you going to do in the common room?" he asked.

"I'm going to go to sleep. I'm tired." Regulus replied.

"Oh, alright. I don't blame you. Lestrange was hard on us today."

"Yeah, and if you want a shag you could probably talk Orenda into it. She's furious with him."

"I'd be killed. I'd rather wait until I can shag de Luca than be murdered."

"By Rabastan?"


"He didn't kill MacNair."

"That's because Orenda stepped in front of MacNair. She probably wouldn't do that with me."

"Never know. Say the right things she might."

He nodded his head, "You're right, but I don't want to shag her anyway," he said as they entered the common room.

            "Why?" Regulus asked.

            "If I'm not killed by Lestrange, I'd be killed by the Dark Lord. He wants Orenda and Rabastan to be together. If someone messes those plans up, they'll be killed."

"Yeah well at this rate it is Rabastan whose messing them up."


            "Well I'm going to bed, mate. I'll see you later." Regulus said before going up the stairs to his dorm.

"Bye." he said as he sat down on one of the couches.

            Orenda walked into the common room and sat down.

            "Hey Fier. How are you and Lestrange?" he asked sarcastically.

            Orenda glared at him, "Why would you want to know anyways Flint?"

            Flint shrugged, "I was just wondering."

            "I'm sure."

            "What's got your knickers in a twist?"

            She rolled her eyes, "I believe you know."

            "I do. Just trying to strike up a conversation," he replied.

            "Then make it better conversation, maybe something I'd want to talk about. Not some bloody prat."

            "How about the weather. It's been pretty nice." Flint smirked.

            "No it's not. It's sunny."

            "Fine. If you aren't going to say anymore than that, we can change the topic. What do you want to talk about?"

            "I don't know." Orenda said, "And it's not my fault I can't stand the sun."

            “Are you sure you aren't a vampire?"

            "I wish."

            "Why?" he asked.

            "Vampires are wicked. I want fangs..."

            "You've already got them. I've seen what you did to MacNair's neck."

            Orenda laughed, "But I want real fangs a double set to. It's actually a myth that they can't go in the sun though."

            "Oh, I'll leave it to you to know everything about vampires."

            "Of course I do. I just haven't gotten to meet one yet."

            "Go to Dracula's castle over Easter break."

            "Hmm, if he didn't have a million."

            "I'm sure the Dark Lord can tell you which one he is residing in at the moment."

            "He won't let me go."

            "Why not?"

            "I don't know. I have to talk him into it."

            "You probably don't. Just ask him if you can go."

            "I'll think about it. But I don't want to be a Vampira I want to be a Vampiress."

            "What is the bloody difference?" Flint asked.

            "A vampira has only one set of fangs and she was bitten for blood. A vampiress has a double set on top and she bitten during a time of extreme lust."

            "So, you want to shag with Dracula? That's disgusting."

            Orenda laughed, "Why's that disgusting?"

            "He's like four hundred years old!" Flint exclaimed.

            "But he technically hasn't aged."

            Flint shrugged, "Isn't there any other vampires you'd shag? One's that look your age?"

            "Of course but I'd have to go find them. Unless you're a vampire and you didn't tell me."

            "Nope. I'm not, sorry. But, I'm sure there are a ton of vampires in Knockturn Alley."

            "No there's not. Don't you think I'd be a vampiress by now if there were."

            Flint rolled his eyes, "Have you looked in Transylvania yet?"

            "Transylvania is a region not a country. It’s a region in Romania.” Orenda stated.

            "I'm coming to you if I ever need to know about vampires." Flint stated.

            "Good. So what are you passionate about?"


            "Of course but what about it? What draws you to it?"

            "The flying and I guess just the whole object of the game."

            "Hmm that doesn't explain much."

            “Why do you want to know? You've never taken an interest in me before." Flint stated.

            "Because you're someone to talk to. Can't I get to know people in my own house?" Orenda said tossing her curls behind her shoulders.

            "Not unless you want something."

            "Erg, why do I always have to want something?" She asked the corset she'd shoved herself into that morning finally making it slightly hard to breath.

            Flint shrugged, "Maybe it's the fact that you and Rabastan just had a row."

            "We've been having rows for the last two weeks. I'm getting sick of it and him."

            "Break up with him." Flint said bluntly.

            "I don't know if I can." Orenda replied.

            "Alright. Fine. Do you fancy... Never mind. I told myself I wouldn't."

            "What?" Orenda asked.

            "I can't do it. Never mind. I'd be murdered."

            "Do what? You can at least tell me."

            "Well, I fancy a shag. But, I'll have to go find someone else." Flint said while standing up from his place on the couch.

"Arse." Orenda said.

            "What?" he asked.

            "I've been fighting with him for two weeks. You do the math."

            "Well, I said I fancy a shag. Not being murdered."

            "Yes and I can't do that to him again. You wouldn't know where he is would you? I feel like yelling at him then.”

            "I don't know and I don't particularly care."

            "Fine go. I'll find him sooner or later."

            "Go right ahead. I'm going upstairs. Talk to you later." Flint said before walking up the boy's staircase.



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