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A:N so so so sorry it's been so long since i've updated this, i've been incredibly busy with my band and work etc. so here is the long awaited next chapter, Remember to leave a review. xx

It had been days since Draco's visit. The past few days had been unbearable as we sat waiting for something to happen. The longer we had to wait the worse it felt. It was in the silence that I found myself wanting to tear my hair out. We now had access into Hogsmead through a small passage which led into the Hog's head. Neville and a few other would daily disappear for a moment to collect food for everyone.

Neville did the same as he had done all the other days he had left for the Hog's head. He had been positive that Harry would return soon, but many had lost all hope of anything.

'Oh merlin, It's Harry!' I heard.

Turning around I saw the golden trio enter in. The feeling of despair was now replaced with excitement. There was a sudden buzz in the air and for the first time in ages there was flashes of light that appeared in peoples faces. Others followed into the room greeting Harry and the others. I slipped back into the crowd of people not wanting to draw any sort of attention to myself. I felt totally out of place as everyone was reunited for the first time in ages. All of them friends and I being the outsider.

My heart started to beat faster as I realised that this was it, as Harry spoke announcing the plan the war became very real. We were to fight.

I watched as Luna and Harry disappeared into the castle. I felt the biggest respect for Harry, I couldn't even begin to imagine the sort of things that he had been put through to restore peace.

'What is she doing here?' I heard, I was never going to get used to this.

Ron was now staring over in my direction not looking so impressed.

'I'm here to fight, not for you or for Harry but for my brother' I snapped back as my blood boiled inside of me.

I saw a smile upon Hermione's face as she acknowledged my presence.

'I'm going to be keeping my eye on you' sneered Ron.

'Oh shut up Ron, the fact that she's standing here with the rest of us says enough for where her loyalties lie!' Hermione replied shooting a disgusted look over at the tall red haired boy.

I felt my body relax slightly, silently thanking Hermione.

If you had told me a few years ago that Hermione Granger would be standing up for me I would have just laughed in your face but this was very real as I stood there in front of them.

Moments later Harry had returned.

'We're to head down to the great hall, we're going to fight' he announced.

There was a mighty cheer as everyone began to shuffle out of the room.
Fear had now kicked in as I found myself in the great hall as Professor Mcgonagall gave the orders. At this point I knew that I was still very much torn about that I was to do.

My train of thought was interrupted as the loud booming voice of Lord Voldemort came through the thick hot air.

There were screams and cries as many of the younger students began to panic. A small first year that was sat near me was now holding onto my arm as she sobbed for her mother. Looking down at this small little child my heart began to break. Taking her into my arms I held onto her tightly letting her sob into my chest. I couldn't hear a word as my mind swam with conflicting thoughts.
Suddenly everyone was leaving the Great Hall, grabbing the hand of the young girl I lead her with the crowd. She trembled violently as fear had set into her heavily.

I felt a hand catch my arm dragging me and the small girl away from the vast sea of students. I turned my head to find Draco pulling me along.

'You need to get out of here' he said coming to a halt.

'No' I replied trying to tug away from him.

'Marianna I'm being serious, this is to dangerous I don't want you getting hurt' he demanded holding onto me tightly.

'And I'm being serious when I say that I'm going to fight, I just need to get this little one out of here then I'm coming back' I snapped breaking free from his grasp.

'Marianna!' he called after me as I walked away from him.

Looking back over my shoulder I had lost sight of him, but I just kept heading onwards with the crowd.

As I looked around I spotted a prefect ahead of me, rushing over towards him, I hoped that this guy was feeling charitable.

'hey!' I called after him.

He stopped looking back at me.

'Please could you take this girl and look after her' I asked holding the weeping 1st year.

His face softened as he saw the small child in my arms. He nodded quickly taking her away from me.

'thank you so much, please make sure she stays safe' I smiled kissing the small girl on the cheek.

'You need to get out of here yourself' he replied.

'Oh don't worry about me, I'm big enough to look after myself' I said thanking him again before heading back towards the great hall.

I sprinted back down the stairs pushing many out of the way, I needed to find Draco, I needed to know that he was okay.

The crowd was now thinning down as many had left the castle. In full panic I had now noticed many wizards duelling as sparks flew everywhere.
I ducked as bright flashes of light soared over my head. Suddenly a pair of arms had caught me.
I found myself in a tight embrace, that was when time seem to freeze momentarily.
Breaking away I met his eyes. This was it, either one of us could die tonight.
Taking me back into his arms his lips met mine.
Passion swept over me as his kiss lingered upon my body.
I loved this boy so much.

'Malfoy!' I heard a call.

Crabbe and Goyle were now heading towards us.

'We've got to go' Crabbe spoke again 'We've got to get Potter.'

Draco broke away from me nodding over to the others, his expression was empty and cold. This was the other Draco, the mask that he held up to himself whenever others communicated with him, this was the Draco I grew to dislike. He looked down upon me again and his face instantly softened.

'I need to go' he whispered.

I remained in his arms looking up at him, silently pleading with him, hoping that he would change his mind.

'No' I cried shaking my head.

'I have no choice' he said pushing himself away from me softly.

I grabbed a hold of him in tears, I didn't want him to leave.

'You don't have to do this!' I sobbed tugging him back towards me, 'You have a choice!'

'No' he whispered shaking his head 'I'm sorry'

He struggled to free himself from my grasp as I held onto him tightly.

'Please, don't do this' I pleaded, 'I know that this isn't the Draco that you want to be'

Draco stopped for a second staring deeply into my eyes, he gave me a small smile placing a hand against my cheek.

I closed my eyes as the warmth of his touch swept over me.

Kissing me softly again my heart fluttered in my chest.

'I love you' he whispered in my ear. 'It'll all be over soon'

This time I let him go watching him walk away from me.

Sinking to my knees I placed my head into my hands and began to sob.
Suddenly a flash of light hit me sending me through the air.
Pain seared through my chest as I opened my eyes to find someone standing over me.
'You just can't leave him alone' came a voice as the body remained standing over me.

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