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A/N: Hey everybody, this is my first James/Lily fic ever, so I hope you like it. It is not exactly my style, but I couldn't get it out of my head. This is to one of my best friend, Line (known as D i a in here). D i a, I really hope you like it.
I hope you'll leave a review. Green.


Love makes up for the lack of long memories by a sort of magic. All other affections need a past; love creates a past with envelopes us as if by enchantment.
- Benjamin Constant.


James Potter walked quietly through the empty hallways of Hogwarts, with his hands deeply in his trousers pockets. With every steady step he took, it was one step closer to the end his rounds, as he had been chosen Head Boy for his last year at Hogwarts.

The rain hit the great windows hard, and slid down. James stopped to look at the rain, but instead his eyes found his own reflection in the windows. He looked the same, but more mature and deeply in thought. He turned his head to one side, and pushed his black hair slightly away uncovering a little scar.

James removed his eyes from his reflection to the empty hallways again. He began walking again, looking at the paintings as he went by. He knew nobody was here in this hallway, so to at least keep his rounds exciting he looked at the different paintings, he never spent time on doing, plus he wanted to remember everything about Hogwarts when he was going to leave in June.

Time had gone fast. In the beginning it seemed like eternities, but now it seemed like a couple of seconds left. He knew that everybody felt that Hogwarts was their second home, he did as well, and just the mere thought of him leaving with his friends saddened him. Time was a precious thing. He had learned that the hard way, never again was he going to make that mistake.

James shook his head to knock the thoughts out of his head. If he thought of it too much, he wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight as he would lie and think instead. Padfoot would have his ass if he wouldn’t play Quidditch with him tomorrow.

He turned right around the corner, and was met with another empty hallway, just as dark and quiet as the previously. It could still amaze him deeply, how the hallways of Hogwarts looked so much like each other, all of them. As everything seemed alright, James continued to walk down the dim hallway.

A faint sound suddenly reached his ears. From the distance he could by the pitch of the person’s voice hear that the person was sad. It somehow hurt him, more than he would have thought at once. James quickly took a decision, and hurried his steps, as he practically ran down the hallway, trying to find the person.

In no time he had found where the sound had come from, as he was standing outside an empty classroom with his palm resting on the handle of an old maple door. He had been correct when he assumed that the person was sad. Low and almost heartbreaking cries and sobs were heard from the classroom.

He didn’t know if he should enter the classroom, as the person probably had found the classroom to be alone. His conscience said he should never leave a person sad, if he could do something about it.

He slowly turned the handle, and opened the door gradually, wanting to let the person know that he was coming in. He stepped in, and closed the door quietly. He saw a person sitting on one of the tables in front of the classroom, and calmly began walking over to the person.

A sudden night light from a roof window illuminated the whole classroom in a ray of light hitting down on the person on the table. The light revealed a girl, with long red hair reaching a good part down her shoulders in a simple pair of dark jeans and a purple blouse, covering her face with her hands.

“Hey,” James said gently, as he stepped closer. His sudden appearance startled her, and in fright made her look up and connect her eyes with him. Recognition flew past his mind. James sucked in air, as his brown eyes recognized her green eyes. “Lily,” he said more to himself, than a greeting to her.

A few tears dropped from Lily’s eyes, she quickly pushed them away. James’s stomach dropped. “Can you just go James? Please,” Lily pleaded hoarse, looking the saddest James ever seen. She looked so lost sitting on the old table, with the light shinning down on her.

James made a decision and walked over, took a seat beside her on the table, not wanting to leave her in this way. He put his hand on hers, in a friendly attempt to console her. This simple gesture made Lily look up asking why with eyes.

“I am not going to go Lily, when you aren’t feeling well,” James answered her silent question, and squeezed her hand gently. Lily laughed a little, and dried her tears away with the sleeve of her purple blouse. She took a deep breath, appreciating James actions.

A friend walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

“That’s sweet of you James,” Lily assured James, by squeezing his hand. James smiled, feeling satisfied with himself, to being able to push his feeling aside. Lily needed a friend, not potential stalker.

“Anytime, but what happened? You don’t get sad for nothing,” James asked concerned, pushing his hair out of his eyes, focusing clearly on Lily, who was looking on some old bottles, with different colours of liquid in them, there stood on some shelves not far from the table. Undisguised dusty.

Lily shrugged, and sighed. “I saw Jason kissing some blond bimbo girl from Hufflepuff,” Lily spoke clearly in anger. James knew Jason was Lily’s boyfriend; they had been together for 2 months. “I just thought he had stopped fooling around, how stupid can I be?” Lily asked out loud in the empty classroom. Lily always believed in the good in all people with no exceptions, an amazing ability.

“You couldn’t know,” James said undoubtedly. “Besides, you shouldn’t cry over a guy, no guy is worth it,”. James’s dad had always said that girls were just as precious as the most expensive things in the whole world, and that you should always treat them like princesses, because they were in the eyes of their dads.

Lily tilted her head, looking in fascination at James. He was showing a whole new side, a side she never expected to see. She smiled, and made James fall in love with her a bit more. “Not even you?” Lily asked surprised.

“Especially not me,” James said truthfully. “I am no better, than the lousiest man alive,”

Lily looked at James with new eyes; she knew there was something special about him. Something she couldn’t pinpoint before, as she had called it charm and a lot of other words. He was more special than all the other guys. He meant it, and it came from his heart.

“James?” Lily asked, almost in a whisper, making her sound like an innocent and unsecure child. More light from the roof window hit her face and made her face glow, even in the dusty classroom.

“Yeah?” James replied in same tone as Lily. In the night light he seemed more mature, yet so childish looking, as his innocent eyes studied Lily’s face.

“Can we go slowly?”

James squeezed Lily’s hand, and made his heart beat a little faster “You decide the speed.”

James stood from the table, and offered his hand in more than one way. Lily accepted with a smile, knowing this had something more than past, and walked away from the ray of light there came from the roof window. Hand in hand they quietly walked out of the empty classroom, which now was filled with memories. They turned the left corner, and saw another hallway, except this was lighten up with night light in another way, making the light play with the surroundings. No, the hallways of Hogwarts didn’t always look like each other.


Everything is either a beginning or come from a beginning; but the infinite has no beginnings, for that would be its limit.

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