The small, plump form fell in awkward twirls, missing the sharp rocks that stuck out from the edge by mere inches, before crashing silently into the dark waters.

Lily pressed her foot against the steel peddle with anger, the blue hand on the speedometer zoomed past eighty and the yellow street lamps outside, flashed past the windows in a blur.

There was an angry blow of a horn, and Lily jerked the steering-wheel to the right as an un-expecting car tried to come out onto the main road. She quickly gained control, and watched as a set of traffic lights ahead of her flashed auburn.

Lily pressed harder against the steel peddle, so that her foot was now flat on the floor. The engine roared and the force pushed her body against the chair, she shifted gear, just as she swerved around the slowing traffic, and there was another load of angry beeps as she broke the red lights. Everything went into slow motion as she was heading straight towards the side of a large lorry. The lorry-driver blew his massive horn, making vibrations run trough Lily’s body as the ground shook, and she flew passed the large back wheels of the vehicle.

She hand-braked down a side-street making the back-end of the car swing out behind her and just barely missing the side of a parked car.

She knew she was being followed, but by what she did not know. She skidded to a stop as the road came to a cul-de-sac. She unbuckled her seat belt and threw the door wide open.

As she stood up to her full height she looked quickly around at her surrounding to see that not a single soul could be seen. She left the door of the care open as she quietly walked to the opening of the cul-de-sac, with her heart beating heavily against her chest. She stood for a second, looking up and down the street, no noise could be heard. Before she took off again and was sprinting down the road leading left, the black cloak flapping madly behind her. Sweat started to appear on her skin, her breath escaping her lungs in white puffs in front of her face.   

She backed down a small lane, into the darkness of the shadows the walls were throwing over it, before she closed her eyes and twirled gracefully on the spot. Her mind thinking of nothing but home, she vanished.

As her feet hit off solid ground again, her knees buckled from underneath her, and she found herself, yet again in front of the fountain on all fours. She could feel a lump form at the back of her throat, but she gave a husky cough and stood back up, rubbing away the small cobble stones from her clothes, she wasn’t going to start crying, just not yet.

She swiftly made her way up the large flight of steps to the front door, and with one lazy flick of her wand, the door swung open and she stepped over the threshold. 


Lily turned to see the small form of Dotty trot out to her from the sitting room. “It’s a pleasure to see you again. Poor Dotty is very worried for miss. She not looking very good.” The little elf squeaked her blue curious round eyes gazing up at Lily.

Lily bent down “Dotty go and find Sirius Black, tell him I’m finally happy,” Lily forced a smile at the elf, who smiled back.

“Yes miss. Dotty will go and find Mister Black and tell him that Master Lily is happy,” and with that, the elf vanished with a faint ‘pop’. Lily rubbed her hands together and walked into the kitchen. She pulled open the door to one of the cupboards and started to pull out vial after vial of different coloured potions. When the top shelf was nearly empty, with only a single line of vials left at the back, Lily found the one she was looking. The black substance inside of it was tar-like and bubbling slightly. She grabbed hold of another vial from the floor before walking over to the counter.

She took two flasks and poured a measured amount of the tar-like potion into both of them, before securely screwing the top back onto one of the flasks, and pouring the rich purple potion she had gotten from the floor into the other one of them. She pocketed the one with the two potions in an inside pocket and left the other one sitting on the counter, before  turning on her heel to leave, when something caught her attention from the corner of her eye and she turned her head to look properly out of the kitchen window.

Coming from the large thick forest which spanned out across the back of the house, was a group of hooded figures. The middle one was the only one with its hood down, and the sharp, stone-like features were unmistakable, Frank Longbottom was coming for her arrest and for the first time in over a year Lily Evans was afraid, her blood ran cold and the hairs on the back of her neck began to stand up.

Without waiting any longer, she darted to the hallway, her feet skidding across the wooden floor as she came to a stop beside the large, open fireplace. She grabbed a fist-full of powder, the bowl slipping off the mantle, and smashing into pieces on the ground, sending the remainder of the powder scattering across the floor.

She stepped onto the brown embers, throwing the powder at her feet, she shouted. “Diagon Alley!” there was a jerk behind her naval, just as somebody shouted “Lily!” and she closed her eyes tightly as she was thrown into a twister of colour and wind.

She tripped slightly as she stepped into the pub, people turned to look at the new visitor. Lily glanced around the pub before pulling her hood over her head and heading out into the street. 

People bumped into one another all in their own little journey. Nobody was bothering to stop to talk to one another, just casual waves of their hands.

Paranoia got the better of Lily and she kept looking over her shoulder, to see if there was anyone following her that she looked like she had a consent twitch in her neck. She rounded a corner, out of prying eyes, and turned on the spot, thinking of Grimmauld Place.

Going to Diagon Alley was only a way to get the Auror’s off her trail. 

The branches of the tree rustled, as Lily landed beside its trunk. She leaned against it, as to get out of the glare of the yellow street lamp.

She doubled checked that the road was clear of any Muggle passer-bys before walking onto the path that ran through the park and walking casually out onto the street. As she came to the black road, she stopped walking, and stared at the plain brick wall between numbers eleven and thirteen, while silently praying that a group of Death Eaters were not already inside the house.

Lily watched as the two front doors of the houses began to slid apart from one another, there was a series of ‘clicks’ and ‘pops’ until the fully-formed number twelve was in place. Lily looked into the windows of the neighbouring houses, to see that the occupants were still going about their business as normal. She quickly made her way up the flight of steps, and placed her hand on the serpent-styled handle, there was another series of small clicks before the door swung open. Lily looked over her shoulder once more before stepping inside.

Small candles lined against the wall tried their best to light up the hall, but the corners still remained dark. The horrible stench of a rotting and sweetish smell met Lily, and she had a sudden urge to turn back and get far away from the place as she possibly could. But she didn’t move from the hall, she took in another deep breath, the smell wasn’t getting any better. 

Lily strained her ears to see if there was anybody already in the building, but the only sound was of the little patter of a mouse as it scurried across the marble. Lily closed the front door softly behind her, her surrounding completely vanishing for a split second as her eyes adjusted to the sudden darkness. When she could see properly again, her eyes landed on the heavy curtains hanging against the opposite wall, she already knew that behind them, was the portrait of Mrs. Black.

She made her way up the stairs, remembering to step over the large troll’s foot. She grimaced as she passed the number of elf heads sticking out from the wall. She was half way up the stairs, when one of the steps squeaked loudly under her weight. Lily froze, looking up at the floor above her, waiting for one of the Black’s faces to come over the banister, she twisted her wand around in her hand, getting ready for a sudden attack. After a minute, and no sign of any Black, she let go off her breath, jumped over the squeaky step and continued on her way up to the first floor.

This floor was remarkably less dirty than the one underneath. No dust could be seen on any of the surfaces and the ground looked like it had just been polished, as it glistened in the yellow candle light. Lily made her way into the dark drawing room, to find an ancient looking drawing desk rattling noisily in the corner. She walked around it, trying to keep as far away from it as possible, and that was when she spotted the glass jug sitting on the wooden cabinet at the side. She stepped up beside the cabinet and took out the small vial along with her wand from an inside pocket.

“Tergeo” she whispered, pointing her wand at the jug. The water already in the jug started to slowly swirl around in a circle, before it steadily rose up in an upside-down twister, and retreated into her wand.

A loud series of clicks drifted up to Lily, indicating that someone was at the front door.

Lily popped the top of the vial off, and quickly poured the contents into the jug, as the sound of footsteps could be heard trodden up the stairs, as she toppled a whole bottle of red wine on top of it. She yanked the invisibility cloak from a pocket and threw it over herself, just as the door to the drawing room was pushed open.

“It served them right, filthy Mudbloods!” Bella spat, to someone who was still out in the landing. “How dare they, they know better than to stand up against us!”

Lily backed slowly into the corner behind the armchairs, and she hunched over slightly so that the cloak covered her feet.

Bella threw her coat over the back of the chair, just as her companion, a tall skinny, dark haired man, stepped into the room.  He was handsome at first glance, but a menacing glint in his eye told Lily all she needed to know about him.

“You are totally right, Bella,” he said, his voice a deep rumble.  

Bella made a noise that sounded in between a choke and a snort.

“Rodolphus, I thought you would have known by now that I’m always right,” she said, an evil grin visible on her face.   

Rodolphus said nothing else, but settled himself down onto one of the armchairs. Bella strutted over to the jug of wine.

“Want a glass?” she asked coldly, indicating to the wine. Everything went into slow motion as Lily waited for Rodolphus’s answer.

“Yea,” was all the answer she received and Lily mentally cursed.  

Bella flicked her wand making the jug rise up into the air and pour the red wine into the two glasses. With another lazy flick, one of the glasses floated over to where Rodolphus was sitting, and it settled itself on the arm of the chair, just as Bella sat back down on the other armchair.

This wasn’t going as planned, if Bella drank now, Rodolphus would be there to save her and then she, Lily would be caught red-handed, and if Rodolphus drank first Bella would never drink hers and it was just a complete waste of Lily’s time.

Lily stared on as Bella kicked off her boots, but didn’t lose her snooty, upright composure on the chair.

“Did you see the look on the woman’s face when I tortured that man? Ha!” Bella laughed, and raised the glass up to her lips; Lily closed her eyes and prayed with everything she had that Bellatrix would not drink the liquid.

“But you let the two brats go!” barked Rodolphus, and Lily peaked out behind her eye-lids to see Bella’s hand with the glass slowly lower back down.

“I did not let them go!” she snapped, her eyes flaring with anger so she looked even more demented than she already was.

“Ah, so what? You where under a spell so that it was impossible for you to go after them?” Rodolphus asked lazily, leaning back against his chair.

“I was not going to chase two filthy little brats around England. I have better things to be doing with my time!” Bella screeched, but Rodolphus looked on, bored. 

“Like what?”

At this both questions, both of them placed their glasses down.

“You know what.” Bella hissed through gritted teeth. Rodolphus smiled.

“I can tell you now, Potter,” Bella gave him a confused look “Or Evans, or whatever the fuck you want to name her isn’t behind those murders... she’s too much of a bloody saint to do such things and she’s a Mudblood,” 

“Yea, but she’s still capable of them,” Bella snapped. Rodolphus chuckled. “Don’t laugh at me! Peter has just been announced dead, and he’s the one that betrayed the whole lot of them” Bella said, standing up to her full height, strands of her black hair falling from its bun.

“But why are you so worried? She’s a Mudblood; you can squash her like a bug.” Rodolphus said. Bella smiled down at him.

“You're right,”

Rodolphus took a deep breath and stood up from the chair.

“I’ve promised Lucius that I would help him with the Muggles,” he announced, fixing the sleeves of his cloak. Bella gave a single nod of her head.

He turned on his heel, without a single word or movement towards his wife and left the room in three lengthy strides. Bella stared at the space where he had disappeared from in silence, and was only shook out of her deep thinking, by the slamming of the front door. She coughed and turned back to the drink she had abandoned on the chair.

Lily watched with held breath as she picked it up and placed it against her lips, before gulping it down in one; she smacked her lips together in satisfaction. Lily pulled off the cloak, and stood up, Bella spurn around in shock, and opened her mouth, but nothing came out.

Lily watched on as her hands grasped at her bony throat, a raspy sound coming from her as she tried to breath.

“You deserve it! How is the loving master going to react when his darling Bella is dead!” shouted Lily, the anger boiling like venom inside of her. “Why the fuck did you kill my James?!” Lily screamed at the top of her voice.

Bella collapsed down onto her knees, her lips and around her eyes turning a dark purple. Her hands started to grasp desperately at the ground, her long nails scratching deep trail into the wooden floor and in seconds blood started to appear. She lifted her head up, the lines from the tears visible on her pale cheeks, as the red vibrant blood rolled out of her opened mouth.

“Didn’t know you were capable of crying Bella” Lily barked, and watched as Bella collapsed sideways onto the ground, blood covering the floor, her hands and her face. Lily walked up to her, so that she was looking directly down onto the woman.

Bella looked back at her and without speaking a single word they stared at each other, as Bella’s chest rose and fell for the last time. Her eyes glazed over and her head lolled to one side. Lily smirked in satisfaction before with one final glance around the room, she left the house...

When she got back to the Mansion, she made sure that there was nobody in the house, before strolling into the kitchen and picking up the vial from the counter, she walked quickly up the stairs and into the master bedroom, where she opened her wardrobe and pulled out the dust-covered bag that held the present she had received from Fudge, she pulled the small, plain brown box out and laid it on the bed. 

She opened the box to find the light pink, candyfloss-looking potion inside, she gently lifted it out, and with the two vials in her hands she walked into the bathroom.

Standing in front of the mirror, she pulled the corks off the two vials and poured the pink one in on top of the black one; she screwed the lid back on and left the empty vial on the counter beside the sink. She looked up at her reflection, she looked like the same Lily, but there was something about her eyes that was brand new, there was an evil sparkle lying deep in their olive green.


Lily nearly dropped the vial she was holding in fright.

“Lily, come out with your hands up!” it was the shouts of Frank.

Lily walked out of the bathroom and up to the window, to see that a line of Aurors; standing a few feet apart were circling the house.

“Fuck,” Lily cursed, and she tucked the vial underneath her right breast. She ran down the stairs to the fireplace, she brushed the powder up in her hands and was about to throw it into the heart when Frank’s voice shouted again.

“There’s no point in trying to Floo your way out, we’ve blocked your house from the network!”  

“Bastards” Lily mumbled to herself, and she stood with the powder slowly falling from her hand, her time was running out.

Her time was up; she had gone as far as she could go. It was time to give it all in.

The large front door popped open, and twenty wands were raised higher in anticipation. Everyone was silent, as the skinny frame of Lily Potter stepped out of the house.

Frank stood back from the ring of Aurors.

“Put your hands up!” ordered a huge, muscular man, as he advanced on her, along with a handful of other Aurors, they all their wands pointed directly at her. “GET DOWN ON THE GROUND!” he yelled.

Frank and Lily locked eye-contact and he watched as she slowly went down onto her knees, her hands still behind her head. Tears were now starting to brim her bright-green eyes.

Everything was a jumble of sound, as her wand flew away from her and into the hands of a stony-faced woman, as another Auror went behind her, took her two hands in one of his and tied them behind her back. Lily was then yanked up onto her two feet, her eyes staring blankly at the ground.      

“LET GO OF ME!!” Lily yelled struggling against the four Aurors who were trying to strap her into the seat, “Ahh!!” she yelled, her arm coming free from one of the Aurors grasps, and she swung at him, her nails scratching his cheek, but he was quickly on the mark and strapped her arm against the wooden arm.

All of a sudden, the energy was sucked out of her body and she went limp, the Aurors exchanged glances and they quickly strapped her in, before walking away.

Lily stared off into the distance, as the court room filled up.

“We are gathered here today-.” Lily turned to see the Minister, Cornelius Fudge sit behind the tall podium, Lily’s blood boiled, he was suppose to be a family friend and here he was about to convict her.   “-For the hearing of Lily Rose Potter. The date is the second of August.” 

Lily looked around the hall; most of the people gathered there looked down at her with pity in their eyes, and others looked on doubtful and afraid.

“Miss Potter did you or did you not kill Thorfinn Rowle on the thirty first of July?” Fudge asked, with not a single trace of friendliness in his voice.   

“He deserved it,” Lily chuckled, and the coldness of her own voice frightened Lily, this wasn’t her.

“Did you kill Peter Pettigrew? Whose body was found floating late last night. He was a good friend of your husbands, was he not?” Fudge asked, looking over his glasses at her.

Lily nodded her head once.

“And less than an hour ago. Miss Bellatrix Lestrange was found in her home... Tortured by the looks of things,”

Ok, if Lily was going to go down, she wasn’t going without a fight.

“That house wasn’t hers to begin with, that house belongs to Sirius... She killed James!” Lily said, and then whispered “She made me kill my husband.”

The look Fudge gave her, told Lily that he had already made up his mind about her faith.  

The silver light of the moon glistened through the small, bared window down on the form of Lily who sat in the dark corner, in a stripped jumper-suit. Her head leaned against the cold stones, as her ears were filled with the sound of screams and pleads from other inmates.

Her body felt cold and the heart-retching screams of her Harry filled her ears as the dark figure of a Dementor glide swiftly past her cell. Uncontrollable tears ran down her cheeks, and through fuzzy vision, she unzipped the jumper-suit and pulled out the small vial which the Aurors were unable to detect. Lily smiled and tried to make herself as comfortable as possible against the solid stone.

She pulled out a piece of glass, and settled it down on the ground beside her. She unscrewed the vial, looked up at the full moon, and lifted it up to it in a toast.

“Cheers,” she whispered, and drank the potion back in one.

Images flashed before her eyes- Harry running around giggling, James sprinting after a hysterical toddler on a miniature broomstick, Sirius and James sprawled out on the sofa, both dying from bad hangovers, James cuddling Lily and whispering ‘I Love You’ into her ear. Her and James twirling in circles in front of a fountain in a park as the multi-coloured Autumn leaves fell softly around them and then the last one was of her sitting on a bed, with a bundle of blanket in her arms and James sitting beside her.

“We did it.” he whispered, Lily just smiled.

“I’m sorry,” said the faraway sounding voice of Sirius Black.

Lily’s thin body fell limp against the wall, the gold locket still wrapped around her neck, but engraved on it was no longer ‘HP’ in place of it, was a sentence.   

‘Love is a fire that reigns in the heart’ 

There was a small puff of white smoke, as the two pictures inside of it vanished...  

Sirius Black currently sat alone on a park bench, the Marauder’s two-way mirror in his shaking hands.

“I’m sorry Lily, I’m sorry!” he kept shouting at it, hoping against hope that the other part of the mirror was with Lily, wherever she was.

Out of anger, Sirius stood up from the bench and flung the mirror half-way across the park, where it shattered into pieces as it bounced off the ground.

He would soon find out in the morning paper that she probably never received his pleas for forgiveness.

James stood as handsome as ever waiting for her, holding his son tightly in his arms. His face breaking out into a grin, Lily smiled back- she was where she belonged.

“Mama!” Harry screeched in delight. Lily took her son in her two hands. “I’m so sorry!” she cried, kissing his head as tears of delight rolled down her face. “I’ll never let you go. I’m always going to be here for you,” she sobbed.
James smiled, his facial features looking flawless in the strong, bright light of the place they were in, wherever that was.

“You kept your promise.”

Lily’s heart did a back-flip as he showed her his famous cocky smile.

“I love you,” he added and they embraced one another.  

Lily felt something hard against her chest, and she looked down to see the opened locket hanging beside her breast-bone. She picked it up in her hands, it was empty.

She smiled, she had everything her heart ever desired right there.  

Dedication- Ok, I have to say a big thank you to the awesome reviewers/readers/ and random people, who made this story what it is and kept me writing it. If it weren’t for you this story would of staid undone and probably only 10 chapters long. So thank you!! Give yourself a round of applause!!

I told myself that I would be delighted if it got over 100 reviews, and I’m still speechless to this day that it got over 300 reviews! So everyone who typed something into the box at the end of a chapter, even if it was only once.... take a bow. =D  

This story turned out completely different than the picture I had of it when I started out on it, 2 whole years ago, and I’m actually really sad that it has to come to an end. I enjoyed writing it, I wish it could have gone on a bit longer, but sadly the good things have to come to an end. Thank you, and hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it.~ sarah louise [aka harrylilyjames]


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