Touch passion when it comes your way...It’s rare enough as it is. Don’t walk away when it calls you by name.”           

- J. Michael Straczynski


Hermione took a deep breath as she reached the last step leading up to the massive front doors of the Malfoy Manor. She was shocked she had even made it this far with out interference from any death eaters, but then she also assumed Draco would not allow them to hurt her, no matter how much they wished they could kill her on the spot. Her skin crawled each time one of them laid their eyes on her; she wondered how many of their hands had taken some of her friends’ lives. “What the hell am I thinking,” she nervously thought. How in the heck was she going to explain this to the ministry once word got out she had come here? What would Harry and Ron think, not that Ron’s opinions mattered anymore; he had still not forgiven her. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, reopened them and with renewed courage buzzed the intercom button.


“Yes,” a shriveled voice asked in a most disgusted tone. She figured there must be cameras and monitors on the inside, and she was almost sure anyone in the mansion had now known she was lingering on the massive doorsteps.


“I have come to see Draco,” she had meant to sound demanding, but instead squeaked out her request. There was no reply from the voice again but she heard a heavy click and slowly the massive doors started to move inward, allowing her to enter. Once inside the massive doors slammed shut behind her with such a loud boom that she almost jumped out of her skin. She stood alone in the dimly lit foyer wondering if she would be received by a house elf or death eater or received at all for that matter.


“My son is busy.” Narcissa said as she smoothly moved down the foyer in Hermione’s direction. She had no idea were the woman had come from but it must have been from a drawing room some where down the vestibule that was out of site do to the faintness of lighting. Hermione chose not to speak in return to her, figuring that would be the best compliance.


“I have to wonder what could be so important that you would venture here,” Narcissa coolly snarled. Hermione remained silent. Narcissa let out a soft but sinister laugh; it obviously ran in the blood. “Be wise Ms. Granger, for if it were not for the orders set forth by Draco himself you would already be dead,” the pale woman threatened. Hermione did not move but shot her a reproachful glare. “Pity, I seemed to have struck a nerve,” Narcissa edged the dagger of words further; “He never was and never will belong to you.” Hermione closed her eyes but before she could reply Draco entered the hall.


“GET AWAY FROM HER,” his voice boomed down the hall towards them. Narcissa spun around in horror and shock. When he got closer she immediately dropped to her knees in a bow, lowering her head and not making eye contact with him. Chills tickled their way up Hermione’s spine as she watched Narcissa cower before her own son. She wanted to say something to him, regardless of the fact that she loathed the women that had just toyed with her emotions. But she held her tongue she knew she shouldn’t even be there in the first place.


“My Darling,” he said as he held a suggestive hand out for her to take and follow him. She did, and as soon as his skin touched hers flames ignited within her. It had been two months too long since she had seen or felt him last. They walked up two flights of stairs and twisted and turned with some halls before finally he opened a large door for her.


Upon entering the space she could tell it must be his private study and bedroom. It was more like two rooms actually, because of that.  One room had a large desk and leather chair in it, and all around that room was a haven for Hermione she would have never expected to find in any room that would be associated with Draco, wall to wall books. His own evil private library, she some what envied him. The other room had merely a sitting couch and bed; but they were far from simple. The couch obviously had been in the family for years, and almost looked medieval, she wondered if it was comfortable. The bed was a huge mahogany four poster, adorned with intricate carvings within in the wood. There was a large fireplace on the opposite wall from the bed and it literally stood as tall as she did. She could feel its warmth on her face even from the study.


“Why have you come here?” he whispered coolly into her ear, she had not even felt him come so close behind her.  She tried to turn to face him but he weaved his arms around her waist and chest and restrained her from doing so.


“I had to see you,” she answered with a twinge of fear spilling from her voice. He immediately picked up on the alarm in her voice. He moved the hair from her neck and ever so gently brushed his lips to her skin kissing her softly. Hermione gasped her body and mind set afire. She could not resist him any longer, she some how managed to break free from his hold; he probably let her, and pulled him into a deep kiss.


“Mione,” the moan escaped his lips as he gave in to her passion.


For this split second she had pushed away what he had become and found him, Draco, alive and burning for her. He wouldn’t let her go from this moment, no matter how hard he had to fight the urge to kill her at the same time. The world melted away and she completely forgot why she had even come there in the first place. Just being in his arms, kissing him; that was good enough reason to her.


A/N: Again sorry for such a long update wait…life has been hectic. And sorry for a short chap – but promise to have another one up soon. I didn’t want what happens next to take away from this moment, so I cut this one short! Enjoy! And thanks for all the reviews!!!

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