I rested my head against the window and stared absently into the passing scenery. 
For some reason I was on a completely different planet today. My friends and family filled the compartment with friendly conversation but I just wasn’t in the mood. I just let my mind wander as the Hogwarts Express made its winding journey back to the castle. 

Our compartment was rather full this time around. I was sitting next to Albus Potter, my cousin and my best friend. Al was arguing with James, his older brother. Al was captain of the Slytherin Quidditch team and was determined that Slytherin would beat Gryffindor this year. James was captain of Gryffindor's team but refused to let Al get away with even dreaming that Slytherin had a chance. Normally, I would be in the middle of this heated debate. Gryffindor had one hell of a seeker, me. 

Across from me sat my kid brother Hugo. Hugo was a fourth year, two years below me, and was also on the Gryffindor team. He was a beater, and a pretty good one at that. He was just as relentless as I was when it came to Quidditch. He was in the middle of the debate between Al and James. Funny how all Quidditch players can be so damn argumentative. 

My other cousins, Lily and Dominique, sat on the other side of Albus and James. Dom's older sister, Victoire, had already left Hogwarts and was seriously involved with a close friend of the family, Teddy Lupin. Dom was a sixth year too and hung out with the rest of the family. The giant Weasley clan always stuck together. Lily was James and Albus' little sister. She was in the same year as Hugo but they weren't as close as me and Al. It's kind of hard to be. 

Also in the already crowded compartment were Lily's friends, Stella and April. Stella was Luna Lovegood's daughter. Luna Lovegood was the editor of The Quibbler and was very good friends with my mum, my dad, Aunt Ginny, and Uncle Harry. April was Lily's best friend. They had met in first year and had grown so close that they were almost inseperable. Naturally, April became an adopted member of our already exceptionally large family. 

I started to snap out of my regular daydreaming and took a look around the compartment. I smiled to myself as I realized that the compartment was divided; girls on one side, boys on the other. Yes, I consider myself as one of the boys; the whole family does actually. I love pranking and Quidditch, I have a really sarcastic sense of humor, I don’t really pay attention to my teachers, I don’t really obsess over my looks, I never really like liked boys, and I have a totally laid back, uncomplicated personality. I don't care what other people think of me. Most of the time, whenever a bunch of frilly, dainty, giggly little girls ask why I’m such a tomboy, I just shrug and walk away with nothing more than a "Whatever." I like being simple but it bothers a lot of the girls at Hogwarts. 

I don’t really know why all the girls are jealous of me. I’m just me. People always tell me that I’m gorgeous. I guess I’m pretty but I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m gorgeous. I will admit that I’m smart, really smart. My mum is brilliant and I’m totally glad that I inherited her brains. I have tons of friends, most of them are guys, but I love being social. I’m a pretty positive person and I love making people feel good. I don’t take anything too seriously and I’m pretty easy going so I guess that makes me easy to get along with. But that’s just me so I don’t get why people get jealous. 

“Rose… Rose…” Al shoved my arm gently. 

“Oi! Snap out of it, Weasley!” 

“Huh? Yeah? What?” I stammered, still not entirely awake. 

“Get your trunk. We’re here.” 

Sure enough, the train had stopped and the students were filing out of the compartment. I reached up, grabbed my things, and climbed into a carriage with Al, James, and Hugo, and my other guy friends Nick and Jasper. 

“’Sup Rose?” Jasper asked, nodding hello. 

“Nothin’ much mate. How was your break?” 

“It was pretty cool.” He answered simply. “Nothing too special.” 

“What about you Nick? How was your summer?” 

“Pretty damn sweet. Dad took me to America. We went to DC and did the whole tourist thing.” 

“Nice.” I smiled. Touristing isn’t really my thing. Of course I want to travel, but no way was I going to have my nose shoved into a guidebook the entire time. 

“You Okay Rose?” Nick asked curiously. “You seem a little out of whack.” 

“Yeah.” Al raised an eyebrow. “You were kind of quiet on the train.” 

“I’m fine.” I assured them. “I’m just a little worn out from the trip is all.” 

“Alright.” Al shrugged. “As long as you’re cool.” 

“Please, We all know that the only one here that’s not cool is little Hugo.” 

“Oi!” Hugo protested. He was the youngest of them and always got a lot of heat for that. 

The carriages pulled up to the castle and I hauled my stuff up to my dorm in Gryffindor tower. I share a room with two girls, Katie Thomas and Alice McConnell. Katie was a shameless flirt and was always asking me to set her up on dates with all the guys I know. But behind all of Katie’s boy obsessed drama, she was a pretty cool person. She was a loyal friend and was always pleasantly optimistic. She could find the silver lining to any situation. Alice was totally different but just as wonderful. She was an activist and an environmentalist. Of course Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures were her two absolute most favorite classes. She was a caring, motherly soul and was always determined to fight for the cause, any cause. If there was a cause, Alice would be there fighting for it. 

After I finished unpacking, I made my way down to the Great Hall. The sorting ceremony was about to begin and the other students were finding their places at the four long tables stretched out through the hall. I sat down at the Gryffindor table next to James, Connor, and Gavin. Connor and Gavin were both seventh years, like James, and were probably two of James’ closest friends. The whole room cheered as the new group of first years were accepted into their prospective houses. Professor Flitwick made his annual speech welcoming the students back to Hogwarts. At the end of his rather long lecture about the upcoming year, he waved his hands and an endless spread of food appeared on the tables in front of the students. 

All the boys dove face first into the food and ate everything they could get their hands on. No one went hungry at Hogwarts. I grabbed a couple of slices of pizza before the guys inhaled it all. I started chatting with my friends about Quidditch, annoying professors, the new year’s work load, yada yada yada…. 

This was going to be a good year, I thought. 

“So James,” I asked, my mouth half full with pizza. “Who’s throwing the back to school party this year?” He shrugged his shoulders. 

“I don’t know. I guess the only way to make sure it’ll be a great party is if we throw it ourselves.” 

“Definitely.” Connor looked excited. “Who’s got this one?” Every time the gang decided to throw a party, one of us took the lead. 

“I covered the last one.” Gavin complained. 

“I believe its Rosie’s turn.” Nick totally called me out. He was grinning from ear to ear. 

“Aw, come on dudes.” I whined. “The year just started and I don’t want to get too sidetracked.” 

“No excuses.” James stated coolly. “It’s your turn fair and square.” 

“Fine.” I grumbled, crossing my arms. “It’ll be…” I started to think of party plans, “this Saturday in the Room of Requirement. All houses can come. A ten thirty start. Spread the word.” 

“Yes ma’am!” James saluted mockingly. 

“And I will be recruiting help.” I glared at Nick. He did, after all, stick me with the job of throwing this party. He just grinned mischievously like the little devil he was. 

When dinner was over, Nick and I left the great hall and started walking towards the Gryffindor tower. 

“So what was that?” I complained. 

“What was what?” 

“Don’t act all innocent.” I glared at him. “You totally called me out on that one.” 

“Well,” He tried to think of an excuse. “It was your turn.” He smiled sheepishly. 

“Well just so you know, I am officially making you my number two. You and I will both throw the party. Ha! What do you think of that?” I was totally going to make the most out of this. If I was stuck planning this party, I was taking Nick down with me. 


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