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A big THANKS to all the reviewers since the last chapter was posted. I received more reviews after that 1 chapter than I did from all the other chapters combined! I wasn't sure about the cliff-hanger, but it seems that most people really liked it. I only hope this chapter won't dissapoint. It was hard to write. But, I think it does the job. As always PLEASE review!!!

Oh, and none of these characters are mine. And, my plot could not exist without JKR's storyline. etc, etc, etc...


Mrs. Weasley just stood there as if she didn’t hear a word Ginny said. 

“Mum!” screamed Ginny from Harry’s side. “Please tell me why you are pointing your wand at Harry like that? What has gotten into you?” 

 “Don’t act like you don’t know young lady! Arthur told me what went on in this house while I was away.” She was talking to Ginny but her eyes were fixed on Harry. “And, to think I trusted you. Was it too much to ask that you be respectful in my house even when I am not present?!”

“Mum, I don’t know what Dad told you, but—

Once again Mrs. Weasley ignored Ginny. “And you!” She was speaking to Harry. “How could you? I’ve treated you like one of my own sons and this is how you re-pay me?!!” She was really getting hysterical, now. Her breathing was ragged and her wand hand was shaking. “Well, I will not stand by and let another child be taken from me. She’s too young to be so serious with anyone. She needs to be home with her family where I can take care of her. She needs me now!” 

“Mrs. Weasley, I’m not trying to take her from you; I wouldn’t — Harry started to say, but Mrs. Weasley was not finished with him, yet. At this point Ron and Hermione had entered the kitchen from the back yard. They stopped short just inside the door, staring in shock at the scene playing before them.

“I’ve already lost one child, and his twin is as good as gone without him. I almost lost my oldest to that monster, Greyback. Now you want to take my baby away from me, too! Well, I won’t stand around and let you do it!”


“Mum, you’re hysterical!” Ginny said. “There’s no reason for you to get so upset. I promise you that nothing happened!”


“Hush! I don’t want to hear your lies.  Don’t you think I know what you were up to? I was young once.” She then muttered to herself, “What Arthur was thinking leaving you in that room unsupervised, I don’t know…”  At this point there were red sparks shooting from her wand tip like tiny fireworks, as she continued to fume with anger.


“But, Mum, we were doing the same thing Ron and Hermione were doing down here.

We were all just sleeping; helping each other keep the nightmares away. Why are you only upset with me and Harry?”


“It’s, it’s not the same! Ron and Hermione are of age and they were out in the open. And, and y-you are my baby, m-m-my only girl…” She trailed off with tears in her eyes.


Ron wasn’t sure what to do. His mother was definitely not herself. She loved Harry. She would never get so angry with him that she would want to hurt him.  He felt a little torn between wanting to help Harry and wanting to stay in his mother’s good graces. The last thing he wanted was for her to turn on him, too. After all, what Ginny said was true. He had done the same thing with Hermione last night that she did with Harry.


Harry tried to appeal to Mrs. Weasley once more, but again she wouldn’t let him finish his sentence. She stepped closer to him, narrowing her eyes. She spoke to him in a low, steady voice. “You have no right to speak to me anymore. I will not listen to another second of your lies. Now, I want you out of this house this instant. You are no longer welcome here. Now, GO!!” She nodded to the fireplace, indicating she wanted Harry to leave immediately.


“No, Mother, you’re not being rational!” Ginny screamed as she pleaded with her mother to come to her senses. “You’re exhausted and you’re still grieving over Fred. Please don’t take your feelings out on Harry! He didn’t do anything to hurt you. Please Mum, calm down!” She tried to place herself between her mum and Harry, but Harry kept pushing her away.


In the middle of all this commotion a soft voice was heard coming from the stairs. “Mum, please listen to Ginny.” Everyone turned to look at the person except Mrs. Weasley. She kept her eyes trained on Harry. But, she did acknowledge the voice.


“Freddy??? Is that you?” her eyes went wide with shock. “Is that really you?”


“No, Mum, I’m sorry…it’s just me, George. I heard you yelling and wanted to see why you were so upset.” He had tears running down his face as he saw his usually strong mother so out of control. She was always the one keeping the family from falling apart. Now, he saw for the first time how much the war had affected her. He had been too wrapped up in his own grief to notice hers. It was time for him to come out of seclusion and help his mother. She needed him. He realized now that she was probably the only person in the world feeling Fred’s absence more than he was.


“Mum, I know you’re in a lot of pain right now, but, taking it out on Harry this way isn’t going to help. I know you don’t really want to hurt him. Now, please can you put your wand down so we can talk about what’s really upsetting you?”


“Oh, my poor Georgie. I’ve let you down, too. I’ve let this whole family down! I have done a horrible job protecting all of you! I didn’t protect Bill last year, I didn’t protect Ginny her first year of school or this past one. I didn’t protect Arthur when he was attacked by that nasty snake. And, and…I-I couldn’t protect my F-Fred and now he’s gone…I am such a horrible mother!”


“No! You’re a wonderful Mother!” cried Ginny.


“Yeah, Mum, you’ve always taken great care of us! It’s not your fault any of those things happened. And, there’s nothing you could have done to prevent them.” added Ron.


“That’s not true! I could have kept all of you from fighting in this bloody war. You should all have stayed safely in this house with me looking after you. No one would have gotten hurt if I had my way and all of you had stayed completely out of the fighting. Bill, Ginny and your father would never have gotten hurt, Ron would never have had to endure the horrors he did on the run last year, and my Fr-Freddie would still be here with me!”


“Mum, you know that’s not true. If we didn’t choose to fight, the war would have found its way to us anyway. Besides, how could any of us have lived with ourselves afterwards, if all we did was to hide like cowards? That’s not how you raised us.” Ron didn’t know if she was in a well enough emotional state to understand his reasoning, but he felt he needed to try to break through to her. She did pause for a minute as if trying to comprehend what he said. But, the next minute the crazed look in her eyes returned and she was seething with uncontrolled anger once more.


Harry could see the pain in her eyes along with the anger. He wanted to help her, to make things right by her. He wanted to let her know how sorry he was for everything. But, he knew that none of it would make any difference. Nothing he said or did would make the Weasley family whole again. Nothing would bring Fred back to her. And for that he truly felt miserable. He didn’t really want to believe she would hex him, but he was prepared to take his punishment if she did. He felt he deserved it. He decided he wouldn’t try to protect himself if she did.


“Mum, please… put your wand down and talk to me. I’m sorry I haven’t been here for you since Fred died, but I’m here now. Please, won’t you let me help you?” George pleaded. If he could just get her to look at him he knew he could get through to her; if she would just turn her head…


NO! No more talking. I am tired of sitting back and just letting my family get hurt. From now on, I will protect them my way. No one would listen to me before and look where that’s gotten us. No more. We’re going to do things my way from now on. Now Harry, seeing as you won’t leave voluntarily, I am forced to take matters into my own hands.”


All of a sudden, everything seemed to go into slow-motion for Harry. Mrs. Weasely looked directly into his eyes, opened her mouth, and started to speak the word for the stunning spell. But, as soon as it left her mouth, four shields sprang up from their wands. Everyone except Harry had put up a barrier between him and Mrs. Weasley.


The effect was instantaneous and powerful. Mrs. Weasley’s spell rebounded off of the combined shields and went flying back towards her, with much more intensity than when she sent it. She was blasted off her feet and sent sailing into the kitchen cabinets behind her. There was a loud crash as she hit the cupboard doors and slid to the floor. Then there was a sickening silence. For a split second everyone stood immobilized in shock and fear.
Then everyone ran toward Mrs. Weasley at once.


“Mum!” came the terrified voices of Ginny, Ron and George.


She lay there unconscious with her body limp against the rubble of the cabinets and all its contents. Hermione was the first to regain her composure and she quickly took charge of the situation. She performed a quick spell she had learned from one of her textbooks. Her wand scanned up and down Mrs. Weasley’s body, vibrating as it sensed anything out of the ordinary.


“What are you doing?” asked Ginny in a shaky voice, as she knelt beside her mother.


“I’m doing a rudimentary scan of her body to determine what injuries she has sustained. I’m not terribly skilled at it, but I should be able to tell if her injuries are severe or not.”


Everyone was silent as Hermione continued her assessment.


“Well, it would appear she has a slight concussion but I didn’t detect any bleeding in her brain. She has a couple of broken ribs, her wrist may be sprained and there is something out of place with her right leg; I’m not sure what. That’s the best I can do for now. I’m fairly certain we should be able to floo her to St. Mungo’s without causing her any further harm. Ron, do you think you can concentrate enough to levitate her into the fireplace? I’ll go with you and floo us there. The rest of you let Mr. Weasley know where we are going before you follow us.”


No one moved. They were still in shock. “Right then, let’s get going,” Hermione said gently, trying to get everyone moving. Everyone got out of the way, so Ron could perform the levitation spell properly. George, Ginny and Harry watched helplessly as Mrs. Weasley’s body floated listlessly to the fireplace. Ron and Hermione stepped in with her and were gone in a flash. George followed behind them as soon as they were out of sight.


Harry just sat there, feeling shell-shocked. He couldn’t believe what just happened. Besides the initial shock of Mrs. Weasley firing a spell at him, he couldn’t believe everyone put up their shields to protect him like that. Because of him, Mrs. Weasley was hurt. Because of him, another member of the family he loved was injured. When was it ever going to end?


Harry’s feelings of guilt and sorrow hit Ginny like a tidal wave. It took her a minute to realize what was happening to her. Then she knelt down beside Harry and spoke to him gently. “Harry, please don’t do this. I can feel your emotions washing over me and it’s overwhelming. I’m already stressed out as it is; this isn’t helping me. I need you to be here for me, Harry. Please don’t get lost in all those feelings.”


When he didn’t show any signs of having heard her she placed both her hands on his shoulders and shook him slightly to snap him out of his stupor.


“I’m sorry, Gin. I-I didn’t mean for you to feel all of that. I’m going to have to work on keeping my emotions in check.”


She sat down next to him with a sigh and took his hand in hers. “It’s OK, Harry. I don’t want you to keep your emotions in check; I like the  connection we are developing with each other. I just can’t deal with those particular ones right now. Besides I don’t think those are the types of emotions you should be feeling, anyway. Nothing good can come from them. They are like a poison. And, if we're going to have a future together like we talked about a little while ago, you are going to have to learn to let go of the guilt. You're also going to have to stop shutting yourself off form me and let me help you.”


“What happened just now wasn’t your fault. I know you feel bad about all of us using the shield charm to protect you from Mum’s spell. But Harry, you’re not the cause of her injuries. Besides, it’s exactly what you would have done for any one of us. You are just going to have to get used to the idea that all the bad things that happen to people are not your fault. That goes for Mum and for anyone else affected by Voldemort’s actions. You didn’t do this to Mum. Voldemort did.”


Harry thought about what she said. He knew she was being honest with him and he knew she was right about one thing, at least. If they were going to have a future together he was going to have to come to terms with his feelings of guilt. He didn’t want her to have to bear that burden along with him. That would just be another thing to feel guilty about. She deserved better than that and he needed to start changing into the person she deserved him to be.


Ginny could tell he was thinking over what she had said and was thankful that she had gotten through to him at least a little. She knew it would take a long time before his emotions would not overwhelm him like this and his fears were manageable, but it was enough for her to know that at least he was willing to work on them, even if it was only for her sake. For now, that was enough. Later, she hoped he would see that he needed to change as much for himself as for her.


She stood up and extended her hand to him. “Now, do you think we could go meet the others at the hospital? I’m worried about Mum and I’m sure they’re wondering where we are.”


“The hospital?” Harry looked alarmed. “Gin, I don’t know if I should go there. You saw how upset your mum was with me. I don’t know if it’s such a good idea for her to see me for a while. It might make her relapse or something.”


“Harry, I’m not asking you to go there to see her. I’m asking you to go there to sit with me and support me, as we wait to hear how she’s doing. I’m asking you to come and just be there with me. I need to be there right now and I truly believe that is where you need to be, too. Now, will you please trust me and come?”


Harry was still reluctant, but for Ginny’s sake, he put aside his doubts. He needed to show her that she could count on him. He slowly took her hand and got up from the floor. He kissed the back of her hand and then pulled her into his arms.


“Thanks for trying to knock some sense into me again. I think it will only take a few hundred more times now before it works.” He smiled into her hair then asked if his feelings were still overwhelming her.


“No, they’re manageable, now. Thanks.” She gave him a gentle kiss on the lips then led him to the fireplace. “Ready?”


“I think so.”


They flooed to the hospital one at a time and tried to find someone they recognized in the lobby without bringing too much attention to Harry’s presence. The last thing they needed was a repeat of what happened in Diagon Alley earlier in the day. Thankfully, it didn’t take long to spot Ron’s red hair in the crowd and they ran over to where he was pacing back and forth.


“Finally!” He said as he saw them. “What took you so long? I was starting to get worried!”


“Sorry, mate. I wasn’t feeling too well for a bit there,” Harry stated looking a little uneasy.


“Oh, right. Well…alright, now?” Ron asked, understanding what Harry meant.


“Don’t worry about me. How’s your mum? Where is she?”


“They took her into the emergency ward straight away. George went in with her. ” Hermione already flooed Dad and Percy. They should be here soon. She's waiting for us in the waiting room. Come on, I'll show you the way." He took them down a long hallway that opened up into a fairly large sitting room with chairs lined up against the walls and small tables with various magazines lying on top of them.  They found Hermione sitting in one of the chairs, perusing a magazine about magical architectural buidlings in Great Britain. She looked up as soon as she heard them shuffle in. 

"Any news?" asked Ron as he sat down next to her, taking her hand in his. 

"No, but it's it really hasn't been long enough, I suppose," she sighed. "We might as well get comfortable. It will probably be a while before they tell us anything."

Just as Harry and Ginny took their seats Mr. Weasley came running into the room with Percy at his heals. “Hello kids. Have you heard anything? Where have they taken her?” he said a little out of breath.


“Ginny walked up to him and gave him a hug. “Oh, Daddy! She’s in the emergency ward. George is with her. We don’t know anything about her condition, yet and I’m starting to get worried!”


“It’s alright sweetheart. I’m sure she’ll be OK.” He kissed her on top of her head and tried to reassure her. “And, how are the rest of you holding up?” He asked as Ginny went back to her seat next to Harry. He was answered by a round of muttered “OK”s and “fine”s. He didn’t really believe them, but he could find out more form them later. Right now he needed to be by his wife’s side.


“Well, I think I’d better go in and check on her. How about I send George out with an update?” he asked then turned and went up to the receptionist, without waiting for their reply. A minute later, he vanished through the double doors. 

Ten minutes later he was back. “What’s the matter?” asked Ron, anxiously. “I thought you were going to send George out.”


“Well, I couldn’t get George to leave your mum’s side. He feels he needs to be there when she wakes up. Anyway, she’s resting now so there’s not much I can do for her, anyway. And, I knew you’d want to know how she is doing, as soon as possible. The healer says she has a slight concussion, a few broken ribs and broken right wrist and a sprained right ankle. Ron, Harry and Ginny all grinned knowingly at Hermione. She had figured most of that out back at the Burrow.


“She’s quite lucky, really. There was no internal bleeding other than some bruising and there shouldn’t be any lasting damage. They’ve already given her some sleep and pain potions. And they are re-growing her bones while she’s asleep. All in all, I think things could have been a lot worse.”


They all sighed in relief.


Mr. Weasley continued, “I don’t want to press the matter, but I do want to know exactly how all this happened. I didn’t want to ask George because of how stressed he seems. Is it all right if we sit and you can fill me in on the details of how Molly got injured?” He motioned for them to take their seats again.  


It was awkwardly quiet for a while as nobody seemed to want to go first. Finally Ginny spoke up. “Well, Harry and I were the only ones there from the very beginning. So, I guess I can start.” She spoke in a quiet voice. She looked between Harry and her father as she relayed the details of that afternoon. “Harry and I had just stepped out of the den and into the kitchen when we were stopped in our tracks by the strangest sight. There in front of us, was Mum pointing her wand straight at Harry’s chest like she was going to hex him. Well, I didn’t know what to think. And, Harry just stood there with his eyes wide in shock and his mouth gaping open. So, I tried to find out what was going on. That’s when she told us she knew about our sleeping arrangements last night. I tried to explain to her that nothing happened and it was only to help with the nightmares, but she wouldn’t listen…” Ginny trailed off finding it more difficult to speak. She was still emotional over seeing her mother so outraged and out of control.


Arthur’s brows were knitted with concern as he looked from his daughter to Harry. He covered Ginny’s hands with his own and encouraged her to continue. He knew this couldn’t be easy for her, but he needed to know the details.


Ginny continued with the rest of the story, leaving out some of the painful details of what her mum said to Harry. She could feel Harry tensing up beside her and didn’t want him to get overwhelmed with guilt, again.


When she finished Mr. Weasley asked if anyone else had anything to add. When Ron and Hermione shook their heads he looked at Harry and sincerely apologized for what happened. “I know you are prone to blame yourself for everything bad that happens to those you care for, Harry. But, I want you to know this is in no way your fault. You just happened to be an easy target for Molly because of what I had just told her about you and Ginny. I see now I shouldn’t have done that. I didn’t know it would lead to this. But, it could have just as easily been anyone. If she had been herself she would have let Ginny and you explain what happened. She would never have reacted this way if she was well. You do you understand that don’t you Harry?”


“I think so,” Harry replied slowly. “I am still having a tough time with feeling guilty about things. I feel like what happened with Mrs. Weasley was just another example of how people have suffered just because of their connection to me.” He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He then looked up at Mr. Weasley and continued. “But, Ginny is helping me to understand that when I let my grief and guilt consume me, I’m hurting more than just myself. Before, this wouldn’t have bothered me as I wanted to isolate myself from everyone anyway. I figured that was the best way to protect everyone. But, now…well, I don’t want to go through things alone anymore. I tried that last week and it didn’t go so well. I’m finally realizing I need my friends to get through this. And, the last thing I want to do is cause them anymore pain.  That gives me a little motivation to try and change. It won’t be easy but I’m going to try.” He gave Ginny’s hand a light squeeze. Mr. Weasley gave him an approving smile and nodded slowly.


“That being said, I do feel Mrs. Weasley was right in what she said to me today. And, I did feel like I deserved her anger. That’s why I didn’t put up my own shield to protect myself when she tried to stun me.”


“Yes, well we can’t expect you to change overnight, now can we?” asked Mr. Weasely. “Still, I’m proud of you Harry. I can see how difficult this is for you, yet you are willing to try and better yourself for the sake of your friends… and loved ones.” He gave Ginny a quick smile when he said the last part. “You are right that it won’t be easy, but you have your friends and your family to lean on. I think we can get you through this, if you let us.”


Harry felt a rush of affection for Mr. Weasley. He had always treated him like one of his own. For that he would always be grateful. Even with all the pain he had caused his family, Mr. Weasley still genuinely cared for him. “Now, I expect that Molly is going to want to see you as soon as she wakes up. If I know her, she will be frantic over what she did to you. Until then, there really is no need for all of us to stay here.” He noticed that they were all about to protest. But, he held up his hands and continued. “Now, hear me out. She will be asleep at least until the morning. There is nothing you can do here for her. If all you will be doing is waiting anyway, you might as well be comfortable and do it at home. So, I suggest you go, get some dinner and try to get some rest. I will floo you with an update in a couple of hours.” With that he stood up and gave each one of them a hug before returning to his wife.


“Well, looks like we’ve been dismissed,” concluded Ron. “I reckon he’s right, though. There’s nothing much we can do for Mum while she’s sleeping. Besides, I never did have any lunch and I’m starving.” he said smiling sheepishly.


“Why does that not surprise me? The minute you get the all clear about your mum, your thoughts go to food. Well, come on then…let’s get going.” She stood up and took Ron by the hand. “Is everyone ready to go?” she asked.


“You three go on ahead, we’ll be there in a minute.” Ginny told them. After they left she turned to Harry and gave him a gentle smile.


“Hey,” she said softly.


“Hey,” replied Harry.


“Are you up for going back to the Burrow? We could go to Grimmauld for a bit; give Ron and Hermione and Percy some time to clean things up in the kitchen before we get there.” Ginny was worried that Harry would regress with his mood if he saw the kitchen as it was when they left it. She felt he still needed to talk things through and straighten his feelings out more before they returned.


“Well…maybe that’s not such a bad idea. I should check in on Kreacher, anyway. He’s probably starting to worry. OK. Let’s floo Ron and Hermione from there.” They stood up to leave and Harry caught Ginny by the waist and gently pulled her into his arms. He just held her for a while, letting her feelings of love and compassion wash over him. When he felt sufficiently calmer, he let her go and after a quick kiss they set off for the fireplaces in the hospital lobby.


After they flooed the Burrow they asked Kreacher to bring them a light supper in the den. Ginny sat down on the rug in front of the fireplace while Harry started the fire. She was proud of how he was handling things. Normally, he would automatically withdraw from everyone and try to muddle through on his own, like he explained earlier. But, this time, he was actually reaching out to her and letting her help him. It’s not going to be easy, but he’s definitely taken a big step in the right direction today. We may get through this after all.


Her thoughts went back to their conversation before the awful incident with her mother today. A warm feeling came over her as she remembered what Harry had confided to her about the battle at Hogwart’s. How his final thoughts before he thought he was going to die were about her and his love for her. She still couldn’t believe that’s what helped him be able to accept his ‘death’ or what helped him decide to come back and finish the war. Despite everything that happened since the battle at Hogwart’s, she felt like the luckiest person in the world.


“What is that smile all about, then?” Harry asked as he lowered himself down beside her and pulled her in closer to his side.


“Mmm…just thinking happy thoughts. Even with the ‘Mum going mental’ incident, I still feel so happy inside. And, it has a lot to do with you.” She smiled at him then realized what she said about her mother. “Ugh, I didn’t mean to make such light of the matter like that. It’s just, well, now that we know she isn’t going to have any permanent damage and you seem to be handling things better…well, I don’t know how to explain it! I feel upset and happy all at the same time. One part of me is still sad about Mum and Fred and every other horrible thing that’s happened to us these past few weeks. But, the other part of me is really happy. How is that possible? You must think I’m just as mad as my mum. Oh, there I go again; making fun of a horrible situation! What is wrong with me?”


“Gin, it’s OK!” Harry was chuckling. He totally understood what she was feeling. “I think it’s very normal what you’re feeling. I mean, a lot of bad things have happened, but a lot of good things have come out of this war finally being over, haven’t they? Yes, Fred is gone and your mum is having a difficult time right now, but the major threat to our lives is finally gone and we are finally back together again. So, we have to try to balance the good with the bad, right? It’s going to be a little weird like that for a while, I think. But, don’t let the bad stuff dampen your happiness. It’s good to see you’re feeling good enough to joke again. It reminds me of the influence Fred and George had on you, growing up. Hopefully, George will also find some way to get back to his old self again soon. You know, I hate to say this, but maybe what happened with your mum today was what George needed to get him back on his feet again. Maybe helping your mum heal will help him heal, too,” he concluded.


“Yeah, I was thinking that myself at the hospital. It’s sad, but maybe it was necessary. I hope we’re right.” She sighed lightly and stared into the fire. “I’m afraid we’ve all got a long road of healing ahead of us still.” She snuggled in closer to Harry and took another deep breath. He smelled nice and she felt comforted by his presence.


After they finished eating, they decided to head back to the Burrow. Ron, Hermione and Percy had indeed cleaned up the mess in the kitchen. They banished the cabinets and its contents, but left the repairing for when Mr. Weasley returned. They were just finishing their dinner when Harry and Ginny arrived.


Harry felt the familiar feelings of guilt and regret when he first saw the kitchen. But, he tried to concentrate on what Mr. Weasley and Ginny had told him earlier; if Mrs. Weasley wasn’t so distraught she wouldn’t have been so mad at Harry. He had to stop blaming himself. He kept telling himself these things so he wouldn’t linger on the guilty thoughts that kept trying to creep into his brain. All of a sudden he decided what would clear his mind and make him feel a lot better.


“Hey guys, how about a little early evening flying? The weather’s perfect for it.” he blurted out excitedly.


“Are you crazy, Harry?” asked Hermione. It’s been such a long day. We’re all exhausted. How can you possibly have the energy to fly, now? Besides, you know I’m still not comfortable on a broom.”

“That will change by the end of this summer, I hope. I’ve decided it’s time for Ron, Ginny and I to give you some flying lessons. But, for now you can ride with Ron on his broom. And in answer to your questions, yes I am crazy and I know we’re all tired, but I also know we have a lot of nervous energy we need to burn off before we can get a good rest tonight. So what do you say?”


She looked over at Ron and then at Ginny, both of whom had huge smiles on their faces and were nodding frantically at her to say yes. “Oh, alright! I’ll come with you. But, if you try any tricks up there Ronald, I’ll hex you so you’ll never be able to fly again!”


“Yes, dear…” Ron teased her as he dragged her outside by the hand, running to the broom shed.


“What about you Percy?” asked Ginny.

“No thanks. You lot go and enjoy yourselves a little. I am going to make an early night of it so I can go back to the hospital first thing in the morning. I’d like to see how George is dealing with this. It sounds like he’s pretty shaken up.”


Ginny went over and gave her brother a warm embrace. She knew he was also dealing with his own feelings of guilt for having left the family. She was glad he was back with them again. “Thanks Percy. I’m sure Dad will appreciate the extra support for George.”


She then grabbed Harry’s hand and they ran to catch up with Ron and Hermione. In a short while they were all up in the air, Harry and Ginny trying to out do one another with loops and spins and dives. Ron was true to his word and gently went around yard at a slow speed so Hermione wouldn’t get upset with him. He actually rather enjoyed the feeling of flying with her arms wrapped around him and her body nestled against his.


Harry was feeling much more relaxed and far less depressed by the time they touched down an hour later. “That was a bloody brilliant idea Harry!” Ginny stated exuberantly. “When George is back from the hospital, we’ve got to get him out here, too. I can’t believe how much better it makes you feel afterwards.”


Even Hermione admitted she was feeling more relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep after that. They all got washed and changed and met up back in the kitchen.


“So…” said Harry.


“So…” repeated Hermione. “Uh, I guess we’ll all head to our respective beds now,” she added lamely.


“Oh, who are we kidding? Neither of us is going to sleep well unless we are coupled up.” stated Ginny. “So, how about we compromise so we can please everyone? Hermione can sleep with Ron in his bed, I can sleep with Harry in his and we’ll leave the door wide open all night. This way no one can accuse us of doing anything since we’ll all four be in the same room and anyone can come in and check on us whenever they want.  And we’ll still get the benefit of a peaceful night’s sleep.” She concluded.


“Hmm…I like the way you think, sis. Does that work for you, my sweet?” he asked Hermione, playfully.


“Yes, but I still don’t think Percy would approve,” Hermione answered.


“Well, he’s already in his room and will be out of the house before he would expect either of us to be awake. We’ll just keep the door to my room shut so he’ll think we’re both in there when he passes it in the morning on his way to see Mum.”


“Works for me. Speaking of Mum, wasn’t Dad supposed to give us an update on her before we went to bed?” Ron asked.


As soon as the words left his mouth the fireplace turned green and Mr. Weasley’s face appeared in it. “Hello. I see I caught you just in time. Sorry I’m late. I just got finished talking with one of the healers when Bill and Fleur arrived and I had to fill them in on everything. They are in with your mum now for a short visit. As for your mother, everything is going as expected. She is still asleep and the potions seem to be doing their job. I still can’t get George to leave her side. I’ll stay here with them and give you a report in the morning. Take care, kids.”  

As Harry drifted off into a peaceful slumber with Ginny tucked in beside him, he hoped that tomorrow would be a less eventful day. So far there had been nothing normal about the days since the final battle. He was beginning to wonder if he was ever meant to live a peaceful life.


Oh, well…at least I have Ginny back and my friends are still by my side. I may never live a normal life but as long as they’re a part of it, I don’t think I’ll mind much. He fell asleep thinking he was a very lucky wizard, indeed.


So, there it is. I hope it did the trick. Either way, please let me know with a little message called a REVIEW. Thanks!!!


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