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Hi guys, as you are reading this I am either lounging on some beach in Costa Rica, or tramping throughsome Rain Forest in Costa Rica. Therefore, sad as it is, I will not be updateing for 2 weeks. Sorry, but I will be several contries away from my computer, and unable to see you lovely people. 
Sorry, I'll be back soon with updates!!! So enjoy this chapter, and I'll see you on the other side...

            Hermione and Draco went back outside, Hermione taught him how to pop a wheelie, and explained how the four wheeler got its name.

             “You see there used to be three wheelers that had two wheels in back and one in front, as well as four wheelers. You distinguished between the two by sayin the number of tires you see, but then three wheelers were outlawed, they tump over way too easy when you pop a wheelie. And the four wheelers name stuck, even though most people don’t even remember the three wheelers.”  

            They spent their days swimming, visiting the village, and riding their four wheelers, which had been magically altered to non longer run on gasoline, though at Hermione’s request they still made the aroma, because to her it smelled good, Draco thought she was crazy, but tolerated it.


            And then one morning Hermione woke up and it was Friday, the rest of the students would arrive that evening on the Hogwarts Express.

            She was frantic all day, washing Jason, and herself, and shoving Draco into the bathroom and yelling at him to shower because they had less than three hours till the train arrived.

            Jason loved it though, he thought it hysterical to follow Hermione on her chaotic path as she dashed around the common room, pulling on her robes as she searched frantically for her shoes, which it turned out thy hadn’t moved since she had put them on the shoe rack in her closet the first day they arrived. 

            Next she combed Jason’s damp curls carefully, only to realize he was still in casual clothes, rather than the nice jeans and tiny polo she had picked out for him to wear to the feast.

            Halfway through redressing him she remembered that she needed to pluck her eyebrows.

            Malfoy was still in the shower when she banged on the door, Jason in a T-shirt and the nice jeans behind her looking rather lost, “Hurry up, I gotta pluck my eyebrows.” She bellowed at him, before turning back to Jason and helping him pull his T shirt off.

            The polo was in only barely in place, when Draco opened the door, billows of stem wafting into Hermione’s room around him. “What?” he demanded, drying his hair with one fluffy white towel, another towel was wrapped firmly around his waist.

            “Good god, can’t you put on some clothes? And hurry up, I’ve gotta pluck my eyebrows before we go down.”

            “Relax, we’ve still got two hours.”

            “Um, FYI, we’ve only got an hour and a half, and could you please hurry and vacate the bathroom, my eyebrows must be hideous.”

            He turned and ambled back through the bathroom, “An hour and a half is plenty of time, there’s probably a spell for your eyebrows, and you may want to finish buttoning your shirt, some of the guys might get ideas if you walked around with it that low.”

            Hermione glanced down at her white blouse, and gasped, only the bottom three mother of pearl buttons were done up, laying bare to the world her flat, toned and tanned stomach, and her black, lacy Victoria’s Secret bra. Tomato red, she hurriedly finished fastening her blouse, her fingers fumbling as her hands shook with embarrassment.

            An hour later Jason was dressed, both his shoes tied, and his soft, dark curls were combed, and parted neatly. Hermione had her tie done up, and her shirt buttoned to the top, the turn down collar folded neatly against the gray sweater she was wearing over her blouse, and both were tucked into her maroon, gray, and gold plaid skirt. Her hideous, uniform regulated shoes were polished to a mirror bright shine, and over all this her robes hung open, not yet zipped up.      

            And Draco was no where to b seen.

            “Malfoy, where the bloody hell are you?” she bellowed, pounding on his bedroom door in her aggravation. She was about to try out her strength, and se if she could yank the door off its hinges like he had done to her closet door (which he still hadn’t fixed), when he opened the door.   

            His white button down shirt was untucked, and half the buttons were done up in the wrong holes. “What woman?” He bellowed to her face, “can’t you see I’m in the middle of somthin?”

            “Shut up” she replied calmly, unbuttoning his shirt, and re-buttoning it the correct way. “Your shirt was messed up, now where’s your tie?” he handed the silver and green tie over; neatly she threw it around his neck, and tied it efficiently. “Now zip up your fly and finish getting ready.” He glanced down at the zipper of his slacks, his pale cheeks turning rosy as she hurried back down the stairs, a smirk lighting her features.

            Ten minutes later he was down the stairs, his usually perfect hair in disarray, and his shoes, which were shinier than her own, were untied, but other than that he was perfectly presentable. “Sit and tie your shoes, I’ll work on your hair.” She whipped a comb out of nowhere and went to work, as he bent over and tried to tie his laces without moving his head to much.

            When he stood back up, he was flawless, unless you counted the fact that his cheeks were still a tad to pink, but by the time they reached the Great Hall, that would have faded, though his discomfiture had not. 

            Jason was also ready, he was impatient to eat, and ready to see the rest of the school’s occupants. 

            Hermione gave then all a quick go over, and pronounced Jason, Draco, and herself fit to be seen, though in truth she was nervous, afraid that they wouldn’t be flawless enough.   

            They descended the stairs together, and waved goodbye to Gaia briskly, as Draco led them through the halls to Dumbledore’s office, where they were to meet the headmaster before they were presented to the school. The gargoyle leapt aside at the mention of Little Debbie snacks, and the moving staircase moved smoothly beneath their feet, unlike the rickety stairs that garnished the Head’s Tower.

            The door to the office opened before any of them could knock, and they were greeted by the sight of their headmaster peering into his pensive, Fawks the phoenix perched awkwardly on his stand (he was at his bad stage).

            “Greeting Gentlemen, and gentle Lady” Dumbledore rumbled, looking up from the basin of silvery vaporish liquid. “The feast is about to begin, but before it does, I would like to know where you wish to be seated. It is customary for the Head’s to sit up at the high table with the teachers, for at least the feasts, but if you wish to sit with your peers that too is not unheard of.”   

            Hermione glanced at Draco, who was peering sideways at her, “We’re fine wherever you put us” the Head Boy replied slowly.

            “Well, if you wish to inform your Court Brethren of their new Blood Sister, and the meeting tonight, you might wish to sit with them. However, if they are already aware of that, you could just as easily sit at the high table.

            And you Miss Granger, if you wish to say hello to young Miss Weasley, then you also might wish to be seated with your peers.”

            “Permission to speak freely.” Hermione barked.

            “Granted” Dumbledore graciously nodded, as if he often gave military like orders.

            “Sir, do you know everything that happens in this school, or just most of what’s goin on?”

            “Only some Miss Granger, I wouldn’t dare say I know nearly everything about this school, once I did say that, and in return for my cockiness I stumbled into a tapestry that concealed a secret passage to the deepest, dankest pit of a dungeon we have.”

            “Ah, sir, are you trying to hint that we should forego the usual exalted seating arrangements, for our usual seats?”

            “I would not presume Miss Granger.”

            “Jason and I will sit with our, er, my fellows in the glorious house of Godric the great Gryffindor, say that five times fast.”

            “Glorious house of Godric the great Gryffindor,  glorious house of Godric the great Gryffindor, glorious house of Godric the great Gryffindor, glorious house of Godric the great Gryffindor ,  glorious house of Godrit- Ahh” Draco gave up. “You win, and as for myself, I shall be seated with those who serve the splendid house of Salazar, the self righteous Slytherin. Beat that” he turned to Hermione at the last sentence.

            “Shall be seated with those who swerve the splintid house of slazer  the, oh shut up, I never could say tongue twisters.”  

            Dumbledore watched in fascination as the two bantered like old friends, Jason too watched in fascination, his eyes going round as gold galleons at the snaky words the two were spouting. “Wonderful as this is towards inter-house relations, the feast will be starting soon, and if you wish to find seats by your friends, I‘d suggest you hurry.” He chided gently.

            “Thank you sir, we’ll see you at the feast.” Hermione called, ushering Jason out, “Comin Malfoy?” 

            “Yup, thanks Professor, see you in a few minutes” and he followed his tower mates from the headmasters office. “You could have waited.” He griped, taking the moving stairs two at a time in order to catch up.

            “We’re almost there” Hermione ignored him, instead, focusing on controlling her writhing stomach, as well as her eager cousin. They could hear the many tramping feet of their peers, long before they turned into the entrance hall.

            Hermione bent and picked up Jason, planting him firmly on her hip, as much to help keep her composure, as to keep him from running away, into the crowd of strangers. Draco looked over at her face, her mouth was a thin, tight line, and her jaw was clenched too. “You okay.”

            “No” her answer was curt, and offered no explanation.

            “I can assure you I’m far worse off.” He kept his tone matter of fact, masking his own anxiety.

            “How?” she snapped, her voice still brusque.

            “I have to enter the Great Hall with a muggle born and her little cousin, and then go try to find a seat at my house table where I won’t be shot dirty looks, or hear the disgruntled mutterings.”

            “So, you’ve got Zambini, and probably that ho Parkinson.”

            “And you’ve got Potter, and his little girlfriend the she Weasley, your point?”

            “I still have to find places for both myself and Jason.”

            “And I have to find a spot where I won’t get jinxes, and hexes sent at me, once again, your point?”

            “My house will think I’ve turned on them.”

            “And mine will try to jump me some dark night.”

            “I have to cook for you and Jason, as well as myself.”

            “I have to balance my pure-blood façade for my father, and my growing respect for mixed blood.”

            “I have to make sure Jason has his shoes on the right feet.”

            “I have to make sure our Blood Brothers don’t blow a casket when they see you.”

            “I think you mean gasket.”

            “whatever,-” he took a breath to continue, they were almost to the Great Hall doors now, the other students had already entered.

            “And I have to worry about my new Brothers, which I would rather not have, like me.”

            “What do you mean like you, of course they’ll like you.”

            “How do you know that?”

            “Cause I’ll tell them to.”

            “Oh great, so I’ve got your protection.


            “You know very well I resent that.”


            “So, I don’t need Daddy Dearest taking care of his only daughter, mother.

            “What’s that supposed to mean?”

            “You’re tryin to ‘Mother hen’ me, that’s what it’s supposed to mean.”

            “I am not trying to baby you.”

            “Yes you are, and I resent you for it.” 


            Inside the Great Hall, Professor Dumbledore smiled at the muffled sounds of the argument, “Our Head’s this year are…” the doors swung open to reveal Hermione, with Jason still on her hip, and Draco, both of whom immediately plastered smiles across their faces, and waved to their fellow students, who clapped politely, they continued to argue out of the corner of their mouths.

            “I still resent you.” Her lips didn’t even tremble, Draco was impressed.

            “Resent away m’dear, you know you still adore me.”

            “More like the grave that awaits you.”

            His lips twitched, his smile becoming more genuine, “So you say.”

            “Later Ferret.” She grinned happily, leaving him to continue to cross the Hall alone, while she searched for two seats that were together at the Gryffindor table. Ginny waved at her, and she hurried to her friend.    

            Dumbledore waved his gnarled hand for silence, “There is a time for speaking, and there is a time for eating. This would be the latter.” He sat, careful not to sit on his long silver hair, as the food bloomed onto the empty gold platters.

            Hermione grinned as Jason’s eyes went wider than they already were, drinking in the beautiful vision of culinary radiance. She piled his plate high with anything he would eat, and filled his glass with water, certain he wouldn’t wan pumpkin juice. Once he was thoroughly entrenched, she turned to Ginny, who was eating at more sedate pace. “So how’s it?”

            Ginny swallowed slowly, and glanced at her friend, “Probably better than you.”

            Hermione glanced across the Hall, where Draco and Blaise were talking a the end of the Slytherin table, their heads down, she grinned when Zambini shot her a fleeting look, and muttered something to Draco. “You have no idea.” She told her friend, reaching for the mashed potatoes as she did, refilling Jason’s plate as he emptied it, and filling her own.   


Ahh, fun stuff. Tell me watcha think, I still won't read it till I get back, but it'll be nice to know. Hasta la vista!!!!!

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