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As they walked, James couldn’t help but remember what he had just done moments ago. He didn’t know what made him do that.

“Prongs, you still alive? Hello?” Sirius asked.


“You’re not yourself again…did Evans do anything to you?” Sirius asked. James shook his head.

“Nah…what made you say that?”

“Well, you look like you’ve been zip or something, Prongs. I’ve been yapping at you and all you reply are dumb stares…” Sirius grumbled. Peter nodded in agreement. James sighed.

“Sorry Padfoot must be carried away,” James answered. Sirius smiled and threw an arm around his best mate.

“It’s okay Prongs, I’d be the same thing if I was lovesick,” he said. Peter laughed and James smirked. Lovesick? Sirius looked at his friend then frowned, as if there was something on James’ face.

“What’s wrong?” James asked.

“Uh…Prongs, you wouldn’t mind me asking but…did you wear lipstick?” Sirius asked.


“Lipstick, did you wear one? I mean, look at your lips,” Sirius said, holding his friend’s chin, “It’s kind of pinkish with red…which is not the normal color of your mouth…” then he looked at James and smiled, “Did you snog someone?”

James jumped away from his friend.

“No, no I did not!” James defended, “I didn’t snog anyone…never!”

Sirius howled with laughter and Peter joined along. James frantically wiped his mouth with his sleeve as the two howled with laughter.

“What?!” James demanded as he wiped his mouth and truly, on his sleeve was a speck of red…the same color of Lily’s lips.

“Come on Prongs,” Sirius said, “You’re lying! Look at you; you’re red to the face!”

“Am not!”

“Yeah you are!” Peter pointed out. James could feel his face reddening with embarrassment…should he tell?

“Alright, alright! Stop your manical laughter! I’ll tell it!” James screamed and the two stopped by they continued laughing silently, “I kissed Evans okay? I kissed her near the library! Happy now?”

Sirius and Peter were dumbstruck. They were shocked and their eyes were wide open.


“Yeah, I kissed her. I snogged her…I wasn’t able to control myself…” James leaned on a nearby tree, “Everything happened so fast. One minute we were talking and the next, we were kissing by the library. I was tempted!”

“Evans let you snog her?” Sirius asked.

“Well, I think she was confused and I seized the chance. Padfoot, I didn’t know what to do. I’m crazy about her! I know I swore to myself I would never do that but…ugh! I wasn’t able to control myself. I was mesmerized with her eyes!” James said. Sirius and Peter were not able to speak at once. James sat down and leaned on the tree.

“Stupid bloody idiot!” he said to himself, “Why’d you kiss her? You took advantage of her, you prat. You should’ve never done that!”

Sirius cleared his throat and spoke up.

“Prongs, I know you’re kind of guilty right now…but maybe…it was well…comforting for you to do that,” Sirius said, “I mean, a guy can’t stop his feelings can’t he? He’d explode. I guess Evans would understand…what she do after that?”

“I don’t know, I ran after that…I guess she did too…I really don’t know,” James answered.

“Whoa Prongs, you’re a little tight there,” Sirius said…

And maybe he was right…

Lily couldn’t believe what she was feeling. She felt sick and disgusted but at the same time, confused. She went to the Hospital Wing but found that Lupin was discharged.

“Will he be fine?” asked Lily.

“Yes, he will be dear. There’s no need to fuss,” Madam Pomfrey assured her. Lily smiled at the nurse and went her way downstairs. There she found Lupin, waiting for someone. His calm face was searching as he ran a hand thru his sandy-colored hair.

“Remus,” Lily called. Lupin turned and grinned at her. Lily could feel the heavy surge of guilt in her body. He approached her and gave her a big hug.

“I missed you,” he whispered. Lily didn’t answer. Did she miss him too? Lupin noticed she was a little quiet so he pulled away.

“Anything bothering you?” he asked.

“Nothing, don’t mind me,” she said, smiling at him, “How’re you?”

“I’m okay,” he said, “I feel kind of dizzy but all in all, I’m still alive,” Lupin said. Lily studied him. What did she love him for?

Lupin had sand-colored hair and soft brown-eyes to go along with it. He was somehow good-looking but quite weak in appearance. Lily loved his kindness, his wit and the way Lupin’s mind runs. Lupin was wise, sweet and calm. He was quiet and he settled disagreements with talk, not with fists. Remus Lupin was the silent, mysterious guy among the Marauders. He was so easy to love.

But what about James Potter that seemed to have drawn her to him?

Potter was an obnoxious, selfish prat who thought the world revolved around him. Girls swooned over him and guys envied his talent. He’s a good Quidditch player and every girl’s dream but these days…he’s showed his true colors. Lily hated him for being annoying and ignorant but now…he seemed mature. The way he comforted her made Lily’s heart skip a beat. The way he kissed her made her feel out of this world.

But if Lily felt something for Potter, she’d be betraying Lupin meaning she begged him to love her for nothing.



“Are you okay?”

Lily’s focus came back. Lupin was in front of her and he probably noticed her unfocused eyes.

“Yeah,” she said, “Just hallucinating,”

Lupin smiled. “Come on,” he said, holding her hand, “Let’s go to the common room. I’ve missed so much and I’ve got too much to do.” Lily smiled and both of them headed for the common room.

Lily and Remus spent hours doing homework and recovering from all the missed lessons. They both spent time writing, reading and muttering incantations, something that they had in common.

“Accio dictionary!” Remus said and a dictionary zoomed his way. He opened it and read.

“Charms essay?” Lily asked. Lupin sighed.

“Got that right,” he said.

“That shouldn’t be difficult, I finished that in an hour,” Lily bragged. Lupin smirked.

“Well, you had more time seeing that I spent break time in the Hospital Wing,” Lupin grumbled. Lily smiled.

“That’s okay, I’m sure Flitwick’s gonna give you more time,” she said.

“I hope so,”

The portrait hole swung open and three figures came out. The three Marauders arrived and they seemed tired and confused, especially James. He wore a frown on his face, which was never normal. They noticed the two on the table.

“Hey Lupin, what’s up Evans?” Sirius greeted. James and Lily avoided looking at each other. Sirius took a look at Lupin’s paper.

“Charms? Boy, you’re in for a headache Moony,” Sirius said. Lupin laughed.

“I’m already suffering, Padfoot,” he replied. Sirius laughed and a smile escaped Peter. James remained solemn and Lily didn’t take her eyes off her book. Their eyes met for a second then looked away.

“Padfoot,” said James, “We should be going now. It’s getting late anyway,” he said and headed for the stairs.

“Night Prongs,” Lupin called after him. Lily looked at her boyfriend; was this true? Sirius and Peter waited…would James reply?

James didn’t reply but shrugged and went upstairs. Lupin smiled a satisfied grin, which confused Lily. Sirius and Peter bid them a goodnight and left the two again.

Ten o’ clock: Lupin and Lily were still awake. They were still busy studying that passing students thought they were crazy studying. Finally, Lily decided it was time to sleep.

She yawned. “I feel so tired. I’m ready to go to sleep,” she looked at Lupin, “How about you?”

He set down his quill and stretched his arms. “Yeah, me too. I feel so stressed out but at least I have you to look at,” he said. Lily giggled as Lupin held her hand.

“Oh Lily, you’re a real stress taker,” he said, “A moment ago I was so tired and now I feel fine again.”

“Yeah whatever,” she said.

“No, honestly,” Lupin said, “It’s true. I mean you’re like a pillow, very soft and comfy.” Lily laughed as she let him hug her. He rubbed her back and buried his face on her hair.

“I love you,” he said.

Lily didn’t answer immediately. There was a sudden change in feelings; now she wasn’t sure is she still loved him a hundred percent.

“Time to sleep,” she said. They fixed their things, bid each other goodnight and went to bed.


That night, Lily woke up in the middle of the night. She couldn’t sleep again. She twisted and turned in her sleep. Lily stood up and went out of her dormitory.

She went downstairs to the common room and found…

“Potter,” she whispered.

James Potter was surprised to see her at that time of the night. He was amazed to see Lily Evans in her nightgown at three in the morning.

“What are you doing here?” she asked.

“Nothing,” James replied, “Can’t sleep.”

“Oh,” said Lily and sat down on the couch in the middle of the dark common room. James remained standing. Lily studied him. He was wearing a white shirt and shorts but it showed how well-built he was.

“Potter, aren’t you cold?”

“Huh?” he asked and looked at his body, “No, I don’t feel cold.” Lily was rather impressed with the way James’ body was built. His body was well-built and normal…a typical Quidditch player’s body.

James sat beside her. Lily moved a little farther away from him for she felt awkward. She knew she shouldn’t be there and it was kind of mortifying because she was in her nightgown. She placed both arms on her chest as she rested on the couch.

“What are you doing here?” James asked.

“Nothing, I can’t sleep either,” Lily replied. An awkward silence followed and Lily released her arms. This was not right…

Suddenly, she felt his hand over hers. Surprisingly, she didn’t take her hand away. She could feel his hand touching hers with affection. His hand pressed hers and Lily felt warm.

“Your hand is soft,” James said.

“Thanks,” she replied. James continued caressing her hand and Lily found herself caught again in between. She had an urge to hold his in return.

She did.

She held his hand tightly and fondled with his fingers. James was surprised with the act but kept silent.

James faced her, still holding her hand.

“I love you,” he said and kissed her hand. Lily was totally love struck. She couldn’t utter a word as he held her hand.

“I love you too,” she replied. Just then, she could feel James bending towards her…and she could smell the ocean scent. His breath was warm and the smell of mints. He touched her face and kissed her. Lily kissed him back, lost in blissful oblivion. She ran a hand thru his hair.

“I love you,” James said in between kisses, “I always had…”

Lily kissed him and she felt enlightened…nothing could go wrong…


James and Lily broke apart when they heard the voice. Lily felt she would die of shock as she saw the person.

“Moony,” muttered James.

Indeed, Remus Lupin stood at the bottom of the staircase; his face was unreadable but surely, he did see what James and Lily had done.

“Lupin,” said Lily as she stood up and made a small approach.

Without warning, Lupin ran past her and James and out of the portrait hole. Lily felt very guilty as she tried to catch him.

“Remus, I’m sorry!” she called after him, “Lupin, come back! Lupin!”

Lily could feel hot tears. She knew she had done something terribly wrong and she might have also broken Lupin’s heart.

“Damn,” she muttered.

A/N: Ouch! That must’ve hurt Lupin so bad huh? He saw his girlfriend snogging his best friend. He must’ve heard what she said too. I wonder if Lily would kill James because of this or would she really give in to James and leave Lupin for good. I know some of you are in between and some aren’t.

Well, that’s your choice anyway… haha!

Peace Out!

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