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Bellatrix Black was a very pretty girl. Through her years at Hogwarts, she was constantly whispered about – similarly to Serena. The girls were visually polar opposites. Where as Serena’s long blonde hair fell across her back in waves, Bellatrix boasted pitch black locks that hung down her back with pin-straightness. Her eyes were a deep grey, with hints of navy blue in them, and her eyelashes curled in a way that a brave man would deem “darling.” Her lips were small and pouty, perfectly pink without even trying, and combined with the aristocratic Black cheekbones it was practically lethal. Her skin was milky white, adding to the regal air that already surrounded her. She was skinny, with bones that looked almost breakable, but stronger than any girl in the school.

She blinked her way into the Divination tower. Bellatrix’s heavy lids drooped down over sleepy eyes, as she inhaled the incense lit by their crazy teacher – Professor. Troupelle. People were always talking about her, saying that she always looked bored because of her heavy eyelids or that she always thought she was better then wherever she was. Bellatrix slid into her seat between her younger sister’s brother, Lucius Malfoy and Parker Zabini.  Parker was an attractive boy, with curly dark hair and sea green eyes. His tan skin and athletic frame were whispered about through school. Lucius was different, his blonde hair was long and light, his features were sharp and cold. The air of aristocracy dripped from his cold exterior.

Yet, it was Lucius that Bellatrix found herself drawn to. Unfairly, it was her younger sister Narcissa; quiet Narcissa, who attracted Lucius’ attention. Bellatrix knew that her sister was too naïve and immature to have any sort of serious relationship with the older boy. But she saw the looks in her parents’ eyes when they learned of the relationship, and Bellatrix knew that the pair would marry after Hogwarts. Her mind should not be on Lucius, Bellatrix knew this; it should be on her boyfriend – Rodolphus. Rodolphus LeStrange was a quiet boy, who Bellatrix bored with by their second year. Lucius was exciting and dangerous, and Bellatrix couldn’t seem to keep away.

Serena gazed at Bellatrix and Lucius from the back of the Divination classroom. She couldn’t wrap her head around what Xeno had told her, even though she knew that Xeno always told the truth. From next to her, Lilly Evans sneezed quickly.

“Troupelle is ridiculous, this incense is going to suffocate us all.” She grumbled as she pulled out her notes.

“This class is ridiculous.” Serena mumbled as she watched Bellatrix and Lucius pass notes from under the table. “Not very discrete.”

“What was that Serena?” Alice popped up out of nowhere, as per usual. Serena narrowed her eyes at Alice. The girl’s short haircut was blunt and cherry brown. Her petite face gave her appearance a mousey quality, with her features pulled together in the center of her face. She didn’t look like the type of girl who would know everything about everyone but she did, which gave Serena an unsettled feeling in her stomach.  Serena grumbled at her roommate, remembering the wonderful week where Alice was ignoring her completely.

“Alice, don’t you hate me?” Serena asked, bluntly. Lilly raised an eyebrow from her seat but kept her mouth shut. Serena was full of surprises and there was no telling what was going to happen next.  Alice fumbled over her words.

“Serena! No! Why would you think that?” Alice blushed as she tried to cover her social faux-paus. Serena thought for a moment.

“You told everyone I was a slut.”  Serena's purple eyes looked deeply at Alice.

“I didn…” The petite brunette stuttered but Serena contined.

“You wouldn’t let Frank talk to me.”

“But that’s beca…”

“And you stare at me when I brush my teeth, it’s creepy.” Serena pointed out as Lilly giggled in the background. Alice was ridiculous, and she did deserve what Serena gave her.

Serena tussled her hair on her back into messy waves. She picked up her quill and began copying the notes off the board, while Alice sat in shocked silence. Serena had said fewer words to her in their entire career at Hogwarts.

“I think she deserved it.” Lilly whispered to Serena – who replied with a quick, kind nod and returned to her notes.

Class went by slowly, with Professor Troupelle gazing dramatically into a crystal ball for what seemed like hours. When the class finally ended, Serena quickly grabbed her bag and sprinted to be one of the first ones out of the room. She was beginning to feel faint from the incense. She was already light-headed, she didn’t want to risk any more embarrassing moments in front of her classmates.  On her way out the door she bumped shoulders with Bellatrix, causing the Slytherin to drop her books on the floor.

“Whoops!” Serena said, breathlessly. “Sorry about that.” She bent down to help gather the dark haired girl’s things when she noticed that Bellatrix had not moved. The girl was glaring at Serena, her ice grey eyes with a fiery intensity that caused Serena to jump back.

“What are you doing, you stupid skank?” Parker Zabini laughed.

“Oh Parker, you have such a way with words.” Serena smiled sweetly at him. Parker was obnoxious, but Serena knew that she could outsmart him. He was like a dumb puppy.

“What are you doing, slut?” Lucius Malfoy came up beside Bellatrix, Parker quickly trailing him. Serena frowned at him. She wasn’t one for confrontation, especially with stupid Slytherin hotheads like Lucius Malfoy.

“Didn’t your snobby parents teach you any manners?” She snipped at him. “I’m helping clean up.”

“My Pureblood parents,” Bellatrix said in an icy tone “taught me that there would always be someone lower than me to clean up any messes.” Lucius and Parker laughed behind the girl, who stood with her arms crossed on her chest. Serena felt herself getting angry. She had a hand full of quills, which she promptly dropped back on the floor. Bellatrix, Lucius and Parker looked at her in surprise.

“I am not that person.” Serena said, then turned and walked out of the classroom.

“Regulus would beg to differ…” Bellatrix smirked.

“Sod off, Belle.” Serena spat as she made her exit.

She quickly found Alice and Lilly on either side of her. It was a bit creepy; they were walking as a group. Serena was in the middle, her bangs in her purple eyes and Sirius’ bright red sweater from First Year complimenting her black kilt. Lilly followed her uniform guidelines strictly (she was a prefect) but kelley green tights brought out her emerald eyes. Alice had intricately wrapped a hot pink scarf around her neck to keep warm.

Walking together, anyone would have assumed the girls were best friends. With Alice whispering to both girls, Lilly smiling secretively and Serena staring off into the distance – deep in thought.

“Merlin, Serena!” Alice gushed. Serena tried to mentally make the girl stop babbling. “That was just amazing! Bellatrix Black! I mean she’s terrifying! Parker Zabini’s kind of dreamy, isn’t he? Don’t tell Frank I said that! Lucius just looks like he has something stuck up his…”

“You learn to tune it out.” Lilly whispered into Serena’s ear. Serena stopped walking suddenly and the two other girls stopped in their steps to look at her. Why was Lilly being so nice to her? Why was Alice actually talking to her? Serena shook her hair into her face with confusion.

“Got to run.” Serena said, turning in the other direction and dashing off.  She needed to talk to someone.

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