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The second letter from Harry arrived the morning after Darius returned home. It seemed that I’d grown far more impatient over the past few weeks. I’d spent every hour that morning since I’d woke pacing the length of my room, waiting for the snowy owl to arrive at my window. And the bird didn’t disappoint me. I was reading the letter before it even had a chance to take off again.


I’ve told them. I still find it hard to believe just how well they’ve taken it—and how supportive they all seem to be. It’s incredible, and the evening went off better than I thought it would, though I still wish you could have been here. It would have made me much less nervous.

I miss you, too—more and more each day, if you can believe it. The break from school work is great, but being away from you for so long is torture. Would eleven-thirty be too soon to meet up? I’ve no idea how we’ll define a meeting place, so I suppose I’ll leave that up to you.

I do remember that day when we first met. I’d never have thought that we would end up together, either…but I’m glad that we have. I’ve been happier these past few months than I have in a long time, and I owe it all to you.

I love you, too…probably more than anyone knows. Happy New Year to you as well, and I wish I could have kissed you when the clock turned as well. I suppose we’ll just have to make up for it when we see each other, won’t we?

I love you, and I’ll see you soon.


I grinned, folding the letter back up. Three days, I told myself. Only three more days. I opened my trunk, burying the letter under a pile of robes—right next to the first one he’d sent. I’d already packed everything I would be taking back to school the night before when I’d had trouble sleeping. (Thinking of Harry and the seventy-two hours I had until I would see him again had pushed the rational thought of sleep from my mind.)

I gave myself a once over in the mirror before heading downstairs to breakfast. Mum was already there waiting for me.

“Morning, Mum,” I said, kissing her cheek as I passed. She smiled up at me as I sat down across from her.

“Good morning, darling,” she replied. She sat quietly for a moment, watching as I filled my plate. “You’re in a good mood this morning. Get a letter from Harry?” I nodded.

“We’re meeting at eleven-thirty on the train.” She’d been following the written conversations Harry and I’d been having quite closely, asking for details on what both of us had written.

“Good. You’ve been moping around here the past few days. I’m hoping that seeing this boy again will perk you up a bit.” I smiled and returned to my breakfast, knowing she was right.


The three days passed quickly, much to my surprise, and before I knew it I was walking through King’s Cross to Platform 9 ¾. Mum hadn’t been able to see me off, so I had to settle for Gabriel. He followed behind me, pushing a trolley with my trunk and Darius as we stepped through the barrier and onto the platform. The man loaded my trunk for me, despite my insistent pleas that I could do it myself. And then I sent him off, scowling as he bowed in farewell.

I walked around the platform for a bit after that, not really wanting to go sit in a compartment by myself. That was how I met up with Blaise and Pansy, who came through the barrier practically together. Pansy, of course, attacked me with hugs while Blaise stood to the side, shaking his head.

“I’ve missed you so much, Draco!” Pansy said, finally releasing me.

“You just saw him a week ago,” Blaise interjected, dragging his trunk toward the train.

“Yes, well, a week is a long time!”

I rolled my eyes at their bickering and grabbed hold of Pansy’s trunk, towing it along after Blaise. We stowed them away and were just stepping onto the train ourselves when movement near the barrier caught my eye.

Red hair had just appeared over the crowd, followed by bushy brown—Ron and Hermione. Which meant…yes! Long, glossy red hair appeared now, followed by endearingly messy black. Harry. I pulled from my pocket a paper crane and, raising it in the palm of my hand, blew it towards him. It fluttered away over the crowd, and I smiled as I watched, remembering a time I’d done something similar in third year. I had a feeling he would like the message this one held quite a bit more than the other.


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