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The cold water gurgled as it splashed in ripples across the bath-tub. Lily’s eyes skimmed the room, before she started to strip the long, dark cloak off. When she was free from the layers of material, her skin broke out into goose-bumps. She looked down at her bare hands and arms to see that they were covered in the dark shade of dried, crispy blood.

She stepped up to the bath, taken deep breaths as she placed her foot into the water, her breathing momentarily stopping as her foot went into the water. She didn’t think about it as she placed her other foot into the water. 

She let of a small moan, and closed her eyes in determination. As she slowly lowered the rest of her body into the icy water, her breath got caught at the back of her throat. She was putting herself through this, as she so badly needed to feel alive again. She concentrated on her breathing as her head and neck were the only parts of her body that were not emerged in the water. Her skin started to feel like it was burning up as it became numb with the coldness. 

Tears cascaded down her hollow cheeks as she watched the flakes of blood break away from her skin and turn the water a reddish-brown. The scene of what had happened kept running over-and-over in her mind, a constant reminder of what she had become.

The large heavy-built form fought against her as the rope tightened around his throat, small puffs of white smoke drifted up as Thorfinn’s skin turned to raw blisters, followed by the sickly smell of rotting flesh. If he could, he would have screamed in pure agony but by now his face had turned a deep shade of violet. This was taken too long. Lily slowly slid the marauder’s knife from her pocket...

With her hands shaking uncontrollably she grabbed hold of the bath scrubber from its holder beside the bath and started to attack her arms and anywhere she could reach with its hard bristles, she bit her teeth together so to stop them from rattling and so she wouldn’t bite off half her tongue, her skin started to turn a bright red from the brush. 

Her chest rose and fell rapidly, as she tried to catch her breath. She dropped the brush over the side of the bath where it let off a loud clang as it hit off the marble-covered floor. Her hands were now turning blue as she brushed back her still dry hair from her face. The unbearable silence of the house filled her ears. 

What happened to her? Last year she had a gorgeous son, a loving husband and the world was there for the taking. Now, she couldn’t see tomorrow, the minutes felt like hours, she was totally alone and covered in blood. 

With her eyes staring blankly ahead of her, she slowly slid her body down the bathtub; she closed her eyes just before her head sank underneath the icy-cold water, her hair auburn hair swimming freely around her as her tears mixed in with water and blood.

Lily pulled her housecoat around her, before sitting in a heap on the ground, pushing herself into one of the corners, staring at the white tub, which now had lines of red streaking across it where her hands had touched it. 

As she looked at the blood, her head seemed to clear and she looked around the bathroom as if a blindfold had been taken off from over her eyes.

She smiled to herself.

Lily watched as the small, silver spoon stirred the froth of her steaming latè. She heard Oscar meowed for attention in the kitchen behind her, but she didn’t turn to him. There was a rustling noise and Lily turned to see brown barn owl, steadying herself on the counter after just flying through the opened window. Her heart leapt up to her throat at the sight of her, but then the momentarily ecstasy at seeing the animal was snuffed out as she saw the rolled up Daily Prophet attached to its scaly leg.

Lily cupped the mug of latè in between her two hands before walking over to fetch the newspaper. The owl gave a soft welcoming hoot as Lily placed the mug on the counter beside her and untied the knot from around her leg. When she was free, she wobbled over to the sink and started to drink what water was caught around the plughole.

Lily held her mug in one of her hands as she flicked open the newspaper.

Death Eater found Dead.

Was written in large bold letters across the top of the page, with the smiling face of Thorfinn just underneath of it, his yellow teeth visible between his two parted lips and his round face seemed to have been doubled in size. Lily walked over to the table and sat down before she continued reading the article.

Thorfinn Rowle, a known Dark Lord supporter was found lying dead in his house situated in south-east London last night.  He was last seen walking home with Alecto Carrow down Patterson Lane at around half one in the early hours of this morning. Carrow and Rowle broke off from one another to make their different ways home, and that was the last time anyone saw the twenty-two year-old alive.

He was later found when Lucius Malfoy apparated to his small cottage and made his way through the front door when nobody answered, knowing full well that Mister Rowle would still be asleep in those early hours. He soon found the bloody form of the twenty two year-old up in his bathroom.

If you have any information about what happened please contact the Ministry straight away.

Lily rolled up the newspaper and threw it into the bin before making her way towards the sitting room.

She stared down at her silver wedding ring as it sparkled in the morning sunlight as she stepped over the threshold to the front room. She looked up, her heart leaping up to her throat, and her body violently shook.


The person sitting in the armchair turned from gazing at the half-filled wineglass in his hand, a small smile barely visible on his worn-looking face.

“Fr- Frank?” Lily stuttered, and watched as the man stood up from the chair showing off his lengthy height. His long fancy-looking auror cloak falling around his feet, he held his hat in one hand and the wineglass in the other.

“Lily,” he said, and he gave a small bow of the head.

Lily knew she should have felt happy at seeing her friend for the first time in months, but deep down she knew he wasn’t stopping to catch up on times gone past. This very thought made the hairs on Lily’s back stand up, sending shivers running down her spine.

“Sit.” Frank said pointing a hand towards one of the armchairs.

“It’s my house, aren’t I the one to give orders?” she asked, folding her arms in front of her. She was hoping that Frank would have taken it lightly, as he usually did, but this time he didn’t. His features darkened.

“Lily. You are not in the situation to get smart or cheeky with me.” He said his voice an angry rumble.   

Lily never heard Frank sound so menacing, and it frightened her to the point that she couldn’t find the words to answer him back. She just stared at him.

“Now, sit.” This time he said it more forcefully, and Lily, without taking her eyes off of him, quietly sat down onto the armchair.  

He walked over to the bottle of gin on the table at the side of the room, and poured out another glass.

“I was called over to look at that Death Eater that was murdered last night,” he said, with his back still turned to Lily, the gin splashing into the glass. Lily said nothing, her voice completely failing her. Frank turned to face her again, now with the two glasses in his hands.

He walked over, and handed out one of the glasses to Lily. Lily shook her head, staring up at him. He said nothing but placed the glass on the small table beside Lily.

“Just in case you need it,” he said, and he strolled over to the sofa, his cloak billowing out behind him. He sat down, just as Oscar jumped up on the cushion beside him. Frank smiled and rubbed the cat behind its ears.

Lily’s ears were filled with the loud rhythmic pounding of her heart, her stomach felt sick and her palms were getting sweaty.

Without looking towards her, still staring at the cat, Frank began to talk.

“It was bloody. Didn’t know you were capable of something so terrible,” he said, and smiled as Oscar purred softly. He turned to look at her, Lily was overcome by guilt she couldn’t look into his eyes, so turned to gazing at her knees. “You should have known not to use the knife, its spelled so it leaves traces behind. I was sure you would have remembered that.”

Lily looked up and opened her mouth to say something but she didn’t have a clue as to what.

“None of the Ministry idiots know. I wouldn’t sell my friend like that.” He said with a sad smile, Lily just looked blankly on.

“But if you have a conscience you would bring yourself in. I’m not going to drag you in kicking and screaming, but before I make tracks I want to know, why? Why did you do it Lily? The Lily I knew didn’t go around killing people, even if they were Death Eaters.”

Frank leaned forward in his chair, leaning his arms on his legs.

“I killed James.” Lily said staring off to the other side of the room, but she could still see the look of horror written across Frank’s face at this statement.


“I gave James a potion to put him to sleep.” Lily mentally cringed. This made her loving husband sound like an animal and not a human being.

The silence that followed was so thick you could have heard a cricket run across the floor.

“Why?” Frank asked, trying his best to keep his tone of voice the same as before.

“I promised him.” Lily said, hoping that Frank wouldn’t ask more questions, and he didn’t. He sat against the back of the sofa, his hand brushing through his short, brown hair. He sat in silence, until his eyes seem to sparkle with a conclusion.

“So, you’re going after all the Death Eaters in revenge?” he asked.

“I didn’t say it was me who killed Rowle! You’ve just presumed it!” Lily snapped in anger.

Frank forced a small laugh.

“Oh really?! Who else is out there to kill him?”

“Anybody who has a flippin’ grudge against him... And your darling wife!”

“My wife isn’t so emotionally unbalanced like you!”

“Oh so now your criticising my mental health!” Lily yelled.  

“Yea, so what if I am!” and without noticing it, both of them were on their feet, their hands reaching toward their wands.

“Get out of my house.” Lily said through gritted teeth. Frank looked like he was about to say something, Lily getting panicky as she knew full-well he could easily drag her into the Ministry and send her for a life-time stay in Azkaban.

“Don’t come crying to me when your behind bars.” Frank hissed, before turning on his heel and in the blink of an eye he was gone from the room.

Lily let go of the breath she was holding, her whole body shaking, she lowered herself back into the armchair and picked the glass of gin up in her hand. She drank it back in one.

The light sprinkling rain fell on the small doe’s brown fur as it hid in the bushes and undergrowth of the trees. Her small beady eyes looking unblinkingly at a rusted and unpainted front door of a house on the other side of the black, quiet road. There was a click, the doe’s head perked up, and as little sound as possible it stood up on all four hooves. The slightly, hunched over form of Peter Pettigrew walked out of the house, mumbling to himself as he reached the croaked gate, he swung it open, cursing at the rain as he pulled his hood over his head and continued to walk down the road.

Lily transformed back and quickly followed him, her steps making no sound on the wet pavement.

He turned the corner, Lily pulled out her wand from an inside pocket, and pointed it directly at Peter’s back. 

“Petrificus Totalus!” His body stiffened, as if invisible ropes were binding him, and he fell over frontwards, his body bouncing off the ground like a plank of wood. Lily walked up beside him and kicked him onto his back with her foot. His wide-opened eyes stared up at her in shock.  

She pulled down her hood, “Remember me?” she asked him, but she knew full-well that he could not answer her with the spell on him.

“Wingardium Leviosa,” she said. Peter rose up into the air- his body looking like it was made out of unbendable material.

She walked on down the road, with Peter floating inches above the ground in front of her. She rounded the corner and came onto a street which had an empty building site on one side and the park on the other. Her eyes landed on a navy BMW parked up against the curb.

She casually strolled up to it and gave her wand the smallest of flicks. There was a small click as the car doors popped open, and just before the alarm could wake up every house in a ten-mile radius, Lily gave another flick of her wand. She bundled Peter into the back while she clambered into the drivers’ seat.

She bent down so she could find the ignition in the darkness, and she pointed the tip of her wand inches away from it and whispered ‘electripudio’ making a small bolt of silver electricity jumped out from the tip of her wand and the car rumbled to life. She shifted it into gear, and as she turned the corner, she praised her father for teaching her how to drive when she was little.

She drove for a half an hour, at one stage she had a feeling that Peter had already died on the back seat, but when she pulled over and turned him around so that he was now looking up at the cream roof of the car, his eyes darted over to see her face. She gave him an evil smile.  

The car bounced as Lily slowly drove it over the grass, the head lights on full beam as she came up toward the edge. She parked it and climbed out, leaving the door wide open and the lights still on. 

She flung the backdoor open, grabbed hold of Peters cloak and pulled him out. He moaned slightly, his eyes lined with terrified tears.

Lily dragged his body over to the side of the cliff; she looked down as the dark waves smashed against the rocks, her hair and cloak whipped wildly around her in the cool breeze.

“You had this coming Peter!” she said, loud enough so that it could be heard over the whistling of the wind. “You picked the wrong side, I trusted you. I thought I saw something good in you. But you were a mistake from the beginning!”

Lily grabbed hold of his cloak again, and dragged him so that he was inches away from the edge; just a few strands of grass were before him. He now had tears rolling down his face.

Lily pushed him…

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