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                                    Ten Things I Hate About James Potter                                            
                                          I hate that you bully Snape                                    
                                    I hate that you get away with anything                                            
                                          I hate that you ask me out                                        
                                        I hate that you embarrass me                                             
                                              I hate your stupid hair

Summary: You guys actually thought that I would actually forget the oh so wonderful I-hate-your-wind-swept-looking-like-an-idiot-you-big-toe-rag-hair. Ha! Yeah, right, any who here it goes...number 5...

A/n: Hope you Enjoy!

James snorted as he read the parchment, "Yeah, right, my hair has nothing to do with this. This isn't a valid reason."

I glared at him and sneered, "Oh, yes it is. Your freaking hair almost gave the Gryffindor tower agony"

He gave me a wary gaze and said slowly, "What do you mean?"

"You remember in third year after Christmas break your hair was infested with fleas."

"Fleas...oh yeah those annoying buggers."

I shook my head before I asked, "Speaking of that, what did give you the fleas?"

He scratched his hair sheepishly before he said, "Oh...uh...a dog of my friend...his name is Snuffles...bastard"

I rolled my eyes before I said, "Whatever, continuing on..." 


“Mate, you should really get that checked out,” Black said as he cast Potter a weary gaze

“Shut up, Padfoot, there's nothing wrong with me.” Potter muttered as he continued to scratch his hair.

My eyes twitched as I sighed and closed the book that I was 'trying' to read.

“Nothing wrong with you? James, you've been scratching your hair three days straight” Remus stated as he gazed at James.

“Well, my hair must be allergic to something.”

I snorted and replied, “Right, Potter, your hair is allergic to pumpkin pasties”

He sent me a slight glare and said, “No one asked you, Evans,”

I shrugged and replied, “Just trying to help,”

“Well, I don't need any help. Nothing is wrong with me or my hair.” He said, before he brought his hand down and set it on his lap. He sent them a shaky smile before he muttered, “See, perfectly fine.” He finished with a nervous laugh, I watched in amusement as his hand began to twitch before he shook his hair.

“You know you want to scratch.” I said smirking.

“No, I don't!” he protested and I sighed.

“Look, Potter, obviously something’s wrong with your hair. How long has this been going on?” I asked glancing at the three.

“About three days, he's been scratching none stop and its not his hair either like in the back of his neck and near the hair. Its been driving us mad with all his whining.” I paled as Remus finished explaining what were the symptoms. There was only one conclusion...

“Potter, during the spring break were you near any cats or dogs?” I questioned and I looked at them suspiciously as they glanced at Black.

“You could say that...” He muttered as he absentmindedly rubbed his head against the sofa.

I paled and leaped up with wide eyes, “Potter, I think you have fleas.”

He yelped and widen his eyes, “AM I going to die?”

“Is it contagious?” Black questioned with fearful eyes toward Potter.

“No and yes.”

“How do you get rid of it?” Remus asked.

“Well, the only way I know is to wash your head with lice shampoo then shave your head.”

Potter widened his eyes and shook his head wildly, “No way! I will not cut my hair, never!” 

“That's the only way you can take them out.”

“Do as she says, James.” 

“My hair is too precious to get shaved off.” He replied.

“If you don't then you'll infect the whole Gryffindor tower.”

“I don't care!” He said stubbornly.

“Then we have no choice...” I nodded at Black and Remus and they stood up and pointed there wands at Potter...

“You guys...”

“Sorry, Prongs, but my hair is more important. STUPEFY!” 


The next day we all sat at the Gryffindor table and froze when we heard a audible scream and before we could realize what was happening, Potter had burst through the door of the Great Hall and stomped his way towards us and ignoring the snickering from the Slytherins.

“Nice hair cut, Potter!”

“Wow, Potter, you finally got rid of that raven nest you called hair”

“Even with his hair um...messed up as it is; he's hot!”

We stood as Potter approached us, I saw his lips pull back in an enraged snarl. “What did you DO to my HAIR?” he demanded.

“It's not my fault muggle objects are so freaking complicated. I swear I didn't mean to do that.” Black quailed. “We’ll make it up to you! Here...take Evans,” he pushed me in front of him. “Erm, virgin sacrifice,” he hissed in response to my outraged gasp. Traitor!
“ARGH!” He yelled, pulling his hair or...what was left of it. For now, it looked like Potter was balding. I knew I shouldn't have trusted Black with a muggle object...especially an electric razor... 


“Bloody Prat...” Potter muttered angrily as he interrupted me.

“Stop being a girl and suck it up.” I said as I saw his eyes glisten with tears as I finished the memory.

“Shut up, Evans,” He muttered as he wiped his eyes, “I have something in my eye.” Right... 


“God,” He groaned as he entered the common room and sat heavily dispersedly next to me and I sighed heavily.

“Does my hair look alright Evans?” He muttered as he mournfully realized that his hair was still to short to swipe his hair through. Thank God.

“As good as it can get, Potter,” I replied nonchalantly as continued to read my book.

“Your fault,”

“I had no choice,”


I blinked and looked up at him, “Potter, are you...pouting?”

He glared at me as he muttered a small “no”

I raised an eyebrow and reverted my attention to my book and muttered, “What ever gets you through the day.”

There was a silence that enveloped us after I finished the last statement. It only lasted a few moments.

“Evans...does my hair looks okay?”

“I don't know, Potter,”

“Please tell me...”

“...” I flipped a page, my anger building up. Try to act civil, try to act civil.


I gritted my teeth and tried to count to ten. 

1...2...please...3...4...please...5...6...please...7...please...8...9...please...10...plea... thats it!

“Potter, your hair is fine and sexy! Now, shut up and let me read.” I yelled, completely annoyed by his constant pleading. Silence...

“I can’t believe I just said that,” I muttered, horror laced in my voice as I closed my book and began moving to go up to the girl's dormitory and straight to the bathroom.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m going to wash my mouth out with soap for saying such a nice thing about you, Potter; it’s got to be against some rule somewhere.” 


“Meanie.” He muttered as I finished the memory.

I shrugged as I put a small check mark next to the number which meant it was approved by Potter. “The truth hurts.”

End of Chapter!

A/n: I know you guys were expecting something better but I thought one big memory would be enough to get my point through. I hope I didn't dissappoint anyone with this because I enjoyed writing this since everyone was clearly expecting this one. Thanks for all the reviews so far. I hope there's more to come. :) Also, thanks to my awesome beta-reader, QueenStarlaWeird93! :) Next chapter is going to be big, I promise!

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