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Chapter Three

 Quality Life Choices 

Man invented language to satisfy his deep need to complain. - Lily Tomlin


Jessie sighed as the portrait hole slammed behind James Potter. So he had heard about the conclusion of her most recent escapade with Sirius; Jessie sunk lower in to the yellow armchair she was seated in and continued to read, “1,000 New Hexes for Your Enemies” once again.

James stormed up to her chair, “You broke his jaw?” he cried in a high pitched tone. Jessie frowned. What exactly had James expected when he let her barrel after Sirius that morning? For them to chat civilly and make formal apologies to one another? Ha. 

Jess closed her book, marking the page she had been reading with her finger and laid it against her chest, “Technically I did nothing Jimmy. He’s the one who jumped down the stairs, not my fault he’s a moron and landed on his face and not his feet.”

James clasp his hands together over his head and looked heavenward as he clenched his jaw. 

“Oh stop acting like I murdered your pet dragon James,” Jessie said rolling her eyes, “It’s just Black’s face. Worst thing the fall could have done was damage his ego, which,” she said pointing a finger at James, “needed a bit of a pop if I do say so myself…”

“But we have a quidditch game coming up!” James cried. 

“He doesn’t need his face for quidditch!” 

“Yes but he needs his wrist, which he sprained falling down the stairs! And it is your fault Jessie, you tried to hex him,” James growled.

“He called me fat! Besides he was trying to hex me as well!”

James groaned and put his face in his hands, “Where’s Evans, she’ll agree with me on this…”

“You and Lily rarely agree on anything,” Jessie sighed as she flipped open her book once again. The portrait hole creaked open.

“Ah speak of the devil,” James said as his face instantly brightened. He smoothed down his shirt with his palms and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Poppy let the man-whore free? I would have thought she’d have kept him for at least another twenty- four hours of torture. I must be losing my touch. Have to remember to make sure he’s knocked fully unconscious next time,” Jessie spat as she angrily turned the page in her book.

“You will do no such thing Jessabelle Spring! I order you not to as your Quidditch Captain. And it’s Lily you dunce. Hey Evans, come here?” James called as the portrait hole slammed shut and Lily walked into the common room. Lily raised a questioning eyebrow at the pair, but began to make her way over nevertheless. As Lily closed the difference between Jessie, James, and her, Jessie muttered something about barfing and lovesick puppies. Lily leaned against the armchair opposite James, “Yes Potter?”

“I have a proposition,” James said grinning wickedly, his hazel eyes sparkling with mischief.

“Does it involve you asking me out in any way shape or form?” Lily asked narrowing her eyes and crossing her arms over her chest.

“No…” James began, but Lily interrupted, “Does it involve you and I and a broom cupboard and or broomstick?”


“Does it involve you coming within a six inch radius of me?” Lily interrupted again.

“No Evans,” James sighed and ruffled his hair. Lily smiled brightly at him, “Then let’s hear it!”

Jessie snorted into her book. The two of them were unbelievable. 

“Jessie needs to learn that her actions have repercussions,” James said matter-of-factly.

“Potter that was a statement not a proposition.”

James ran his fingers through his hair, “Let me finish Evans. Jessie doesn’t care that she is the reason, in fact she is proud to be the reason, that Sirius is currently in the hospital wing having his jaw repaired and wrist set,” he said gesturing to the tall blonde draped across the arm chair in front of them; who was humming to herself and highlighting a particular hex in her book.

“Jessie,” Lily said exasperatedly.

“What?” Jess asked as James opened his mouth to begin speaking again. “Jimmy’s already given me a lecture, you don’t have to give me another one mother,” she said as she underlined the boldly written BLACK, which she had penned in next to the hex she had just highlighted, “Besides, what did you two think would happen after I went after him this morning?” She proceeded to draw a stick figure next to Sirius’ name and doodled X’s over the eyes. James and Lily exchanged a look akin to one parents give one another when their child is being a stubborn pain in the rear. As they did this, Jessie frowned at the page in front of her and began to doodle a noose around the stick figures neck. She smiled demonically as she bit the end of her pen. Lily began to speak as Jessie began to pen in a vulture above his head.

“Jess we have got to work on your anger management issues! Violence is not the answer.”

Jess snorted, pot calling the kettle black really.

“My point exactly,” James said, “which is why I think that we need to work on her anger management issues before she kills Sirius. I know he isn’t your favorite person Evans; but he’s my best mate and she’s my best mate, and I’m getting sick of my best mates trying to kill one another on a daily basis.”

Jessie shut her book with a roll of her eyes and sat up, “But then your days would be so boring James. You’d have no entertainment!”

“Jess,” James sighed, “I’m serious. You two have got to stop this before one of you loses a body part!”

“I agree.”

“Oh sweet Merlin someone alert the press Lily just agreed with James!” Jessie yelled dramatically, “Write this moment down in the history books folks!”

Lily rolled her eyes and walked around the chair. She grabbed Jessie by the ear and yanked on it, effectively pulling the blonde out of the chair. Jessie yelped, effectively causing the group of first years sitting at the table to their left to dive under the table in fear.  James cracked a grin at the sight of petite Lily Evans effectively rendering his six foot beater helpless. 

“Oww!” Jessie cried as she stumbled up, dropping her book and quill to the floor, “Bloody hell Lils, let go! How dare you remove me from my squishy banana chair! ”

“Are you quite done?” Lily asked as James looked at Jessie quizzically.


Lily let go of Jessie’s ear. Jessie crossed her arms and glared as she straightened up. Bloody Evans.

“Now as I was saying, I’m in agreement with James. You and Sirius need to sort out yourselves. We will start simply. An apology letter for this morning is an excellent start I do think.”

James nodded in agreement as horror crossed Jessie’s face, “An apology letter!”

“Yes,” Lily said firmly, “you will each write one to one another. James you are in charge of Sirius. I will take care of Jessie.”

James smiled at Lily, “Sounds like a plan Evans.”

Lily smiled back, “Excellent,” she turned to Jessie, “Let’s go Jessabelle. Upstairs now!”

“Now?!” Jessie whined.

“Yes, now.”

“But...but I never apologize to that pretentious arse!”

“You do now. Now, Upstairs Jessabelle! March!”

Jessie glared at Lily and bean to stomp away but was stopped as James called out her name. She turned around, “What now?” she glared at him.

He looked at her quizzically, “Squishy Banana chair?”

“Don’t give me that look. The chair is squishy and yellow and I like it. Bananas are squishy and yellow and I like them. So hence I have dubbed the squishy, yellow chair, ‘the squishy banana chair.’ Anything else your highness?” she asked moodily, throwing her hands up in the air.

James tossed Jessie’s book to her, “Naw think that’s it. Have fun J!” he laughed. Jessie and Sirius writing apology letters to one another, golden. If he wasn’t sure she would have slapped him he could have kissed Evans.

“Oh piss off!” Jessie screeched from somewhere up the corridor. James shook his head and looked down at the chair next to him. He frowned as he ran his hand through his hair, “Bloody hell is the same color as a banana,” he muttered as he began walking towards the portrait hole mentally preparing himself to deal with a moody Sirius Black.

 How does one write an apology note to their nemesis? More so, how does one write an apology to a nemesis who does not deserve one? Despite what Lily believes Black does not deserve an apology. His injuries were entirely self-inflicted and I have done absolutely nothing wrong.

I don’t even know where to begin! Lily suggested Dear Sirius, I suggested she go drown herself in the loo.

Hey asshole sounds appealing but I’m quite certain Lily will kill me despite her crusade against violence at the moment. 

Dear Loser? My dearest nemesis? The second sounds like something out of a bad romance novel.

Perhaps Dear Dickhead? Sure it isn’t the nicest phrase but it does use the term dear and it promotes the use of alliteration. 

Dear Dickhead,

“Jessabelle Spring! You cannot begin an apology letter with the phrase ‘Dear Dickhead!’ You are meant to be sincere!”

Just kill my hopes and dreams why don’t you Lils. I wonder if I could just blackmail Black into taking the blame for this entire thing. Then I wouldn’t have to write this damn apology letter. I have plenty of potential blackmail material. There was this one time when we were about nine at one of those idiotic parties our parents used to drag James, Black, and I too… I believe it was the Minister’s Ball… We…  I mean, him and Jimmy got bored so Black came up with the brilliant idea to let niffers loose in the ballroom. 

It was pure chaos. And we… I mean they… they never got in trouble for it, because no one found out who was behind it. Merlin, the Minister was so furious that he offered a reward to anyone who could turn in the culprits in. He even had an arrest warrant drawn up so they could be immediately be taken to Azkaban when caught. Both the reward and the arrest warrant still exist today. Black in Azkaban, what a lovely idea. 

 “Try dear Sirius.”

Jessie looked at Lily horrified, “Oh there is no chance in hell I am addressing Black by his first name!”

Lily parted her lips to speak but Jessie interrupted, “Do not even attempt to argue that I have to. You’re co-heads with James and you never address him by his first name!”

Lily sighed as Jessie bent over and scribbled Black on to the parchment with a flourish. She held it up, “Does that suffice mother?”

“Well it’s the best I’m going to get from you isn’t it?” Lily asked. Jessie nodded, “Too right you are.”

Jessie bent back over and after a few moments of furiously scribbling she held the paper up and passed it to Lily, who raised an eyebrow and began to read Aloud,


So I’m being forced to right an apology to you even though I’ve really done nothing to apologize for. So in order to appease the red haired monster breathing down my neck- sorry.


Lily crumpled up the paper and threw it at Jessie’s head, “Jessabelle that is not sufficient,” Jessie groaned, “Write a real letter and do it now.”

“Fine mum, I’ll write the damn note properly.” Jessie muttered. She bent over once again. After a few moments of scratching her quill against the parchment she picked it up and began to read aloud,


I apologize profusely for the atrocious actions I took against you this morning, which caused immense harm to your person. Please accept my most humble apologies for my horrid actions and my warmest wishes for your speedy recovery from the injuries I inflicted most shamefully upon your person during my period of lack of judgment this morning.


Jessabelle Lufiana Spring

“Is that sufficient mother?” Jessie asked Lily. Lily sighed, “I supposed it will have to do, I’m not going to get much better out of you, am I?”

Jessie leaned back in her chair, “Not a chance.”

As Lily shut the door behind her Jessie allowed her head to fall into her hands. She sighed deeply and stared off, unblinkingly into space for minutes until a troubled expression sprawled itself across her features. She bit her lip as she picked her head up out of her hands and glanced towards her trunk at the foot of her bed. After a few moments of mental deliberation she hoped out of the desk chair and made her way over the foot of her bed, taking care not to step on the creaky floorboard in front of it. She kneeled down on the floor in front of her trunk and ran her fingers over the iron fastenings on it. She took a deep breath and flipped the latches open one at a time. Jess dipped her fingers into the crack between the lid and bottom half of the trunk and carefully raised it up so the lid hit the foot of her bed with a soft thud. A few wrinkled shirts sat on top of the mess that was the inside of her trunk. She discarded them and quickly added her extra set of quidditch braces to the growing pile on her floor.

A half a dozen books were tossed onto her floor, as well as her broom cleaning kit. She sifted through the rest of the trinkets and papers in the trunk until she dug a thick volume from the bottom of the disorganized mess. Jessie bit her lip as she carefully placed it on the floor. She chucked the mess she had just removed from it haphazardly back into the trunk and shut the lid with a bang. After taking a deep breath she turned to the side, picked up the volume she had removed and climbed onto her bed.  

After placing the volume carefully next to her pillows she yanked the curtains halfway shut around her bed; their rings making a shrill noise against the metal bar. She winced as she let go of the fabric.

Jessie leaned back on her pillows, placing the book on her lap. She ran her fingers softly over the worn leather cover of the book and traced the “Jessie” which had been imprinted onto it in silver ink. She bit her lip again as she gazed down at it. The scrapbook was dog-eared and had papers sticking out of it haphazardly. With a deep breathe she opened it up and smiled at the first page. A little girl of maybe two years old waved up at her, smiling and hugging a doll to her chest. Her eyes flickered to the right of the page where a note was etched onto the page in a curly scroll.

Jessie darling,

Here is a place to keep all your memories. Happy birthday my dearest.


Jess smiled and flipped to the end of the book. She chuckled to herself as she looked down at the page. On it was a picture of her and Lily from the train last year. They were both making faces at the camera and occasionally Mary’s arm would be seen shoving Jess away. Mary had refused to be in the photo due to a hair dye incident gone bad a few days prior. She had been attempting to give her brown locks subtle highlights, but the end result ended up making her look a bit like a zebra. Jessie shook her head as she remembered how the ride had ended in near disaster when James attempted to kiss Lily. Poor boy, the curse she had used to tongue-tie him was only lifted four days later by his mother, who had decided upon seeing her son that Lily had every right to hex him. 

Jessie smiled to herself and flipped back to the front of the book. Her smile quickly changed into a frown as she gazed down at the page. Guilt sunk in her gut like a stone and she bit her lip. Crudely spell taped onto the page was a picture of her, James and Sirius from one of the parties they had attended as children. All of them were dressed in their wizarding finest. Jessie’s hot pink dress clashing horribly with Sirius’ dark green dress robes and James’ midnight blue ones. 

In the photo seven year old Jessie was squished between the two boys, who both had an arm wrapped around her. They were all laughing and Jessie had her arms around both of them as well. Her head was leaning against Sirius’ shoulder and in retaliation Sirius periodically put bunny ears on Jessie’s head. As he did this picture Jessie stuck her tongue out at him. James would also occasionally ruffle his hair, foreshadowing the annoying habit he would pick up during his second year at Hogwarts. Jessie chuckled softly to herself as she looked down at the picture, but stopped as her finger brushed across the inscription below the photo. Best friends was written crudely in childish handwriting. Jessie sat paralyzed as blazed themselves onto her brain and her eyes. She bit down hard on her lip as her eyes wandered back up and she watched, seven year old Sirius pull Jessie closer as she yanked James’ hand away from his hair. 

“Where did you go?” she whispered softly her fingertips tracing Sirius’ face as she exhaled a shaky breathe.

Suddenly the dormitory door banged open and Jessie bolted upright. She slammed the book shut, shoved it under her pillows and yanked open the curtains fully. Jessie’s eyes narrowed as Jordan Sparks sauntered into the room.

Jordan’s eyes flashed towards her at the sound of the hangings, “You!” she shouted as she stormed over to Jessie, “You broke Siri’s jaw!”

Jessie rolled her eyes, “Why does everyone keep insisting that I broke Black’s jaw. He did it himself!”

“You think you’re so funny Spring,” Jordan said acidicly, her eyes narrowing, “but you’re not. You’re just an oversized bitch.”

“And you’re an undersized one with a stake shoved up your ass,” Jessie replied sweetly, “Shouldn’t you be by Black’s side taking care of your ickle Siri?”

Jordan glared at Jessie, “For your information Pomfrey wouldn’t allow me to stay. Besides I have other plans.”

Jessie laughed, “Oh that’s right it’s a Friday, shouldn’t you be off shagging Davies already? Yup, I think you’re a little late actually. Better be quick, wouldn’t want Davies to think you’d abandoned him.” 

 “You stupid little bitch!” Jordan hissed storming closer to Jess, “First of all, mind your own damn business. Second of all, I’m not up here to discuss my personal life with you of all people. I’m here because you broke my boyfriend’s jaw!”

“Boyfriend?” Jessie laughed, “Well congrats Spring, I wasn’t aware you and Black had made it official. I just assumed you two were still just fuck buddies. But I guess I was just misinformed. How exciting it must be to be part of the sluttiest couple in the entire school. You two are just a picture perfect romance with the constant breaking it off, random hook ups and weekly cheating.” 

Jordan gaped at Jessie and struggled to find the words to retort.

Jessie hoped off her bed and walked towards Jordan, “I mean, I just thought you used each other for a nice shag after supper and a quick snog between classes and then just dropped one another when you found a new piece of meat to toy with; but I guess I was wrong” she spat glaring at Jordan who glared right back. Jordan scoffed and shoved Jessie. Jessie snarled and shoved Jordan back so hard she stumbled into the trunk at the foot of Lily’s bed, “Picking fights with oversized bitches is a bad move Sparks,” Jessie spat as she ripped open the door to their room, “Go pick on someone who won’t knock you out in a single blow,” Jessie spat as she grabbed Jordan by the arm and shoved her violently out of the room.

Jessie slammed the door shut and took a deep, gasping breathe. Stupid whore. She rested her forehead against the cool wood, smoothed by years of wear and tear. Jess took a few more deep breaths as she shut her eyes, her heart pounding in her chest. Slowly she lifted her head from the wood and turned around. As she did her eyes flashed open and she kicked the pile of clothes next to her bed. 

“Stupid, fucking bitch,” she hissed clenching her right hand into a fist. She turned to hit the door, but refrained and instead flung herself onto her bed. Jessie proceeded to use her pillows as a replacement for the door. She punched them until feathers began to spurt out from the seams and then buried her face in it and screamed until her voice cracked.

“I fucking hate her,” she yelled a few minutes later as she turned over and dug her fingers into her hair, pulling on it in her frustration, “She’s such a stupid...ugh,” she hissed.

She clenched her jaw shut and wiped at her eyes with her palms. She stood up again and began pacing around the floor muttering obscenities. Finally she screamed and turned around towards the door. She raised her fist and slammed it against the wood.  Another string of obscenities followed as she moaned and cradled her hand with her other fingers, “Son of a bitch.”

She looked down at it and winced, the knuckles were bloodied and cut and two of her middle fingers were swelling. She bit her lip and picked up her wand. Jessie muttered a healing spell she had learned because of quidditch. The cuts stopped bleeding and some of the pain subsided.

“That was stupid. So fucking stupid. Perhaps, Lily’s right I do need to work on my anger management,” she hissed as she shook out her hand and winced. 

No sooner had she stated this, than she heard the dull stomp of footsteps coming up the stairs. Lily. Jessie jumped onto her bed (hissing as she brushed her now injured hand the wrong way) and pretend to be extremely interested in the ceiling as the sinking feeling in her gut grew. 

Slowly the door creaked open. Lily Evans calmly shut the door behind her and gracefully turned to face Jess, her school skirt swishing around her knees. 

“Look, you haven’t died yet from apologizing to Sirius,” Lily remarked as she walked towards Jess and sat down on her respective bed, directly to the right of Jessie.  She crossed her legs, leaned back on her arms and cocked an eyebrow at Jess who continued to lay motionless on her back save the slight roll of her eyes at Lily’s words.

“Can I at least have some indication that you’re alive?” 

Jessie grunted in response.

“Oh how I wish I was half as charming as you Jess,” Lily sighed and she reached into the pocket of her sweater and pulled a folded up piece of parchment from it. Lily tossed it at Jessie. It landed on her chest. Jessie removed her left arm from its position underneath her head and picked it up off of her t-shirt, “What’s this?” she asked picking it up gingerly, as though it might explode. She slid her finger into the fold and looked at Lily as she flipped the piece of parchment open.

“It’s from Sirus.” Lily said simply.  Jessie’s eyes narrowed at the mention of Sirius’ name. 

“Come now Jess, I told you he would be forced to write one as well.”

Jessie’s eyes got even narrower as she scanned the page. She crossed her legs and leaned her feet up against her bedpost. Her eyes reached the signature at the end and her angry features twisted into a nasty scowl. She stomped her feet against the post, causing the red curtains to rattle and the bed to make a rather loud creak.

“Arrogant bastard!” she hissed, “Listen to this!”

Lily sighed and rubbed her eyes with her hand as Jessie furiously sat up and cleared her throat.

Jessie darling…” she began, imitating Sirius’ voice (a deep drawl) as she read, “How dare he call me darling! I am not that boy’s darling anything! Stupid, arrogant…”

“Go on Jess,” Lily interrupted airily, picking at a stray thread on her comforter. 

Jess huffed and began to read again, “It is with great humility… I didn’t know his vocabulary actually consisted of words such as humility. Poor soul, probably hurt the cluster of brain cells he has left so much to come up with such a word…”

“Jess, just read the apology,” Lily said as she crossed her legs and leaned her chin on her hand. 

“Fine… that I offer my apologies to you. It was horrid of me to treat you so awfully this morning. Please accept my most heartfelt apologies… heartfelt my ass!” Jessie exclaimed as she crumpled the letter into a ball and flung it across her bed. She glared at the ball of parchment moodily as she crossed her arms and pouted.  The dorm was so silent you could hear a pin drop.

“Err…” Lily said, “Would it be asking too much to have each of you shake on it and accept one another’s apologies?”

Jessie gaped at Lily. 

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Lily sighed. 

Jessie scowled and picked up the crumpled up parchment. Again, she wadded it into a ball with her left fist. She then chucked it onto the ground and hissed as she stood up, “This is what I think of his apologies.” 

“Stupid, bloody, sarcastic, egotistical pureblood,” Jessie stomped on the parchment with each words and then kicked it across the room before flopping back down on her bed.

 “Always one for the dramatics Jess,” Lily walked over to where Jessie had kicked the apology letter. She bent over and picked it up off the wood floor. She un-balled it and smoothed the paper out with her fingers before folding it in half. She walked back over towards Jess and placed it in Jessie’s open desk drawer. The blonde did not see Lily do any of this, as she was far to busy muttering angry words at the ceiling and blinking her eyes quickly. Lily could have sworn she was on the verge of tears. But instead of questioning Jess about it she sighed and sat down on her own bed.  She was quite used to Jess’ rather enthusiastic reactions to anything and everything that had to do with a certain Mr. Black; but the extent of Jess’ hatred for him never ceased to amaze her. Especially this year, Lily thought to herself. In years past the two had bickered, fought, and hexed one another. And while this occasionally got out of hand, it was nothing like this year. This year they’d become down right nasty to one another. More emotional in their attacks, Lily frowned, and more passionate. 

Lily ran her fingers through her hair and pulled her crimson lock into a ponytail.  As she twisted the elastic around her hair she gazed over at Jessie , who had finally stopped reciting every curse under the sun and was now chewing on her bottom lip. She was still sprawled across her bed, but had reverted back to staring at the ceiling once more. Lily cocked her head to the side as her eyes trailed down Jess’ right arm, which was hanging off the side of her bed, to her hand.

“Jessabelle Spring!” Lily cried, causing Jessie to jump, “What on earth did you do!” Lily jumped off of her bed and squatted down on the floor next to Jessie’s hanging arm.

“What?” Jessie grumbled, she sat up and lent against the bedpost. 

“Don’t what me! What on earth did you do to your hand?” Lily sat down next to Jess and cautiously picked up Jessie’s right forearm. She let out a strangled gasp as she got a better look at Jessie’s hand.  Her hand was swollen and the middle two fingers were a deep blackish- purple. The cuts on her knuckles were beginning to scab, but blood was still oozing out from underneath in a few spots. Lily’s mouth made a large O as she looked at Jessie’s hand, “Oh my god Jess,” she said breathlessly, “What… why… how did you do this?” Lily asked as Jessie pulled her arm away, “I leave you alone for what twenty minutes at the most and then come back and you’ve demolished your hand!”

“I...” she began as the door banged open for the hundredth time that day. Jordan Sparks marched into the dormitory. 

Jessie fixed her with a cold glare, which Jordan returned just as icily. Jess clenched her left hand into a tight fist as Jordan passed them and made her way over to her bed. She picked up the lipstick from her bedside table. Lily looked back and forth between the two girls in an attempt to figure out what she had apparently missed.

“Bitch,” Jordan spat at Jessie as she passed by again.

Jessie’s glare became even deadlier, “Thought you were shagging Davies, you should probably hurry that up, never know when Black’s going to be released from the hospital wing,” she said.

Jordan scoffed and flung a rather rude hand gesture in Jessie’s direction, which Jessie returned gleefully, “Make sure you use protection,” she called after Jordan as she walked towards the door, “No one wants Satan’s… I mean your spawn running around!”

Jordan slammed the door in response. 

“You two seem chummier than usual, what on earth did I miss?” Lily asked raising her eyebrows.

“Oh you know, she was born,” Jessie responded as she glared at the door. 

“I’m afraid to ask,” Lily said, “but does that lovely display have anything to do with your hand?”

Jessie kicked the sole of her sneaker against the floor, “Possibly.”

“I can’t believe you’re making me go to the hospital wing!”

Lily rolled her eyes and prodded Jessie in the back with her wand, “Move.”

“Lils, I’m fine…”

“Your hand looks like it was crushed by a train, you’re going. Stop whining and keep walking.”

Jessie glanced over her shoulder and down at the petite red head who in return just jabbed her in the back again. Jessie gulped as she watched red sparks shoot out of it, “Calm down Evans, I’m walking!”

Lily may have been a good head shorter than Jessie, but when she pulled her wand out you knew she meant business. James had once said he would rather face Voldemort than an irate Lily Evans with a wand. 

“You’re not walking, your shuffling,” Lily responded. 

“I am not!”

Lily narrowed her eyes, “Jessabelle Spring, start walking like a normal human being or I swear to Merlin I will tell Black about the time we played truth or dare and you had to run around the castle nude as soon as we get to the hospital wing.”

Jessie stopped all together and turned to Lily, “You wouldn’t dare.”

Lily raised an eyebrow, “Try me.”

Jessie groaned and picked up her pace just enough to keep Lily from digging her wand into her back again. She’d be damned if Sirius Black found out about that incident. 

“Jessabelle it has taken us twice as long as usual to reach the Great Hall, I am serious if you don’t pick up the pace I will tell him. Why are you stopping?”

Lily cocked her head and walked around the side of Jessie, “Is that Mary?”

Jessie crossed her arms, “I…”

“With Luke Ellington?” Lily interrupted crossing her own arms.

“I do believe so,” Jessie said slowly as the petite brunette came closer. She was currently giggling and holding hands with a tall blonde Ravenclaw that Jessie knew to be in their year and the school Arithmacy prodigy, “She always does seem to go for the smart ones,” Jessie remarked.

Down the hall Mary froze and whispered something to Luke who nodded and after whispering something in return left Mary to walk hurriedly over to her friends, her cheeks red, “Hello!” she called as she walked over.

Both Lily and Jessie smirked at the girl. Mary frowned and put her hands on her hips, “Oh stop it you two, you look like Potter.”

Jessie laughed, but Lily’s eyes bugged and her smirk quickly turned into a frown, “Sorry Mary it’s a byproduct of growing up with the kid,” Jessie smiled.

“So Luke Ellington, eh?” Lily teased. Mary scoffed and flashed her eyes to the floor, “We are not discussing this in the middle of the hallway in the front of the school.”

“Why not?” Jessie asked, “The entire school will know by morning. We go to Hogwarts, everyone knows everything about everyone.”

“Just like everyone knows you and Sirius have been shagging since fourth year and you’re hatred for one another is just a front. I hate you two by the way… What the hell did you do to your hand?,” Mary said grabbing Jessie forearm and staring at the cuts and bruising in horror.

“What is with you people and yanking my arm today?” Jessie asked snatching it from Mary’s reach.

“She punched a door,” Lily sighed, “I’ll explain later. Like you said, some conversations are not fit for the middle of Hogwarts.”

“You’re an idiot,” Mary told Jessie matter-of-factly.

“And I call you people my friends,” Jessie moaned as she looked at Lily and Mary incredulously, “Why on earth did I befriend you lot?”

“Because you love us,” Lily said, “Come on, let’s get you to Pomfrey.” 

Mary sighed, “I might as well tag along. Wouldn’t want you to lose her on the way iLls,” Mary stated as she pulled out her own wand, “Move along Spring.”

“But I don’t want to!”

Far too slowly for Lily and Mary, and far too quickly for Jessie they arrived at the hospital wing. As they neared the doors Jessie took advantage of her Quidditch training  and dashed behind the nearest suit of armor.

Lily’s eyes narrowed as she realized where Jessie was, “Jessabelle get out of there.”

“But Lily,” Jessie whined from behind the metal man. She shrunk against the stone wall behind her as both Lily and Mary advanced towards her, wands drawn.

“Jessabelle Spring get out of there. Don’t make me go get James,” Lily warned.

Jessie rolled her eyes, “Fat load of good that’ll do you, besides when do I ever listen to Potter. And, I’ll have you know, I’m stronger than him anyways.”

“And you know this how?” Lily asked to humor Jess in hopes that it would make her come out on her own. Otherwise she and Mary would be levitating the beater inside.

“Jim’s dad brought home a muggle bench press I think it’s called, this summer. And I might have been over there training a little bit because James may have a pitch in his backyard. And I might have been able to lift more than them. And I might have beaten Black in a fist fight and put James in a headlock at one point.”

Lily shook her head, “It’s a damn good thing your mother stopped trying to turn you into a lady a long time ago.”

“I know, she’s just resigned herself to the fact that I am a failure and concentrated all her efforts on repairing any damage my award winning personality does at social functions.”

“Now come out before I hex you,” Lily said smoothly pointing her wand at Jessie.

“But Lils…”

“You have practice tomorrow and I’ll be damned if I have to listen to Potter complain for hours on end because his star beater is hurt. He was already haing a conniption when it was only one beater.Out. Now.”

Mary nodded in agreement and raised her wand at Jess. Outnumbered and Outwanded, Jessie kicked the armor and squeezed her six foot frame out from behind the suit. She stomped inside the open wooden doors like a petulant child, Lily and Mary (wands still out and ready to charm) on her heels.

“Ms. Spring, what have you done this time?” Madam Pomfrey sighed as she stood up from her seat next to Sirius’ bedside and walked towards her, “And I know it’s not Mr. Black’s fault because he’s been in here.”

“It’s a long story?” Jessie forced a grin as the nurse motioned to see her hand.

“I’m not even going to ask,” Pomfrey said, “And as awful as an idea this is, I need you to take the bed next to Mr. Black’s. I’m still repairing his damage from earlier,” she said raising an eyebrow at Jessie as she opened her mouth to protest, “Not a word Ms. Spring.” 

Jessie shut her mouth and flopped onto the bed to the right of Sirius.

“Oh look it’s my favorite sadist,” Sirius remarked as Jessie came over.

“Damn you can still speak, next time you should find a higher set of stairs to fall down.”

“I didn’t fall, someone forced me down them,” Sirius spat back as Pomfrey came back over with a large yellow tub.

“And you should probably dive head-first down them as well next time,” Jessie responded.

“Miss Evans, Mr. Potter my job is to fix their injuries, you are in charge of shutting them up,” Madam Pomfrey said wearily as she sat the tub down on the tray in-between the beds. She turned around again and made her way back over to the cupboard where she kept her remedies, “I swear,” she muttered half to herself, half to the group, “You would think after seven years they would have stopped…”

“What exactly are you here for J?” James asked, “It isn’t anything that will affect quidditch is it?” his eyes grew wide. Jessie rolled hers, “I’m fine mother! Just hurt my hand a bit.”

“Your hand!” James cried scurrying over.Mary covered her mouth to hide the giggles that erupted from her mouth at the sight of James Potter turning into a full-fledged mother hen. 

“Volume Mr. Potter,” Pomfrey called from the closet.

“You need you hand for beating!”

“James, it isn’t that bad,” she lifted her hand up for him to see. A look of horror crossed James’ face and he slowly sat down at the foot of Sirius’ bed. He started breathing shallowly and rocking back and forth as he put his head in his hands, “Oh Merlin. We’re doomed. Doomed.”

“What’s wrong now with Potter?” Madam Pomfrey sighed as she came back over. 

“Both his beaters are injured,” Lily replied, “He’s having a bit of a mental breakdown.”

Madam Pomfrey sighed as she handed a blue vial to Jessie, “Drink. Should of brought an anti-anxiety potion over for him.”

Jessie sniffed the vial and made a face. Pomfrey swatted her head lightly, “Drink it up Jessabelle.”

Sirius laughed, but shut up as the healer rounded on him, “Let’s see your wrist then. Your jaw is healing nicely though, it’ll probably be swollen for the next couple days but that’ll go down.”

Sirius held out his wrist to her, “Yes you’ll be needing some as well.”

Madam Pomfrey stood up and unscrewed the lid to the yellow tub she had brought over. She rolled up her sleeves and dipped her hands into the dark purple paste inside, “Jessabelle Spring, I told you to down that!”

Jessie groaned and finally downed the entire tube of bubbling blue liquid. It tasted sickly sweet and went down her throat like sludge, “Oh I’m going to throw up.”

“Stop being a drama queen. Now hold out your arm,” Pomfrey demanded. She rubbed the paste over  the entirety of Jessie’s hand and wrist. Jessie winced as she brushed over the particularly sore spots, “There now just wait till it dries and then we shall rinse it off but you’ll nearly be good as new. Mr. Potter stop whimpering, they’ll be fine.”

“James,” Lily said softly as she placed a hand on his shoulder. James’ head whipped up faster than Jessie had ever seen it move. Mary’s eyes bugged out at the sight, nut she kept her mouth shut. 

Lily cracked a grin, “Potter are you crying?”

“I am not!”

Lily laughed and put her hands on her hips, “Merlin, you are!”

“I am not! You take that back Evans!”

Madam Pomfrey stopped her slathering of Sirius’ wrist in the foul smelling purple mixture, “Evans! Potter! I have already had to patch up the end of one fight between Gryffindor seventh years today, I am not doing another! MacDonald you are in charge of those two. Keep them civil.”

James and Lily both looked the floor as Mary rolled her eye heavenward, “Good,” Pomfrey said, “Ahh, I think a bit of this will help your jaw as well,” she thickly smeared the paste onto Sirius’ face.

“That’s a good look for you Black,” Jessie commented.

“At least I look good occasionally, unlike some,” Sirius retorted.

“Oh honestly Black, you do not sound the least bit menacing with purple shit on your face,” Jessie laughed.

“Bitch,” Sirius spat glaring at Jessie.

“Arse,” she replied.

“Spring! Black!” Pomfrey called, “Shut it!”


Hi all, Here is revised chapter 3! Enjoy! 

-Pensive Princess




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