Journey to Hogwarts

Ok lets get on with it none of this is mine except some original characters the rest is all J.K Rowling



“Wake up James we’re already late for the train.” “Coming Mom.” His name was James Sirius Potter II. Some would say that he looked like an exact copy of his father. He was the son of Harry Potter “the chosen one.” And the son of Ginny Weasley Potter. He had two siblings his little bro Albus Severues Potter. They called him Sev. He was very tall for his age and had black hair and green eyes.  He was starting his second year at Hogwarts. Then there was his little sister Lily Potter. She had red hair and was medium height. She also had brown eyes. She was finally going to her Hogwarts for the first time.

“James is it true that the older kids pull pranks on the first years. Sev keeps saying so.”  “Well tell sev that if he and his friends do a single thing to you. Then I will make him pay.” Just last year sev had been had been afraid that he would end up in slytherin. But of course being the son of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasly he ended up in Gryffindor with James.

“James I said get up!” “I’m coming Mom.” He got up right then better hurry up or else his mom would use her still famous Bat Bogey Hex. He quickly slipped on his only pair of clean clothes. His mom always yelled at him for not keeping his room clean. He quickly tried to brush his hair but he had inherited his father unruly hair. When he finally got into the kitchen Sev was telling Lily lies about Hogwarts. “Sev stop scaring Lily.” “Yes dad.” “Now kids your father has something very important to tell you.” Said Ginny. “What is it dad?” Said the three Potter siblings at the same time.

“Well as you know the old Minster Kingsley has retired.”  “Yeah so. What’s that got to do with you dad?” Well the Ministry has asked me to be the next Minister.” “Really dad did you accept?” Asked Lily. “Well at first I disagreed but if I didn’t get chosen then Leon Malfoy would have become Minister” “Wait so. So who is Leon Malfoy?” “He’s the head of Department of Mystery. Now don’t interrupt your father. “Thanks gin so any way I accepted. You’re looking at the new Minister of Magic.”

There was a couple of minutes of silence then lily screamed. “Oh my gosh dad you’re the new minister.” “Now just because you the children of the Minister of Magic that doesn’t make you better then anyone else right.”  “Yes dad.” Said the three potter siblings. But they all stared at James. He had also inherited his grand father’s cockiness. 

“What? Why are you all staring at me?” Asked James. “Come on your already cocky now dad’s the Minister. Imagine how cocky we think your going to be now.” Said Sev “I promise I won’t be cocky.” “You better not now bring your luggage to the car.” Said Harry. Lily and Sev went up right away to bring there stuff to the car. James had wisely brung his stuff down last night. Sev had to help lily ever since they where born there dad made them do stuff the muggle way. Said he wanted his kids know both ways of doing things. So by the time they got all the stuff to the car it was time to leave.

Rides in cars with the Potter family was always difficult. Five people in such a small space was going to always lead to trouble. “Can you tell Sev to move over mom?” Said Lily “Sev move over Lily needs some space.” Ordered Ginny. “Mom I don’t have any room.” Yelled Sev. “You know what I can fix that problem.” Said Harry. With one flick of his wand the car magically expanded. “There the problem’s solved.” Said Harry.

After about forty minutes of driving the trip was finally finished. “Where is your Uncle? James do you see them?” Asked Ginny. “Yeah mom there right there.” Said James. The Potters pulled over and went to meet the Weasley's. “Hey Harry heard about you becoming minister I’m happy for you.” Said Ron “Thanks I guess that means that you’re the head of Aurors.” Said Harry. “Yep. That’s me head of the Aurors.” Said Ron “Ron, Harry come on you guys can bring the luggage for the kids.” Said Hermione “Where coming honey.” Said Ron. They started walking towards the train. Then Malfoy banged into Harry.

“Potter.” “Malfoy.”  Then Malfoy just walked away. “What was that about Harry?” Asked Ginny. “Oh that was nothing he’s probably just angry that I’m Minister.” Said Harry. Chooo Chooo. “Kids get on the train now!” Yelled Ginny and Hermione. “Yes mom.” Said the Potter and Weasley kids. They quickly got on the train. So they wouldn’t get yelled at anymore.

  “Well me and Hugo got to go to the perfect meeting. See you at dinner.” So after James and they’re oldest cousin Hugo left.  Lily and Sev decided to find a cabin with there Cousin Rose. After looking around they finally found a free cabin. “Rose is it true that if you fail a test the teachers lock you in a dungeon?” Lily asked. At this question sev started laughing. “No of course not. Who told you that?” Rose asked. “Sev did.” Lily answered “You know what Sev if you keep this up! I will curse you so badly that even all the Nurses at St. Mongal couldn’t save you.” Screamed Rose. “Ok ok I’ll stop! Jeez.” Said Sev.

After a couple of minutes of awkward silence. A kid opened up the door. He was tall with brown hair and brown eyes. “Hey is it ok if I sit here?” “Yeah you can sit with us there’s plenty of room.” Said Rose. “Thanks. So what’s your guy’s names?” “Well I’m Severeus Potter but you can call me Sev.” “And I’m Lily Potter Sev’s little sis.” “I’m Rose Weasley and these are my cousins.” After a couple of minutes Sev spoke up. “Well we’ve told you our names. Aren’t you going to tell us your names?” “Oh yeah my name is Drake Longbottom.” “Longbottom are you related to professor Longbottom.” Asked Rose. “Yeah he’s my uncle.” Said Drake. “So you must be really good at herboliogy.” Said Lily “Actually that’s my worst subject.” Said Drake.

“Really I just thought that since your uncle teaches that subject. You must be great at it.” Said Lily shyly. “So what year are you in?” Asked Rose. “This is going to be my first year.” Said drake. “Me too.” Blurted out Lily. Sev had a sneaking suspicion that lily liked drake as more then friends. He would have to watch them carefully. Suddenly the trained jerked to a stop. Sev looked up and saw Hogwarts. “Sev is that Hogwarts?” Asked Lily excitedly. “Yep that’s Hogwarts. We better go.”

(Sorry about the mistake in ages I really needed the age difference between Rose and Hugo for future and current plots.)

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