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Ginny watched in horror as the Death Eater dragged Nyah just beyond the fence post and turned on the spot with a loud ‘pop.’ At that moment, everything went dark as Ginny slumped to the ground… 

Chapter 19 – Lost to the Night 

Harry fell to his knees, reaching out to touch the spot where Nyah vanished. “She’s gone,” he whispered to the wind, holding out his hands, tears marring his face. Anger unleashed in his heart and he screamed in agony, pulling his fists tightly.

Out of the corner of his eye, he watched Charlie bind the immobilized Death Eater with a rope that was twirling from his wand and wrapping itself tightly around the portly man. George and Ron were standing guard, wands at the ready, continually watching the sky.

As Harry stood, his gaze fixated on the Death Eater. Making his way through the tall grass, he finally stopped in front of the kidnapper. His green eyes were fierce with rage and electricity as his breathing steadied. Eager to strike this man down for daring to touch his daughter, Harry searched his mind for dark spells and smiled as he imagined the outcome. He continued to glare at the Death Eater, taking in the man’s unkempt features and the soul-less brown eyes which were now swimming with fear. His face was unfamiliar to Harry which only meant he was not currently wanted by the Ministry, but the man bore the signs of overindulgence, scars of yesteryear, and the Death Eater mark on his forearm.

“Go and check the rest of the grounds,” Harry growled, glancing to the grass. His voice was low and threatening, and although directed at no one in particular, Ron and George took their leave.

The Death Eater hung in midair, bound from ankle to chest in rope. Harry walked slowly around the tangled man, allowing the anger to overcome all other emotions. The ‘Immobulus’ spell was wearing off, and the man’s face began to change. “Please, please,” he whispered through his mouth gag, “don’t kill me. I – I didn’t want to do it. They made me – they…” he voiced died off as Harry came closer.

“Who made you?” Harry demanded, refusing to blink as he waited for an answer that would never come. The Death Eater shook his head furiously, refusing to speak any more as fear took up residence in his face. “Fine, we’ll try a bit of a different tactic,” Harry said, pulling back his fist and punching the bound man straight in the face and chest.

“Harry, don’t,” Charlie said weakly, barely containing a laugh, as he watched Harry take out some frustration on the older man. “Okay… that’s enough fun for one night. ‘Locomotor’,” he said, as the Death Eater rose high out of Harry’s reach.

Charlie seemed to be having a bit of fun with his capture, turning the older man feet up, sending him rather high in the air and back again. A smug smile crept across Charlie’s face as he began walking towards the Burrow, lazily waving his wand – much like conducting a symphony. The Death Eater unwillingly responded by moving about the yard hitting his head on many of the nearby tree limbs and a couple of times, actually bouncing off the ground. “Please!” Nott yelled, “Stop!”

Harry stomped off towards the house, refusing to crack a smile as he happily watched Charlie’s version of punishment. In the distance, the rest of the family gathered near the large tree by the pond. 

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Ginny?” Molly quietly cried to her daughter as she knelt to the ground where Ginny lay. “Come on – wake up!” Fear rose in Molly’s heart as the rest of the family divided, helping where ever they could. Molly lifted Ginny’s head into her arms, wishing her daughter was still small enough to pick up and carry once more. She patted Ginny’s cheeks hoping to bring her out of this deep slumber, as silent tears streaked her face.

Arthur’s strong hands wrapped around Molly’s shoulders, giving her strength. “Let her sleep, Molly,” he whispered to his wife, “she’s had a difficult time of it.”

“Sleep?” Molly cried, her voice threatening to reveal how frightened she felt, “How can you let her sleep when her daughter’s just been… well… stolen from right under our noses? And by Death Eaters, no less!”

“He’s right, Molly,” Hermione interjected, all eyes turning to her in surprise. “If what Ginny says is true, and she can hear Nyah, especially in her dreams… then maybe Ginny can help us find her.” The small group stood quietly watching Ginny’s troubled sleep, hoping that Hermione’s theory was correct. “Fleur has volunteered to take all of the children back to Shell Cottage for the night…” she said, her voice trailing off, “or for however long it takes to bring Nyah home.”

Arthur stood as Ron joined the family near the tree, “That’s right,” Arthur offered cheeringly, “We’re going to bring her home to celebrate her birthday properly.”

Hermione’s face fell slightly as she turned to look at Ron. There was fear in her eyes despite the grin she plastered on her face. “What?” mouthed Ron, trying not to draw attention to them. But Hermione’s nervousness was taking over, as she bit her lip and began pacing.

“Molly,” Hermione said, “what time was Nyah born? I know it was the 25th, but I don’t remember the time…”

Molly smiled as she gently brushed the hair from Ginny’s face. “The sun was just rising, so I guess about 6 am,” she answered, finally looking into Hermione’s worried face, “Why?”

There was a long pause as Hermione paced, muttering absentmindedly to herself as she sorted out more details in her head. Finally, she set off in a dead run, heading straight for Harry.

“Hermione!” Ron called after her, “What is it?”

Harry was storming by with a look of sheer anger on his face as Hermione ran to him and blurted out, “36 hours!”

He stopped and stared at her as Ron finally caught up to them. “What about 36 hours?” Harry asked, trying to maintain his composure, as his eyes cooly rested on the Death Eater.

Catching her breath, she continued, “We only have 36 hours to find Nyah and break the spell. Otherwise, it sets… and there’s nothing we can do! Her magic – her magic will begin to destroy her… if it hasn’t already started.” Hands shaking, Hermione wiped the tears from her cheeks.

“I thought you said that Healer at St. Mungo’s shut her magic off or something,” Ron said, his mouth hanging open in disbelief.

“Yes, I did – I mean she did, block her magic – but only temporarily. And from what I saw today, with the wind especially, I would say she’s found a way to tap into it again… but this time… it may have ever more dire consequences,” explained Hermione, looking from Ron to Harry.

Harry shook his head, quietly agreeing with Hermione. “Where’s Ginny? We need to get a plan together now,” Harry said, watching as Charlie was locomotering the bound Death Eater into the Burrow taking care to smack his head on the door frame on the way in. “I think we have a bit of interrogating to do.”

Hermione and Ron exchanged glances as Ron said, “Listen mate, Ginny – well…”

“She passed out, under the tree,” Hermione interrupted, pointing towards Molly.

“Ginny,” Harry whispered, running quickly to her side. He knelt down, running his hand along her face as she stirred in her sleep. “Let’s get you inside”, he whisper to her; his voice soft and catching in his throat as he lifted her into his arms.

“Harry,” Ginny whispered slowly, not quite awake.

Harry pulled her even closer, her head finding its spot on his shoulder, as he whispered, “Shhh, don’t talk. We’re nearly there.” The Burrow was silent, save the incoherent mumbling from the den. Laying Ginny on the sofa, Harry took her hands into his own as he did all those years ago in the hospital. He refused to look away, but knew that the room was filled with family awaiting his thoughts. First, he asked, “Where are the children?”

“With Bill and Fleur at Shell Cottage,” Hermione quickly responded.

“Each one accounted for?” Harry asked, his Auror training beginning to kick in as his mind cleared the anger and rage aside for the moment.

“Everyone’s safe.. well, nearly – nearly everyone,” Ron stumbled, “Sorry mate.”

“It’s okay, Ron,” Harry said, his voice deepening, “I’m going to get her back, and you’re going to help me.” With that, Harry stood and looked to Ron, Hermione, and then finally to Molly. “You’ll stay with her?”

Molly smiled through her tears and said, “Of course, dear.”

A small brush of Ginny’s hand caused Harry to hit his knees, wanting nothing more than for her to be all right once again. “Harry,” she breathed, “Nyah…”

Angry tears escaped his eyes as he kissed her hand. “Don’t worry… I’ll bring her home to you,” he whispered back.

“No,” Ginny said, an anguished look crossing her face, “pain, Harry… she’s in pain.” Her eyes closed and she fell back into a deep sleep, as Harry’s body shook with tears.

Soft, warm hands wrapped around his shoulders and Molly pulled him into a quick hug. “What if I fail her again?” he whispered.

Taking his face in her hands, Molly looked into his eyes and smiled, “I don’t think that will happen, but if it does, remember… it’s just like falling. You simply pick yourself up and set your feet moving again. Now, go! I’ll let you know as soon as she wakes up.”

The room cleared out as Molly pulled a chair close to the sofa. In the quietness, a whisper broke the silence as Ginny called to her daughter, “Nyah, where are you?” 

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Nyah’s eyes fluttered open, pained by the bright light of the room. Her hand moved to shield her from the setting sun, as an strong ache spread through her body. It was as though she was waking from one of ‘Mother’s’ punishments at the Stewart Manor. Her legs felt heavy and her arm seemed a bit out of focus as it took it’s time to reach her face.

Blinking against the sun, Nyah shifted a bit and took in her surroundings. The room was small and unfriendly with nothing more than a hard wooden chair with thin cushions and a side table, along with the bed Nyah was lying in. There was a large fireplace that looked as though it hadn’t seen warmth in many years. The red bricks around the hearth were dusty and their color contrasted harshly against the dingy white walls. The only comfort was a tiny window, which bathed the room with streaks of light, but even the beams lost their joy once imprisoned in the room.

Fear began to take over as Nyah remembered the harsh hands that grabbed her near the pond at the Burrow. She absentmindedly rubbed her arms; the black and purple bruises were no more painful than the energy coursing through her. What have I done? Nyah thought, closing her eyes in hopes the pain would fade. But instead, the ache increased, taking over the whole of her body, begging her to lie back down. I remember…I was upset…, Nyah scrunched her face as she sat up, refusing to give into the pain. Her once beautiful dress was dirty and ripped in spots, and no amount of smoothing could change it. I was upset and Hugo came. Nyah touched her cheek remembering the little boy’s small hands on her face, and then… oh, something else happened… what was it? She rubbed her forehead, deep in thought as a pair of bright green eyes burst into her memory, “Dad,” Nyah whispered, a smile creeping onto her face. That one word brought the day’s memories flooding back, as an absolute belief consumed her heart, “My Dad – he will find me.”

With that hopeful thought, Nyah gingerly stepped onto the cold wood floor, painfully aware of the lingering ache still traveling through her body. Moving cautiously, she crossed the room and climbed up into the chair, peeking out the window. A seemingly endless well-manicured lawn stretched out before her. In the distance, there was a faint shadow of trees and a prominent black fence walked the property line. From this vantage point, Nyah guessed that she was at least three floors above ground.

While taking in the scenery of the grand residence, Nyah watched as a door opened on the main level. Three figures emerged from the shadows of the house, two hand-in-hand. The solitary member stood lingering in the dark as the others ran into the welcoming sunlight. A small boy with blond hair ran past the woman he was with and towards a large tree nearby. Climbing eagerly onto the swing, he beckoned the woman to push him. Nyah could see them talking and laughing but was denied the sound. Years of dust and grime clung to the window, distorting the images and Nyah attempted to wipe the glass clean with her hand, hoping to get a better look.

She froze as the boy pointed to the window in her direction. Their eyes met for a moment, but the distance was too great to know what he might be thinking. The woman was also staring, and Nyah couldn’t look away. The woman's gaze was fixated on Nyah, but she neither smiled nor frowned. Her long brown hair caught in the breeze as she walked from beneath the tree. Nyah had never seen someone so beautiful, angelic even, and without even thinking, she waved. That one small movement seemed to draw the woman from her thoughts as she took the boy’s hand and walked quickly back towards the house.

Unsure what the woman’s response truly meant, Nyah turned her back to the window, and her shadow fell long through the room. From the obvious layer of dust, no one had occupied this space in quite some time. The chair sat stiff and uncomfortable and the table empty. There was a small water closet in the corner of the room with a pocket door for a bit of privacy, but it too, was inhospitable.

What is this place? Nyah wondered, approaching the only other door. Her hand trembled with pain as she reached for the knob. The brass handle felt cool to the touch and Nyah lingered for a moment as it gave a small relief from the discomfort. But upon turning the knob, it resisted and continued to hold her captive. She gently put her ear to the door, quietly listening for any movement, but there was none.

A spark of anger rose in her, and the dust kicked up at her feet in a wisp of air. She pulled on the doorknob begging it to release her, cursing under her breath as the air continued to sweep through the room, growing with intensity. Nyah pounded once on the solid wood as a stabbing sensation ran through her head. She screamed and in response the air burst through the tiny window sending shards of glass shattering into the room. The pain peaked with that bit of magic and Nyah stumbled to the bed, begging for relief. Cries of agony escaped her mouth as she held her head tightly in her hands, as if letting go, it too might burst. Tears cleansed some of the tension in her head as they made tracks on her dusty cheeks.

“Why does it hurt so bad?” she whimpered to the room, trying to slowly find a comfortable position. Thoughts of the woman and the boy filled her head, but were quickly replaced by more comforting scenes of the Burrow, Hermione, her Dad, and her Mum’s red hair. Nyah managed to whisper, “Mum, I need you,” before the pain took over and darkness engulfed her once more. 

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Nyah!” screamed Ginny, sitting straight up on the sofa. The room was bathed in long shadows and her cry obviously woke Molly, who was now rushing to her side. Ginny grabbed her head as though hoping to contain the dream of her daughter that seemed to shatter in her mind. “Shattered…” she whispered.

Molly was gently rubbing her back, the way she used to when Ginny had a bad dream. “What’s shattered, dear?” Molly asked, pausing to look about the room for whatever it was that Ginny was talking about.

Ginny gently stood from the couch, still a bit unsure on her feet. Molly helped to steady her as Hermione ran into the room. “Ginny, what is it? We heard you…” Hermione said, looking to her friend for answers, “Is it Nyah?”

“Yes… I need Harry,” she said weakly, heading towards the muffled sounds coming through the walls of the den. Opening the door, the noise increased tenfold as the ‘Muffliato’ spell was broken as Ginny and Molly walked in.

“Where is she?” Harry growled at the immobilized Death Eater. A swift kick to the older man’s leg did nothing to relieve the frustration that was searing through Harry. Glancing towards the door, he whispered, “Ginny.” The room hushed as he ran to his wife, helping her into a nearby chair, just in view of the bound Death Eater.

“Sweetheart, what are you doing? You should be resting,” Harry said, trying to regain his composure. He had just finished a rather robust conversation with Ron on the best way to get the information they needed from the Death Eater. Charlie and George stared menacingly, as Nott simply smiled but never spoke.

“Arthur!” Molly cried, planting her hand on her hips, “What are you doing with this man?”

Arthur shook his head and replied, “Nothing dear… just hoping for information from Mr. Nott about Nyah’s whereabouts. The boys were simply trying different tactics, but as of yet, nothing’s worked.”

“Nott?” cried Molly, looking in surprise between the bound man and Arthur. “Teddy Nott’s father?”

“Dad, give me my wand,” George demanded, as he walked across the room towering over the bound man. “I’ve got a couple of ideas on interesting ways to make him talk.”

A small hint of fear flashed across Nott’s face as George spoke, but was gone quickly when Arthur walked towards the door and conjured a Patronus with a message about the kidnapping to be sent to the Ministry. He turned and looked to his family and announced, “We have about 10 minutes to procure whatever information we can from this man, the Ministry will be on their way.”

Molly hurried from the room, as Harry once again took to interrogating Nott. The Death Eater spat at him, a nasty scowl coming across his face. “You’ll never find her now. She’s as good as dead!” Nott yelled, laughing in Harry’s face.

Ginny stood fiercely from her chair, and in two steps had reached the older man slapping him hard across the face. “How dare you! You bastard! Where is my daughter?” Ginny screamed at him. Harry finally stood between her and Nott, trying to shield her from his taunting.

“Ginny…” Harry called calmly to his wife, “You can’t be in here… it’s just too much.”

Fire welled up in her eyes as she pointed at Harry, her hand set firmly on her hip, “Don’t you dare… don’t you dare tell me I can’t be here when this piece of…”

“Ginny!” Molly scolded, causing Ginny to quiet quickly. “Now, if you want answers, perhaps this will help,” Molly said handing Harry a small partially-filled vial.

A bit befuddled, Harry took the vial and uncorked the stopper. He sniffed the potion but smelled nothing. Finally comprehending what Molly had given him, a satisfied smile crossed his face as he walked towards Nott. Crossing her arms and smiling, Molly sat on the sofa, pulling Ginny with her.

“Mum, what is that?” Ginny asked as Charlie and Ron held the Death Eaters’ mouth open. Harry dropped three drops onto his tongue and stepped back.

“Veritaserum,” Harry answered cooly, passing the vial back to Molly.

Ron’s mouth dropped open as he stared at his Mum. “Bloody hell!” he cried, “No wonder we could never keep anything from her!”

“Well, what did you think?” Molly quipped back, “That I’d just believe the nonsense that rolled out of your mouths? A mother needs a bit of help now and again.” She patted Ginny’s leg and added, “It works when they’re sleeping too, dear.”

The boys all exchanged nervous looks, wondering what secrets they had unwillingly shared with their Mum. Even Arthur was fiddling with his shirt, as the potion took affect on Nott.

A slow, dark smile spread across Harry’s face as he leaned in, nearly nose-to-nose with Nott. “Now,” he growled, “you will tell me where my daughter is, who took her, and how I can get her back.” 

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Small whispers broke through Nyah’s restless sleep. Opening her eyes just a bit, the room looked much the same, except that the sun was no longer spilling through the broken panes of glass. The air was still and cold, and the one lone candle gave off little comfort. Somewhere just outside the room, Nyah could hear soft voices. She silently slid from the bed, while jolts of pain shot up her legs as they attempted to bear her weight. Her feet slowly carried her towards the sounds, stopping at the door. “Hello?” she called lightly, tapping the dark wood, unsure if she wanted to make contact with someone on the other side. Nyah pulled her hand back to knock a bit louder, as a loud ‘crack’ tore through the stillness of the room.

Nyah screamed and backed against the wall. A small greyish creature stood in the middle of the room, coming only a bit higher than Nyah’s waist. It’s large bat-like ears were tied up with ribbons of multiple colors and it wore a very ill-fitting pink garment, somewhat resembling an old pillowcase. 

Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, Nyah simply stared, too stunned to move. The little creature seemed aware of Nyah’s worry and put on what looked to be a wide smile as it’s eyes took on the shape and color of large black orbs. A voice rang out from the tiny figure that sounded very similar to someone who had just taken in a large breath of air from a helium balloon.

Muffled giggles replaced Nyah’s concerns, as it chirped, “Poor, poor, Miss. Locked up in this dusty room with all of this broken glass. Mitzi is so glad Miss didn’t get hurt.” It shook its head and glancing sadly at Nyah, as the ribbons bounced about its ears. “Don’t you worry now, Mitzi is here,” she said, hurrying about the room while the dust began to vanish. “You see… I have it all tidy for you soon.” Within moments the room was shiny and clean, and not a bit of dirt or glass was left.

“Um – thank you,” Nyah whispered. “But… if you don’t mind me asking… who are you, and how did you do that?”

The little house elf blinked hard as though surprised by the question, stopping in the middle of making the bed to look at Nyah. She tottered over to the young girl, and Nyah felt inclined to kneel down, just to be at its level.

“I is Mitzi, one of the house elves here at the manor. Mrs. Astoria sent me to tend to you, and oh, you poor little thing. Just look at your dress!” Mitzi squeaked, “Better clothes for you I will bring soon, along with your dinner, and something to help you rest… Miss looks so tired.”

Mitzi was gently patting Nyah’s head, somewhat like you would do with the family pet. Grinning at the unexpected kindness in a place such as this, Nyah ventured on to ask Mitzi more questions, gaining not only the elf’s trust, but also information.

“Mitzi,” Nyah asked, laboring to pull herself from the floor, “where am I?”

The little elf made the bed in record time, and then set about starting a small fire with the wood she ‘popped’ out to get a moment before. “This is the Malfoy Mansion, home of one of the oldest and most noble wizarding families,” she said bowing low to the floor, as though it had been rehearsed.

Nyah leaned against the wall, the pain beginning to mount once more. “I can’t take much more of this,” she mumbled as tears fell to the now clean floor. Mitzi guided her to the small chair, which now was soft and inviting, and offered a bit of comfort.

“Oh, Miss,” the little house elf squeaked, “I’ll go and get Mrs. Astoria. She’ll tell Mitzi how to help little Miss.” She covered Nyah with the large blanket from the bed, promising to return quickly.

Nyah sat in the small chair, shivering, as her body began it’s assault on her magic once again. Small puffs of air and leaps of flames from the fireplace were met with a tirade of pain, as the little girl sat weeping in the chair… afraid to move… afraid to sleep. She whispered to the darkness a single word… “Mum.” 

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

‘I don’t know’ is not an answer!” Harry yelled, as three Ministry Aurors descended on the Burrow. “Why did they take her?” he demanded one more time before being told to step down by Carl Stanwick, a senior Auror.

Carl was a very tall, thin man with greying hair and thick spectacles. His voice was loud and commanding, and he had climbed in the ranks of the Aurors quite easily. He had taken a keen interest in Harry’s training from the start, pushing him to extremes at times, but always the first to congratulate on a job well done. Harry had learned soon after training that Carl’s entire family, save one aunt, had been wiped out by Voldemort. The two men understood each other, and took their jobs very seriously. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Carl insisted on coming to the Burrow himself to bring in one of the men responsible for Nyah’s kidnapping.

Nott kept repeating, “I don’t know… I don’t know,” in a near trance-like state as his eyes went in-and-out of focus attempting to prevent honest answers from continuing to flow from his lips. But he had spilled everything he knew – now the only unanswered question was ‘why’.

Carl quickly briefed Harry with occasional input from Arthur, as the junior Aurors immobilized the Death Eater once more. Promises were passed between the men to alert one another should any new evidence come to light. With a quick handshake, and a nod to Ginny, Carl pointed the Aurors towards the door of the den. Arthur followed, leading them to a safe point of apparition near the fence line of the Burrow.

“Carl, you know Harry’s temper streak. They’ll be no stopping him once enough information is gathered,” Arthur said, looking intently at the man looming over him. “I expect that with, or without, the Ministry support – there will be a visit paid this evening to the Malfoy family. I’m sure they’re in there planning as we speak.” Arthur’s gaze lingered on the Burrow as he said, “They will bring her home.”

Carl glanced at the two rookies who stood just out of earshot. “As soon as we’ve questioned him, the Aurors will be there to lend a hand… but from the looks of it, I’d say you have a pretty good team there, Arthur.” A small pause crossed between them before Carl added, “Give me an hour – two at the most – to question him. I have to do things by the book, otherwise…”

“I know, Carl, I know,” Arthur interrupted, patting the taller man on the arm. “But you know what we’re up against. Time is ticking away for her.”

“God’s speed, old friend. And do watch out for Potter… he’d be a hard one to replace,” Carl said, walking to meet the other Aurors.

Arthur watched as the men turned in unison, disappearing into the night with a ‘crack’. The lights in the Burrow shined like a beacon in the dark, and Arthur quickly found his way to the door, hoping that finding Nyah would be just as easy. 

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Shh… don’t move, dear,” a soft whisper danced through the air. “Mitzi, hand me that blue bottle.”

Small warm hands guided Nyah’s lips to the cold glass. Lingering in that small relief from the heat that had overtaken her body, she paused.

“Drink,” the woman delicately commanded, tilting the potion into the child’s mouth. “It will help until I can return.”

Strong, hot liquid seared down Nyah’s throat and she coughed at its arrival. Instantly, the chills subsided, but the ache continued. The woman gently laid Nyah back into the chair as her gentle amber eyes searched the girl’s face for traces of pain and fever. Satisfied that the potion was working, she turned to her house elf.

“Mitzi, you will stay with her unless Scorpius or Mr. Malfoy calls for you. Is that understood?” the woman ordered gently, making her way towards the door. “And be sure my father-in-law is hindered in any attempt to locate her.”

The house elf bowed low and responded, “Yes, Mrs. Astoria… Mitzi will stay.”

The door closed as the small house elf came to stand next to Nyah, lightly touching the girl’s arm. A small ‘thank you’ was all Nyah could manage to say before losing herself to a restless, but dreamless sleep. 

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Several flights of stairs below, Astoria Malfoy stepped quietly into the large fireplace of her Master Suite. “St. Mungo’s Hospital,” she said clearly, throwing the Floo powder at her feet. As the green flames subsided, a figure emerged from the shadows, his long thin face twisted in distaste for his daughter-in-law and her noble ideas.

Drawing the long, pale wand of his former Master from his dark green robes, Lucius beheld its beauty once more in the moonlight. The wand quivered in his hand as though it yearned for the Dark Lord’s touch. Lucius whispered, “I will not fail you this time, even in death, my Lord. Your final plan will be carried out very soon. The child of Potter is here… and she will die – tonight.”

Author's Notes:  The original version of this chapter has been split into two as the word count was nearing 10,000.  I realize there isn't a lot of 'action' in these scenes, but all of this information is vital to get you ready for the next phase of the story.
As always, I would love to hear your thoughts.  Please leave a note in the box below ~ I always respond.  And keep watching... the next chapter will go up soon!
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