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A Kiss Is All It Takes by Grifferin
Chapter 11 : Damages
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a/n: ok so this is like my looooongest chapter yet and i want u guys to make sure that you don't kill me afterwards...just waring yall. luv ya

Chapter 11: Damages
Then next few days after the party went by in a dull blur. Everyone returned to their normal weekend routines as if nothing had every happened and spent most of the winter days locked inside studying or sleeping. Sunday night at dinner Dumbledore announced that there would be a New Years ball and talent show on New Years Eve when everyone got back from Christmas break. Each house was allowed to have one person or group represent it and whoever wins gets 200 points, second place gets 150, and so on. After the announcement, Hermione, Pavarti, and I contemplated for hours about the possibly doing it. We all loved playing around when we were in the dorm and singing and dancing to any and every song I had on my ‘ipod’ ( a/n: check ch. 2 if you don’t remember this) or having me teach them old dances from the hip-hop and ballet classes I used to take, but doing them in front of people was something totally different. Monday morning I awoke early and lay in bed with the eventful conversation of the night before still playing in my mind. Let’s just say that we didn’t stay on the topic of the talent show for too long.



“Come on you guys this sounds like it will be really fun!” Pavarti begged as we sat in a dark corner of the common room away from everyone else and their usual eavesdropping.


“I don’t know. I mean of course we’ll have fun, we always do, but do you guys really think we can perform in front of the entire school? I know I’m cool with it because I’ve done it before, but what about ya’ll?” I pointed out.


“I think we could, we should at least try-out, at least that will only be in front of the house and not the school, so its not as stressful and we still get to have some fun even if we don’t end up in the show.” Pavarti argued back.


“I still don’t know, I feel kind of weird about it.” Hermione muttered still not convinced.


“Oh come on Mione, you know you love dancing, and don’t worry about what people will think because everyone said you looked and danced amazing Friday night.” I said encouragingly. She immediately blushed as a broad grin popped up on her face.


“Oh let’s not focus on me, what about you Varti, I don’t believe I saw you at all that night.” Mione quickly changed the subject. Pavarti didn’t even flinch.


“That’s because I wasn’t there for long, but I did see you coming in as I was leaving, about an hour after the party started. Was your time with Ron that great?” she jeered back.


“She gotcha there hon.” I giggled, big mistake. Now it was all eyes on me.


“Oh look who’s talking ‘Ms. Walk-of-shame-next-morning’. Would you like to let us in on what happened to you and Harry after you left me to look for him, and why you were out al night, eh?” Hermione questioned hotly. I looked from one to the other as the events of that night replayed in my head before a huge smirk spread across my lips. They got the hint. “Chris, you didn’t?”


“No we didn’t, but we came awfully close, and ended up asleep on some blankets we’d conjured and all hugged up in the Astronomy tower.” I told them.


“Do you think it might happen soon?” Pavarti taunted as she leaned over the arm of the chair she was curled up in.


I could feel the heat rise from the base of my neck and up to my cheeks as I rubbed my hands over my face to hide my elated smile. “I don’t know, but would that be such a bad thing, I mean we do kind of love each other?” I countered.


“Yeah but you guys are also kind of on the fast track in a major way and I wouldn’t want to see my two best friends wind up hurting each other because they moved too fast.” Mione replied concern dripping from each word.


“Oh please Mione, they’re way too in love for that. I say just leave well enough alone and when it happens, it happens.” Pavarti voiced her own opinion and I couldn’t help but agree.



The rest of the conversation came to an abrupt halt when Lavender chose to finally show her face within the common room after avoiding everyone all weekend because of the eventful altercation between her, Ron, and Hermione on Friday. She immediately turned her snooty features towards us as she stomped her way over, attracting the attention of every eye in the room. Before she could utter a single word, Hermione quickly held up her hand with out even looking her way and stopped her in her tracks. She told to get out of our faces because we had important things to discuss and had no time for her petty drama and egotistical attitude. Too bad Lavender was too slow to take a hint as big as that one. She immediately began to get all up in our business while simultaneously trying to defend herself against our snide comments that were cracking up the entire house. Eventually we let it slip that we were discussing the talent show as a ploy to get her out of our hair. No, this time she just had to piss off Hermione, saying that the only thing talent she could do was read a book or steal a boyfriend, neither of which could be done on stage. Hermione quickly shut her up.


She asked for my ‘ipod’, which I hesitantly gave her with a suspicious gaze. She rapidly found one of my favorite I love my haters kind of song and started to sing. Pavarti and I smirked at each other, then at Lavender’s shocked expression before joining in at the chorus. By the end, Lavender looked about as mad as a hippo with a hernia (from Lion King, watching that now) while everyone else was applauding or sniggering at her expression like Varti and I were. From the way Hermione looked after Lavender stormed off huffing and puffing, I could only guess that meant we were a go for the talent show.



The rest of the week went by in a fairly uninteresting pace with nothing out of the ordinary. You know, there was the usual Harry vs. Malfoy argument, along with me vs. my house, and the new Hermione vs. Lavender moments, but still nothing out of the ordinary. Somehow, Hermione, Pavarti, and I managed to get together almost every night to work on some kind of try-out routine for next Saturday. In other words, I taught them some of my old routines that I remembered from my ten years of dancing history, with a few embellishments for moves they could never do or dances that were originally for partners. The only day that we didn’t get to practices was Thursday night because Mione had to do rounds with Ron, AKA fool around in an empty classroom. By time the second Friday Night ROR Party rolled around, we had about seven different acts that we could perform almost perfectly, and some even had some singing included rather than just dancing.


Finally, the end of the week. Time to get cute, dance my ass off, and maybe even end the night with another trip to the Astronomy Tower, but just without all the sense of control. (wink wink J)


“Chris, can I borrow those cut pink pumps?” Hermione asked as she stood in the bathroom mirror, curling her hair. She’d really become much more noticed since her make over last week. As usual, she picked up on all the clothing and hair spells that Pavarti and I could think of and used. Now, she was the second most popular girl in school—second to me of course—not that she cared. Ron had a great time trying to beat away all the guys that, like him, had suddenly realized that his best friend was a girl, even though we all knew that she only had eyes for him.


“Sure chica, help yourself.” I said from beside her as I applied some light make-up.

”Speaking of borrowing,” Pavarti yelled from the bedroom before hopping into view as she tried very hard to zip her jeans looking highly aggravated. She eventually gave up and pleadingly looked at me with a speck of desperation.


“mini-skirt and tights on my bed, boo, I’ll find something else to wear.” I told her nonchalantly before finally finishing up in the mirror and heading out the room.


“No Chris, I don’t want to steal—” she refused before I raised my hand to signal the end of her words.


“Girl please, its not stealing if I’m offering it. Besides I think I’m gonna wear something different anyways.” I interjected as I walked over to my bed and force the outfit into her hands. “Here, take it.”


“Thank you.” She replied overly sweetly as she pranced over to her side of the room. Hermione soon came out the bathroom looking cute, as usual, in a pair of khaki Bermudas, a slinky rose pink halter top, and my matching pumps. I don’t know where she learned how to work it in heels, but somehow she did and now Miss Thang was struttin all over the place.


“Are you two ready yet?” she asked as she flopped back onto her bed, leaning back on her hands with her legs crossed. We both continued our hunt for the perfect outfits as we distractedly replied, saying that we were almost ready. Hermione just nodded her head in acknowledgment before deciding to lay there examining her nails while waiting for us to finish. She soon began to hum this annoying tune that quickly began to irritate the hell out of Pavarti and I. After interrupting our conversation for the umpteenth time to ask her to simmer down I finally began to realize that maybe she wanted to talk about something and wasn’t just trying to be infuriating.


“What’s on your mind Mione, you’re not usually one to beat around the bush?” Pavarti asked as she added the last touch to her outfit. She was stylishly dressed in a long black shirt with tiny, multicolored hearts sprinkled all over the fabric, my pair of turquoise tights that met her skin halfway down her calf, and a pair black pumps. I guess we all had some fascination with pumps tonight because I too had on pair of red peep-toes, which complimented my outfit nicely. I wore a tight pair of dark skinny jeans and a white mid drift, short sleeved tee with a black and red design on the front.

“Nothing.” Hermione answered hesitantly, “I was just wondering…”


“Yes?” Pavarti and I interjected simultaneously.


“…what do you two have planned for after the party because if I’m stuck in here with Lavender all night, then I should let you know now that when you both return tomorrow all you find left of her will be her last tube of lip gloss and remnants of her fake boobs.” She spat vehemently as she and Pavarti strutted towards the door.


“Oh, harsh words.” I teased as look in the mirror one last time before joining them. “Why don’t you just spend the night with Ron?” I asked as we made our way down stairs. She quickly came to a halt the moment the words left my mouth so that we almost toppled over her. After a quick apology she looked fleetingly over he shoulder at us as if trying to convey some sort of secret message to us with her eyes.


“Oh I get it, you’re scared to be alone with him aren’t you?” Pavarti asked jokingly.


“Sort of.” She replied quietly, “its just things got a little carried away last time and—”


“Honey, he’s you’re best friend and even though he’s been the biggest git in the world this year, he knows not to push you to do something, so don’t even worry about it.” I said honestly before adding more as an afterthought when I saw her about to retort, “ and don’t even think about what he has or hasn’t done with Lavender because I’m sure that no matter what you’re much better by comparison.” Pavarti eagerly nodded in agreement as a smile finally found its way to Hermione’s face. Her pleasant demeanor only lasted for a short time as we began to descend the steps once more only to bump into the bitch of the hour herself, Lavender Brown. Damn, we were never getting to this party. The moment we saw her Hermione dropped all her innocent worries and adopted the hard core persona of her alter ego that had come to rear its ugly head on more than one occasion recently.


Lavender sneered at all three of us her eyes lingering a moment longer on Hermione before rolling her eyes and continuing on her way to the dorm. She purposefully bumped into me and Hermione as she passed, only sliding past Pavarti because of the hardened gaze she gave her; letting her know that now wasn’t the time for her bull shit. (Hard to believe they used to be best friends) However someone else decided to voice her opinion.


“What the hell is you problem bitch?” Mione lashed out.


“Excuse me, I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about?” Lavender replied, playing dumb, not that it was a hard job for her.


“I don’t appreciate you practically knocking us over and I want an apology.” Hermione hissed, sounding out each syllable so that Lavender would comprehend. Pavarti and I smirked at the exchange between the two, knowing not to intervene.


“I could care less about what you want. Right now the only thing that’s on my mind is partying and having fun, something you know nothing about.” She cackled in return.


“Why don’t you ask your ex if I know how to have fun, I’m sure he’ll give you a straight answer.” Hermione spat with a smirk that could rival Malfoy’s. Lavender was just as stunned as Pavarti and I, the look on her face said as much with her mouth wide open in a perfect O shape. Hermione took that as she’d gotten the last word and quickly left the scene with a bright smile back on her face. We soon followed, leaving Lavender stunned.


“I guess she’s not worried anymore.” Pavarti snickered quietly, forcing me to join in, shaking with silent laughter.



After the spat with Lavender we joined the boys in the common room, only to find it practically empty, seeing as the party had started about a half an hour ago. As usual Pavarti left us for her boo in Hufflepuff, I think his name was John something or other. Ron and Hermione were probably still “kissing” each other hello, while Harry and I decided to walk alone to the party, joking playfully and flirting constantly – the way we liked it.


“Do you just create these shirt to torture me or what, because I think I like this one more than the other one? Wait does it come off just as easily?” Harry chuckled softly as we crept towards the party, carefully looking out for Filch or any other Professor. As the words left his lips his hand gently caressed the hem of my shirt getting his point across more firmly. I quickly pushed him away with an evil glare.


“Excuse me, but I find that highly offensive.” I snarled as I placed my hands on my hips. (Yeah Right)


“Oh come on, you know you want to laugh.” He smiled while taking a step back towards me and placing his hands on the small of my back to try and pull me close once more. I stood my ground with my hands still placed determinedly on my hips and when he leaned in to kiss me, to show that he was only joking, I quickly turned my head so that he only got my cheek.


“It’s not funny.” I hissed as I faced him once more to see him raise his hands in defeat but still keeping his close position. (He really thinks I’m serious)


“Fine, I give up, I won’t make any jokes about your clothes.” He apologized with a soft peck on my forehead. I decided to let him off the hook and wrapped my arms around his neck to give him the kiss he’d tried to capture a second before, then resolved to stop my charade.


“Besides, it actually comes off easier.” I giggled as he realized that I’d been teasing him the entire time. However, before he could release a single word to convey his incredulous expression I reconnected my lips to his and pulled him — if possible — even closer.


“Cutest couple my arse, more like the most sickening. It’s ghastly and disgusting to watch two people grope..”


“Watch your mouth Parkinson, or should I remind you of certain appendages that you put in said mouth,” I warned as I stepped around Harry to face one of my more unfriendly opponents. She wasn’t alone either, with that pathetic blond ferret/sorry excuse for a human being standing in the shadows behind her. She moved to speak again, but I quickly beat her to the punch, “ or the fact that none of them were the same ones.” I smirked. She backed down; I didn’t. “Let’s see there was Nott, Davies, Flint, Crabbe,” an interesting thought occurred with that name as I looked her up and down, while drowning out the sounds of Harry’s muffled sniggers.


Her cheeks and neck burned with humiliation, while her eyes revealed the depths of her anger. She looked like a bull ready to charge; well a pig really, but whatever. Malfoy quickly grabbed her by the arm, like he’d done to me the day after the Halloween Ball, and forced her in the direction of the party with a domineering glare. She showed no signs of restraint as he dragged her away from the scene, but not without throwing a very flirtatious look my way. My smirk quickly disappeared to a sour frown accompanied by a narrowed and disgusted scowl. I quickly swung around with my back towards him to try and prevent the obvious from happening.


I was right, Harry’s hand had been on his wand during my taunts, as though he’d been waiting for Malfoy to do something. He’d only taking a single step toward the git without a single wand in sight, when I stepped in as the only barrier between the two. “Don’t, he’s not worth it.” I cautioned, my hands raised in anticipation of his next move. He barely blinked in the two-second time frame between my words of warning and the doors sound of closing. I warily lowered my hands careful to avoid his disgruntle stare.


“But she is?” he question, the tension ringing through his tone.


“With her, everything’s funny because she actually knows she’s pathetic, but with him, it starts out ugly and only gets uglier.” I defended finally finding his eyes with my own. His gaze soon softened.


“Come on, let’s go have some fun.” He urged quietly. I took his hand and began to head in the opposite direction of the door, earning a look of confusion from him.


“Oh, you meant with other people, whoops.” I laughed as I playfully slapped myself on the forehead. He chuckled lightly wile rolling his eyes and finally it was time to party.



11:30 P.M. — Three hours later. Two and a half hours worth of dancing and flirting, and the rest spent, well resting.


We were completely exhausted. I’d kicked off my shoes almost immediately after entering the door when my pinched toes couldn’t take them anymore and haven’t seen them since. Now was the time for another short break during a slow song. A time to recharge our batteries in between heated moments on the dance floor. Our fatigue levels where high, but still nowhere near a point that meant we needed to leave and go…I don’t know where, just go. Many times that night the thought of Hermione’s question from before we left the tower had popped into my head and I couldn’t help but wonder, ‘What the hell was in store for the private after party?’. I asked myself. Harry and I had talked briefly about what had happened the last time we were alone in the Astronomy tower, but I still wasn’t too sure about where we were headed when it came to sex. Oh well, I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.


“What’s on your mind?” Harry’s voice pushed through my thoughts. Bringing all questions to a screeching halt.


“nothing” I answered quietly as I lifted my butterbeer to my lips for another sip only for the bottle to be yanked out of my hand at the last second. “Hey!” I yelled incredulously.


“You’ve had way too many of these tonight and you tend to get a little bit loopy when that happens.” Harry reasoned as he raised my drink to his lips. I immediately covered the top with my hand, trying hard to pull it back into my grasp only for him to snatch it away again and hold it out of my reach. I sighed


“Ok, I’ll admit that I am a bit sloshed, but I had to get so many because I was just so thirsty after the work out you gave me on the dance floor. May I please have my drink back? I promise I won’t get another one, pretty please.” I purred softly as I nuzzled my face into the crook of his neck and placed a tender kiss gently below his left ear. I sat there smirking haughtily as he hesitated for a moment before passing my butterbeer drink back to me. I took one sip before dropping it once more and thanking him with a tender kiss on the lips and a small smile.


He slowly licked his lips tasting the succulent flavor of the mixture of the drink and my taste. “That’s so manipulative.” He commented as his lips twisted into a tight smile, causing me to laugh hysterically.


“Sorry buts it’s in the female handbook that we are allowed to use kisses and such against our significant others in order to get what we want at times and you know how I just hate to break the rules.” I said sarcastically. He laughed harder than I had at this comment.


“Yeah right, you’ve broken more rules this year than I have in all six..”


“Let’s not get carried away here because nobody could break more rules than you, unless you’re forgetting the dozens of rules you broke in second year and got awarded for it.” I interjected before we both, once again, dissolved into fits of laughter. The rest of the night we joked, talked, and kissed, both on and off the dance floor. I kept my promise not to get another butterbeer, but that didn’t stop me from stealing his when he wasn’t looking and sometimes when he was.


The room slowly began to empty as couples left in order to spend the rest of the early morning hours privately in each others arms. I saw a very tired Hermione shuffle out of the room around 12:30 with an equally exhausted Ron trying to support her as they made their way back to the common room to pass out on the couch or another empty space. Harry and I became one of about ten couples who stayed and were rocking from side to side to the string of slow songs being played since the majority of partiers had left and anyone left was either half-sleep or completely knocked out. I was one of the ones that was half-way sleep with my head lightly resting on Harry’s broad shoulder, soon to join those who were snoozing in the arms of their lovers.


“Chris, darling.” A familiar voice coed softly in my ear. I opened my eyes slowly and locked my blue iris’ with Harry’s brilliantly emerald ones.


“Yes?” I yawned as I placed my head back down and closed my eyes once more. He gently shook me back awake before he spoke.


“Everyone’s getting ready to leave,” he whispered. I lifted my head once more and surveyed the room to see that we were indeed the only ones not walking out the door. “I didn’t think you’d enjoy sleeping on a cold floor two weeks in a row.” I smiled at the small joke he’d made and shook my head in agreement. I pulled out of his grasp and stretched, trying to wake myself up a little; it helped a little bit. I went to grab his hand and leave when a thought struck me and I looked around the room once more.


“You go ahead, I just remembered that I need to find my shoes, I knew I shouldn’t have just left them there after I took them off.” I scolded myself.


“Do you want me to help or wait?” he offered.


“No, I’ll catch up and if I need any help I’m sure the room will assist me…hopefully.” I smiled gratefully. I pecked him on the cheek before moving to start my search before I felt him wrap an arm around my waist and pull me back into a heated kiss.


“yeah I’ll see you in a minute.” He said cheekily as he walked away, smirking at my breathless disposition. And he said I was manipulative.


A search that was meant to last no more than five minutes soon turned into ten and then into fifteen. I moved from one edge of the room to the other with no results, although I probably overlooked because my mind had definitely moved away from those shoes and onto that kiss. Every few seconds I’d gently brush my fingers against my lips, followed by a crimson blush, before recovering my steps and refocusing on the project at hand. Soon enough my thoughts traveled to an eye-opening conversation we’d shared only moments before my eyes finally began to droop and sleep took over. A conversation that cleared up all thoughts of where we stood when it came to sex…or in this case, where we layed.



“So what were you thinking about earlier?” He asked, his breath softly tickling my ear as he danced behind me.


“What are you talking about?” I fired back as I looked questioningly at him over my shoulder, still moving to the sensual pulse of the reggae music that was blairing through the magical speakers.


“When you spaced out during our little break and I asked you what you were thinking about and you kind of ran, or in your case danced away from the answer.” He replied with a short laugh.


“Nothing much, just something Mione had mentioned back in the dorm before we left.” I answered nonchalantly, while fully turning back around to face him.


“About what?” He questioned further, knowing good and well that I wasn’t telling the full story. Damn he knew me too well. Just as I was about to respond the rhythmic feeling in the air faded away to be replaced my the smooth sounds of yet another slow song. We wasted no time in wrapping ourselves in the others arms and pressing our bodies so close together that not even the thinnest issue of the Quibbler could fit between us.


“She had mentioned something about Pavarti and I possibly not being back at the dorm tonight and I was wondering…” the rest of my seconds became lost in a jumble of thoughts. Should I really bring the subject up again? He silently pleaded with me with his eyes to continue, anxious to know what was going on in my mind. Shit, I barely knew what was going on in my mind. One second we were all over each other and the next, one of us would push the other away out of fear of the next step. Were we…was I ready to stop stopping? I finally found enough courage to finish my response, “what is happening after the party?” he looked confused, “With us, I mean.” A look of comprehension dawned on his face along with a soft smile.


“Nothing that you don’t want to happen.” He whispered reassuringly.


“That’s the thing,” I whispered in return as I pulled away, “I don’t know what I want.” I looked him dead in the eye as the words spilled out, showing my own confusion and worry. I soon closed my eyes, before anymore emotions could escape and moved to take a step around him. He quickly halted my get away by placing one arm over my waist ad forcing me to face him once more. For a moment we just stood there staring into each others eyes and it felt as if we were the only two people left in the room. Every face, every sound, every movement dissolved into nothing until the only thing that I could see, hear, or feel was him.


“Chris, you know I’d never force you to anything, right?” He questioned softly, as he slid his forefinger under my chin so that I couldn’t look away and lowered his head so that our foreheads gently touched, keeping very little space between us. I simply nodded in response this time. “Then don’t worry. Whatever happens, happens and if it doesn’t happen tonight, then now just isn’t the time. Besides, I don’t plan on letting you go for a long time, so we don’t have to worry about it now if we don’t want to.” He promised. I quickly pushed all worrisome thoughts to the back of my mind and allowing a copy of his own smile to shine on my face. I quickly grabbed his face in my hands and pulled him into a deep kiss.


“I love you so much.” I added once we’d separated, “How is it that you always know what to say to me?”


“Well you see there’s this girl that I’ve been dating for a while and she does the same thing for me, so I try to do the same.” He chuckled softly. My smile broadened. “Now I believe that a low song is on, so that means that it is time for us to take another seat.” He reasoned, meaning it was my turn to stop him in his tracks.


“No we’re staying here, and we’re dancing. You are getting over your fear here and now.” I said forcefully.


“What happened to not forcing each other to do things?” he countered trying to weasel his way out of dancing.


“Oh that only counts when the even it’s a life altering event.” I retorted as I placed his arms back around my waist and placed mine back around his neck. I could see a come back balanced on the tip of his tongue and quickly silenced it with my own entering his mouth in a strong and passionate kiss.



“Looking for these?” a sleek voice questioned breaking my blissful thoughts. I sharply turned to find the intruder and saw Malfoy standing no more than a foot from me with my shoes in hand and a sinister smirk on his face.


“Hand them over Malfoy, they don’t go with that outfit, and are a tad too small for you.” I snapped shakily, trying desperately to hide the fear he instilled with just one glance. Something was off tonight. The usual confidence I found when he normally confronted me had been replaced with a paralyzing fear. I couldn’t put my finger on what was different now, whether it was the malevolent look on his face, the alarming feeling I got from his close proximity, or the rancid smell of fire-whiskey I could smell on his breath.


“You won’t be getting these until I get what I want.” He sneered, the putrid smell of liquor on his breath hitting my nostrils so hard that it’s a wonder I didn’t faint. He took a large step toward me as the words fell from his satanic lips, trying to close the distance between us only for my to take a step backwards. I matched every step he took, my fear mounting with each one, until finally it amplified to its highest level with the sound of my back hitting the stone wall. His smirk grew as well.


“What exactly is it that you want Malfoy?” I spat maliciously, his smell mixed with his very presence made my skin crawl.


“Why to have you all to myself of course, and look here we are all alone, what a coincidence?” he countered dryly and partially slurred.


“Yay you got what you wanted, now give me my shoes and I’ll be on my merry way.” I suggested hopefully wanting to get as far away from here as possible.


“That’s not all I want.” He snarled taking another step so that there was barely an inch between us. It took barely a millisecond before my wand was out of my back pocket and crammed under his chin.


“Get. Away. From. Me. You. Make. Me. Sick.” I hissed darkly and slowly making sure every word was heard and understood.


“Well that’s just too bad then isn’t it?” he growled in return before grabbing my wrist so that my wand flew out of my hand and rapidly close the small distance between us by crashing his lips to mine. I squirmed break free from his grasp but he wouldn’t budge, his body almost crushing mine and his hand probably leaving a huge bruise on my wrist. I moved to kick him, hit him, punch him, anything to get him off of me, but every attempt was either blocked by him or a complete and utter failure. I felt tears well up in my eyes as I squeezed them shut trying my best to block out all the pain. The pain quickly turned to anger and the tears of sadness to ones of rage. I felt something bubble up inside of me almost like the day after the Halloween ball but ten times worse. All I could see was red and a second later Malfoy was blown clear across the room where his back hit the wall with a resounding crack. My gaze immediately cleared, but my eyes didn’t even register Malfoy’s crumpled form, instead my eyes connected with the look of angry betrayal that shine on Harry’s face as he tore from the doorway. I grabbed my wand and rushed after him, calling for him to stop and talk to me.


“WHAT?” He yelled once I finally caught up. I grabbed his arm and forced him to look at me. The grimace on his face tore my heart into pieces.


“Harry please let me explain.” I begged, the tears already springing back up to my eyes.


“Explain what Chris, I know what the fuck I just saw. You kissed Malfoy.” He yelled.


“No, he kissed me.” I countered once again pulling him back to face me when he turned to storm off again.


“Oh and there’s a difference?”


“Yes there’s a bloody difference.”


“No Chris, cheating is still cheating, no matter how you try to spin it. I won’t let you manipulate me now.”


“Manipulate you, what the fuck are you talking about?”


“You. And me actually believing that I was in love with you like a bumbling idiot. But how could I not see, all those rumors couldn’t possibly be wrong? You’re nothing more than the school slut.”




The sound of my hand hitting his cheek reverberated throughout the silent hall. We both stood there breathing heavily and glaring icily at one another. I could feel that fiery feeling rising once more, but quickly pushed it back down before it could interfere.

"How dare you?" I questioned lowly, "How dare you get up on your high horse and judge me like that; you, the one that's supposedly in love with me? How dare you immediately turn your back on me at the first moment of doubt because of what everyone else says and does? You don't loce me because you can't trust me. So you know what? Fuck you! I hate you!" I pushed past his without a single glance back trying my best to keep my composure and not let him see me break down, but soon a cold single solitary tear fell down my cheek and my march turned into a sprint that didn't stop until I fell onto my bed and let the nubness of my emotions take over my heart.

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