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Last chapter: As if hearing his thoughts, Hermione turned the connection back on and spitefully spoke up once again. "I still don't hate you, you prat," she spat, before muttering the spell to cut it off. For the first time in Hermione's life, she pronounced a word wrong and it didn't sever their connection. Thankfully, for Hermione was going to need him soon enough.

"Well, well, well," came a gruff voice as Hermione spun around, her eyes wide. "What’s a pretty young thing like you doing out all alone on the streets?" the man leered, looking at her. It seemed fear had made her forget that she was a witch with a perfectly good wand, something she had reminded Ron of barely half an hour ago. She was in real trouble now...and there was no Ron or Draco to save her.


Damn her. There was no way he was letting Hermione have the last word. Whispering the spell with a slight hiccup, Draco glared angrily at the stars and yanked bits of grass out of the ground, not realizing that she hadn’t cut off the connection in the first place. He’d just heard the wrong words and stupidly assumed that’s what she had done. "I know what you're doingsh and you can't have the last wordsh!" he snapped, rather put off that she had just gotten him to turn on the connection through the locket. He wasn't supposed to be the one trying to talk to her. "Well? Granger? What the bloody hellsh are you doing?"

Now he was just annoyed. It was fine for him to ignore her, but not the other way around. Didn't she know that? And now who was she talking to? He sat up with a frown, wondering why some man was asking her about being on the ‘street’. She was at home snogging Weasel…right?

Hermione took a step back, ignoring Draco's words. Not on purpose, but it might be a little strange to the man in front of her if she started to talk to someone who wasn't there. She really didn't want to freak him out and cause him to do something unpredictable. "I'm waiting for someone," she explained in a firm tone, taking another step back. It was almost completely obvious that she wasn't waiting for someone though. She was scared and it showed in her slightly shaky voice. Her wand remained forgotten for the time being in the face of this big burly stranger. The man let out a low laugh.

"Waiting for someone, heh?" he asked, "well, I live near by... Why don't you wait there?"

Wait…that was someone bad, Draco suddenly realized. Bothering Hermione! All anger and annoyance towards her was instantly forgotten as Draco tried to push himself up and fell over a few times before he headed back into town. Something just drew him that way as he spoke worriedly. “Granger? Hermione? Where ish you?”

He fumbled for his wand and tried to remember any spells that he could use to fight, not really sober enough to think at all. Dammit. Noticing a bucket of rainwater in front of someone’s home, he dunked his head in it and came out cough and spluttering. There, now he felt a bit more awake. Rubbing his eyes, the blond brushed wet hair off his forehead and stalked along the street, in search of the stupid Gryffindor who had ended up in trouble somewhere.

"No, I'm okay," she insisted nervously, "I said I'd wait across the road from the bakery near the pub. They'll be worried if I'm not here." She pointed a slightly trembling hand at the bakery and he looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

"Are you sure, princess? It’s not often I see such a pretty face out at this time of night... Especially not so near me’ home," he said as he reached forward and ran his thumb down her cheek, causing Hermione to bite down hard on her bottom lip to keep from screaming.

"I’m sure," she nodded, pulling her gace from his grip and giving him a weak smile, "thank you for the offer though." She wanted nothing more than to see Draco walking towards her right now.

Draco broke into a run as Hermione mentioned the bakery and the pub, trying to remember where exactly the place had been when he was here. Hermione must have somehow ended up somewhere around where he had been, but his foggy brain wasn't remembering the exact location. Shit shit shit, he needed to move faster. Spotting a building that had a sign with a loaf of bread on it, Draco looked around desperately and spotted Hermione with a creepy looking man.

"Hermione!" he yelled, jogging over in a bit of a zig-zagging line since he wasn't too steady on his feet yet. Still, he wasn't letting some rapist take away Granger, whether or not they were upset with each other.

As soon as he reached her side, he grabbed her hand and held it tightly. "Shorry I'm late," he bowed his head sheepishly, "I fell ashleep at the inn..."

The man glared at Draco with a surly expression, contemplating if he should just hit this drunk idiot over the head and take the girl. Hermione looked at Draco with relief and clung tightly to his hand. She had never been so happy to see him before in her entire life. "It's okay, Draco," she breathed, keeping close to him, "wait, you are drunk! I can't believe you went drinking when everyone's waiting for us at home, worried sick." 'Everyone' wasn't waiting for them, but it was a good excuse to make the stranger get lost.

The man growled slightly and glanced around with a more nervous expression. "Well, it seems you should be on your way then, young miss. Have...a nice night." He gave her a leering smile that promised he be keeping an eye out for her, before moving on. Hermione let out a shaky breath she wasn't aware that she had been holding. That had been close.

"Stupid. Yoush shoulda used a wand," Draco grumbled, letting go of her hand and starting off back towards the grass without her. Now that the danger had passed he didn't feel like touching her. He was still mad and still drunk and stupid and still wanted her to hate him. "You shouldn't be heresh," Draco said coldly as he glanced back at her. Still...he couldn't just leave her here. "Coming or not?" he glared.

Hermione looked away to hide her hurt expression. Bastard. How could he change so easily between personalities? It was like he had schizophrenia and only one side of his brain even liked her. It just wasn't worth fighting with him right now though. It was too late and she was too mentally drawn to be thinking about anything complicated so she settled for letting out a soft sigh before following him over to the grass. "What did you do to your face?" she gasped, suddenly noticing his injuries.

"I fell," Draco said grumpily, "while yoush was snogging Weasel." Collapsing back into the spot he had been in before, the blond curled up again and touched a finger gingerly to the sore, raw skin along his nose. That was all her fault. Stupid Granger. "Stop staring," Draco ordered, glaring up at her as he looked past to the stars. He was gorgeous, but she wasn't allowed to look. The stuck up, know-it-all might as well get used to the idea that he would never be hers. He still stood by his decision that they would never be right for each other and that she should hate him.

"I wasn't snogging him, you arse," she snapped, pulling out her wand and pointing it at him. Draco didn't even seem to notice as she healed his face the best she could. Ungrateful prat. She pocketed her wand, still feeling embarrassed for not remembering it back in the town, and walked away a little bit before slumping to the grass and laying down, looking up at the stars as well. She clearly wasn't going to get him to go anywhere tonight and it was only six or so hours until the sun came up again anyway. Hermione sighed heavily, wishing she had put warmer clothes on before coming out. She had only just started to get over her last cold and she was going to get another one for sure at this rate. It was beyond her how she got sick so easily.

Draco slowly dragged himself towards her, worried suddenly that some new creepy person might come and try to take her. It was taking too long to move though! Shoving himself up, he managed to stay on his feet long enough to fall right on top of Hermione and glanced around suspiciously. People always tried to take Hermione and he'd had enough of it.

Seeming oblivious to the fact that he was straddling her and sitting just below her stomach, the blond 'hero' continued to scan the horizon for signs of trouble, muttering about 'creepers'. Ironic really, since that's what he was being right now.

Hermione's eyes shot open in surprise at Draco's sudden weight and looked up at him with wide eyes as he straddled her. Now, she knew this was probably a repetitive position for one such as Draco Malfoy, but she had never been as lucky to have a rather good looking guy sit on her. "Draco?" she asked, not entire sure what the hell he was doing. She listened to his mutterings for a few moments when he didn't respond and rolled her eyes.

"Draco, there are no creepers around," she told him curtly, inwardly pleased that he seemed so concerned about her.

"There could be," he shook his head, "theysh are...somewhere. And I'm tired ofsh chasing your arse around while yoush attract creepers." Draco sighed and looked down at her, wondering why she was underneath him. Weird girl.

Resuming his watchful position for a few more minutes, Draco lifted his head to look up at the sky for a few moments before groaning. His stomach didn't feel so great. Lying down would feel much nicer... Then just as suddenly as he had jumped on top of Hermione, he flopped down on top of her fully, snoring a few moments later as he passed out.

"Draco!" she squealed, trying to shove him of her. There was no response other then his quiet breathing. "Draco?" she asked uncertainly. That was when he started snoring in her ear. She let out an annoyed huff and prodded him hard in the side, trying to wake him for a little longer before finally giving up. That prat. Now she was trapped here until morning in a compromising position. She glared up at Draco for a while before realizing there was really nothing she could do and moved slightly underneath him so his body at least covered most of hers like a blanket. She was actually surprised at how warm he was. Cozy and warm... Eventually, amazingly even, Hermione drifted off to sleep.

A few hours later a familiar figure wrenched Draco roughly up into the air by the back of his shirt, shaking him. "Draco! Wake up!" Snape said sharply, looking angrier then he ever had before. How stupid could these two get?

"Five more minutes," Draco groaned, giving him the same response he'd given Hermione when she'd tried to wake him a few hours before. Dropping the blond boy back to the ground in disgust, Snape gently lifted Hermione into his arms and then grabbed hold of Draco's arm, apparating the three of them back to the front of the house. Levitating Draco's snoring body, Snape sighed and climbed the stairs with his son floating behind him and Hermione cradled in his arms. He slid the sleeping girl into her bed first and then headed to Draco's room, tucking him into bed with a surprising gentleness. His hand lingered on the boy's head and stroked his hair briefly before he went to tell a weeping Narcissa that the moronic children were all right.

It was well past midday when Hermione woke up and she grumpily sat up, looking around in wonder. Where was she? Hadn't she fallen asleep on some patch of grass somewhere using Draco as a blanket? This blanket did not look like Draco. She shook her head lightly with a frown and groggily slipped out of bed. Ugh. What time was it? The curly haired witch didn't bother to change as she stumbled out of her bedroom and down the stairs with a groan. Her body ached all over.

"Coffee...," she mumbled in a very zombie-like moan as she walked into the kitchen, smelling its rich aroma.

Draco woke an hour or so after her and when he dragged his sorry arse out of bed and staggered down the stairs, Snape gave him a nasty scowl. "Draco Malfoy, you drunken heathen. How dare you put yourself and Hermione is that kind of danger last night. What if a death eater had discovered your location and snatched you both up while you were...sleeping?" He wasn't very interested in knowing what had happened before the sleeping, considering the position they'd been in. That lecture was for another time.

"Mornin'," Draco grouched, gently setting himself down in a chair. Every noise made his head pound and ache and his nose and cheek were a bit swollen, despite Hermione's healing efforts. At least he wasn't all blood stained, but he did stink like alcohol and he was still in his clothes from the night before.

"I don't know what happened exactly, but young lady," he glared, looking to Hermione, "you are absolutely forbidden from giving Draco any sort of hangover relief potions or anything for a headache. He can suffer the consequences of his actions. As for you...please try not to let my son's stupidity rub off on you so frequently. I suggest you both bathe and think about what could have happened and how utterly disappointed both Narcissa and I are with you two. Eat your breakfast." Shoving back his chair in an angry, fatherly fashion, Snape stalked upstairs with two cups of tea in his hands.

"Did you listen to a word of that?" she asked Draco, looking up blearily from the place her head had been nestled in her arms. It almost seemed like she was the one that was having the hang over. Probably being out in the cold all night had caused her flu to act up again and added to the feeling of being hit over the head with something blunt and heavy. She groaned softly and took another sip of coffee before setting the cup down and dropping her face back in her arms again, hiding it. Snape could yell all he wanted. She wasn't the one with the headache. It just felt really heavy and stuffed, for lack of better words.

She let out a loud yawn as she placed a hand that was covered by her jacket over her nose, trying to warm it up. She had been constantly freezing cold since waking up. It was suprising considering the amount of blankets that had been piled on top of her. Giving a small shiver, she decided that it might be a good idea to have a bath or a shower...something along those lines. She gave another small groan at the thought. That meant she would have to move...

"I'ma take a bath," Draco mumbled, rubbing his temples as he headed for the nearest bathroom, already pulling off clothes before he even got inside. Lupin came into the kitchen and rolled his eyes as he watched the blond staggering into the downstairs bathroom.

"I do hope you didn't let him get you into too much trouble," the smiling man said gently, sitting beside Hermione to rub her back. The poor girl looked more miserable then Draco. "Is there anything I can get for you, dear girl? Tea? Soup? A bit of chocolate?" Unlike Snape, he wasn't going to yell at them or be harsh. He just wanted to see Hermione happy, however that could be achieved. Ron had been moping about all morning, but had disappeared just before lunch and before the other teens had woken up. It seemed that Ron's presence no longer made her 'happy' though.

Draco started a nice hot bath, dropping all his clothes to the floor as he climbed into the steaming water. Even though his head still hurt, this felt so gloriously wonderful and his aching body felt a little bit more relaxed and at ease. Ah, maybe he could even take another nap.

Hermione looked up at Remus' voice with her hand still pressed over her nose. "I'm not in trouble," she said, shaking her head lightly with a slightly muffled voice. "I went looking for Draco because he left the house and I was worried. The idiot got drunk though and some old guy planned to force me back to his house. That’s why Snape found Draco on top of me...," she trailed off, looking embarrassed, "he thought more perverts would try to get to me and he just...passed out there. He was too heavy to move." She finished explaining with a downcast look and took a deep breath to calm herself. Stupid Draco. A sudden feeling of sadness flooded through her and she buried her face in Remus' chest before she could start crying, just wanting some comfort.

Remus chuckled as he held her, stroking her back like she was his own child in need of comfort. The golden trio had been fairly close to his heart since Harry had discovered Sirius' true identity in third year. Ah...Sirius... Sighing very quietly, the saddened man drew his own comfort from the embrace as he thought of his good friend. And now...only him and Wormtail were left... The good two of their group already gone...murdered...

"You do care for Draco, don't you?" the scruffy looking man asked softly, "despite the way he's treated you all this time. I suppose what counts about a person's character is what they do when you need help."

"Of course I care for him!" she exclaimed, looking up with watery eyes, "he's just so stubborn and pigheaded...a lot like me." She let out a soft huff of annoyance and sniffled a couple time, hiding her face again. "And yes, I agree with you that what counts is a person's actions when you're in need of help." She held onto the man a little tighter as tears finally escaped down her cheeks. "I just wish... I mean couldn't he be nice other times?"

The two of them held each other tightly as Hermione tried to calm herself once more. "I hate Voldemort, he ruins everything," she said softly, "he killed so many people... He took Harry's parents from him and forced Draco to follow his bastard father and it's his fault Sirius is dead..." She sniffed again, squeezing Remus. "I miss Sirius."

"We all do," Remus whispered, his voice catching in his throat as he thought of his close friend. Even hearing that name spoken still made him want to sob. He only did when he was alone though. No one would know what to do if they saw him cry. Remus was supposed to be one of the 'strong' ones.

" should see if you can work things out with your stubborn friend. I've always thought he had his reasons for being so rude. And he never particularly liked my attire, did he?" Smiling a little, he remembered the Slytherins mocking his tattered robes and thinking he actually cared. He would own nice things if there wasn't always the chance of destroying them...on a full moon.

"I try to work things out, I really do... I can only try so much though. I...I love him. I know I do," she said, looking up at the patient man hopelessly. "I know that I shouldn't. I mean, he's tormented me for six straight years and there isn't any possible way I could put all that behind me, right?" Remus said nothing and seemed to sense that she needed to talk everything out and get the confession off her chest. "But I did, "Hermione whispered, "without a second thought, I forgave him. I didn't think I would do something like that for anyone who had treated me the way he did...but I did. It makes no sense." She shook her head lightly and gave a small laugh. "And your robes are just fine."

She could still feel his hand making comforting patterns on her back and smiled weakly. "You know's easier to cry when you're upset if you have someone there to cry with…" She paused and chose her next words carefully. "I know that you miss Sirius more then any of us."

"You know that, do you?" Remus smiled fondly, brushing curly hair out of Hermione's face, "well I suppose I do miss him a great deal. I miss James as well... It's hard losing people that matter to you." Closing his eyes briefly, he suddenly pulled out a bar of chocolate and broke off a piece, offering some to Hermione. It always cheered him up since it reminded him of the year he'd taught at Hogwarts...the year Sirius had been in hiding and he'd taken him in. That was all over now though. He needed to stop depressing himself.

"I should be going though, Hermione. I have quite a few things to tend to. Cheer up, and tell that boy to swallow his pride and love you." Giving her a gentle squeeze, Lupin released Hermione and stood, seeming a bit down as he savored a bite of chocolate.

Draco, in the mean time, had fallen asleep in the bath and was slipping down into the water, slowly. If he wasn't careful he might go completely under... And of course, being the idiot he was at the moment, that wouldn't necessarily wake him up.

She gave a small nod as she accepted the chocolate. "Thank you," she smiled, giving him one last big hug as they walked together to the door. "I'll say just that, for fun, to see what his reaction his, but I doubt it will make much difference." Wiping away tears from her eyes, Hermione gave him another smile and a hug before she watched him walk off beyond the wards and vanish. She shut the door and felt a small shiver of cold go through her again. Draco had been in the bathroom long enough, it was her turn now.

Heading towards the bathroom door, she banged on it with surpressed annoyance. "Draco! What are you doing in there?" she demanded. "It's been ages and I want my bath!"

There was a loud splash and some spluttering from the other side of the door as Draco was woken abruptly from his nap and inhaled a large amount of bath water. Glaring at the door, he threw the soap as if it would hit her instead of the door and began shampooing his hair.

"Not done," the blond said pointedly, "so you can join me or wait your turn." He gazed down into the bubble bath and felt pretty girly. Why had he added bubble bath anyhow? Scrubbing his hair gently, Draco glanced back to the door again. Hopefully she'd piss off. Or just use the other bloody bathroom. He couldn't really remember if there was a tub or not in that one, but he didn't care. She could wait her turn.

Hermione growled slightly and stormed away to use the other bathroom. She was about to open the door when she heard a soft laugh on the other side and then Snape's voice speaking in a low, seductive tone. She shuddered and retreated, feeling she'd have better luck with Draco. "Other bathroom's occupied so get your pale arse out Draco!" she snapped, knocking on the door once more as she returned.

When she didn't get a reply however she sighed and rubbed her temples, hoping to merlin that he had something covering his personal parts. She was about to do something drastic. Shoving open the door, she stalked in and glared angrily at the blond, placing her hands on her hips. Maybe she could shock him out the bathroom? Who knew. He would certainly not want her to view his naked bits and pieces even though she had already partially seen him naked anyway. She shook her head quickly to banish that memory and refocused on glaring. She didn't need this right now.


"You get in or get out," Draco glared right back, crossing his arms and looking quite silly since he had bubbles all around him and his hair was all soapy and sticking out at odd angles. He wasn't even done washing up, let alone conditioning his hair once the shampoo was rinsed out and then using his special body wash that conditioned the skin and made it so much softer... Oh merlin...there was no way he was explaining all that to Granger.

"Well?" Draco raised his eyebrows, a slight smirk playing across his lips even as his headache pounded away.

Hermione's glare quickly became a look of shock as she took in his bubbled appearance, biting down on the inside of her cheek as she held in a giggle. She was very clearly straining not to laugh as her cheeks went red and her face twitched between frowning and smiling. Finally she couldn't handle it anymore and just burst out laughing, resting a hand against the tub for support as tears of mirth came to her eyes.

If he got offended maybe he'd just leave. Either way, she couldn't help laughing at how rediculous he looked sitting in the bubble-filled tub. All that was missing was a little rubber ducky and then it would be priceless.

"A-Are you laughing at me?!" the angry blond demanded, splashing water at her. Her laughter was starting to hurt his head and when she didn't stop after he'd glared at her for a good two minutes, he did the one thing he could think of to make her stop.

Grabbing her wrist and yanking to throw her off balance, he snickered as Hermione went splashing into the large tub, clothes and all. "So nice of you to join me," he said sarcastically, glancing towards the door. People could get the wrong idea if they came in... Where was his wand?

Hermione let out a girly squeal of surprise, quite out of character, as she was yanked into the bath with him. Her head went under for a moment before she came up covered in bubbles and spluttering. "Y-You-" she stammered, pointing a finger at him accusingly. She was in a bath with a naked Draco... She was in a bath with a naked Draco. She was in a bath with a naked Draco!

Someone needed to pinch her. And then get her the hell out of here.

"I-I?" Draco smirked, liking her flustered appearance, "I, what? I'm the most gorgeous naked man you've ever been in a bathtub with before?" Smirking again, he slid a little closer to her, just to freak her out. He was, after all, completely starkers.

Spotting his wand in the pile of his clothes, he snatched it up and locked and silenced the door so no one would hear them...or be able to get in. He turned his attention back to the terrified looking girl and grinned. "You just made my day, Granger."

Hermione narrowed her eyes at him. She could handle this. She wouldn't let him freak her out when she had seen his naked arse before. Hell, she had slept in the same bed with him when he was naked. "I would hardly call you a man, Draco," she snorted, tossing her wet hair over her shoulder. He may be starkers, but she wasn't. A thing which she was incredibly thankful for since it gave her the upper hand. Hold on...had he just locked and silenced the room? What the hell was he planning?

"Is this another attempt to make me hate you?" she asked innocently, propping her elbows up on either side of the bath and leaning her head against a hand with an almost bored expression.

"Well you'd certainly hate someone who raped you, now wouldn't you?" Draco said coldly, sliding back to his end of the tub. He'd forgotten about that for a minute, just enjoying bugging her. Well if she was going to be that way then he just wouldn't speak to her. Calmly washing his hair, he reached up to grab the showerhead to rinse his hair, nearly lifting past his waist out of the water to reach high enough.

He didn't even look at her as he rinsed the soap from his hair and leaned around Hermione to grab his conditioner. Stupid bloody witch.

"Yes, I probably would hate someone who did that, but you dont' have it in you. Deep down you could never rape anyone," she told him, watching him closely. He was clearly trying to ignore her now. Hermione sighed and appeared resigned to the fact that she was now in the bath with Draco Malfoy, slowly starting to peel off her top layer. She was definitely not getting naked with him around, but her jacket was heavy and water-logged and it was uncomfortable. She wanted it off. Watching him out of the corner of her eye, she struggled for a bit and finally got the jacket off, setting it down onto the the bathroom floor.

It seemed that she was now invisible to Draco as he hummed to himself and massaged conditioner into his hair, his eyes staring at the wall in a distant way. He was trying not to listen to the truth in her words. She knew he'd never rape her, just like how he couldn't kill anyone. What fun were threats when the person you were threatening trusted you with their life?

Rinsing his hair once again, Draco went through his usual ritual and started on the bodywash next. The problem with this was that he usually sat on the edge of the bathtub to get his legs and...such. That thought brought him back to reality. There was a girl in his bath.

After removing her jacket, Hermione leaned her head lightly against the side of the bath and had actually fallen asleep. She couldn't help herself. It was just so relaxing and warm in the water that she seemed to have just been knocked out by it. Plus there was a strange smell that for some odd reason relaxed her. It was the way that Draco always was that stupid bubble bath.

She mumbled something softly as she moved her head to the side and curled up more comfortably.

"If you're going to sleep, then you won't mind if I take some of those wet clothes off of you, right?" Draco murmured, peering closely into her face as he scrubbed his arms. Was she really sleeping? How could she sleep in a situation like this? He was naked for fucks sake! Sighing, Draco stayed there, inches from her face as he smirked and waiting for her to open her eyes. Was she planning to get all wrinkled and pruney in her clothes? It wasn't going to be much fun peeling off the soggy items when she eventually woke up.

Hermione was in a deep sleep now and no amount of threatening was going to wake her up. She was having quite a nice dream actually, one that involved the very blond that was sitting across from her in the tub. She wriggled slightly, her nose wrinkling as her dream started to turn into a nightmare and her lips moved as she began muttering things about wormtail and timeturners. She talked in her sleep...who would have guessed.

Rolling his eyes, Draco slid his hands under the water to feel the bottom of her shirt. If she wasn't going to get undressed, then he'd just have to help her. Plus, he kind of wanted to see what Granger looked like in her wet panties...

He held his breath, unsure if she'd wake up or not and started to drag the dripping material upwards. Surprisingly, she was still mumbling to herself as she adjusted for him to make it easier to get off. Chuckling once he got the shirt up and over her head, Draco tossed the shirt away and slid his hands down her bare arms, sliding them downwards as he started for her pants. Brilliant. He wouldn't have to be murdered if she was sleeping...

Hermione mumbled a little louder at the disturbance he was causing before her eyes snapped open to see Draco leaning over her with a slight grin. He hadn't noticed that she was awake yet and her gaze flickered to her arms where his hands were trailing a path downwards. She was going to faint. No! She would murder him and then faint. Wait just a damn minute. She wasn't wearing a shirt! What the hell was he doing, undressing her while she was sleeping?! The complete and utter prick. She bit back humiliated tears as she shoved him hard away from her and scrambled out of the bath without a word. She grabbed up the only towel in the room and wrapped it tightly around herself before going to the door, realizing it wouldn't open until Draco removed his spells. She whirled around with murder evident in her gaze.

"Open it."

Draco paled and looked around for his wand, unable to keep his eyes from darting back towards her. Dammit! He hadn't actually looked yet, he had been so preoccupied with getting the pants off as well. "Y-You aren't even bathed yet!" he protested, patting the water in a friendly gesture, "I was just...trying to help..." Ha, he had just wanted to see her naked and she knew it. But was that really such a bad thing to want?

Biting his lip, he shook his head. Now was not the time. "I'm not opening it, Hermione," he said slowly, "unless you get into this tub and finish your bath..." He had the sudden desire to wash her. Not even in a way that would make her uncomfortable, just her back and shoulders maybe...her hair...ah the untamable hair. This was disturbing on so many levels. Since when did Draco Malfoy want to touch any young woman in a non-sexual manner? Before he could stop himself, another word slipped out of his mouth. "Please?"

She narrowed her eyes at him suspiciously before crossing her arms. "Fine. I'll get back in, but only if..." She trailed off as she studied him, trying to think of something that he would never agree to. "If you admit you love me, mean it, and promise not to try and make me hate you again since we both know it won't work." She continued to glare at him stubbornly as he stared at her in disbelief.

"Swallow your pride and admit it, Draco," she stated, trying out the words that Remus had said.

"Ha," Draco scoffed, "for me to have to say that I want you in here naked." He raised his eyebrows at her as he bargained, trying not to grin. Draco knew she'd never go for it, but he just had to say it. Hermione wanted something that required a lot of trust and guts to do so he was simply requesting something similar. He didn't even have to watch her getting in or anything, just wash her and make his hands behave themselves. But...he had a feeling that neither of them were going to get what they wanted.

And he was scared to say promise to keep meaning it...

"Ha," she scoffed in return, "like I'm going to do that when you supposedly don't love me." He really had a screw loose if he thought she would just climb back in that tub with no clothes separating them. Hermione leaned back against the door and crossed her arms over her chest. "I would only get naked for someone that loves me, thank you," she stated simply, refusing to give in. "I'm not a slut like the girls you're used to and I don't want to experience a naked bath with a man I'm not planning on being with for the rest of my life." She shook her head and wondered just how many naked baths Draco had already had in his lifetime. Was she any different to him than any of them or was she just another 'challenge'? Not to mention the fact that if she got in there naked then it would mean that both of them would be naked... She wasn't an idiot. Anyone would know what something like that could lead too.

"You're asking me to trust you and take a risk...that's all I'm asking as well," Draco retorted, seeming annoyed that she thought he was trying to treat her like some kind of slut, "but just forget it. Get out." He felt around and released the spells on the door as he found his wand.

"You can take your bloody bath when I'm done in here." And with that Draco was back to scrubbing his arms, doing his best to keep the hurt expression off of his face. He could never think of Hermione like how people thought of people like Lavender and Pansy. She wasn't like that and she knew that he didn't think she was. So she could go be a prat out of his bathroom.

"It's completely different kind of trust and you know it," she grumbled, looking down at the ground uncomfortably, "you may be comfortable with your body, but I’m not. I've never slept with anyone. I've never let anyone see me naked and I don't have that confidence." Her voice had grown softer and she could feel Draco's eyes on her. It was horribly embarrassing to be telling him this so she hoped he didn't throw it back in her face. "'re not exactly being the nicest guy on the planet about it either. You haven't even tried to make me comfortable..."

"You mean to tell me that even Weasel hasn't...seen you?" Draco breathed, everything clicking into place in his mind as it all made sense. So that's why she was so shy about this sort of stuff. Hell, she'd dated that Krum fellow and he'd assumed that she'd done more then kiss him from the rumors that went around, even if they hadn't shagged. And the idea that no one had ever seen what was below her, often, many layers of clothing made him itch to see it even more.

"Why didn't you just say all that before?" he frowned, moving to stand up and go to her before he remembered that he was naked. Dammit. This was not really the greatest time to discuss all of this, but he knew if they stopped that it would probably never come up again. " body...I mean...christ...I don't understand how you weren't convinced to show someone..." He trailed off, shaking his head and bubbles landed on the bathmat.

She couldn't believe she was really having this conversation...and with a naked Draco to boot. "I haven't said all this before maybe because it's embarrassing?" she suggested, sighing slightly and looking at the door before looking back to Draco. She really didn't know what she should do. She could make a run for it, but Draco seemed to be acting nice at the moment and she didn't want to ruin that.

She hesitated for a few moments, studying the blond, before she closed her eyes and unbuttoned her pants, pushing them down with a pounding heart. As she stepped out of the soggy denim and kicked it to the side, she could feel a blush rising in her cheeks.

Yep, she had definitely crossed her comfort zone line.

Draco felt his mouth drop open as she actually began the slide her pants off, unable to take his eyes off of each inch of creamy skin that was exposed. There was no way this was really happening. He had just drowned in the bathtub and was hallucinating from the lack of oxygen...

His gaze swept over her form, drinking her in. Her body was a lot softer looking then Pansy's, and curvier. She had a more womanly appearance, less scrawny and skinny then most girls in their year. Some people might consider it 'fat', but she looked bloody perfect... A lot nicer then the girls he normally went for that starved themselves for weeks at a time. "Wow...," he breathed, his eyes clearly expressing how in awe he felt. And Hermione was trusting him... Right! Hermione. She must feel naked as it was without him ogling her.

"You...c-coming in?" he asked shyly, looking down at the water. What...the...hell... Why did he feel like this? Bashful...

Hermione's cheeks were flaming red at this point. However, he had said 'naked' and she wanted him to know that she trusted that he could trust her in return. She had chosen to do this. He hadn't forced her to undress and had even gave her the option of leaving and taking her bath after. She just wished her hands would stop shaking... Taking a deep breath, she removed her bra and was thankful that he had looked away for now. Once she was completely naked, she felt a lot more shy and hesitantly slipped into the other side of the thankfully large bath, the water still warm from an enchantment that had been placed over the bath a long time ago, probably when the Black's first built the mansion.

"Yeah, I'm coming in," she said with a small embarrassed smile, grateful that the bubbles pretty much covered her.

Draco glanced up with red cheeks as she watched him, nearly immersed up to her shoulders in the water. Well...she was hiding herself and he didn't blame her. He wasn't exactly wanting to hop up out of the water himself. "Turn around," he said softly, holding out his hand towards her.

He felt like he was in charge again somehow, probably because he had had experience with this sort of thing. Although he'd never shared a bath with his girlfriends. Most of the girls were a one night thing and never got more then a 'thank you' before he chased them out.

Hermione hesitated only slightly before taking hold of his hand and pulling herself closer to him as she turned around, letting out a breath she once again wasn't aware of holding. She briefly shut her eyes after she had turned around and felt even more exposed. Now that she was sitting up properly, the top half of her back was exposed to him. She released his hand nervously and wondered what he was going to do as her own hand sank back down into her lap.

She seriously couldn't believe that she was doing this.

Reaching around her to his body wash again, Draco squeezed a bit into his hand and gently massaged it into her bare shoulders, his fingers ghosting over her arms in places since he still felt weird touching her. He smiled a little, realizing that now she would smell like him. Sliding up a little so he was on his knees, Draco leaned forward even further, touching his lips against her cheek in a shy kiss. He didn't try to actually kiss her though and moved back again, his chest brushing against her back as he moved. He slid his hands down her sides to her hips and back up again, too chicken to move them anywhere else.

"Would you like me to do your hair?" he whispered, feeling his face going even redder as he spoke. This was...weird. And different. One of these days he would tell Hermione that he had been a 'bathtub virgin' and that she was his first. Ha, she would like that.

Hermione's body shivered under his touch. She hated to admit it, but she was enjoying the bath more then she thought she would. "My hair doesn't need a much fixing as you think it is," she told him softly, glancing over her shoulder. Her eyes studied his blushing face for a moment before she gave him a small, sweet smile. "It just looks a little untamed," she showed him, reaching up near her scalp and lacing her fingers into her hair. She pulled her fingers down to the end without catching a single knot and smiled again.

"Are you sure...that you want to though?" she asked, looking a little doubtful. All this touching was making her a little nervous and she was sure that she wouldn't be able to resist anything he did once he began massaging shampoo into her hair in the gentle way he'd cleaned her back.

"I want to," he confirmed, following her example and running his fingers lightly through her hair. He hadn't expected it to be so soft... Why did it look so wild and crazy if it was tangle-free? Shaking the silly thoughts from his mind, Draco grabbed up the shampoo and the showerhead, biting his lip. She needed to lean back...

"Uh...Hermione?" he blushed, "can you lean back a little for me?" If she didn't then he was going to get soapy water all in her eyes, but if she did... Well, he was about to get a nice view.

Hermione bit her bottom lip nervously as she gave a small nod in confirmation. Clearly, she had lost her mind. She gently grabbed hold of each side of the bath tub and leaned back enough that she was almost looking at Draco upside down. She gave him a brief smile to let him know that she was still trusting him and swallowed hard. This was the most terrifying thing she had ever done. Finally her eyes fluttered closed, letting him do what he wished. She was completely vulnerable to anything that he would try and he probably knew it. She just hoped he wouldn't stuff it up by doing something stupid.

Draco inhaled sharply as her movements lifted the front of her body out of the water as well. Don't do it Malfoy... Don't look... He was so bloody tempted to stare down at her naked chest, but he won the inner battle for once and just leaned the back of her head against his chest. He let the water from the showerhead run down over her hair, his other hand carefully resting at the edge of her hair to keep water from her eyes.

Very slowly, Draco began to massage the shampoo into the soft curls, still fighting so many new urges that were overwhelming him. this was position was very unfair to him, but he needed to stay under control and remember that Hermione was going out on a limb by trusting him.

His lips found her ear and he kissed it once before whispering softly. "I love you." And as if he hadn't said anything, he resuming his task, still massaging her scalp expertly. When it came to hair...well...Draco knew more then probably their entire year of guys put together. It seemed that he'd forgotten all about Hermione needing to hate him in light of having her naked body in his arms.

A soft smile formed on Hermione's lips at the three small words that Draco had uttered. It made all the trouble she had gone through the last few days worthwhile in her mind, but she did nothing to show that she had heard him. That was all she wanted in return. A simple confession. She knew that he felt uncomfortable around the subject.

"I've decided something," Hermione's spoke finally, feeling like she was heaven as Draco's hands continued to massage the shampoo into her hair.

"That you aren't going to murder me for having thoughts about looking at your chest?" Draco smirked, continuing his gentle movements before rinsing the shampoo from her hair and grabbing the conditioner next. She was getting royal treatment. And from Draco Malfoy. He normally never spoiled anyone but himself.

Waiting curiously to hear what she decided, Draco put a generous amount of conditioner in Hermione's hair, thinking that she probably needed it.

"Well, I've had a good look at your arse so I can't really be mad at you for it now can I?" Hermione smirked lightly, unaware of Draco's striken expression. "I’m just surprised you haven't looked already," she added with a small chuckle. "No...I’ve decided that you should wash my hair from now on. You do it a lot better than I do," she informed him as she rested a little more against his chest, letting out a small sigh of contentment. What that really meant was that she was inviting him to spend more time naked with her as long as it was in a bubblebath filled tub of water.

Who could blame her? This was Draco Malfoy after all. Even if she hadn't been in love with him already, she doubted she could have resisted this kind of treatment.

Draco dropped the conditioner bottle in surprise at her words and blushed bright red as he searched through the bath water for it, his hand brushing against her thigh. "Dammit, now look what you made me do," he said softly, his tone more teasing then angry, "and for your information I haven't looked at your chest and when did you see my arse?!" The blonde frowned and knew there wasn't any other time he had been naked with her except...that little minx.

"You were checking me out while I was sleeping and have the nerve to get mad at me when I do the same?" he rolled his eyes, knowing that it had been different though since he had been trying to undress Hermione when she wasn't naked to begin with.

"Did it?" Draco finally asked, grinning like mad.

Hermione chuckled and rolled her eyes. "Well, Draco, the conditioner is between my back and you so I've got more frightening things to find if I go looking for it. You can keep looking." She laughed softly at his protests and felt strangely light and happy. This was nice. "Also, it wasn't my fault that you were already naked when I walked in," she huffed lightly, "you tried to undress me while I was sleeping."

Thinking about the bum she had viewed, she grinned. "It's silly to ask if I liked it. Of course I do. If I like it in those bloody green tight pants then I’m going to like it when it's naked."

"You're a bloody perv," he snorted, tentatively feeling for the bottle and snatching it up. Secretly, he was glad she hadn't gone feeling around behind her. That could have been...awkward. But at least she liked his arse...maybe she wouldn't be so opposed to seeing it in her bed sometime.

Settling the bottle back in its place, Draco finished massaging her hair again and rinsed out the condition, realizing he was running out of things to wash. As he ran the warm water over her hair and shoulders, he leaned down and pressed a very gentle kiss the her shoulder, just as his mother walked in...

Oh no! How is Draco going to talk his way out of trouble this time? Too bad for them Narcissa interupted or Hermione might have gotten more than she bargained for. XD All we can hope is that Draco doesn't dump all the blame on Hermione and that all of you will leave lovely reviews for us! Thanks for reading and see you all next chapter!

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