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Morning seemed to approach a little too early. There was a knock on the door. Katie got up and opened the door. “Hey good morning.” Harry said.

Katie left from the door, and put her stuff together. Harry came in and sat on her bed. Katie woke up Kari. Katie went to the bathroom, and got dressed. “Ready?” Harry asked.

“Ready.” Katie said going through the door, Kari following her.

They meet up with the other Weasley’s in the lobby. Katie said good-bye to her parents because Molly and Arthur were taking them to King’s Cross. “Ready everybody?” Arthur asked.

“As ready as we’ll ever be dad, let’s just go.” Ron insisted. After that said, they left.

They arrived at King’s Cross, at 9:30am. They went through platform 9 ¾. Everything will be fine, Katie; Katie said to herself. Knowing that she’d once again run into Draco. They got onto the train, Ron and Hermione had to go to the prefect compartment. Katie and Harry shared a compartment with Neville and Luna.

“How was your summer?” Katie asked Neville.

“Well it was good. What about yours?” He asked back.

Katie looked at Harry. “Mine was interesting. Very interesting.” Katie said. They talked non-stop, until they reached the station by the school.

“ ‘Ello Harry, Katie how’re you?” Hagrid asked.

“Hello Hagrid, we are great.” Harry answered for the both of them. Katie smiled.

“Where’s Malfoy?” Hagrid asked.

“He’s- we aren’t together anymore.” Katie told him.

“Oh ‘m sorry.” Hagrid said as he left. “First years follow me please.”

Katie watched her sister, happily follow Hagrid but shy of the other children.

“Shall we go onto a wagon?” Harry asked holding out his arm. Katie took his arm and they hopped into a wagon. After they climbed in, and sat down, they saw who sat opposite of them. “Oh, hello Draco, Pansy.” Katie said to her ex-boyfriend and his sleazy follower. “Hi Katie, Harry.” Draco replied, Pansy just stuck her nose in the air and said nothing.


They entered the great hall, and sat at the Gryffindor table.

“Welcome students both new and old. Another new school year, hope it will be as adventurous as the last. We had a loss of a student this past June, and we feel great pain and sympathy to her family and close friends.” Dumbledore said to them. “Now let’s start the sorting.” With a wave of his hand, a stool and the sorting hat appeared.

Professor McGonagol walked through the Great Hall doors, with the first years following. She started. Kari was fourth, when her name was called, every Weasley helf their breath and watched.

“Well, well another Weasley. How many are there?” The hat paused. “Well your sister and cousins are in Gryffindor, but you are different from them. You’re clever and cunning, not that much courage. You could do well in Gryffindor, but I think you’d do better in Ravenclaw. You’re tough so, I think it’s going to be….Ravenclaw!” The hat announced. Ravenclaw table clapped and cheered. Kari shyly went over there and sat next to the girl, which was first called.

Gryffindor welcomed twelve first years. Then the feast began.

“I can’t believe Kari was put into Ravenclaw. The first Weasley.” Katie said looking over at her sister who was enjoying herself.

“That’s all right, once the twins are born and old enough, than we’ll see where they are placed.” Harry reassured her. Under the table Harry placed his hand on Katie’s stomach, so she knew what he really meant. She smiled at him and continued eating.

While everyone finished up, Filch came in and talked to Dumbledore.

“I wonder what that was about.” Hermione pointed out. They all shook their heads and shrugged.


Katie and Harry walked up to the tower. Leaving Ron and Hermione, which they had to lead the first years. After arriving to the common room, she went to the dormitory to unpack.

Then she went back to the common room. “Hey there's the red head I know.” The familiar voice said. Katie tipped her head and turned around to see none other than Evan.

“What are you doing here?” Katie asked giving him a hug.

“My parents moved closer to London, so I got transfered here. Even though this is my last year.” He explained.

“It's so good to see you.” Katie told him.

“You too, you're glowing. So beautiful,” He told her. Katie smiled and blushed.

“Sorry Evan this girl is mine.” Harry told Evan.

“Oh, what happened to Darryl?” Evan asked.

“Draco...we broke up over the summer.” Katie explained, umpleasantly bringing back memories.

“Oh sorry.” Evan said.

“It's alright.” Katie told him.

Ron and Hermione came in. “Hey guys.” Ron greeted.

“Hey.” they greeted back.

“First years, so stubborn.” Hermione said.

“Hey lets go for a walk.” Katie insisted. Everyone agreed.

They walked down the stairs and at the bottom a blonde girl sat there. Katie approached her.

“Hi, I'm Katie.” Katie greeted.

The girl turned around. Everone gasped. “Ginger?”

“What did you do to your hair?” Ron asked.

“Umm....hi. I'm not Ginger. Do I know you? I'm her twin Paige.” Paige told Katie. “I remember you, though.” Paige said pointing at Katie. “You were the girl that ran, from the killing curse, that was supposed to be for you.” Paige told her.

Katie began to cry. “She told me to run, and I did I did was she wanted..” Katie said with a sob.

“Oh well, I gotta go.” Paige said leaving.

Katie looked at her with a sob. Katie began to walk up the stairs to the tower. They got to the tower and Harry insisted, “You look exhausted, you should go to bed.”

“Yeah, I think I will. Good night Harry.” Katie said and gave Harry a kiss.

“Goodnight.” Harry said giving a kiss back.

Katie went to the Girls dormitory. Hermione was still awake.

“Katie's there something different about you.” Hermione said looking at Katie up and down.

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