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**Sorry its taken me so long to post this chapter.  I've had most of this story written out for a while, but I had misplaced my note book and I just found it the other day well I was packing to move.  Again sorry but I hope you enjoy and please leave a comment, I would love some feed back!!!**

***Sorry to any one who has read this chapter thus far, I mixed up some names, but its all fixed now!!again sorry***

Walking into the Great Hall you saw that most of the school had already there. You made your way over to the Gryffindor table and sat down next to Mike.

“Hey” you said giving him a kiss on the check. He smiled and wrapped his arm around your waist lovingly.

“Back at ya” he said looking into your eyes his smile growing wider.

“Hello you two” Hermione said brightly as her, Ron, Harry and Tayen sat down.

“So what were you up to all day Kathleen?” Tayen asked you with a smirk.

“Just laying around all day, why?” you responded somewhat nervously. If Harry, Ron or Hermione had found out that you had been hanging out with Draco, world war three was likely to start.

“No reason really, Hermione and I were just hoping that you would have joined us in the library or at Hagrid’s is all” she smiled.

“Sorry, next time” you said.

Tayen and Hermione shrugged and want back to their dinners.

“So what were you boys up to?” you asked wanting to take everyone’s minds off of what you had been up to that day.

“Qudditch of course, then Hagrid’s” Harry replied as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

After about a half hour both you and Mike had finished your meals and said good bye to the group. You made your way up to the room of requirement to have some alone time since you hadn’t seen each other all day. Walking into the room, you found that it was decorated exactly like the Gryffindor common room.

“So what’s up?” you asked him.

“Just missed you” he said pulling you into his lap on the couch.

“I missed you too; sorry I wasn’t around that much today”

“Its alright, I survived didn’t I?” he joked, “But where were you today? You weren’t up in the common room; I looked up there for you today after lunch”

“Around” you said not wanting to tell Mike that you had been with Draco. You didn’t know why you felt so hesitant about telling him, but you knew that keeping your friendship a secret was the best way. You also were sure that Ron, Harry and Hermione had made their feeling towards Draco clear to Mike and had told them to stay clear of Draco.

“Around where?” Mike insisted eyeing your suspiciously.

“Seeing some old friends out in the grounds” you said hoping that it would stop the questions.

Unfortunately it didn’t stop his questioning, “Seeing old friends?”

“Yes, friends that I haven’t seen all summer” you replied as you getting off his lap and began pacing in front of the fireplace.

“There’s something not telling me Lee, what is it?” he said standing in front of your pacing path.

You looked into his beautiful brown eyes and sighed, there was no way you could keep a secret from him for long and you knew that. Taking a deep breath you began, “The old friend I was seeing” you paused and Mike stood there looking expectantly at you, “It was Draco Malfoy” you finished looking way from him and bracing yourself for the explosion that you were sure that was coming.

It took Mike a full minute to realize who you were talking about. “You mean that ass who called you love and invited you to hang out with him?”

“He’s not an ass, he’s my friend” you said angry filling you.

“Your friend? Just was kind of friend Kathleen?” Mike asked grabbing both of your arms.

“A friend, a good friend, the kind you talk to”. Why was he getting so up set? Why was it every time you told a guy something the least bit upsetting they would start acting like a complete and total git! “Why is me being friends with Draco such a big deal? Why Mike?”

“Besides all of the horrible stories I’ve heard about him. Do you remember who his father is Lee, his father is a Death Eater! Christ Lee, a Death Eater, come on, father like son!” he yelled, taking a breath he continued his rant, “Plus Harry is one of your best friends, don’t you think that he could be using you to get to Harry”

You couldn’t believe him, you cut him off before he could go any father, “Draco has been my friend since I was new student here at Hogwarts! Also when I got into a huge fight with Harry, Ron and Hermione, he was there for me!” you roared.

“I don’t care! I don’t want you to see him anymore, he’s no good Lee!”

His word’s not only mad you angrier then you could remember, but also forced a laugh from your lips, “Are you saying that I can’t see him anymore? That you decided that because I am your girlfriend that you get to choose for me my friends?” you asked him your voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Exactly, well just this friend anyways” he responded, obviously he had missed your sarcasm.

You began to laugh again, was he really that stupid to believe you tell you who you could and couldn’t be friends with?

“Why are you laughing?” Mike asked angrily.

“Harry, Ron and Hermione have already tried to tell me that I could be friends with Draco. Well the three of them were telling you stories about Draco, they should of told you what happened, when they told me I couldn’t be friends with him. The lot of us didn’t speak for a month or so. I don’t let people tell me who I can and can’t be friends with. I’m smart enough to make that decision on my own!”

“Fine Kathleen! If he is just that important t you, maybe you should just be with him!”

“What?” you said confused, is that what this whole fight had been about? Mike thought that you had feeling for Draco besides those of friendship. “Draco is my friend nothing else Mike!”

“Sure, sure Kathleen” Mike said rolling his eyes, “If he’s just your friend, why is that you sneak around? If he was just truly your friend, you would sneak around. You would have just told me straight out that it was him you were with this afternoon”

“He is just my friend Mike! So what are you trying to tell me? Are you trying to tell me you want to break up? That you don’t want to be with me anymore?” you asked him, tears building up in your eyes.

He paused thinking, then spoke, “Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying Kathleen. I’m done!”

Shocked by his words, the anger that was in his voice, you just stood there as tears rolled down your checks. You stood there for another moment, then ran from the room not being able to look at him any longer. You had no idea where your feet were taking you, you just ran, ran hoping that the pain in your chest would go away. When you looked up, you were in front of the Fat Lady. Barely chocking out the password through your tears, you raced up to your dormitory. Not stopping to respond as your friends called to you as you race up the stairs. You didn’t want to see anyone right now, you just needed to be alone.

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