The Amazing Shrinking Sirius

The next Monday they all headed to Potions with Sirius still complaining about the early morning practice that James had held. He had really worked them because it had been first practice of the season.

'I swear, Prongs! You made me miss out on precious beauty sleep.' Sirius cried as they walked down the stone corridor.

The others rolled their eyes. They had been listening to Sirius say this for the past 24 hours and frankly, they were getting sick of it.

Finally, Lily decided to make a point as she was tired of Sirius complaining all the time.

'Sirius! Would you please shut up for like one second.' she yelled her voice echoing.

Sirius was so shocked by Lily yelling at him that he kept quiet. He hadn’t expected anyone to yell at him. He was just being typical Sirius.

'Now,' Lily continued. 'I know that James was a big-head, stupid, idiotic, dumb, obsessed...'

'Where was I again?' she asked pretending to be deep in thought. James looked at her offended.

Everyone cracked up except for James and Sirius.

Ari was doubled over on Sean, Sean was holding onto Remus for support, Remus had to lean on Addy, and Addy was holding onto Meg, to keep from falling over. Meg was almost on the floor from all the weight that was on her.

Lily grinned. 'Ok, ok, my point was that we have heard you make this speech a thousand times already. I have it practically memorized by now. We know what you think of James and plus Addy and Ari went. They were there the whole time doing whatever you were doing. You don't see them complaining do you?'

Sirius looked at Addy and Ari and saw indeed that they were perfectly happy and weren't complaining at all.

'But, I need more sleep than they do because I am bigger. And that means I need to make myself look prettier.' Sirius said stubbornly showing off his muscles.

Lily was just about to open her mouth to give him a retort when Meg cut her off.

'Why, Siri-kins, do you need to make yourself look pretty? Do you...' she lowered her voice. 'Swing the other way?' Everyone was silent and they all looked as they all looked at Sirius's face that was red in the face. They looked back at Meg who had amusement written all over her face. She was trying very hard to not burst out laughing.

'WHAT? NO! WHAT!' Sirius shouted looking shocked at Meg.

At this point everyone was laughing so hard that they had stopped progression to the potions dungeon completely.

'Oh! You are going to get it!' Sirius warned Meg. She was too busy laughing to answer but Ari calmed down enough to talk to Sirius.

'On the contrary my dear, dear, Sirius, you are the one that is going to get it.' and with that the girls, giggling, ran down the hall.

'What just happened?' Sirius asked the Marauders confusedly.

Remus was wiping tears from his eyes and James and Sean were picking themselves off the floor.

'That, Sirius, means that you are in trouble.' Remus said.

'The girls have obviously planned something for you.' Sean added.

'And...' James said. 'I think I know what it is. They have potential for Marauderettes.' He was grinning.

Sirius looked at James and went on his knees. 'Please, Prongs, tell me.'

James shook his head. 'The way you will find out is more amusing. I have only one hint for you... Think of the reason you said you needed your sleep.'

With that James and Sean picked Sirius up and the four walked to the dungeons.

When they got there they saw that the Slytherins were already there but the girls had spread themselves out.

James went over and sat next to Addy, Remus sat next to Lily, Sean sat next to Meg, which left Sirius to sit next to Ari.

Sirius gulped. 'Come here, Sirius, I saved you a seat!' Ari cried.

James grinned. This was going to be good.

Sirius slowly walked over to the seat while giving glares to the Marauders and the other girls the whole time.

He sat down and turned to Ari. 'Please don't do anything!' he pleaded.

She leaned close and whispered in his ear, 'Too late'

Sirius was now getting very nervous. What if she caused damage to his beautiful face or even worse his hair!

Professor Slughorn came in jovially. 'Hello, class!' he said beaming around at them all. 'I am glad you have chosen you own seats because that will be your permanent seat for the rest of the year.'

Sirius glared at the big teacher.

'Today we will be making a potion that will change the appearances of your face.' he said. Most of the kids looked horrified. What if they couldn't get their face back?

Slughorn was reading their minds. 'Don't worry; I have a cauldron full of the antidote in my office.' Everyone visibly relaxed.

'This potion is similar to the shrinking potion as they share many ingredients so please be careful. Off to work.'

Everyone started to scurry around to get their stuff.

An hour later the potions were ready.

The girls were told to try the potion first. Ari gulped the potion down and in a second her hair turned blonde and her eyes turned a violent purple.

Sirius inwardly breathed a sigh of relief. At least he hadn't done anything to the potion.

Now it was his turn. Ari sneakily added an ingredient to Sirius's half of the potion. Sirius took the glass and gulped it down.

All of a sudden he felt a rush and saw that Ari was getting bigger and bigger.

'Ari, did you take a potion that would make you get bigger?' he asked. But instead of his deep voice there came a squeak instead. He looked down and saw that he was sitting on a humongous circle.

He heard laughs from the rest of the class.

From the classes point of view they saw a Sirius Black who was about the size of a pencil.

James was pounding his fist on the table. This was probably the most funniest thing he had ever seen in his life.

Lily, Ari, Addy, and Meg exchanged high fives.

Sirius looked at the giants indigently. 'You shrunk me!' he roared. But all that came out was a squeak.

Slughorn quieted down the class so they could hear what Sirius had to say.

'Go on, Mr. Black, what did you want to say?'

Sirius proceeded to let out a string of every curse word he knew. Ari patted Sirius on the head with her finger.

'You know, now you won't need much sleep because you are so small enough sleep to you would mean like minute.'

Everyone started to laugh again.

'Mr. Potter, please take Mr. Black to the hospital wing, and take Mr. Lupin also, he looks very sick.'

Remus indeed looked sick because the full moon was coming up.

The three headed off with James and Remus still laughing.

The period was almost over so by the time they got there the girls and Sean would also be there soon.

Sirius was sitting sullenly on James's palm. 'I can't believe that they shrunk me.' Sirius squeaked but that statement only made James and Remus laughed harder.

When they got to the Hospital Wing they saw that Madame Pomphery wasn’t there so James put Sirius down on a pillow and led Remus to a bed.

They were still laughing when the door opened and in came the girls followed by Madame Pomphery.

‘I present to you the amazing shrinking Sirius!!’ Addy exclaimed with her hands raised in the air.

Madam Pomphery rushed to the pillow and peered down at Sirius. Then without warning she burst out laughing.

‘Poppy!’ Sirius squeaked indigently.

When Poppy had started to laugh the others had also started cracking up. It was one thing to see classmates laughing but when an adult started laughing it made the situation even funnier.

Poppy calmed down and apologized. ‘My apologies but it is just funny to see you here smaller than everyone.’

She went to the potions cabinet and gave a potion to Sirius. He started to gag and in about a minute there was the full grown Sirius Black back on the bed.

Everyone was silent and then Lily started giggling. ‘The Amazing Shrinking Sirius.’ she giggled.

Everyone cracked and Lily and Ari ran out as Sirius chased them.

Sean and James helped Remus and they all went to dinner.

That night the boys were just about to head up to sleep when Addy called…


Everyone turned to look at Sirius who was turning red.

He grabbed a pillow and charmed it so it would hit her repeatedly on the head and turned and walked up laughing.

Oddly enough he wasn’t thinking about what was said, he was thinking about the person who said it.

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