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A N D O R A   W H I T E:  T h e  R u n a w a y.


Green and brown blurred in Andora's vision as she ran, her feet pushing hard against the uneven ground. Dodging trees, she concentrated on her breathing and willed herself not to look back. She knew they were right behind her, she could feel them and the heat of the spells that were barely missing her. Sweat was pouring down her forehead, and she could taste the bitter mix of salt and copper. Face contorting in pain as something sharp jabbed the bottom of both her bare feet, Andora cried out but didn't fumble. She couldn't afford it. She only had a few more yards to go before she was at the port key. She just had to put more distance between her and the group of men behind her.


"Confringo!" Andora yelled, looking over her shoulder and pointing her wand in the general direction of the small mob. The spell hit a tree, causing chunks to explode and impale one member of the group. The falling wood caused them to back up, avoiding the huge oak as it slammed into the forest floor. Not wasting any time she threw out another spell before sprinting off, "Duro! Duro!"


As she reached the clearing, Andora scanned the area for the old picnic basket. Once she spotted it, she thrust her wand towards it and began running again, "Accio picnic basket!"


"Sectumsempra!" a deep voice screamed out, just before her fingers wrapped around the wicker basket. Andora chanced a look behind her, long silver locks were whipping around the man in the wind, and he seemed to glow in the moonlight. Andora cried out as an intense pain shot up her right leg right as she began to spin, the port keys magic working perfectly.


"Arg!" Andora screamed as she was thrown to the hard dirt. She rolled over quickly, pulling her leg up for closer inspection. Her feet were disgusting, cut up and covered in mud and blood, her pajama bottoms were ripped and matted with dirt- the right leg soaked in an alarming amount of blood. She yanked the fabric up and winced as she saw several deep cuts along her shin and calf.


A door slammed in the distance as Andora pulled off her over-shirt and wrapped it tightly around the pulsing wound, tying it as best as she could. She stood up, gripped her wand and limped off just in time for a man with a shot gun to come inspect his back yard.


Muggles, Andora thought, with their ruddy death inventions.


"Atleast wands are made to do more than just murder," she grumbled as she stumbled down the dirt road to the Weasley's rundown house, "Though bloody Death Eater's don't seem to understand that rather simple concept."

After a good hour of walking, Andora finally made it to the broken down gate surrounding the magical family's home. She pushed it open and it made the most obnoxious sound as she did so, causing a curtain to be pushed aside then a muffled shout was heard and the front door thrown open.

"Andora!” Ginny Weasley was the first to bolt out the door, followed by the one and only Molly Weasley.


“Hey,” Andora managed to ground out. She smiled, and though it didn’t reach her eyes, it seemed to ease both Weasley women.


Grabbing Andora by the shoulders, they dragged the young witch inside their shabby home and set her down on a kitchen chair. Molly began bustling around the room, kepping herself busy while Ginny sat next to Andora.


“We were all beginning to worry about you,” Ginny said, reaching her hand across the table to place it over Andora’s. Clean over dirty: looks could be deciving.


“I d’nt think they’d send the whole lot of ‘em after me,” She replied, running a hand through her grimy hair.


“You’re parents were the only one’s who were to be home!” Molly cut in.

“I know it, Molly, but it looked like they knew I was gon’ make a run for it.”


“How would they have found out? The Order and you were the only one’s who knew,” Ginny sat back in her chair, and when Molly poured three glasses of tea, they all sat back and took a long sip.


“My reasonin’ be we got ourselves a rat,” Andora ran her finger down the side of her glass, leaving a trail in the condensation. She looked up at the gasp let out by Molly, “We got one on em, yeah? Why should it be a surprise the other way ‘round?”


“How do reckon anyone on that end even found out, Dear? Maybe it was just a coincidence?” Molly put in. Her tone was bordering on her version on desperation. Ginny shot Andora a look that read ‘please don’t get her going’. The older woman began to clean and fix the minor cuts, washing the dirt from Andora as she went.


“Because not only were they ou’side me house, they were in the exact spot I was mean’t to get me broom and bolt. They were in the middle of the sodden forest for Merlin’s sake, Molly. They had me broom on fire- that’s how I spot’d them ‘fore they saw me!” Andora leaned over the table, “And the only people who knew ‘bout the port key was you two and I- and they d’nt know about that. If they had, they’d have destroyed that and they would have cut me off from both sides.”


No one said anything for a few moments and Andora took that time to look around the room. It was stripped of the most precious things, but enough junk was left to make it look like the family still lived here, or had left in a hurry. That was the idea, of course, to let others think what they wished. Two bags lay beside the fire place.


“I think we should get goin’,” Andora pushed her glass forward, about half was still left. Standing up, “I shrunk me trunk, which has got anything and everything I could fit in there, and me money. ‘Sin me pocket.” She patted her hip just to be sure.


“Right you are,” Molly sighed, taking one last look at her home,” On to Head Quarters, then.”


“Since that backfired-“


“I’m still goin’ to do it, love,” Andora cut the red head off, “Us three- and Mogonagal- we’re the only one’s who know about that particular part of the plan. The rest of ‘em thought we were gon’ ship me off to the rotten America’s to hide.”


Molly had her suitcase, and Ginny’s, with her inside the fire place. She held a look that said so many things at once, and Andora felt her heart fill with sadness. Her mother never looked at her the way Molly looked at Ginny, or any of her children. Her mother barely looked at her at all, come to think of it. She knew she had made the right decision to running away, she just hoped the rest of plan went smoother than the first half.


“You be careful, Dears,” Molly kissed them both on the cheek. Sighing, she took a deep breath and then clearly called out the name of a neighboring home she would be flooing into, as not to give away the Order’s hiding place.


“Alright,” Ginny pulled out her wand, “Let’s get started, shall we?”

Andora looked at her watch, “We’ve got ‘bout twenty minutes.”



For the next nineteen minutes, Ginny worked her wonderful Charm’s skill on Andora’s body. Little changes in her physical features; green eyes now bright blue, blonde and naturally straight hair now jet black with unruly curls, her nose a little wider. Her freckles vanished, eye shape altered just a bit, and her lips became less full. Weight and height were something Ginny didn’t trust herself doing, so they would just have to leave that alone and hope what they had done was enough.


“Lets add the finishin’ touches, yeah?” Andora picked up the pair of black framed glasses and put them on. They didn’t have a prescription, they were just for looks. Pulling her hair up in a tight and messy pony tail, she secured it with a bright pink elastic band.


“Here,” Ginny handed her a pair of old jeans. Pulling her pajama pants down and stepping out of them, she quickly pulled on the worn denim. Then after that, a long sleeved and oversized shirt from Ginny aswell, “That was my brothers’. I usually sleep in it.”


Shoes were next, a pair of tennis shoes that belonged to Andora. After that was all said and done, they sat on the couch. Separated by a board of Wizards Chess, they anxiously waited with wands gripped tight in hand.


“Got your accent down?” Ginny asked her, well aware that if Andora hadn’t perfected the typical British accent all the work they’ve done was worthless.


“Yeah, I’ve seem to got it down pretty good, if I do say so,” Andora smiled, reached over and moved her knight.


“How long until they get here, do you think?”

“Dunno,” Andora shrugged, “It’s ten ‘til six. I s’pose they-“


Andora was cut off by the distinct “pop” of someone Apparating. Actually, it was more than one. Ginny and Andora pushed off of the couch and onto the floor, wands at the ready.


“Stupefy!” Ginny yelled, nailing one of the hooded men in the chest.


Andora groaned, and pointed her wand at Ginny, then herself and cast the Invisibility Spell. They both set off in different directions, Andora sneaking up behind two Death Eater’s who were rummaging through the kitchen. Picking the larger of the two, she whispered, “Petrificus Totalus!”


“Goyle!” his companion whipped around, wand at the ready, “Come on you sneaky twits! I know you’re in here!”


Casting the Langlock jinx, Andora almost laughed as the smaller man tried to cast curses at the places he thought she should be. With his tongue glued to the top of this mouth, he wouldn’t be harming anyone with magic for atleast a few hours. Of course, she had gotten hit a few times- so had Ginny. But they were both holding their own against the men.


Bolting out into the living room once more, she checked the clock on the wall. It was thirty seconds until she was to meet Ginny. Gasping as she felt someone bump into her, the two girls covered their own mouths in an attempt to muffle their screams, but Andora didn’t manage as well as Ginny when the girls flaming red hair came into view. Apparently, Andora was just as visible as Weasley, because she saw Ginny’s eyes widen.


“Clever little girls you are,” one of them drawled, “To place yer’selves invisibile. Who taught you that trick? One of yer traitorous friends like to turn our friends to-”


“Now,” Andora whispered, and Ginny threw herself into the other girls arms, pulled out her wand, and Apparated. They found themselves about a mile away from Number Twelve Grimmauld Place. They both took off in the direction of the safe house.

Ten minutes into their run, Ginny ran right into a rather tall dark skinned man, “Kingsley!”

“Ginny, what are you- who’s this?” He asked looking them both over.
“We don’t have time for that, Kingsley-“ 

“-we were attacked.” Andora finished for the other girl. She was panting, hands on her knees and sweat on her face. Ginny was holding her stomach, not looking much better. Andora shot Ginny a look, “By Death Eaters.”

“At the Burrow, right after Mum left,” Ginny explained. She kept looking over her shoulder, thinking maybe they followed her Apparition.


After a good ten minutes of hard negotiating later, Ginny had convinced Kingsley that if they didn’t take Andora into hiding with them, she would surely be hunted down and killed. Would Kingsley want that o his shoulders? A young, and innocent, witch’s death on his hands because he choose not to save her. Needless to say, he was a sucker for guilt and Ginny’s big eyes and pout.


Precautions  were taken of course, but Andora didn’t mind. She had been blinded temporarily, and a buzzing was in her head to prevent her from hearing anything relating to the address.


“I am Alice, by the way,” Andora, or Alice, said quietly as she gripped onto the two bodies beside her. They had stopped walking for a moment, “Alice Foreman.”


Kingsley pulled her with him, careful not to let her stumble, and introduced himself aswell. Though she couldn’t hear it, it didn’t really matter. She already knew who this man was.

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