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hi! so here is chapter six! yay!! it's a little more serena and sirius one-on-one, so hopefully you guys like that. i didn't get any reviews on chapter five, it made me a little sad. i love xeno, he's a good friend to serena. and don't forget about lucius and bellatrix just yet!

by the way - i only own serena. everything else is jk's

The next few days Serena avoided not only Regulus as usual, but also Sirius. The whole entire school was buzzing with rumors of what had happened the past weekend and Serena needed some time off. The school year had started off with a bang – what with her breakup with Regulus and then the whole – whatever it was ! with Sirius. Serena decided it would be best if she kept a low profile for the next couple of days, until something more exciting happened then the Black brothers dueling in the Great Hall.

Keeping a low profile meant that Serena spent most of her time in the Forbidden Forest with Xeno, who was constantly attempting conversation with the centaurs. It never ceased to amuse Serena, who found that spending time with Xeno meant that everyone else pretty much left them alone.  Particularly Lucius Malfoy. No Lucius Malfoy meant no Regulus. Xeno was also pretty good at warding off the Mauraders – his random tyrades about seemingly make-believe creatures frustrated Remus, who was far too logical to listen to such nonsense. The other Mauraders stuck with their friend.

“Don’t you understand, Serena? Their understanding  of the celestial bodies is simply higher than any human! They know about events and things that we haven’t even considered!” A frazzled Xeno attempted to explain his Centaur Seeking to his pretty blonde friend.  They made quite a pair. Serena was slim, elegant and tan – her bright red pea coat stuck out against the dreary atmosphere of the Hogwarts grounds. Xeno was much more peculiar, his purple eyes intensely magnified behind his glasses and his sweater was magically enchanted to represent the atmosphere of the solar system. Meteors flew around his shoulders and seemed to give him a slight shock every now and then.

Serena simply smiled as they trekked from the Forest back towards the castle. Her stomach had been growling so loud that it was distracting the unicorns, so Xeno kindly suggested that they return to grab some dinner. They reached the Great Hall and Serena’s usually pink cheeks seemed to pale a little bit. Xeno patted her on the shoulders.

“Too bad, house rivalries are silly things! Keep your heard up” Serena had filled Xeno in on the situation of events, and he tried his best to help her through the rough patches. This was just another attempt to make Serena smile. She did, slightly and started towards the Gryffindor table – which was abuzz as usual with gossip.

Alice Franklin was chatting up James Potter while Frank sat beside her, seeming to try to apologize to James through eye contact. Lily Evans simply sat across from Potter, trying to look bored by the current conversation. On either side of James there were Remus and Peter, who seemed to be legitimately bored by Alice’s babbling. The only one Serena didn’t spot was…

“Hello there love.”

Sirius whispered in her ear, his breath was warm on her skin and made the hairs on her neck stand up. She quickly spun around to face him, causing her black school kilt to swirl out and around her. She blinked up at him through her large purplish eyes.

“Hello Sirius.”

He stared at her, and Serena felt the pink color return to her cheeks. He didn’t smile or frown, he wasn’t smirking or growling at her. He simply stared at the girl in front of him.

Serena was rather short, he realized as she stood in front of him. In their previous run-ins, she had some how convinced him that she was much taller. Yet, here at the doors of the Great Hall Sirius saw Serena as a small, delicate young girl. Her grey polo shirt was old and faded, with fraying edges that she picked when nervous. Her skirt rested low on her slim hips and her blonde hair fell past her back. She hadn’t pinned her bangs up today, so they fell dangerously low, brushing the tips of her thick, black eyelashes.

She bit her lip nervously, he noticed with interest. It took him a moment to realize the lip bite was because of him.

“Hungry?”  He laughed when her stomach growled loudly. She nodded. “Come sit with us.” He motioned to his friends.

Serena quickly shook her head and pointed to the figures of Alice and Lily. Christ, he probably thinks you’re retarded. Why are you mute? A little voice shouted at her.

“I’m not really in the mood for conversation.” She said, lamely. Sirius laughed.

“I know how that feels, where would you rather sit?” He asked and Serena shrugged.

“Somewhere over in that area.” She pointed to an empty spot between a crowd of first years. The boys sat on one end and the girls another. Sirius couldn’t deny it was the perfect spot for someone to sit if they didn’t want anyone to talk to them.

“Well if we must!” He grabbed her hand and dragged her in between the first years. James, Remus and Peter shot him confused looks, but Sirius waved them off. Alice Franklin actually gasped out loud and smacked Frank to attention. Lily just sighed dramatically and tried to make it seem like she wasn’t interested.

“We?” Serena said after they had sat down and Sirius began piling food onto his plate. The first years on either side gasped, Sirius was sitting near the girls and Serena near the boys. Both sides looked equally pleased and nervous.

“You didn’t think that I would let you eat alone, did you?” Sirius asked as Serena began to gather her own dinner.

“I’ve eaten alone for the past six years and that seems to have done me well.” Serena said carefully in a sharp tone. Sirius chuckled, causing a ripple of girlish First year giggles.

“Has it?” The handsome boy questioned and Serena frowned. Sirius continued. “Honestly, love, you’ve been avoiding me all week. What’s wrong?”  Serena blinked at him again.

“You put my ex-boyfriend in a full body bind in front of the entire Great Hall because of an argument about me. And now everyone knows that. I’ve heard rumors that we’ve had a three way, did you hear those?” She pointed her fork at him. Sirius pouted at the girl and frowned.

“He’s my brother you know!”

“Alice Franklin watched me brush my teeth all week! Morning and evening! Like I was going to either start making out with her or explode.” Serena’s voice was strained. Sirius rolled his eyes.

“Alice Franklin needs to get over herself.” He smiled at Serena. “Did I really do something wrong?” Serena sighed, and began playing with her mashed potatoes and gravy.

“No, not really.” She stopped. “Not at all, actually. You were great!” Her cheeks flushed bright pink. “That’s not what I meant.”

Sirius’ loud laugh filled the Great Hall, and the first year boys laughed in the most macho tone they could muster. Serena blushed but continued.

“I just don’t like having a lot of attention on me.” She pointed behind Sirius to the first year girls who were slowly inching closer, eager to eavesdrop. “I was hoping things would die down, then maybe we could…” She paused and rolled her eyes when she saw food drop from Alice Franklin’s fork as she blatantly stared.

“BUGGER OFF ALICE!” Sirius turned and yelled at the girl. She blushed and turned back to Lily to try and hide her embarrassment. He then turned towards the first year girls and motioned for them to scoot away. They all blushed as they slide back in place.

“Maybe we could pick up where we left off?” Serena whispered into Sirius’ ear as she slid out of her place at the table. Sirius’ smile spread from ear to ear as the elusive blonde glided out of the Great Hall, attracting whispers from every corner of the room.

hope you liked it! please reviewwww

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