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A/N A quick apology to the 13 people who managed to read this chapter when I first uploaded it. I apologise for the utter crappiness of it. As you can see this one is entirely different. Hopefully it’s not as crap either. 

For a moment Delilah stood stunned, shocked into utter paralyses at the brutality of Narcissa Black’s attack on her and then, there it was, that familiar, almost pleasant, heat of anger surging through her heart, melting her shock away. Fury seemed to lick the insides of her stomach and she began to shake, she physically shook which rage, with indignance, that Narcissa Black would have the audacity to speak to her in that way. For who was Narcissa Black? Nothing but some hopped up little “pure blood”, all drunk with power at being born into a family of stuffy nobodies! Narcissa Black was no one! Delilah, however, got invites to the royal garden party. Delilah was a Lady. A Lady where Muggles were concerned anyway and Muggles weren’t lesser as Narcissa, in all her ignorance, imagined them to be. For who was in hiding? Who hid from who? If being a pureblood was so great and made Narcissa Black so mighty then she wouldn’t mind if Delilah shoved an A-Bomb up her ass would she? She could just abracadabra is away! Delilah was more important than Narcissa Black ever would be and the fact that that prissy little fifth year could even DARE speak to her that way. Oh this was it! She could feel it. Blood roared in her ears as she took her trembling first step, then her next, until she was striding out of the bathroom with an awesome sense of purpose.

When she made it to the hallway she could still see Narcissa, almost at the staircase. Aside from the girls the hallway was empty, everyone else was still at breakfast, so when Delilah called out her voice echoed along the corridor, “OI! BLACK!”

Narcissa’s back stiffened at her shout. For a wild moment Delilah thought she would run for it and she prepared herself to make chase but the girl didn’t run, instead she turned regally towards her aggressor, her face thin, pale and ready.

“Yes?” She asked in faux-serenity flicking her long hair over her shoulder.

“If I’m a worthless piece of dung what does that make you?” Delilah called, the hot fury in her voice bounced of the corridor walls but Narcissa didn‘t appear worried. “Apart from a wannabe, desperate, slut from nowhere and nothing?”

For a moment it appeared as though Narcissa had been hit with a fierce stunning spell but then the girl let out a tinkling laugh, “Oh please, who’re you to speak to me like that? I’m a Black!”

“That means fuck all to me! To me you’re a wannabe, desperate, slut from nowhere and nothing.” Delilah repeated and Narcissa’s cheeks darkened with an angry rouge.

“Shut you’re filthy mouth!”

“You think I’m embarrassing myself?” Delilah hissed striding towards the girl who reached swiftly for her wand, “You think what I do is humiliating? He. Loves. Me.” She punctuated each word with biting precision, “Nothing you can say will take that knowledge from me. Now you, on the other hand, are nothing but a desperate, stalking mongrel. Because without him you’re nothing and you know you’re nothing. You’re disgusting and ugly and weak! You’re family is disgusting and ugly and weak! You’re name is a joke and- OH YOU DID NOT!” A jet of silver light streaked past Delilah, barely missing her cheek and she turned furious eyes upon Narcissa.

The girl frantically tried to remember another spell but her mind had went blank and then suddenly the Mudblood was hurtling towards her.

Delilah took Narcissa out at the waist, reminiscent of a rugby tackle and they crashed to the stone floor. Narcissa’s wand clattered out of reach and Delilah raised up, lifting her fist and quickly burying it in Narcissa’s face. Narcissa let out a howl and grabbed at Delilah’s head with both hands, she got clumps of the girls hair and began viciously pulling at it, ripping huge chunks out of her head. Delilah, however, was not deterred and let out a battle cry continuing to scratch at Narcissa’s face until blood was streaming from the girls cheeks and nose. They struggled frantically, Narcissa biting at Delilah’s fingers as she trailed chunks out of her head and Delilah slapping and punching mercilessly at Narcissa’s face.

Their squeals echoed along the corridor and soon attracted attention. Screams and shouts erupted around them but neither noticed, so intent that they were to destroy each other and then, suddenly, Delilah felt strong arms trailing her off the flailing girl on the floor. She kicked out desperately trying to get back to her attack but whoever was holding her wouldn’t let go.

A girl Delilah recognised as Narcissa’s sister was suddenly on her knees trying to help Narcissa stand; although she ended up holding the girl back as Narcissa struggled to launch herself at Delilah again.

“Lucius! For Merlin’s sake!” Andromeda yelped and Lucius, who’d been standing on the sidelines, hurried to help her gain control of her sister who was squealing obscenities.

“MUDBLOOD! STUPID WHORE! I’LL KILL YOU!” Narcissa was shrieking and Delilah laughed derisively.


“No! Come on! Before the teachers get here,” Sirius was awkwardly trying to drag her away, “She’s not worth it. Come on Delilah, deep breaths,”

Narcissa was shrieking with laughter, “YOU’RE PATHETIC!” She yelled and Delilah’s struggles became more intense, “A JOKE! JUST LIKE I TOLD YOU!”

“NO!” Delilah screamed, “LET ME GO SIRIUS OR I SWEAR I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!” But Sirius ignored her and, with great effort, continued to drag her away from the Slytherins. When she was near the end of the corridor Delilah stopped struggling and simply allowed herself to be drawn away, her eyes were on the scene before her and how, in the panic, Lucius had ended up at Narcissa’s back and not her own. The sight of his hand on her shoulder seemed to burn itself into her skull and filled her with cold, hard realisation; he may love her but he certainly wasn’t hers. Never was. Never would be.

She wrenched herself from Sirius, who sensing her knew calmness, let her go. “Come on.” She said bitterly turning on her heel and fleeing the scene.

“McGonagal is going to kill you.” Lily said simply as she collapsed on the Quiddich stands next to Delilah. The girl was staring moodily at the pitch, ignoring the rain as it splattered down on her.

“Not if she doesn’t find me.” Delilah’s voice was darker than the thick bruise on her cheek and Lily shrugged.

“You can’t stay here forever.”

Delilah didn’t answer her and Lily sighed.

“I’ve brought you a sandwich.” She held out the ham sandwich wrapped in a napkin and Delilah took it but didn’t eat any. “I hope pounding that girls face was worth it because she’s completely spilled the beans, as have many witnesses. You’ll be lucky if you’re not expelled.”

“I don’t care.” Delilah grumbled and Lily rolled her eyes.

“You should go turn yourself in to Dumbledore now, tell him what happened… What did happen?”


“Obviously it wasn’t nothing.”

“She was running her mouth.”

“Delilah!” Lily cried reproachfully, “That is no excuse! You can’t just pound on everyone who-,”

“I don’t need a lecture Lily!” Delilah snapped, “I did what I did and that’s that. Anyway she tried to curse me.”

“So it was defence? Tell Dumbledore! Now!”

“No!” Delilah folded her arms and kicked her foot against the stand in front of her, “Look, I just want to be alone.”

“I hear Sirius pulled you guys apart-,”

“Oh yeah, he was a fricken hero.”

Lily glared at her, “Why are you snapping at me? I’m on your side here!”

“Yeah? Well it doesn’t much sound like it!”

An angry silence fell upon them with Lily sending reproachful glances Delilah’s way as Delilah ignored her and stared straight ahead. The rain began to fall more heavily on their heads.

“Eat your sandwich.” Lily said finally and Delilah glared.

“I don’t want the fucking sandwich.” She growled hurling the sandwich down onto the pitch below.

“Oh for Gods sakes!” Lily snapped jumping to her feet, “I’m so sick of your melodrama! I am out of here! Call me when you grow up!”

Delilah ignored her and continued staring in the direction of the Forbidden Forest. She could hear Lily stomping away and fought the urge to shout out an apology; she wanted Lily gone, she wanted to be alone. She needed time to think.

But Lily was her friend! She shouldn’t take this out on her. Delilah turned to call after her friend but before she could she spotted something on the ground, something that must have dropped out of Lily’s pocket. She got up from her seat and made her way along the stands to pick up the roll of black parchment. For a moment she considered simply tucking it into her robes but the temptation to read Potter’s childish love note was too much and she unfurled it.

“What do you think they were fighting about?” Pete asked, broaching on the topic that was being widely discussed across the school, “Reckon it was you Padfoot?”

“Naw,” Sirius laughed as he attempted to hover James. The charms class was meant to be practising advanced hover charms but most seemed to be more interested in discussing current events; in other words the cat fight that had happened earlier that day.

“It might have been, you know.” James told him as he rose shakily two inches above the ground, “I mean Narcissa is your cousin and Delilah is your girlfriend.”


“Same thing.” James yelped as he dropped back to earth.

“She’s still on the Quiddich stands.” Remus mused, his eyes on the marauders map, “Lily’s coming our way though.”


“You should probably talk to her,” Remus told him, “Convince her to go to McGonagal before McGonagal finds her and… you know… kills her.”

“Me?” Sirius stared incredulously, “Why me?”

“Because you were there!” Pete insisted, “And you’re her boyfriend.”

“Ex-boyfriend.” Sirius said grumpily shoving his wand in his pocket as James prepared to hover him.

“Plus if you go then we can find out what happened.” James grinned before flourishing his wand, “Wingardium Leviosa!”

Sirius began to rise shakily off the ground, at about two feet above base he looked thoughtful, “Reckon they’ll expel her?”

“Naw,” James lowered his friend carefully back to the floor, “We’ve done far worse to old Snivellus and we’re still here.”

“Just about.” Remus commented grimly but James grinned.

“He deserves it though Moony!”

“Reckon she’ll turn herself in?” Pete asked and Sirius let out a bark like laugh.

“Not a chance! It would take all the courage in Gryffindor House to hand yourself over to McGonagal after a fiasco like that! If I was her I’d be on the run by now.”

“Oh yeah?” James looked animated at the thought, “Where would you go?”

“To your house Jim.” Sirius told him, “That’s where I go when I runaway.”

“Oh yeah.” James laughed, “I guess you do.”

Just then the classroom door opened and Lily entered looking wet and miserable, “Sorry I’m later Professor, I had to stop by the Hospital wing,”

But Professor Flitwick barely noticed her late arrival as he was trying to revive Angelica, whom Mary had shot to the ceiling with such uncontrolled haste that she’d been knocked unconscious on the stone ceiling.

“Hi,” Lily said as she joined them at their table, “Can I sit with you guys? I don’t think my dear friend will be making it to class.” Her tone was so bitter that the boys eyebrows all shot up.

“So why were they fighting?” James asked and Lily scowled at him darkly.

“I don’t know. I’m only her best friend. She doesn’t tell me anything.”

“I bet it was Sirius.” Pete nodded decisively, “Ten galleons.”

“Well if you aren’t the worlds biggest idiot then I don’t know who is.” Angelica shook her head sadly as she and Narcissa exited the hospital wing, “Detentions every Monday until Christmas! Mother will not be pleased. What happened anyway? What did you do?”

“What did I do?” Narcissa gasped, “Absolutely nothing Andy! She’s crazy! Silly little Mudblood-,”

“Oh so she just jumped on you?”


Andromeda did not look entirely impressed with her sisters response, “Well I’m going to class and you best hurry too, you’ve still got your OWL’s to think about.” She started off down the corridor before turning round again, “Oh yes and Lucius told me to tell you that tonight is still on… what does that mean? What are you guys doing?”

But Narcissa simply turned and stalked in the other direction; her heart pounding and palms wet wondering what she’d got herself into. 

A/N So finally an update! Hope you enjoyed it! As always reviews are much appreciated!

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