-------common room------------------
Hermione layed down on the common room sofa after just walking in from another boring night with Ron. He had always seemed so interesting to her, but now that they were dating, she found he was actully quite....blah.

She longed for a little adventure in her life. She was tired of living her life the safe way, the "right way". She wanted to be dangerous. She wanted to be wrong.

She knew that she couldn't do that with Ron. He was way to good to be anything but safe. But she knew someone who could help her out.
But....that would never happen.

She sighed, thinking about her options. She knew that Ron was the one for her, but that didnt mean she couldnt have fun before she settled with him. She just had too much curiusity left to be tied down. But in order for her freedom to be granted, she knew she had to break it off with Ron, for now anyways.

--------one week later-----------

Hermione sat at the Gryffindor table, alone at the far end, again for the 7th day that week. Ron had refused to even look at her after the breakoff and Harry had to pick sides. "boys will be boys" she thought to herself. Dont get her wrong, she felt bad about hurting Ron's feelings, but this was for her.

She lifted her head up and starting eating her toast. She had just taken the second bite when something hit her from behind. She turned around to see a crumpled piece of paper on the floor behind her.

Unwrapping, she noticed it was a note, sloppy barely readable, but it said:
Hermione, please meet me in the Forbidden Forest at midnight.

No signature.

Hermione had gone over it in her head a million and a half times.This was a chance for her to take a risk. She'd be breaking curfew, going to a forbidden place all to meet someone she didnt know. This was it.

She had origonal thought that this was a trap. And for all she knew it could be. She was nervous about going, yet here she was, walking down the familiar path to the forest on the outskirts of her school. 6 years ago, in year 1, she would never had been brave enough to do this.

Approaching the Forbidden Forest, she could barely make out that there was no one there. She checked her watch again, thinking that she was late, but it read 12:00 am. She looked around her, no one in any direction.

Hermione started to freak out. What was going to happen to her? Was she right? Was this just a pratical joke?

Then the bushes rustled. The trees began to shake. Hermione could feel the pressence of someone or something. She turned around and saw him, in all his slytherin glorly. She gasped as if frightened.

"Granger?" Draco snickered. "What brings you to the Forbidden Forest at 12:00am?"

Hermione's face fell. Didn't he remember? "You threw a crumpled piece of paper at me telling me to come here." She explained. When Draco didn't respond she freaked. "Jesus Malfoy! I can't believe i let myself fall for you're little fucking joke." She screamed. "Well glad it could give you a laugh." She ran back to the castle, eyes watery.

"I should never had gone, it was too convient." She thought.
-----------next day in potions---------
Hermione was very aware of his presence now. He hadn't taken his eyes off her once the entire class period. But the thing she was worrying about the most was, why isnt he laughing about the joke last nite?

Draco didnt even move, it seemed as if he was watching her every move, waiting for her to slip up. Well, she wasn't falling for it. She did everything perfectly, as usual and Snape seemed fine with what she did.

She rushed for the door at the bell, but something tugged on her arm. She turned to look at the face of the person holding her arm ---Draco Malfoy. "great" she thought.

-------alone in an old classroom---------
"What Malfoy?" Hermione snapped. She didn't have time for this. She hated Malfoy, now more than ever. She didn't want to be around him. It made her feel dirty.

"Why did you storm off yesterday?" He asked innocently.

"Sorry. Did i ruin you're precious little joke? My bad Malfoy. i didn't realize i was suppose to let you go through with it. But i'll know next time!" She barked. She was going to win this.

"I wasn't going to play a joke on you. I was the only one there last night...beside you. I wanted to...God this is stupid! You're a....mudblood!!!! This isnt right!" Malfoy mummbled.

"What isn't right?" Hermione asked stepping a foot closer.

And thats when Draco stood up and kissed her, hard and passionate on her lips. He moved down to her neck and began to suck on it. Then he stopped, looked her in the eyes, and walked away leaving her standing in the middle of the room, hungry for more.
---------common room-------------
Hermione sat down on the common room sofa, smiling at the lasting memories of her secret lover. Draco had been meeting her everynight in the forest for the past month. She felt like she was on fire, a searing fire with no end in sight. She loved it.

Looking at Ron had never made her feel like this. She could never feel like this with anyone ever except him, Draco. Even thinking about him made her shiver with pleasure.

Her life was complete. Adventure, pleasure and danger all in one package of Malfoy. And she was never going to let it go.

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