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Time had passed so fast, Lily watched with growing pride as everyday her son got bigger and bigger, he was now one, with a head of unruly black hair and the brightest green eyes, just like her own.

“Thank you for having us Amy.” Lily said kissing her sister-in-laws cheek.

“By-bye Auntie Lily.” Oliver said shyly, Lily smiled at her now five year old nephew.

“Bye Oliver, be a good boy for your mummy and daddy, won’t you?” Lily said kneeling down to Oliver’s level and smiling at him; Oliver nodded shyly and hugged Lily tight around the neck.

“See you soon Kiddo.” James said picking up Oliver and kissing the top of his head.

“Will you play Quidditch with me again Uncle James?” Oliver asked.

“Of course I will.” James replied as Lily pick up Benjamin, who was also a year old.

“Hey baby, we’ll bring Harry over again soon.” Lily told the squirming one year old.

She passed Benjamin back to Amy as Marcus passed her Harry.

“We’ll see you soon.” James said kissing his sisters cheek as Lily hugged Marcus.

“Of course you will, I won’t give you any other option.” Amy said teasingly and watched as the new parents left in the muggle car that Lily insisted they got.

Lily smiled as she walked into the living room, on the mantle piece above the fireplace there was a number of photo’s, she walked over and looked at the photo’s as James settled Harry down in his play pen. The first one she looked at was a photo of herself and James on their wedding day, smiling lovingly at each other. The one beside it was of Harry lying in his crib sleeping peacefully; there was another of Lily parents and James parents at Lily’s parents house smiling at the camera and each holding up a glass of wine; another one of Ivy and Sirius holding a small baby girl, they’d not married yet – if ever, but Mackenzie was now seven months old; one was of Tulip in her first Hogwarts uniform, holding up her letter; there was one of Claire and Nathan, Nathan holding a one year old Sophie Taylor, and Claire holding a now two month old Riley Louise; Then there was one of Amy and Marcus holding Oliver and Benjamin; There was a photo of Remus, Sirius, Peter and James, from there fifth year; and finally a photo of Lily, Ivy, Robyn and Hannah.

“Strange how over the years everything seems to have changed.” James said wrapping his arms around Lily’s waist and resting his chin on her shoulder.

“Strange knowing that I’m never going to see some of the people in these photos ever again.” Lily murmured looking at the photo of Tulip and Hannah.

“Come on, let’s have a drink.” James said.

Lily was sitting down in the living room, she was sitting directly in front of a warm fire that was burning brightly, it cast an orange glow over everything in the room.
Lily was holding Harry to her chest protectively, it was getting late but he was unable to sleep.

“We’ve lost a lot little Harry. Friends and family. But they are always here my little Harry. Right in your heart, they won’t ever leave, neither will I, nor will your father. Daddy and I love you too much to leave you. Even if this war does steal our bodies away, we’ll always be in your heart.” Lily said in a soft voice. Harry opened his eyes, they were bright emerald green, and his hair was a black. He was so beautiful.

There was a soft pop from behind the chair the woman was in and she stiffened.

“Evening my lovely flower.” A male voice said, it was comforting and strong.

“Hello love, you scared me, you could have just walked home rather then Apparate, you were only down the street.” The woman said relaxing.

“Sorry my lovely flower.” The man said and placed a loving kiss on Lily’s forehead, however Lily looked up so he caught her lips instead. James smiled into the kiss.

James pulled back, he had warm hazel eyes and messy black hair and round glasses placed on his nose.

The two adults looked lovingly into each others eyes until the baby Lily was holding let out a soft whimper.

“Oh Harry. You need to go to bed.” Lily said standing up; she picked up a wand from a table beside the chair.

Lily made her way towards a staircase when there was an almighty crash coming from another room, she saw the man run out of the room towards the other room. Lily stood frozen.

“Lily it’s him! Lily run! Take Harry! Run!” She heard James bellow, she did as she was told and ran, up the stairs and into a nursery painted light blue.

She placed the now crying baby into a cot and whispered some spells to lock the door, and then she turned to the baby and placed a kiss on his forehead and said some more spells. A loud thump could be heard. It was the man. She finished her spells and let out a sob.


The door into the nursery clicked and flew off its hinges.

There stood a man, only he wasn’t a man he was snake like, his eyes were no more then red hate filled slits, his nose was flattened to that like a snakes, his skin was a murky green/grey colour.

This was no man, this was a monster.

Lily ran to the cot and covered the baby.

“Please leave!” She screamed.

“Just give me the child!” Spat the monster.

“No! Have mercy! Have Mercy! Don’t kill my baby!” Lily screamed.

“Move a side! You need not die tonight!” The monster hissed.

“Have mercy! Not my baby!” She screamed.

Tears were running down her face blurring her vision.

“Move aside you silly girl!” The monster bellowed.

“I won’t let you kill my baby! Please kill me instead! Not my Harry!” Lily pleaded.

“If you don’t move now I’ll kill you both!” The monster hissed stepping forward.

”No Please! NO!” Lily screamed.

The monster had enough of this arguing and pointed his wand at Lily.

“Avada Kedavra!” the man bellowed there was a flash of green.

Was it hours, minutes, seconds or eternity that she floated in the darkness? She did not know where she was, nor did she know how long she’d have to remain there.

However she became aware of an annoying buzzing in her ear, she tried to force her eyes to open, but she could not.

“Hold on!” Some one screamed beside her. Was she moving? She was sure she was.

“Lily Potter don’t you dare die!” Someone screamed, she remembered that voice.

“Lily.” A different voice said quietly, much much nearer though, and was her mind playing tricks on her?

Some where she became aware that someone, people rather, were with her.

“Tulip?” She asked, but her mouth did not move.

“Lily, you’ve got to wake up.” Another voice said.


“Lily, we can’t explain, we really can’t, there isn’t time.” Tulip said she appeared in Lily’s mind; she looked older, about eighteen, amazingly beautiful, and angelic.

“Lily you need to wake up.” Hannah said desperately, Hannah appeared beside Tulip, she looked older too, was she dreaming?


“Because you have to. Harry needs you to survive.” Tulip said.

“Everything will become clear when you open your eyes.” Hannah said.

“But-but you two...” Lily said, trying to reach for them.

“We’re gone, but always with you.” Hannah said softly.

“We’ll always be with you Lily, and everyone else, but you need to wake up.” Tulip said. Lily nodded and concentrated on opening her eyes, when she managed to do so it was to see a number of people staring down at her with horrified and curious looks as they worked on her body. Why couldn’t she feel anything?

“She’s Awake!” Someone screamed.

“Don’t worry Mrs Potter, everything will be fine.” A Healer said, Lily nodded numbly.

Everything had to be alright. From the corner of her eye she saw Ivy standing there holding a crying Harry and looking relieved that Lily’s eyes had finally opened.

The she turned and looked and saw James lying on a bed much like her, he caught her eye and smiled softly, albeit painfully.

And she knew everything would be alright, because they were alive.

For now.

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