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Chapter 6: Holidays

The next two and a half months went by quickly in the castle, between classes and Quidditch I didn’t have a spare minute to think about home.  Gryffindor had played Hufflepuff and won 160-80 and then Ravenclaw had clobbered Hufflepuff three weeks later and even though they still needed to play us, Hufflepuff had been eliminated.  Christmas was fast approaching in the castle and even though I didn’t want to put up with my brother or James I knew mum would be disappointed if I didn’t come home, so I packed my trunk. 

“Georgie, I wish you could come home with me but mum said she didn’t want any visitors this year.” 

The truth was that mum wasn’t sure yet how she was going to handle visits from our friends and wanted to try a few different things before we invited people home.  Georgie nodded from across the room, she didn’t reply but a minute later a gift-wrapped box came flying at my head.  I ducked,

“GEORGIE!  That almost hit me.” 

I tackled her to the ground and we both started laughing. 

“You didn’t have to get me anything you know.” 

“I know,” She said “But you’re my best friend and I wanted to get you a gift.” 

I nodded thoughtfully before I reached into my nightstand and withdrew a package for her.  It was a small pendant that mum and I blessed with a Fairy Knowledge spell.

“Oh Tori.  It’s awesome!” 

She rushed over and hugged me before putting it on,

“Where’d you get it?  What do these symbols mean?” 

“I’m not sure.” I lied, “I saw it in a store and I thought of you.” 

She nodded and grinned before she dove under the bed to look for some missing socks or something.  I turned to my own present and unwrapped it slowly; I had never gotten a gift from someone other than my family so I wasn’t sure how to handle it.  Once I got it open I gasped, it was a hand-thrown teapot with a picture of Georgie and I painted on the side. 

“Georgie this is beautiful!” 

She looked up and grinned sheepishly,

“Its not as good as yours.  I only just made that.” 

“No Georgie!  This is one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten!” 

I gave her a hug and packed it with the rest of my stuff.

Later that morning as I was levitating my trunk down the stairs I saw Justin waiting for me and as soon as I reached the bottom of the stairs and had set my trunk down he grabbed my hand and pulled me away from everyone else.  He looked me right in the eye and said,

“I’m going to miss you Tori.” 

He caressed my face with his hand and let it rest on the back of my neck, threading his fingers through my hair and that’s when I figured out what he was about to do.  I could see it in his eyes as his other hand slid around my waist and he pulled me closer.  My heart started to beat faster and faster, and almost like it was programmed into me, my head started to tilt, my eyes started to close.  I felt our lips connect as the butterflies in my stomach exploded with delight, and then he broke our kiss, just as smoothly as he started it but he didn’t pull away; he pulled me into a hug instead.  I held onto him tight because I knew I wouldn’t see him for at least a fortnight, I wasn’t sure then but I think I had fallen in love during that very moment.  We stood there in our embrace for a few more minutes before Professor Snape appeared in the common room,


My eyes popped open and we jumped apart,

“They’re getting ready to board the train so gather your stuff.  Hurry!” 

As we parted Justin slipped a small box with a bow into my hand, gave me a kiss on the cheek, and a wink before disappearing up the stairs to the boy’s dormitory.  Without even realizing it, as I walked to my trunk I fingered the spot where he had kissed my cheek and it wasn’t until Georgie asked me what I was doing that I blushed and took my hand away.  I wasn’t ready to share this with her, so I changed the subject.  We got into a carriage with Rachel and another Ravenclaw girl I think her name was Harmony but I didn’t catch her last name (she’s probably a muggle-born), and once we got to the train the four of us found a compartment and played a few games of exploding snap before we arrived at Kings Cross Station to meet our parents.

Once everyone was out of the train it didn’t take long to find Mum, Aunt Ginny, and Uncle Blaise; I was a bit disappointed that Daddy wasn’t there to greet us but I didn’t think much about it.  I ran up to Mum and gave her a big hug before hugging Aunt Ginny and Uncle Blaise, then I stood aside as Rachel, James, and DJ greeted everyone and by that time our baggage cart was all loaded up and ready to go.  As we started walking towards the cars I pulled out a pendant that I would wear the entire time I was in the Glades, it belonged to Great-Grandmum Titania before she died and Mum gave it to me to wear; it was one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten and I keep it with me everywhere I go, even if I don’t have to wear it.  For Christmas everyone had been invited to the Burrow so that’s where we were heading and then after that we would be going back to the Glades. 

Uncle Blaise, Mum, Rachel, DJ, and I piled into the first car and Aunt Ginny, James, and his brothers and sisters took the second car.  I unfortunately got stuck sitting next to DJ, so I amused myself by looking out the window at all of the other Hogwarts students and their parents creeping out of the train station, some to their cars, some to the underground, and others to Diagon Alley.  That’s when I saw Justin and a woman who I assumed was his mother, he was the spitting image of her, tall and dark, almost intimidating but I wasn’t, I’m a Malfoy and Malfoys aren’t easily intimidated. 

It didn’t take very long for us to get to the Burrow and I was almost relieved to get out of the car because being that close to DJ after being angry with him for so long was horrible.  As soon as I got out of the car Olivia and Alexandria came running over and practically jumped on me as they asked about Hogwarts.  I hugged them both and told them I’d tell them all about it later, they’re six and won’t be at Hogwarts for a long time but they’ve always wanted to be just like me so I try to tell them all about my interesting life.

Everyone is settled now, it’s a bit crowded because there’s so many people here this Christmas; Liv, Alex, Rachel, Zoey, Lily, and I are all sharing a room, while James, DJ, Demitri, and Tony are sharing the room across the hall from us.  Mum, Dad, Aunt Ginny, Uncle Harry, Uncle Blaise, and Aunt Padma all have rooms on the next floor.  Fred, George, Percy, Charlie, Jasleen (Charlie’s wife), Bill, Fleur, and Ron aren’t supposed to be here until tomorrow.  I have no idea where we’re going to fit everyone but I guess we’ll have to make it work; everyone was a bit surprised when we heard that Ron was coming because no one from the Glades has seen or heard from him since he walked out right after the Final Battle with Voldemort. 

As my cousins and siblings went outside to have a snowball fight I decided to stay in and get a head start on all of my homework; as I was looking for my quill I ran across a little box with a bow on it and couldn’t stop myself from grinning.  In all the chaos of getting here I had forgotten about Justin’s gift; I sat down on the bed and began to open it, inside the box was another box but this one was black and velvety.  I gasped softly as I lifted the lid to reveal the most gorgeous necklace I had ever seen, it was goblin made, platinum with emeralds and it was inscribed on the back in a language I had never seen before and underneath that it had his mother and father’s names. 

It was so beautiful that I wanted to wear it right away; it was cool to the touch as I put it on and then it burned but only for a minute.  If I had to guess I would say that it was probably enchanted to burn a potential thief because after it heated up it was cold again.  I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled, my violet eyes sparkled back at me, my curls as wild as ever; I hadn’t finished growing yet but Justin liked me just the same.  As I stood in front of the mirror I heard a voice ring out from downstairs and with that I tucked the necklace in my shirt and ran down to give my Daddy a big hug.

“There’s my girl!” 

Daddy said as I jumped into his arms, he buried his face in my hair and gave me a kiss on the cheek. 

“Your mother tells me that you’re a big Quidditch Hero now.  Taking after your dear old Dad?” 

There was laughter from behind us,

“More like taking after her Uncle Harry don’t you think Draco?” 

Daddy laughed as he shook hands with Uncle Harry and clapped him on the shoulder before giving Aunt Ginny a hug.  Just then Mum came through the door with some groceries but as soon as she saw Daddy she dropped them and ran into his arms,

“I’ve missed you so much Draco.” 

She started crying, as she held onto him tight, I turned to Uncle Harry in confusion. 

“Why is Mum crying?” 

He signaled that we should go into another room and I followed him expectantly,

“Why was Mum crying Harry?” 

He sighed, sat down in one of the chairs and motioned for me to sit on his lap. 

“Your Mum and Dad are having some problems with a new Fairy Elder in the village.  See, he thinks that because your dad wasn’t born a Fairy that he shouldn’t have been allowed to marry your mum and is trying to break their bond.  All the tension and hate coming from this Elder caused your dad to move in with your Grandmum Malfoy.  Love, he hasn’t seen your mother and sisters since they saw you off for school.” 

I gasped,

“But that’s ridiculous, Daddy loves Mum so much that he’d do anything for her!  That Elder has no reason to believe that daddy is inferior!  That’s like saying a muggle-born witch shouldn’t be allowed to go to Hogwarts!” 

As I got angrier the necklace grew hot, my eyes started to change from violet to black, my whole body shook as my appearance went from normal to fairy but it wasn’t my usual fairy form it was dark and angry but powerful.  As I continued to get upset the house began to shake, the sky turned dark.  Lightning shot across the sky, thunder roared and winds howled.  Everyone ran into the room to try and figure out what was going on; my heart was pounding, blood rushed angrily through my veins and off in the distance I heard someone gasp. 

Daddy ran over to me, pulled me off Uncle Harry and held on tight as his hands were burned over and over again, my skin was like fire but he didn’t let go. 

“Victoria Lynn Malfoy, calm down!” 

He shouted over the winds and thunder,

“I won’t let anything happen to this family!  I love your mother, I love your brother and your sisters, and I love you!” 

He continued to shout as his words started to penetrate my mind,

“I wouldn’t have a life with your mum without you and I’m not about it give it up because some Village Elder thinks I’m inferior!” 

He started crying as he held me and somewhere in my subconscious his raw emotion broke through my anger and I fainted.  As I became unconscious the sky went back to normal, the house stopped shaking, the winds died down and I returned to my human form but Daddy didn’t let me go, he cradled me like a baby, crying and hugging me.  Grandmum Weasley ushered everyone out and taking Liv and Alex with her, wanting to give us some privacy. 

“DJ, why don’t you go back outside dear, this is something that your father, Tori, and I will need to talk about on our own.” 

He didn’t argue, he was probably still in shock and left the room. 

“Did you know she could do that?” 

Daddy asked, still looking down at me. 

“No, how would I have?  She’s never done anything like that before.” 

They were both puzzled; they sat there in silence for a few moments before I began to stir. 

“Tori darling, are you ok?” 

I groaned and as I became more aware of my surroundings the pain returned,

“Mum, daddy, what happened?” 

Mum inhaled sharply,

“The last thing I remember was talking to Uncle Harry.” 

Daddy stroked my hair,

“You mean you don’t remember making the weather change, or the wind blow, or making the house shake?” 

I shook my head,

“I can’t do those things, what are you talking about mum?” 

Once they had gotten done telling me everything that had happened since talking with Uncle Harry until I had woken up, I couldn’t believe it.  As we continued to talk I noticed Daddy’s hands were all blistered and burned,

“What happened to your hands daddy?” 

He looked down at them, almost as though he hadn’t registered that they were injured until now, he bit his lip but didn’t answer my question so I looked to mum for the answer. 

“You were as hot as fire love.” 

Tears welled up in my eyes as I realized I had caused my Daddy’s pain; I jumped up and ran out of the room.  I was halfway through packing my bags when mum walked into my room.  She sat down on the bed but didn’t try to stop me,

“Tori, your father loves you with every fiber of his being.  You are his miracle.” 

I stopped packing but I didn’t turn around. 

“I was going to wait until you were older but I think now is the right time.  I was betrothed to Uncle Harry, I found out on my 17th birthday but I didn’t love your Uncle that way.  He was my best friend, and still is but I was in love with your father.  I was frantic to find a way to get out of my betrothal and I finally did.  I concocted some potions with the help of Professor Snape and your father and I conceived you and DJ.  Its complicated thing to understand but DJ isn’t really your father’s son; he’s Uncle Harry’s.  Remember though that no matter what anyone tells you, you are your father’s miracle and that’s why he loves you so much.  But please don’t tell your brother about our conversation, he doesn’t need to know.” 

I turned around and sat down on the bed,

“So the rumors are true.  I had always wondered.” 

I gave mum a hug and that’s when she noticed the necklace.  She pulled it out of my shirt, looked at it and as she turned it over to see the back she gasped. 

“Tori, where did you get this?” 

“Justin gave it to me for Christmas.” 

I blushed and looked down at the bedspread. 

“Wow, I’ve never seen one of these before but I’ve heard of it.  People in the Wizarding community call it love jewelry although I’m not exactly sure what it’s really called.  It’s very rare and is handed down through old wizarding families, see look at the engraving on here.  Roughly translated that means, ‘A love that will last throughout time.’  And if you look here you’ll see that it’s already changed the names to Justin and Victoria.” 

I gasped and grabbed the necklace back from her, sure enough it had changed,

“Love jewelry is the most brilliant Goblin made item you’ll ever find because its enchanted to know when there’s true love between the gift giver and the gift receiver and believe me darling those names wouldn’t have changed if it wasn’t sure of your feelings.  You mustn’t let anyone know that you have this because there’s a good chance that you will meet the same situation that your father and I are in with the Village Elders.  You are still young, you have plenty of time to figure this out so for now, wear it hidden.” 

I nodded and tucked it back into my shirt, I would hide the jewelry but until I was sure, I wasn’t about to believe a pendant over my own heart.

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