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Disclaimer: No, I do not own the Harry Potter series or J.K. Rowling. The only things I own are the people I made up myself and the plotline.

James POV

I walked out of the train feeling somber. Why had I done that? Why can't I control myself when i'm around her? I need to get a grip on myself if i'm ever going to get her.

"Prongs!" screamed three male voices behind me.

I wheeled around and a smile broke into my face when I saw Sirius, Remus, and Peter.

"Moony! Wormtail! Padfoot! Where were you guys on the train?" I asked.

"Well, I...erm... yesterday was full moon so I had some problems this morning, but dumbledore came and got me." explained Moony.

"I slept in and had to ride my new flying motorcycle to school." said Padfoot, puffing out his chest and emphasizing 'new', 'flying', and 'motorcycle'.

"No way you got a flying motorcycle?! Awesome Padfoot!" I said ecstaticly.

"Yeah I know! This thing can go faster than most broomsticks and..."

We all got so involed in talking and listening about his motorcycle that I completely forgot to ask peter where he had been.

"So Prongs, got any ideas for a good 'welcome back' prank? asked Padfoot after awhile.

"Yep, heres the plan..."


Lily POV

I smiled and waved to a few people as I walked into the great hall and sat down in my favorite seat. It was good to be back. Loretta and Layla sat down right in front of me and we all looked up at Dumbledore. It seemed I had missed the sorting.

"To our new students, welcome! To our old students, welcome back! This year at Hogwarts..."

Suddenly someone sat down right beside me. I was ok with it for a few seconds, but then I relized who it was.

Oh. No.

"Potter I can't belive the nerve you have, sitting down right next to me after... after... you know!"

"No, actully, I don't seem to remember. You could refresh my memory..." He said looking straight at me.

Thats it.

"Look Potter! If you think that-" I started, inraged.

"Look Evans, you're going to be a lot more angry at me in a little bit, so calm down, if you add that to this you're head would explode!"

"Wha-excuse me? Potter, what do you have planned?!" I said looking at him angrily.

"Hush Evans! Don't worry, I fixed it so that it wouldn't effect teachers, the muaraders, or people the marauders are in looooove with." He said looking at me like I was his prized jewel or something.

I just grumbled as the food appeared and started eating. I hadn't relized how starving I was until I saw the food. Right across from me Loretta was stuffing her mouth with every kind of food possible. Flecks of food were going everywhere and people were looking at her discustedly. Farther down the table Sirius was looking at her in awe.

"Show time." whispered James.

"Potter if you-"

But he put a finger to my lips, flipped his wand over, and pressed the bottom of it with his thumb as if detonating something.

The great hall exploded.

All the food in the entire hall blew up and plastered everyone with different kinds of food. People were screaming and tring to rub the stuff off of them fruitlessly, it seemed the food had stuck to them like glue.

The weird thing was, all of the food bounced away from me as if there was an invisible shield surrounding me. I screamed and ran from the great hall into my dormitory where I lay crying. Why did he have to be such a prat? I should have stopped him, I'm Head Girl! Then again he's Head Boy and shouldn't be doing that kind of stuff in the first place! arghh... I'm so confused...

My dormitory door burst open and Layla and Loretta burst in.

"Lily..." said Layla comfortingly. "It's gunna be allright..."

"No it won't!" I said. "I should have stopped him! Now i'm probably going to get in trouble with Dumbledore, and have to give up my Head Girl badge!" I sobbed into Layla's shoulder.

"No he won't, Dumbledore is really nice, he would know that you wouldn't be able to stop Potter, is there anyone that can? And besides, I don't think anyone could take you're place as Head Girl, no one else is as smart, thoughtfull, or nice as you." she cooed, holding me motherly.

"Thanks." I chuckled through her shoulder. She always knew how to make me feel better.

"Yeah you'll be allright Lils." said Loretta, patting my head. Merlin did I have good friends.

Layla let go and walked into the door way of the girls dormitory. "I hope you feel better Lily." she said and walked downstaris with Loretta.

Funny thing was, and I didn't really notice until they left, They both weren't covered in food.

A/N: Surprise Surprise! Thats right, I am officially turning this story into a Sirius/OC and Remus/OC too! Won't this be awesome? Hope you liked the new chapter! Sorry about the wait on Sirius, Remus, and Peter!

P.S.- Sorry that this chapter is really short, i'll have more next time.

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