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A.N.  I own nothing but the Plot

As Harry walked he was vaguely aware that he was being followed, but he did not care. The said person was a man who was a couple of inches taller than he was, he was very muscular and strutted rather than walked and with him was a tall, thin, black, scruffy dog, who kept running up to Harry and circling him as if he knew who he was.

Without further thought Harry sat on a bench outside the park and was surprised when the dog bounded over towards him and started trying to lick his face.

"Get off him you, you idiot." The man said as he pulled the dog off Harry

"Sorry about that, he gets a bit over excited sometimes. Hello, my name is Jamie Porter." He said extending out a hand, which Harry took, noticing now that the man had light blue eyes, and light blonde hair.

"Harry James Potter." he said shaking Jamie's hand.

"That was quite a bit of magic, you done back there" Jamie said. At the mention of magic, Harry's head whipped 'round stunned at what the man just said.

"Don't worry I am a wizard to." He said laughing.

"Well the old hag deserved it." Harry said getting over the shock of meeting another wizard in a muggle town.

"You sound just like you father." Jamie said laughing again.

"You knew my dad?" Harry asked shocked, again.

"Well I didn't know him personally, we were in the same classes together, along with Sirius, Remus and Peter" he said the last name with a scowl, which Harry noticed.

"Who are Sirius, Remus and Peter?" Harry asked confused.

"They were your dad's best friends in school." He replied bitterly.

"What’s your dog’s name?" Harry asked after a moments silence.

"Erm... Snuffles…." Jamie said caught off guard and thinking quickly. Harry snorted with laughter and ran a hand through his hair, as 'snuffles' cocked his head to one side.

"So where do you plan on going?" Jamie asked Harry who once again ran a hand through his hair in frustration.

"No idea, I thought someone would've been here by now, since I done under age magic".

"Well, how about the Leaky Caldron?" Jamie asked

"How am I going to get there?  I can't fly in this place."

"We can get a bus." Jamie replied as he stuck out his wand.

There was a deafening BANG and a sudden blinding white light, he looked up to find a violently purple, triple decker bus had pulled up out of nowhere.

"This is the Knight Bus." Jamie said, as a small teenager who was only a few years older than Harry with a fair few pimples opened the doors, he tried to speak but Jamie just silenced him and handed the conductor some money, he then turned to Harry and said ‘come on’ before walking on and levitating Harry's trunk on board.

"How much?” Harry asked as he got on board.

"Depends on where 'cho wanna go 'init." The boy said.

"Leaky Caldron." Harry replied.

"Eleven sickles 'den." Replied the young man, Harry kicked open his trunk and extracted his silver sickles, handing them to the young man.

The man took them, and put them in his pocket and started to look Harry up and down as Harry closed his trunk, and taking a seat next to Jamie.

"Oh my gawed your Harry Potter you are…" He squealed delighted making Harry flatten his hair.

"Pleased to meet ya I'm Stan Shunpike" He said shaking Harry’s hand.

"Oy Shunpike, any chance of getting this bus moving, this century?" Jamie asked saving Harry from further embarrassment. Stan slumped to the front annoyed, gave the window a tap and shouted.
'Take her away Ern'. With another loud bang the bus leapt forward with such speed that Harry was thrown backwards into Jamie who put out an arm to stop him from falling.

The whole way to the Leaky Caldron, Stan kept staring at Harry as if Harry would suddenly burst with magic. Harry who was getting more and more annoyed with this Stan guy couldn't take it any longer and his temper got the better of him he exploded.

"What?" he shouted, Stan blushed and looked away while Jamie gave him a sort of worried look. It was a few minutes later before Stan attempted to do something again.

"Erm Mr...Mr Potter, c...can I have Erm an autograph" he stuttered, looking hopeful.

"I don't do autographs." Harry replied in a low growl and Stan backed off immediately grabbing a copy of the Prophet as he did so, and something on the front caught his eye".

"Let us see that paper a sec." Harry asked the conductor who passed him the paper eagerly.

Harry unfolded the paper and scanned the article vaguely aware that Jamie was reading over his shoulder. So this is the person who's after me Harry thought as he read the article under the photo. Suddenly he froze as he read over a piece of the article that stood out to him.

"Believed to be the reason Lily and James Potter are dead.....gave them to the Dark Lord"

Harry couldn't believe it this guy was the reason he was parentless, feeling angry Harry flung the paper back at Stan and muttered 'Bastard' under his breath which Jamie heard. Jamie himself looked rather pale but Harry paid no attention as he continued to brood.

A short while later Harry and Jamie got off the bus, rather eagerly and headed into the pub. Harry took a deep breath ready for what was going to happen.


A.N  I know this chapter and all the other ones are short and boring but it gets better I promise. R&R

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