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The Dark Lord had fallen to the ground, but he had not yet fallen from power. 

I waited in the shadows, still shaken from the battle that had just taken place within Hogwarts.  We all knew that today would be the day that the Dark Lord either took over completely or lost all power. 

Although, most of us originally thought it would be the former the latter now seemed quite likely.

 A few rushed forward to our master, but none of us dared to touch him.  A circle of bodies formed around both of them, Harry and the Dark Lord, waiting. 

Although none of us would admit to it; what had occurred was not entirely surprising for the weaker of the two had triumphed before, why not again?  However, the Dark Lord awoke and took action immediately. 

“The boy… Is he dead?” 

There was then a deafening silence which seemed to fill the entire forest.  Everyone was asking themselves the same question.  His cold cutting voice broke the silence.

“You, Examine him.” He demanded jabbing a finger in my direction. “Tell me whether he is dead.” 

I approached the boy, and knew as I felt the steady heart beat and the warmth of his body that he had survived once again. 

I bent over Harry Potter’s limp body, my long hair falling between him and the other Death Eaters.  When I felt a warm breath on my face I knew that the time had come to act. 

“Is Draco alive?  Is he in the castle?”  I murmured and almost imperceptibly the boy that would be my key to freedom replied,


Once again I had two choices.  The easy choice would be to announce the truth and let the battle rage on.  The second choice would be to lie, but that could result in anything, good or bad.  

Now in the present I have only a moment to decide only a moment to choose only a moment to make the decision I made long ago.  But this time the circumstances have changed.    Do I remain loyal to the Dark Lord as I have been all this time or risk it all and try to protect the one thing that matters--my son. 

Within this moment, a moment that contains an eternity, I reflect on my life, on the choices I’ve made and how I remained true to them. 

Now I have the opportunity to change, an opportunity that I thought never would come.  I know that if I choose to lie and am discovered I will surly face death.  But to tell the truth would mean prolonging the time before I can find my son and ensure his safety.  The longer I wait the longer he may be in danger, possibly leading to his death, something that I could not allow.    

Mustering every ounce of courage I didn’t know existed I said in a strong unwavering voice.

“He is dead.”

From that moment on I never indulged in the Dark Arts again.  I was free from the choice I had made at such a young age, no longer chained to loyalty, duty, or fear.  The Dark Lord had fallen and my son was safe.

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