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"…Um, I really need to go and pee.” Izzie Devereux

Chapter Seventeen-
Stories, Sarah, Gobstones And Me

I was currently sitting on the Hogwarts Express, Izzie wasn’t here yet as she usually gets there with only a couple of minutes to spare. Izzie thinks its wild; I think it makes you get a rubbish compartment.

“Nellie.” James began ask, I looked up to find James, Lily, Peter, Remus and Sirius peering over me. For some reason, they all looked quite nervous.

“I’m not dying am I?” I blurted out, “‘cause I still haven’t beaten my record of-”

“-Nellie, you’re not dying. If you were anyway, wouldn’t you be in a hospital?” Lily raised her eyebrow.

“Don’t know.” I shrugged, “It happens.”

“Where?” Remus asked.

“Um…Witch Weekly?” I suggested.

“Don’t tell me you buy that trash?” Lily sighed.

“I used to…until it became evil.” I shuddered.

“How did the magazine become evil?”

“It told me I was going to die an old maid with lots of cats, a stick to chase anyway any children I do not like, an eye patch because they’re cool, and that I will wear ten skirts at the same time.” I got a few questionable looks, “Okay, so I made most of it up, but the old maid thing was true!”

“Yeah. Anyway.” James began again, “We want to know what happened between Izzie and Regulus?”

“Well, what do you think what happened?”

“Secret relationship?” Peter suggested, “You know, like Izzie fell in love with Regulus?”

I laughed. I actually laughed for quite a while to be honest.

“Peter, you’re so funny.” I grinned, “Izzie would never love Regulus. Never in a million years. She detests him.”

“But we want to know why?” Remus asked.

I sighed, “Fine. When Izzie was twelve, she was involved in a car crash, it killed her parents instantly but Izzie managed to survive. I don’t remember much, but what I do remember Izzie never cried. Not when she woke up, not when she was at their funeral. No tears. I never asked why, because if I mentioned her parents, she would get angry at me.” I sighed, “Then in sixth year, on the last day before the Easter Holidays, Izzie was coming home with me, she does it every year and spends most of the six weeks at mine too, but anyway…I took Izzie to one of mine and Regulus meetings…it didn’t go down well. He and Izzie ended up having an argument and he called her…” It almost hurt to say the word. “…orphan. It was then Izzie snapped... she hit Regulus so much…he had broken bones…then she just started crying.” I found this story so hard to tell, “She cried and she cried. For the whole holiday, she just cried. For those two weeks, I never left her alone, I hid all the sharp objects, I used to make her not lock the bathroom door and I’d just sit outside…I was scared she would jump out the window or something. It was the scariest thing I have ever seen, Izzie was the strongest person I knew, yet she was so sad.” I looked at their expressions, a mixture of sadness, I looked away, “Then on the last day, she stopped crying, she demanded I take her to the beach, which I did, and then she told me thank you and that she loved me more than anything.” I sighed, “And that is why Izzie hates Regulus, he made her remember the one thing that she so tried hard to forget. She told me afterwards that it was just easier to pretend they were alive.”

“You’d never think that about her.” Remus sighed, as he began pondering something as he fiddled with his sleeve.

I shrugged, “I know a different Izzie compared to anyone else. There is a lot you wouldn’t think about her that’s true.”

Just then, Izzie walked in, “You know, it’s a nightmare trying to find you guys. In the end I had to talk to that girl with the too bright blonde hair and ask where the Marauders were. Surprisingly, they knew. What a bunch of total lo-” Izzie eyed us all suspiciously. “What are you all looking at me weird?”

“I told them.” I admitted.

“I thought so.” Izzie smiled, patting me on the head, I thought she would have been mad, but she wasn’t “But you do know what this means right Nellie?”

“Yeah. I do.” I sighed, as Izzie grinned mischievously. It was this thing, if I told something about her; she got to tell everyone something about me.

“Hey guys, ever wanted to know what Nellie’s full name is?” She smirked as I gasped in horror.

“I do.” Sirius grinned, “I’ve wondered ever since she told me they were alphabetical.” He winked at me, as I glared.

Izzie cleared her throat, “Well guys, they are…” She paused for dramatic effect, “…Nellie Aaron Abiola Crackers Diamond Gertrude Gioia Kermit Jane Vera O'Neill”





Then, everyone but me burst out laughing.

I didn’t find it funny.

“Okay. Okay. My names were to please everyone else. My parents promised that everyone could have a say in my name. My granddad name was Aaron and he was gutted I wasn’t a boy. My grandmother name is Abigail, but she decided that was too boring and spiced it up a little. Crackers are my Godmothers favourite food. Apparently in my parent’s eyes, I was like a Diamond. I got Gertrude because it’s a family name. Gioia because my mom liked it. Kermit, because he is my dads favourite Muppet character, it could have been worse, my moms is Pepe the King Prawn. Jane because my other grandmother liked it and I was supposed to be called Vera, until my mom felt Nellie suited me better.”

They just carried on laughing.


“Leave me alone Sirius Orion Black, James ‘I have no middle name, but from now on it will be Douglas’ Potter, Peter Edward Pettigrew, Remus John Lupin, Lily ‘I also have no middle name so I’m going to give you one, it will now be Twinkle’ Evans and you, Isabel Clemence Jonah Harriet Devereux, you evil spoon.” I huffed, folding my arms across my chest.

Still though, the laughter rang, these people need a better sense of humour.

“I’m going to tell off you!” I huffed.

“Who are you going to tell to? Head Boy and Head Girl? Because, Nellie, darling, there right here.” Izzie laughed.

Then, I decided to get up, under their watch, I walked out. I wasn’t mad at them; I just wanted to add a little drama to the scene. Sometimes, it’s just more fun. Though, I couldn’t help this unsettling feeling that one day, I was going to regret that thought.

Hmm, where to go?

I’m hungry, but that’s a given.

“Nellie, where do you think you’re going?” Sirius asked, playfully, he had followed me into the hallway.

“Don’t know.”

“You know were only joking right? I love your names; they’re unique, just like you.” Sirius grinned and I smiled.

He looked totally kissable.

Damn it brain!

You must not think those thoughts.

Then, Sarah Beech, one of Clarissa‘s friends, I found it odd that they weren’t together to be honest, but hey, what do I know about their friendship? She flicked her glossy brown hair across her shoulders and blinked at Sirius with her mascara coated eyelashes. I reckon she was trying to be seductive. Sarah was beautiful; she had the look that defied gravity, something about her made you look twice. Perfect nails, painted bright colours to match her outfits. Two girls were behind her, but I paid no attention to them. My attention was focused on Sirius and her.

She placed her arm on Sirius shoulder and ran her fingers through his hair. Forward or what? From, what I could tell, Sirius seemed uncomfortable, but that just could be my jealous mind making up stuff.

Yeah, I admit it. I’m jealous.

I wish I had that confidence. Even if I did though, I still wouldn’t be that forward. There is a thing called a line.

Stop being jealous Nellie, you have no right.

“Hi Sirius,” She whispered, and I frowned, “Had a good Christmas, you didn’t answer my letter?” She gave a pout before blinking several times.

“Didn’t I? Sorry.” Sirius coolly replied, “I had a busy holiday.”

“Oh it’s alright,” She giggled, “Have a good holiday?” She asked, before her eyesight landed on me. “Aren’t you that freaky stupid girl whom hanging out with the mental freak?” She said it so innocently, but it still made my blood boil. Then she watched Sirius expression grow from carefree to somewhat angry. “I’m sure they’re not true of course.” She smiled, I could tell it was fake, she was looking at me like I was dirt, “I’m Sarah.” I knew that and she knew my name, yet I introduced myself anyway.

“I’m Nellie.” I replied, as I looked at my shoes.

“It’s nice to meet you.” She lied, before turning her attention back to Sirius, “So about your holiday, was it good?”

“Yeah. I guess. I spent it mostly with James, Remus, Peter, Lily, Izzie and Nellie.” Sirius smirked, as he watched Sarah’s expression change, from normal, to anger.

“My my, you’ve slipped your standards.” What the hell was that supposed to mean? “Come on, girls, we’re going.” With that, she kissed Sirius cheek before smirking at me and walking off.

“Eugh.” Sirius frowned, “I don’t usually even tell people how I spend my time…but something about her…she’s so…” He paused for a moment, “Well, in your terms, she would be a fish finger.”

“A giant fish finger.” I corrected and Sirius nodded.

“Come on let’s go back in.” Sirius said cheerfully as he put his arm around my shoulder, “I wonder when the trolleys coming, I’m starving.”

“So am I.” I agreed, “I feel like cake.”

Sirius just laughed and shook his head, before we walked back in.

“You know, Nellie, that there is probably going to be a Slug Club party soon?” Izzie asked as I sat next to her.

“Really? Fun.”

“I didn‘t know you were in the Slug Club?” James asked.

“Apparently, my hexes are nice.” Izzie explained, “And Nellie here, she said some crap, Sluggie liked it and he invited her.”

“We’re not part of it.” James grumbled, “Lily is though.”

“Don’t you usually come anyway?” I raised my eyebrows.

James shrugged sheepishly. “Not usually.” But then he laughed.

“Least I’ll have someone to talk too,” Lily sighed, “They are always a bit bland.”

“Really? I find them hilarious.” I shrugged, “That’s usually because me and Izzie play a variety of games, like you look at a person, then make up their thoughts or tell stories involving them.”

Izzie laughed, “It’s really quite amusing.”

“Ever done that about me?” Lily asked, a playful tone in her voice, in theory it wouldn’t suit her, but somehow she managed to pull it off perfectly.

“You’ve been hanging around with James too much.” Izzie pointed out, “He’s having some effect on you.”

“Hmmm. I don’t remember if we did….oh wait we did,” I said

“Didn’t it involve you guys too?” Izzie threw a glance at the Marauders before looking at me again. I nodded. “Want us to tell you it?”

Lily laughed, “Sure. It sounds like it’ll be amusing, but when did you make it up?”

“First Sluggie party of sixth year.” I answered, “Right,” I took a deep breath in before I began the story. “It was you, Lily, in a land pull of pogo sticks, you found your life calling as colour consultant, had an addiction to Bingo and chicken wings. You met a boy called James, who turned out, loved Bingo too, but wasn’t a fan of the chicken wings, he preferred chips, but you let that slide, because he had a really nice rubber ring and it was just a dream of yours to dive into the sea with the ring.” I laughed, “You’d think that would be the ending wouldn’t you? But no, we had way too much time on our hands.”

“It was the in the forest at night, you and James had just played a game of Bingo, you were kind of sad, because you lost, but the stars were really nice, plus, there was always tomorrow.” Izzie gave a little wink, “Then, out of the sky, an UFO appeared and zapped you on its spaceship. Its leader was a boy called Sirius; he liked camels, white washes and all types of lamps. The UFO had lots of lamps, all Sirius collection. James was like ‘alright, old chum, how do you do?’ cause he was Sirius friend, before Sirius decided he wanted to conquer the galaxy. His ship mates were Remus, who enjoyed a good old cuppa, watching tigers from his space TV and doorknobs. Peter enjoyed lettuce, fire and key chains. Together they were the MM, Maraudering Martians.”

“You’re right you did have way too much time on your hand.” Sirius grinned, and I rolled my eyes.

“Like Lily said, they’re bland unless you do something,” I shrugged before going back into story mode, “It turns out, James used to be an MM, until he heard of this love thing and left to go find it. This saddened them, but hey, they got over it. Lily was like ‘you know these people’ James was like ‘yeah.’ Then Lily said, ‘you’re weird’. James nodded and admitted he was. Then, the war started, the MM against…”

“The Things, TT as they were known. These people were Clarissa and Sarah.” Izzie pulled a face, as if saying the names left a bitter taste in her mouth.

“You don’t like them?” Remus inquired.

“I hate them.” Izzie replied bluntly, “Should burn in hell for I care.” People glanced at me, but I just shrugged.

“She called me freaky stupid girl earlier; she called you a mental freak.” I sighed, as Izzie laughed.

“Hmm. Our names have gotten better. No?”

“What can I say, they change throughout the year.”

“Smelly Nellie is my personal favourite though.”

“Really? I’m more of a fan of Isabel Needs Some Hair Gel.” I grinned, as Izzie rolled her eyes.

“Smelly Nellie is better.” Izzie laughed, “Anyway, back to the story, yeah?” Izzie waited for everyone to nod, “So yeah, TT started a war. Lily was like ‘What the hell are we going to do?’ Sirius was like ‘I’m unsure.’ Sirius turned on his favourite lamp, which always helped him think. ‘I know’ James said, ‘We turn on the engine and have a race.’ Everyone agreed.” Izzie stopped for a moment, “What came next Nellie in the story?” She asked.

“We never finished it remember? Someone walked into us and you argued with them. Then you told me I couldn’t eat five cakes all at once, but I did.”

Izzie laughed, “Oh yeah. Then we got bored, went back to the dorm and I tried to teach you how to do a handstand.” I still can’t do one. “We failed obviously.”

“So you left the story unfinished?” Remus asked.

“Yeah.” Izzie replied, “We have a habit of doing that. Always moving on to the next best thing.”

“What would have happened?” James asked.

“Hmm,” I pondered, “Well, you would have raced; TT would have crashed into the planet Zeptong and would have to work there to pay for damages or something. I suppose people would have lived happily ever after, I guess, until the next time.” I nodded, “Probably would have gone something like that, only with a few more odd twists and turns.”

“Hmm. I think we better get changed. Plus me and James have this meeting to go to.” Lily announced as the boys disappeared from the compartment to let us get changed.

“So Nellie, what happened when you and Sirius was outside huh?” Izzie winked.

I rolled my eyes, “Honestly Izzie. We talked, Sarah came along. She was all over Sirius and made her hate towards me apparent.” I shrugged, “Nothing big.”

“Do you actually think this friend thing will work?” Izzie asked.

“I don’t know.”

“I don’t.” Izzie shrugged, “Sorry Nellie.”

“Don’t be sorry.”

Because it’s the truth.

Still though, I can try.

That’s all I can ever do.


“Can we come in yet?” I heard James voice from the opposite side of the door.

Lily looked around, “Yeah. We’re changed.”

James opened the door, “Now you’re going to have to shift.”

“What if we don’t want to?” Izzie asked.

“Ah well.” James shrugged at he pulled off his shirt.

“Come on.” Lily said as she grabbed us both, “There are some things we shouldn’t have to see that early in the morning.”

“And I’m not one of them.” James called before the door closed.

“If you say so.” Lily rolled her eyes, “Men.” She rolled her eyes, “Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.”

“Oh Lily,” Izzie grinned, “Times are changing and it’s them who can’t live without us.”

I think both genders are equally helpless in the love department.

Hmmm. I wonder if I should buy three Cauldron Cakes or five?

Ah, forget it.

I’m getting five.

The rest of the journey passed without a hitch. I signed up for the Gobstones Club and there is a meeting tomorrow which I‘m going to go to. Izzie called me a ‘saddo’ which I thought was mean of her! I was currently sitting in a comfy armchair, reading the book Peter got me about knitting, when James, Peter and Sirius came up to me.

“Nellie,” James grinned, before pulling me out of the chair, “Come with us.”

“Uh why?”

“Because we said so. Okay?” Sirius teased.

“Not a good enough reason, m’dearie.”

“Just come!” Peter said excitedly.

“Okay.” I shrugged, giving in, half because I loved them and half because they got me intrigued.

I placed my book in my bag before being led behind a statue. James then pulled something out. The Invisibility Cloak. Ohhh, it’s so pretty. It was a tight fit to get us all under there, but we managed it.


We walked down a few corridors and hid behind another statue. Then, Izzie and Remus came walking up the corridor.

“I don’t know.” Izzie mused, “It’s possible, but unlikely.”

“It could happen!” Remus replied.

“Still, I’m not convinced.”

“So we’re spying on them because?” I asked quietly from under the cloak.

James rolled his eyes, “Just because.”

“But there is got to be a reason.” I shrugged.

“Don’t you want to know what happens?” Sirius asked.

“Unlike boys, we girls have this thing where we tell each other everything.” I rolled my eyes.

“Everything?” Peter questioned.

“Everything. Sometimes, I think that Izzie knows me better than I know myself.”

“Really?” Peter asked, intrigued.

“Yup. It‘s scary sometimes.”

“Shhh. We’re trying to listen!” James shushed.

“Thanks for helping me Remus, I would have gotten Nellie to help, but she was reading, plus she’d look for the book, find a book that she wants to read and forget about the task in hand.”

I do not! I’m focused.

Okay, just because I did it that one time.

And a few more times after that.


“I can imagine.” Remus laughed. “And it was no problem.” I could see Remus watching Izzie from the corner of his eye. A small smile appeared before it faded into his usual expression; indifference. “I’ve always wondered why you’re so honest you know?”

“Because I hate liars.” Izzie sighed, “I know sometimes I come off too blunt and I’m always a little harsh…plus, being honest means when you do lie, people believe you. I mean, you know, when you first met us…Nellie didn’t throw that quill. It was me.”


“Yup. I got bored, had a mad moment and chucked it. Ah, that class was so funny.”

“For you maybe.” I muttered under my breath. “You didn’t end up getting detention, a few new bruises and making a fool of yourself,” I complained.

“Oh shush Nellie.” Sirius whispered cheekily as I shot him a glare. Sirius stuck out his tongue at me.

“Sirius was mad at that, until he came back into class telling us about the weird girl who had just pulled his hair, had an awful taste in books but supplied tasty biscuits.”

I glanced at Sirius, “Me? Weird? Nahhhh.”

“Nobody never knows what to make of her when they first meet her.”

“You too.” Remus said, quickly, like the words were natural. His eyes darted around the hallway when he realized what he said.

“Huh?” Izzie asked, confused.

“Uhm.” Remus thought about his words for a moment, as Izzie played with the sleeve of her robes, “I just meant, you are a lot different that what one would perceive you to be.” Remus looked at the floor for a moment, “You both are really.”

“Yeah. I suppose.” Izzie thought about it for a moment, “What do I come across then?” Izzie asked slyly with a smile on her face.

“I always thought you’d be rather cold but you’re actually quite warm I guess.” Remus shrugged.

“Warm like a giant fuzzy teddy bear.” I whispered, before trying not to laugh.

“Thanks Remus. You know you’re not that bad yourself.”

“Why thank you.”

“Come on, let’s head back.” Izzie suggested, smiling shyly. This is weird, as she is hardly ever shy.

Remus agreed and they walked towards the common room together. It wasn’t a big conversation they had, but at least they were talking.

“You know,” I said after Remus and Izzie out of sight, “That was weird.”

“What you mean?” Peter asked.

“Last time Izzie liked a guy, she asked him out…I think Remus is the only guy to render her a little shy.”

“So Izzie does fancy Remus?” James smirked.

“Uh yeah?”

“Since when?” Sirius asked.

“Uhm, well she first told me when they worked together in Potions but I reckon probably before that.” I shrugged.

“Interesting.” Sirius smirked, before glancing at James and Peter.

“I got to head back.” I said, “Izzie will want to tell me about this experience.”


When I entered the dormitories about five minutes later, I had a very excited Izzie dancing around the room, singing. Lily was sitting on her bed, amused. I looked at Lily and she shrugged to say ‘I don’t have a clue either’.

“Oh Nellie,” She grinned when she saw me; “Me and Remus had a moment.
It was so good; I’m going to write it on parchment.
He complimented me.
Without being paid a fee. “

I laughed; her songs still haven’t gotten any better.

“When we walked back, our hands brushed once or twice.
Maybe it was thrice.
I told him he wasn’t bad.
This whole situation has made me rather glad
Though I can’t help but feel
That he’s hiding something he can’t reveal.”

Izzie danced around the room a little more. I couldn’t believe that a single encounter with a boy could make her this happy. She wouldn’t do this if anyone else was in the room. She probably felt comfortable dancing in front of me and Lily.

“Remus is great, a proper gentleman, who helped me find my book
He isn’t a crook!
Still though, it wasn’t a huge life altering moment.
But it’s a movement
Of what could be
…Um, I really need to go and pee.” Izzie said before rushing to the bathroom.

“That was odd.” Lily said.

“Occasionally she thinks she’s in a musical. You’ve just got to roll with it.” I said, “She may not be any good, but the songs are amusing never less.”

One thing for sure, I was glad that Izzie was happy. Though one of Izzies lyrics struck me, though I can’t help but feel that he’s hiding something he can’t reveal. It struck me because it was true. Some part of Remus was hidden, some part of Remus was untouchable and I couldn’t help but wonder what it was.


I think he is secretly a goat.

That’s got to be it!

The next day, I arrived at Gobstones club, twenty minutes late, because I was being lazy and couldn’t be bothered to move, until I got Izzie to push me off my bed and even then, the piles of clothes on my floor cushioned the fall, so it was quite comfy. So I stayed there for another ten minutes. Then, trying to find the classroom, I got lost. It was a nightmare!

“Sorry I’m late.” I said, even though I wasn’t sorry, it’s just polite, “I was looking for my hairbrush, only to find it was stuck in the back of my hair,” It happened once, you know, “I’m Nellie and I’m here to play Gobstones.”

I’m such a geek.

Most people didn’t even look up; they didn’t even seem to acknowledge my announcement. Yeah, Gobstones must be that great of a game right?

Maybe I’m not a geek, maybe I’m cool. I attend Gobstone club!

Oh look, a boy is coming over, he is waving, I wave back, “Hi,” He says happily, “I’m Finn, it’s a pleasure to meet you…Nellie…it is Nellie right?”

“Yuppers, Finn, I’m Nellie.”

“Well welcome, Nellie.” He looked around, “Hmmm, since nobody else is free to play a game with you, why don’t you just be my partner? Oh, I’m the Team Captain of this club by the way” I nodded, as I followed him to an empty table. “Want to use your set or mine?” He made a gesture to the Gobstones kit I had tucked underneath my arm.

“Ohhh, can we use mine? James bought it me for Christmas and I haven’t had the chance to use it yet” I babbled, a little excited.

A girl on the table next to me turned her head around to look at me, “James? As in James Potter?”

“As in one of the most amazing boys in the whole school?” The girl who sat opposite the other girl. These people must be James’s fan girls then.

“Uh huh.”

“So did he send you it or….?” The first girl asked.

“I spent Christmas with him.”

“Just you and him…?” The second girl asked, her tone suggesting something, I frowned.

“No. I went to his house, along with Lily and Sirius. Peter, Remus and Izzie popped in from time to time.”

“You’re so lucky.” Both of the girls chorused.

I shrugged, turning back to the game, “So, who wants to go first, you or me?”

It turns out that I’m awful at Gobstones; I ended up hiding underneath the table every time Finn took his go. The liquid hurts! But, my Gobstones are very smart; they waited for me to get from underneath the table, so they could spit their liquid at me. I ended up arguing with it, I called it evil and I told Finn how Gobstones were plotting against me and were going to take over the world. Along with sheep, bunnies, cows, buttons, shoe laces, stones…the list is endless.

I didn’t even get Finn once.

“You know Nellie,” Finn said, after the name, “That was the funniest game I’ve ever played.”

“Really? Because you won so easily?”

“No, because of you actually. You’re the first player I’ve played who hasn’t taken it so serious.”

“I don’t take much seriously to be honest.”

“You just made is so fun…when you called one of the Gobstone, Lucifer, then continued to insult it, was just so funny. I mean, do you hide from Gobstones under the table often?”

“I probably will from now on.” I grinned, “Because I’m returning next week.” Despite Gobstones being evil, I wanted to return, because I had fun.

“I’ll walk you to your common room.” Finn offered.

“Okay.” I replied, “What house are you in? I never asked.”

“Hufflepuff. You’re in Gryffindor aren’t you? I attended the match last year.”

“That dive hurt you know.”

“I’m betting on it.”

“I had fun tonight you know.” I grinned.

“Good good, that’s the aim of the club.”

“Nellie!” Sirius called, I looked up to see him, Peter, Remus and James coming towards us. Sirius swung his arm around my shoulder. “Hiya. What you been up to then?”

“Guys, meet Finn.” I gestured to Finn.

“Hello.” Remus said politely, but James and Sirius just looked at each other.

“Hi.” Finn replied.

“We’ve been playing Gobstones and-”

“Hey Finn,” Sirius interrupted me, “Isn’t the Hufflepuff common room by the kitchens?”

“Uh…yeah.” He looked around nervously, “I’m going to go, see you next week.” I hugged him, I noticed that he acted more awkward than he was earlier, but he returned my hug. “Bye Nellie.” he said, before turning around and headed towards his common room.

“Bye Finn.”

“So you had a nice time then?” Sirius raised an eyebrow.

“Gobstone club is cool.”

“Maybe I’ll go next time…you know…just to see how good it is.” Sirius looked at me.

“The more the merrier. Though, I met two of James fan club. They were nice though, so it’s all gravy.”

James laughed, “Oh Nellie, you’ve probably met my fan club loads of times, almost everyone is in it.” He joked.

“You would say that James. It’s your fan club.”

“So you had fun Nellie?” Remus asked.

“Uh huh, Finn thinks I’m funny. I called all the Gobstones evil and hid underneath the table most of the game.”

“Why?” Peter asked.

“Because I’m awful at Gobstones.” I grinned. “Though, I am excellent at hiding. Does anybody want to play hide and seek? Bet I could beat you.”

“At hiding or seeking?” James inquired.

“Hiding! I give up on seeking. Me and Izzie once played it and I left Izzie hiding for over three hours because I gave up because I was hungry. It’s her own fault for not wanting to even jeopardize her chance of winning.”

“Perhaps we won’t play if you’re just going to leave us hiding.” James shook his head.

I looked at Sirius, who had been awfully quiet, “You okay Sirius? Do you want to play hide and seek too?”

“Nah…I’m tired.”

“Yeah.” I said, “Come to think of it, I’m pretty beat. Um, what’s the password?” I said to the guys as we reached the Fat Lady.

“Caldron.” James said.

“Night guys.” I said before dragging myself up to the girl’s dormitories for some well deserved sleep.

Though, I haven’t really done anything to deserve it.

So I’m just going to sleep.


…To Be Continued

Next time on The World, Biscuits And Sirius Black According To Nellie O’Neill.

“Izzie.” I asked, “I need your help please.”

“Sure.” Izzie smiled, looking up from her book she was reading, “What is it Nellie?”

“I need you to help me get pretty.” Izzie looked at me strangely, “Because I don’t want to get mad, I want to get even. And getting even means getting a date with Lucas Miles.”

Izzie pulled a disapproving face, “Nellie. I’m highly against this.” She stated, frowning, “I know you’re hurt but really, this isn’t the best option. Revenge isn’t sweet; you can’t deal with the consequences of your actions at the moment. You’ll regret this Nellie, I know you will…. I know you’re not really in the best state of mind…” She paused, “Plus, you’re not revenge type. Please change your mind, please Nellie.” Izzie pleaded with me, wanting me to change my mind, but her pleas were useless. I wasn’t going to listen and I think she knew that.

I was determined.

I was going to get back at Sirius.

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