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Lily clutched the glass bottle tightly in her hand, her knuckles turning white. The liquid inside splashed around as she quickly made her way through the halls, stepping over Oscar as she came up to the door, she pushed open the wooden door to the study.

The glass clanged noisily as she settled it down onto the wooden table, the study was dimly lit with only a few candles flickering about in mid-air beside the bookshelves for light.

Lily took a gulp of the gin, the liquid stinging the back of her throat, before she flicked her wand and sat down onto the chair. There was a rustle from behind her; she gave another lazy flick with her hand. The door popped open and in floated a bundle of cloth. It floated towards her, as if by a soft breeze as it ruffled softly. It landed onto the table in front of Lily

She stood up and took the corner of the dark, silky cloth in her two hands, a small smile coming onto her lips. She stretched the cloth out and laid it flat on the table.

Diffindo,” he said softly, a small cut appearing in the dark fabric...

The silver light from the moon fell onto the dark alleyways and skinny streets of Diagon Alley. Yellow lights flickered lazily behind netted blinds, as the dark figure walked in the shadows. Its pale hands stood out in the darkness. 

The sound of loud chatter erupted the silent night, making the skinny figure fall back into the shadows and watch with held breath as the group of young boys and girls stumbled past where the figure was standing, chanting the ‘Falmouth Falcons’ motto “Let us win, but if we cannot win, let us break a few heads” while skipping childishly and spilling their half-filled bottles of drink all over themselves and the pavement. When the group finally rounded the corner, the figure stood back out into the opening and walked swiftly on.  

The bell of the ‘Leaky Cauldron’ jingled softly as the door opened, none of the people inside the pub look up at the new visitor, as it walked up to the counter and slid onto one of the high-stools.

The fire which crackled merrily in the grate did not lift the shadows which hid the visitors face. Tom surveyed the person for a minute before stepping up.

“May I get you anything?” he asked, his eyes still filled with a small flicker of terror. The hood shook from side-to-side and Tom- without hesitation, backed away and went about cleaning the dusty, grim filled glasses without looking back up at the customer.

Lily looked around at the half-filled pub and her eyes landed on a large, hunched over form, which was half hidden behind an old, batty looking witch, the blonde head of Thorfinn Rowle came into view as he leaned back on his chair and smiled at the stone-faced woman who sat silently on the other side of the table. 

He turned around, and with a terrifying leap of Lily’s heart his eyes landed directly on her, her mind started racing, did he know who she was? Could he see through the shadows of her hood? But then his eyes moved over to where Tom stood and he indicated for another two drinks to be sent over. 

Lily watched silently as Tom nodded his head to show that he had seen him, and two glasses floated off the draining board and over to the silver tap sticking out of the end of the large wooden barrel and blood red liquid fell out and filled the two glasses up to the brim.

Tom settled the glasses onto the counter in front of Lily and turned his back to get hold of his wand. In one clean motion, Lily swept her hand over the top of the glasses, just before Tom turned back around. He set the top of the alcohol on fire before the glasses floated over to the round table where Rowle was sitting.

Lily slid off her chair and walked out of the pub, seeing from the corner of her eye as Rowle blew out the flame and took a great gulp, Lily smiled.

Lily sat on a bench, across the road from the pub. Watching as the people moved about inside. 

Time seemed to pass slowly as her bum became numb from the cold stone underneath her. A low cry of an animal cried in the distance, and a second later Lily perked up as the two forms of Rowle and his companion stood up from the table and began walking towards the door. Lily quickly stood up and back deeper into the shadows, they were mumbling and cursing to one another, Rowle’s chubby round face was a bright red and shining with sweat.

They walked down the road, Lily silently following them a few steps behind. “Alecto, you should have killed the whole lot of them! Filthy Mudblood lovers! ” he yelled, his words slurring together. Alecto didn’t answer him but silently just kept walking, her eyes staring straight ahead of her. They walked in silence, making it harder for Lily to stay unnoticed.  

“See you,” Alecto said coldly as they came to a fork in the road. She turned left and walked away, while Rowle turned to the right and walked silently on not noticing the dark figure gliding a few feet behind him. His steps became quicker as he had no companion to slow him down. He turned a corner, Lily closing the gap between the two of them.

Flickering lights broke the darkness as they came up to a grey cottage, green vines covering every inch of its front. 

Lily slowed down and stopped as Rowle opened the small squeaky gate and walked towards the door. Lily effortless jumped over the stone wall and pulled out the Marauders silver pocket-knife from her inside pocket, she caught the door just before it closed, and waited with her hand rested on its surface listening for the sound of movement from inside. Footsteps banged up the stairs and Lily slid inside and followed him upstairs. 

The strong smell of dampness came to Lily as she made her silent way up the steps to the second floor, pulling out her wand from her pocket.

She listened as Rowle hummed to himself as he pulled off his overcoat and dropped it onto the bed, placing his wand on the bedside table. He walked into the en-suit bathroom, before the door closed behind him Lily was already half-way cross the room and picked up his wand in her hand.

She sat down at the end of the bed, twisting the wand in between her fingers, while holding her wand securely in her hand. The sound of splashing water came from the bathroom. 

She stood up, dropping Rowle’s wand to the ground, pulling out a strip of silver rope and she walked towards the bathroom, putting her wand in her pocket. As she pushed the door open, Rowle was splashing water on his face, his top button of his shirt opened. Lily walked up behind him, seeing her dark cloaked figure in the large mirror.

Rowle looked up and quickly spurn around his eyes wide with shock. Lily grabbed the rope in her two hands and before the man could react she quickly moved forward…  

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