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Disclaimer: The plot and Lily's parents are all my doing. However Lily and James aren't mine. I'm not JKR and this is no way connected to her. Live with it.

AN: I am so sorry, but this time it wasn't my fault. My computer glitched out, and all my documents are locked. I had this chapter written, but not edited. And since it's taking forever to fix and since I love you all so much, I'm just going to go through this chapter on on the locked file and typing it up, editing it as I go. It'd be nice if there weren't too many complaints. I'm really trying.

        With one last final whoosh we arrived back that the house and the heavy sigh later I was sitting on the couch. Kendra remained by the fire. By the looks of things it had only taken Lily and James five seconds to get from teh living room to the kitchen. I could hear my future son in law's angry voice from here.

       "Did you hear the way she spoke to me Lils!! It was like I was a misbehaving five year old! Like she can really tell me what to do! Is she really that ignorant! Do you have any idea how it feels to have your parents treat you like you're just a stupid little kid!?!!" I winced as these words left hsi mouth. Kendra had frozen too, waiting with baited breath for our daughter's response.

        "It can't be a pain. I know sweetie. The best you can do is just sit out, and wait for them to realize that you're not a kit. It'll all work out eventually." I let out a guilty sigh. Kendra patted me on the shoulder.

        "No," Potter said, determination suddenly in his voice. "No I'm just not going to stand by and wait for her to see sense. I'm going to do something about it. I'll make her see sense. This is the most ridiculous you still working is going to mess this kid up so much. Somebody needs to teach her a lesson!"

        "And what do you intend to do about it?" Little Love asked, a short chuckle in her voice.

        "We're uninviting her to the wedding!" A shocked silence followed this solution. It seemed to me for a second that my youngest was surprised beyond words.

        "We're what?" sje repeated. Then breaking down completely, she burst out into uncontrollable hysterical laughter. I could hear  James defending this position. "James," Lily giggled, controlling herself at last. "This is your mother we're talking about; we can't just not invite her to the wedding. It'd be sour and cold and unforgibable."

        "Have you met my mother? She deserves it! After everything she said to me! It's horrible and I never want to see her again!"

        "James," Lily started, reasonably. "If we uninvited our parents everytime they did something we didn't like, my parents wouldn't be coming to the wedding ten times over, but my dad's still giving me away and mum's still going to be lighting the candels before the ceremony. You're being silly honey."

        "Your parents do what they do because they love you and want you to be happy. My mother is a selfish little prat, who doesn't care about our happiness, and just worries about how our raising a baby while you're will look. She has no intentions other than her own selfish purposes. Everytime she sees the baby all she'll want to talk about is how we're being neglectful parents. She doesn't deserve to come to the wedding."
        "Either way James, she's your mother. Every mother dreams about this moment."

        "How on earth do you know that?" Potter demanded of her harshly. I rose to go to her defense, but Kendra grabbed my elbow, stopping me. "Come on Lily. What makes you think that?" Glancing at her through the open kitchen door, I could see her place a perfect hand on top of her flat abdomen.

        "James if I missed a single moment of this baby's life sad, happy, or in between, it'd break my heart. I don't want to miss a single thing, and if it's up to me I'm not going to. I'd rahter die than see harm come to our child. And every single bone in my body tells me your mother feels the same way. If I didn't get to see our little one's wedding it'd kill me. Don't do that to your mother. She loves you." With that Lils seemed to just break down in tears.

       He sighed heavily and walked over to Lily Flower, who was leaning up against the counter. It might just have been my hopeful imagination, but I could almost see an expansion in her stomach. Like my little grandchild was reaching out to us. Once Potter reached the sink, next to my gorgeous youngest daughter, without seemingly counscious  thought, he kissed her on the lips sweetly and gently began to stroke her supposedly unchanged abdomen.

      "I'm sorry, Lils. Don't cry. It's ok. I'm so sorry honey. Don't cry. It's ok. Don't worry." Lily fell into his arms and started to sob into his shoulder. James wrapped bout arms around her, and started rocking her back and forth. "I just didn't know this meant that much to you. We'll keep her on the guest list. I'm sorry."

        "It's not your fault," she choked out, through sobs. "Would you mind asking Mum and Dad if we can stay here tonight?" She pulled her face back, tear stained and soaked. He nodded, and sat her down in one of the kitchen chairs. He came back out into the living room, and stopped dead when he realized how close we were to the kitchen.

        "Yes you can stay," Kendra blurted out. "And this time you don't have to sleep on the couch." I made a noise of protest, but my wife ignored it. "We've got an extra cot in the closet. Edward can set it up in Lily's room. That way if she needs anything in the night you'll be right there."

        "Kendra..." I growled under my breath. She still ignored me, and just pointed up the steps, signaling me to go set up the cot. With another grumble I did as my directed. She followed me, while James returned to the kitchen to tend to his pregnant emotional fiancee.

        "Kendra, what are you thinking letting him sleep in Lou Lou's room? Do you honestly tink all he's going to do is make sure she's comfortable?"

    "What are you worried about Edward? That they'll wind up having sex, and she'll get pregnant? I hate to be the one to have to tell you this honey, but I think it might be a little late to be concerned about that, now go set up the cot."


       Once the cot was set up and Lovely Little One and Potter were set up in her old room, I returned to my bedroom, to discuss a matter of business and grave importance with my perfect wife. Despite my apprehensions I couldn't help but agree with Mrs. Potter, and I had a brillant idea on how to fix it. The only thing I had to do was check to see if we had the funds and then get Kendra to agree. She was sitting on our bed waiting for my return from setting up the kids.

        "That was a disaster," was all she could manage at my entrance. "Can you believe that women? Just because Lils' isn't going to stop working she thinks our granchild is going to starve to death. Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous?"

        "I actually think she might have a point." I braced myself for the explosion, but all my red headed lover did was sit on our bed and gawk at me until she could find words to express what was going on in her pretty little head.

        "Of course you do honey," she sighed, looking away from me at last and talking off her earrings. "So I suppose you're going to start insisting that our daughter cease to work and start being a full time mother. She should just stop everything, and give up on her dreams and desires because there's no way she can be successful and mother at the same time," she snapped sarcastically.

        "No," I told her simply. "Have you seen where they're living?"

        "I should have known you'd start picking at something new sooner or later. Oh now what's wrong with where they live?"

        "It's a small apartment building in a shady part of London, Kendra. It's no place for a baby. I don't want my grandchild to be brought up in some run down shack. A baby needs to be able to move and have space to be free. We made sure our kids had that. It's what made them so happy as children."

        "Wait, what does this have to do with Lillian's work?"

        "Nothing in the slightest. I'm just worried about her situation."

        "Well honey that's very sweet of you, but there's nothing we can do about it." I just smiled at her, ambitiously. "Or maybe you have some freaky plan involving us and something we cand do about it," she groaned coming our of the bathroom in her nightgown.

        "Thomas mentioned to me on the shopping trip taht there was this town with wizards and muggles, in England."

        "So?" Kendra demanded totally lost to my brillant plan. "Edward what does any of this have to do with Lily's work?"

        "Nothing in the slightest, so would just let me finish. This town, Godric's Hallow, Thomas said taht it's got plenty of muggles and wizards, so the baby would have other magical friends. There'd be enough muggles, so it wouldn't be a problem for us to come and visit. It's a nice little town in the country, so there'd be plenty of room for the baby to run around and play."

        "Yes that does sounds great, but Edward they can't afford to buy a house like that. At best maybe they can get a larger apartment in a bit more safe part of London. There's no way they can pay for something like that."

        "Maybe they can't Kendra. In fact I know they can't, but we can." I waited for a moment, but all she did was freeze and stare off into space. "Think about it, we could buy them a nice little house in a partial Wizarding neighborhood. Our grandchild would have the perfect little dream childhood."

        "Can we afford to buy them a house?" she asked coming to at last. "We are paying for the wedding and everything."

        "Well we're almost done with the planning and everything, and it's clear that Lovely doesn't want a big wedding. In fact it's pretty small, and we've still got the money we'd saved for Petunia's wedding. To be honest I think ew can afford it. Plus sweetie, it'd be the perfect wedding gift."

        "You're right," she sighed, smiling happily, and placing her hand on her heart.

        "I'm sorry," I said, confused and shocked. It'd been a really long time since I'd heard those words come our of her mouth when they were dicrected at me. "Did you just agree with me?"


        "What? It's been a while."

        "And whose fault is that?" She was still smiling though. "Don't push it sweetie. I love you to peices, and you've just had one of the best ideas you've ever had. Still don't push it." With that she gave me a quick peck on the cheek. "I'll call the real-estate agency as soon as the kids get home. Now go to sleep."

        I slipped beneath the covers, as she turned out the lights. I started to drift off to sleep, smiling. All in all my wife was pretty good. I had a gorgeous wife, two grandchildren on the way, I didn't have to see my eldest's husband that often, and my youngest seemed to have picked someone I could maybe possible stand. Thinking about it now, it wasn't really that bad.

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