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Life Collides Chapter Four:

The Other Side of the World

Songs drifted in and out of Harry’s thoughts as he dreamed that night. Flashes of the war passed his closed eyes, and he kept seeing Ginny’s sleeping face as she lay in her bed at St. Mungo’s. In his sleep he gripped the sheets around him, and fought against his own minds to forget all the awful things he had left behind. Ginny’s smiling face drifted back through his mind, and he relaxed at this memory.

Miles away, on the other side of the world in real life Ginny was smiling. Yes, she was smiling. She wasn’t in a coma any longer, having woken months ago from the deep slumber she had been put under. They told her they never thought they would see her eyes open again. They told her she had been knocked off the astronomy tower when the Giants had started to attack the school. She had fallen to the ground knocking her unconscious.

“You lost a lot of blood.” Mrs. Weasley had told her. “They mended your bones, and replenished your blood, but you never woke. Nothing could wake you – oh thank heavens you woke up!” Mrs. Weasley had cried overjoyed.

Ginny had not known what was happening, and her eyes searched a pair of green. “Where’s Harry?” she had croaked.

Nobody spoke or moved. Mrs. Weasley sat down on Ginny’s bed, her face softening drastically. “He’s not here dear; he left six months ago.” Mrs. Weasley told Ginny, taking her hand in her own.

“What do you mean ‘he left’?” Ginny asked, her head had spun.

“We don’t know, he left in the middle of night and we haven’t heard from him since.” Mrs. Weasley told Ginny, and pulled her daughter close to her.

Six months later Ginny sat out in the garden facing the Burrow and staring at frogspawn swimming around in the pond. It had been a peaceful summer, and Ginny had just returned home from her seventh year at Hogwarts. She graduated with good marks, and intended on either going into healer training or possibly into playing professional Quidditch.

“Ginny?” A quiet voice spoke behind her, and she nearly dismissed it to hearing things.

But she looked up, and turned around to the gate where she saw Hermione and Ron standing there blinking at her. For a moment she stared, believing that her eyes were playing tricks on her. Hermione and Ron were still missing – considered dead, they couldn’t be standing in front of her now. Could they?

“Ginny it’s us,” Ron said, stepping past the gate and walking over to his little sister.

Ginny’s mouth hung open as tears filled her eyes. She stood up, ignoring the mud now on her robes, and walked over to her brother and best friend.

“Is it really you?” she cried into her brother’s shoulder. She clung to him and Hermione, not believing they were real. She had felt so abandoned and alone without Harry, Hermione, and Ron around.

Ron half carried half walked his sister into the Burrow, Hermione helping him as they went. They entered the homey kitchen, and were greeted with the surprised shriek of Mrs. Weasley.

“Ronniekins!” Mrs. Weasley cried, grabbing her son in a bone crushing hug. “Hermione,” she cried next seeing the girl she had watched grow since the age of twelve.

Ginny watched this with half clear eyes, slumping into a chair. Her hands shook as she watched her family filed into the kitchen hearing the noise. Her father and Bill came in from the den where they had been discussing ministry business, and George came down from his bedroom looking more cheerful then she had seen him in ages.

Her father had tears in his eyes as he hugged his youngest son, and Hermione was crying, beat red, as she hugged George. The room was full of noise and Bill was sent off to get Charlie and Percy to join in. Mrs. Weasley started bugging Ron and Hermione about how skinny they were and started to make food. Ginny sat in her chair frozen, waiting for the question that would bring everyone to a silence. She was expecting it, and was ready for it.

Finally Ron stopped searching for his best friend to come into the kitchen and looked to everyone. “Where’s Harry?” he asked, happiness in his voice.

Everyone fell silent, and Mrs. Weasley went to tell her son when Ginny spoke up. “He left a year ago in the night. Nobody had seen or heard of him since.” Ginny told her brother in an indifferent tone.

Hermione and Ron stared at her with confused and hurt looks. Mrs. Weasley quickly shoved them into chairs remarking on how tired they were, and as soon as everyone else sat down Hermione and Ron began to ask what happened after they left. Ginny tuned it out, just staring at her brother and friend’s face. She had missed them, and seeing them did make her feel happy. But they had brought up Harry and it was like pulling the band-aid off her broken heart.

“Ginny, take Hermione upstairs, give her a fresh set of robes.” Mrs. Weasley instructed, and without hesitation Ginny stood to join her friend up the steps to her bedroom.

“I can’t believe he left,” Hermione whispered as they entered Ginny’s bedroom. They sat down on the bed facing each other. Hermione took Ginny’s hands in her own, and looked sadly at her friend. “I can’t believe he left you.”

Ginny looked away from Hermione, biting her bottom lip a little. She did not want to talk nor think about Harry and how he left. She did not want Hermione to start making up theories about why he had left, because to Ginny it didn’t matter. He left, without a word, and she had given up the idea of ever seeing him again. Just like Ginny had done with Hermione and Ron.

“It doesn’t matter,” Ginny finally replied, hoarsely. “You and Ron are here, and that is all that matters to me right now.” Ginny faced Hermione and offered a small smile.

Hermione frowned, and pulled Ginny in her arms. “I missed you so much Ginny, you have no idea how hard it was to not come back earlier. Ron and I were just so afraid that it wasn’t safe yet; Death Eaters had been seen near where we were hiding and we were too scared to blow our cover.”

“Where were you Hermione?” Ginny uttered urgently, pulling away from Hermione. “One morning I woke and Harry told me you two had gone into hiding – he didn’t say why or where you had gone. You just were…” Ginny trailed off, her emotions taking over.

Hermione frowned. “He shouldn’t have done that. He should’ve stopped trying to protect you from all the bad. There had been plans uncovered for the murders of Ron and I. Voldemort had believed that if he killed us both Harry would fall. I told him it was ridiculous – sending us away wouldn’t help him at all. But he tricked us, Ginny. He brought us by portkey to a small town in Ireland and said that we were to stay there – that it was his only hope. We didn’t know where we were at first, and he left before he could tell us. We wanted to come back Ginny, but Harry had been so desperate to get us there, that we couldn’t go against what he wanted. So we stayed, and tried to move on.”

“You could have left though,” Ginny urged. She needed an answer as to why everything had gone so wrong.

“We couldn’t Ginny,” Hermione asserted, “Ron said that we might as well do what he said or he would just angry. And I knew it was true. Having us far away from Harry and any danger he feared would put less stress on his mind. In the end we saw it his way.”

“Why didn’t you come back sooner? It’s been nearly two years since the war ended. Why didn’t you come back!” Ginny cried, not wanting to give in herself.

Hermione saw her friend was upset, and held her shoulders gently. “Ron and I had no contact with the Wizarding world. The town we had settled in was on an island off Ireland. You had to take a boat to get to the mainland. We didn’t know people were searching for us, we didn’t know anything.” Hermione told her friend.

“Then why did you come back now?” Ginny asked, calming down.

Hermione smiled. “Ron asked me to marry him, Ginny. And he said war or no war, we had to come back and get married with all of our family. When we first came to the island it was dark, people lived in fear because of the strange and dark things happening all over the world. But when we left it had gone to what the villagers said were the normal days, when fishing was good and the skies were blue. We knew something had changed.”

“Something did change,” Ginny replied, but smiled at her friend. “But never mind all of that – you and Ron are getting married! How did it happen?”

Hermione laughed, burning a little red. “When you spend two years with a person who is the only link to your old life, you depend on that person a lot. Not to mention, we pretended to be a married couple, trying to get away from the crazy world of the mainland – that’s what we told people any how. And I guess it was easy for us to fall in love.” Hermione finished, a little embarrassed.

Ginny grinned. “If I had known exiling you two to an island alone for two year would finally get you two together, I would have done it year ago.” Ginny joked.

Hermione laughed, shaking her head. Her face fell slightly, and she looked her friend in the eye. “The only thing that would make this all better would be if Harry was here.”

“I know,” Ginny murmured, and pulled her friend into her arms.

A/N: I am so sorry it took me so long to update. This story, originally was going to be my priority in writing, as I wanted to get it finished as soon as possible so I could continue with the sequel. But like always, my other stories seemed to take over in my mind. So I am truly sorry, and I do hope you liked seeing Ginny’s side of the world. Hopefully it will give you some clues as to what is going to happen (if you haven’t read the original of the story before).

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