Two - Intrusions

Dudley spun around so fast the effect was dizzying. He found a tall, elderly man with half moon glasses and long gray hair. His beard was almost as long as the hair on his head. He also wore floor length robes, but these ones were dark purple, and Dudley had the impression that he was speaking before some kind of royalty.

“Th- thank you sir,” he managed to get out.

The black haired man was there again, a short distance behind the elderly man, watching curiously with his eyes narrowed.

“I am Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts. I must say your arrival was somewhat unexpected.”

“I- I’m sorry sir.” Dudley looked to the ground again. Would they tell him to get out as well? He would really be homeless if they did turn him away. He didn’t think that he could bear to go and live with aunt Marge.

“Do not be sorry,” the Headmaster continued on calmly. “Sometimes unexpected things are not all that bad. Please tell me how you arrived here?”

Dudley stood there quietly and told them the story of Hagrid finding them in the middle of the sea, and about Harry being a wizard. He told them of his father going mad and chasing him around the house even though he had no idea why, and what his mother had told him to do. Throughout his story, the old man waited patiently, nodding occasionally. Dudley had noticed the expression of the dark haired man’s face change into a sneer after he had mentioned Harry, but was not sure if he had imagined it or not. He was so used to seeing a similar look on his father’s face whenever Harry walked into a room.

Looking as if he were deep in thought for a moment at the end of Dudley’s story, Dumbledore finally looked down at him with a smile and reached into his long robes. From within it he watched as the man pulled out an odd looking yellowed envelope, twice the size of a regular postal one. He handed it to Dudley, who took it uncertainly. It had his name on the front. He looked into the old man’s eyes with curiosity.

“If you choose to attend school here, you will be most welcome to do so. If you do not wish to go here, we will do everything in our power to find a safe place for you in the Muggle world, although we cannot make any guarantees that you will find it satisfactory.”

Muggle world, what was that? Hadn’t he heard Hagrid mention something of the sort? He looked down to the envelope, and said, “I have no place else to go.”

The Headmaster nodded. “You are most welcome here then my boy. I will have you taken to a guest room for the night and we will speak more about your future in the morning once you have had a good night’s rest and a square meal.”

Dudley nodded absentmindedly, but suddenly blurted out, “What about Harry? He didn’t go home did he?” He wasn’t sure why he cared all of a sudden, but he didn’t like the thought of what would happen if his father got a hold of him after seeing how crazed he had been towards his own flesh and blood.

Dumbledore smiled kindly, and said, “Our gamekeeper had an inexplicable bad feeling about returning him to four Privet Drive. He was adamant that Harry should stay the night here, and be returned in the morning.” Dudley let out a sigh at this, but felt odd at doing so. He was not accustomed to caring for his cousin. In fact, he wasn’t accustomed to caring about anybody but himself. Now he had to worry about his mother and his cousin it seemed.

As Dudley thought on this, he did not notice the Headmaster motioning to the dark haired man to take Dudley up the flight of stairs to the guest room. Dudley followed him absentmindedly through many twisting corridors and up another flight of stairs before he realized he had been left alone with the menacing figure. The man kept shooting furtive glances at him.

“What?” Dudley asked stupidly the third time he noticed it.

The man narrowed his eyes, and said in a low tone that reminded him of his father’s, “I would advise you not to act so rudely to your new Potion’s Professor.”

Dudley gulped. “Oh. Sorry,” he added on, not wanting to agitate the man any more than was necessary.

Finally he was lead to a grand, elaborately carved wooden door. The door opened of it’s own accord, and he was advised to stay put until he was fetched in the morning. The bathrooms he was told, were across the hall.

Dudley nodded, and before he could say anything else the man had disappeared back down the winding hallway.

Inside Dudley found a plain bed and a single desk with a chair. Instead of electric lights, there was a small, crude chandelier hanging from the ceiling with ten lit candles. Feeling suddenly as if he were in another country, Dudley sat down on the bed and closed his eyes trying to remind himself that he wasn’t. Thoughtlessly he played with the parchment envelope still in his hands for a few moments before realizing that he still had it.

His eyes snapped open and he ripped at the paper to get at what was inside. Several pieces of parchment fell out onto his lap and he picked up the first one. It was some kind of list of things he would need to attend there. It was a long list, and he wondered if the money he had withdrawn from his savings account would pay for it all. Remembering the bus driver, he wondered if he would be able to use his money or would need to find Sickles to pay for it, whatever they were.

The next piece of parchment was a welcome letter to the school which he read quickly, his heart beating when he came to the realization that it to had his name on it, just as the envelope did. Was he really something special like Harry now? Was it possible that he didn’t need to be jealous of his runty cousin because he had magical powers too? He had certainly never felt magical.

Dudley finally set the welcome letter down, and picked up the third, much older piece of paper, this one lined like the paper he used at school. He bit his lip as he saw his mother’s handwriting, and confusing overtook him. What was this? Afraid to read the first line, he stared at the paper deep in thought. His mother had known about this world… she knew that he would need money, and she knew how he could catch that giant purple bus to the school. Would the letter hold the answers to his questions?

His mother’s tidy handwriting read:

Headmaster Dumbledore,

I am writing to you with instructions from my husband regarding our son. Vernon has made clear to me that our son Dudley will under no circumstances attend Hogwarts. He was terrified to see our precious Duddikins turn his one plate of food into three this morning at breakfast. I had no idea that babies could do that even if magical.

While deeply pleased to find that my son has the abilities that I strove to have after my sister gained entrance to your school, I am dismayed that he will not be able to put them to any use. I would prefer that Dudley be able to attend school, even though I was never able to. I fear that this choice on my part would lead Dudley and myself to the streets if Vernon ever found out that I wanted him to attend. Please do not send any letters to us regarding Dudley’s attendance. He will live a normal life with us.


Petunia Evans Dursley

Dudley bit his tongue trying to fight back tears. His mother knew that he was magical? She had never said a word about it. How was he supposed to fit in here, and live life in a magical world when he never knew he belonged to this world to begin with?

Letting the papers fall to the floor, Dudley crawled onto the bed, not bothering to kick his shoes off. He curled up as tightly as he could, given the size of his belly, and clenched his eyes shut. He wasn’t sure if he wanted his old life back or not, but he was desperately sure that he wished his mother was there with him. He had always taken for granted that she was there watching over him, fixing him food, fussing over the state of his clothes… now he was completely alone.

Exhausted from the day’s events, Dudley fell into a fitful sleep, dreaming of his father chasing after him with an enormous sausage, screaming about birthday cake and giants ruining his life.

It was Dudley’s full bladder that woke him the next morning. He didn’t really have time to register where he was, only that he had to pee quickly or else make a mess all over the floor. He burst from the door and ran across the hall, not noticing the boy standing in the open doorway a few feet down the hall from his.

Once relieved of the pressure in his stomach, Dudley made his way back out of the stone bathroom, rubbing sleep from his eyes. The scrawny boy was still there, watching with awe and waiting for Dudley to notice him. Dudley did notice him a moment later, and looked his cousin in the eyes. He wasn’t sure what to say, and all he could think of was a taunt.

“Guess you’re not the only special one now, eh?”

Harry frowned deeply, and watched as Dudley ignored him and walked back into his room, closing the door behind him. What had made him say such a stupid thing to the only family he had left? He didn’t know, but it had come out feeling like the natural thing to say at the moment.

Without a knock, his bedroom door opened, and Harry stood there in the entrance, still looking a little shocked, as if he were in a bad dream.

“Why are you here?” The question was a simple one, but Dudley was having a hard time swallowing the feelings revolving around the answer.

“Got my letter,” he said calmly, picking up one of the pieces of parchment from the floor. “Headmaster gave it to me himself.”

Harry was shaking his head now. “No, this is a dream. You’re going to Smeltings.”

Dudley shook his head, wanting to stop the grin from spreading across his face because he knew it was cruel to continue on like this, but not being able to stop. “Nope, going to Hogwarts. Going to Hogwarts and going to be a wizard.” Stop, STOP! His mind was screaming at him to stop taunting Harry, but he couldn’t. How could he treat him any differently than he had been taught to for ten years? Even knowing it had been his father that had taught him to do it, he couldn’t force his mouth to stop moving and the words to stop coming out.

Harry shook his head and turned to leave.

“Where are you going?” Dudley jumped off the bed, suddenly scared to be left alone. Harry didn’t turn or say anything else, just walked back into the hallway, door closing by itself behind him.

It was some time later before a knock sounded on his door, and Dudley rushed to open it. He didn’t like being left to his thoughts about how stupid he was. Outside he did not find Harry though. Instead the massive man who had intruded on them in the cabin in the sea was standing there looking down at him. The man seemed as shocked as Harry to look down and find Dudley standing there, and he raised his brow.

“What’re you doin’ here?”

Dudley dare not taunt this man, even if his mouth wanted to form the words by themselves. Instead he only shook his head.

“Hmpf,” Hagrid grunted and turned to look down the hallway, finding the door he had been looking for as it opened and revealed Harry, standing there looking unhappy.

“There yeh are.” Hagrid took a step back and gave a questioning look to Harry, who only shrugged in return. “Alrigh’ then,” he said, “come down to breakfast wit’ me. Wanted to show yeh sommat at me cabin.” Harry’s face changed to a grin and he moved to follow Hagrid.

Dudley also moved out into the hall to follow the giant, but Hagrid turned and said uncomfortably, “I er, was jus’ meanin’ fer Harry ter follow me. I think maybe yeh’d better wait here for whoever’s commin’ fer you.”

“Oh,” Dudley looked down at the floor as Hagrid wrung his hands together. Finally Hagrid motioned for Harry to follow him, and they left Dudley there alone again. Was anybody coming for him? The black haired man had told him to stay put the night before, but maybe they had just intended to leave him there until he rotted and died of hunger?

Dudley left his door open this time and went to sit on his bed again. This had never happened before. It had always been him that his parents or other people had wanted to take places, never Harry. Dudley had never been unwelcome anywhere before. How did Harry deal with this?

Desperately wanting something to do to take away the confusing feelings swirling within him, Dudley reached down and picked up the official looking letter and supply list from the floor, going over them again. The books on the list he noticed, had funny names, and many of the items he had no idea where he could buy, like dragon hide gloves, potion’s kits, or cauldrons. Did Harry already have all of these things? Dudley shook the notion knowing that Harry had no money. His parents had never opened up a savings account for his cousin as they had done for him. As far as he knew, they had never even given Harry any pocket change. At least they were in the same boat he told himself as someone cleared their throat at the door.

Dudley looked up and found a grey wild haired woman standing there in the doorway. “You’ll be Dudley then?” Dudley nodded, and she said, “I’m Madam Hooch. I teach flying here. I’m to take you to breakfast and then to get some of your school things.”

Breakfast sounded fantastic and Dudley leapt off the bed ready to follow the woman to wherever she led him. He was still unsure of where he would be getting his school supplies from however.

Down through the castle, and back through the Entrance Hall where Dudley had met the Headmaster the night before, he found a bowl of cereal and a glass of orange juice waiting for him at one of four long tables under a bright ceiling showing the sky outside.

“Wow,” was all that escaped Dudley’s lips as he sat down across from the woman. She smiled for a moment, and tried to ignore Dudley as he ate, feeling it was impolite to watch.

“Ever been on a broom before?” she asked him as he slurped the milk from the bottom of the bowl. He shook his head.

“You mean, like for sweeping?”

She frowned. “We don’t sweep with brooms here boy, we play Quidditch on them.”

“Huh… can I have some more cereal?” Madam Hooch raised an eyebrow and took in Dudley’s size, wondering if she would ever get him onto a broom in class, but nodded anyway, hoping he would finish his second bowl quickly.

After he was done, she lead Dudley to another part of the castle where there was a room full of used items, including stacks of books, scorched cauldrons, and piles of used clothes.

“I’ll gather the books from your list while you try on a few things from the clothing stack. Then we’ll go get the things we can’t find here.”

Dudley frowned. He was getting used things? “What about Harry? Does he have all of his school things yet?”

Madam Hooch nodded. “He had money to go to Diagonalley and buy everything new.”

Choking on the news, Dudley’s mouth fell open. “But he’s poor! He doesn’t have any money!”

Ignoring his outburst as she looked through a stack of books and tried to pick out the less worn and tattered ones, she said calmly, “From what I understand his parents left him a vault full of gold under Gringotts. It should last him through school if he doesn’t buy too many brooms or expensive things.”

Dudley was shaking his head. This was wrong. He was getting used clothes and books while Harry was getting brand new things? Were the laws of physics changing too?

“Go on, look through those clothes. Don’t have too much time you know… unless you want to wear that one outfit all year.”

Not wanting to think about the injustice of it all, Dudley turned and absentmindedly began hunting through the piles of clothes. Most of them weren’t in too bad of shape, but they were all too small for him.

“None of these are going to fit,” he said hopelessly, reaching a shirt he liked but was four sizes too small for him.

“Don’t worry about that, just pick some things out for the year. I’d say you need five shirts and three pairs of pants.”

Dudley shook his head again and muttered something she couldn’t quite hear. At home he had a closet full of things. He had suits and ties and at least thirty shirts and pairs of pants. He wouldn’t need his laundry done for a month if he had all of his clothes from home. Then he was forced to remind himself that his father would never let him back in the house to get his things from home.

Doing as he was told Dudley picked out what he liked, and turned to see Hooch stacking a pile of books in a battered black trunk along with a pair of dirty gloves and a cauldron that didn’t look half bad compared to the other ones.

“Lets see them then,” she said, motioning for him to hold up the clothes when she was done.

Dudley held up a much too small shirt, and she pulled out a stick and aimed it at it. Saying something that sounded like complete gibberish to him, a blue spark flew from the polished stick and hit the shirt, making it magically enlarge to the right size. Dudley almost dropped it from being startled at first, but managed to hold on as it finished resizing itself. His eyes were big.

“Nothing to worry about then, just some magic. Perhaps you’ll learn something useful like it this year.” Dudley nodded as he picked up the next shirt from the stack.

When they were done, she made him put the clothes in the trunk and they left the room and headed out side. Where were they going now? Was there another room full of used supplies he had to look through? They walked down a long drive and finally passed through a tall iron gate.

“Stand still then, don’t move about.” Before he could ask her what she was on about, she had gripped his arm and he found himself in darkness. He felt as if needles were pricking him on either side, and by the time he opened his eyes again to find himself in a small bricked in yard, an involuntary scream was issuing from his lungs.

Hooch closed her eyes tightly and shook him to get him to stop. “And don’t scream either.”

He promptly shut his mouth, but felt as if he wanted to be sick. What had happened? He wasn’t even watching as she tapped a certain brick in the wall and it transformed into an archway leading onto a busy cobbled street.

Prodding him to get him to move through the archway, she said, “How much Muggle money do you have with you?”

Dudley pulled the only money he had from his pocket, unsure if it was Muggle money or not. She took hold of it and counted. “This will be enough,” she said, “But we’ll have to exchange it at Gringotts. Don’t scream when you see the Goblins,” she warned him as an afterthought as they walked down the street.

Inside a tall white building, Dudley had to bite his tongue not to shout at the ugly little men that manned the wizarding bank. Madam Hooch exchanged the money for a sack of different sized and colored coins.

“The small ones are Knuts, the silver ones are Sickles, and the gold ones are Galleons,” she informed him as she steered him out of the bank and back down the street. “We still need to get you a wand, robes, and a beginner’s Potion’s kit. There was a book you still needed too that I couldn’t find in the school stacks.”

Dudley nodded, peering into the sack of coins he had been handed. It was heavy and he much preferred the paper Muggle money to this.

He squirmed as a small woman pinned him up for black robes in Madam Malkin’s Robes For All Occasions, and he peered interestedly at all manner of creepy things in jars in the Apothecary store as Madam Hooch pulled out the right number of coins for his potion’s kit.

“Are all the shops here magical?” he asked, unsure of where exactly they were.

She nodded. “Only place in London to buy all this. I suppose you could buy some of these things in Hogsmead too, only wizarding village in Britain, but I prefer the place with the Quidditch store.”

Their last stop was a place called Ollivander’s, a dark, cramped shop with tiny boxes lining the walls from floor to ceiling.

“Hm…” the wizened shopkeeper sized him up as he stood wondering what was in all of the boxes. “I didn’t expect to see you young Evans.” Dudley turned to face him. Evans?

“Your cousin was here only yesterday… mighty powerful wand that boy has. I expect great things from him.”

Dudley frowned. Great things from Harry? Impossible. What about great things from me?

“I expect you’ll be adept at dueling… let’s try a mahogany wand shall we?” Ollivander pulled a wand out of a thin white box and held it out to Dudley. He took hold of it but before he could do anything, Ollivander had it back from him and was placing another one in his grasp. Nothing happened with this one either, and now Ollivander was climbing a ladder to the top of one of the box lined walls, pulling out several slender boxes before he came back down.

“Maybe not a dueler then… try this one. Nope, what about this one. No, no, not a charms student either.” Dudley was growing annoyed as the wands kept being pulled from his hands. What was supposed to happen? Madam Hooch seemed to be watching all of this patiently however, which gave Dudley some amount of control over what he wanted to say to this man.

About ten wands later, and Ollivander was placing a short brown wand in his hand. This time golden sparks sprouted from the tip, and Dudley almost dropped it.

“Ah, ten inches, spruce, with a core of Dragon heartstring. Not a wand particularly adept at any art, but good all around for many things.” After a moment he had this wand too snatched out of Dudley’s hand and back in it’s box, only this time he was tying the box with twine and placing it in a small plastic bag.

“Take good care of your wand and it will take good care of you. Never forget that. That wand chose you for a reason… even if you have no other companions, that wand will be your friend unless you choose to treat it harshly.” Not understanding his words, but feeling that he was supposed to, Dudley nodded his head obediently as Madam Hooch dumped nearly the rest of his money out onto the counter. Ollivander took most of it and left only two golden Galleons, a silver Sickle, and seven bronze Knuts to be placed back in the suede drawstring pouch.

Outside the shop, Madam Hooch handed the pouch to Dudley with instructions not to waste it on anything frivolous because he would need every coin he had for the next year, although she had a feeling he was probably not listening as she gripped his arm again and took him back to Hogsmead.

Feeling thoroughly exhausted and shaken from the trip back from Diagonalley, Dudley was happy to be taken back to his room, where the black trunk now sat at the foot of his bed with his new, or rather old, things in it. He dumped his robes and other supplies unceremoniously into the trunk and collapsed onto the bed. Being magical was exhausting.

Opening his eyes at a loud popping noise, he found a tray of sandwiches on the desk across from the bed and a glass of what looked like lemonade. Hunger drew him away from the soft bed and to the hard chair, where he devoured four of the five sandwiches hurriedly, and polished off the fifth one at a slower pace. After eating his fill, he again went to collapse on the bed, hoping they had nothing else in store for him that day.

A/N: Know this was a lot of information for one chapter.  I'd like to point out a couple of things though.  One of my goals for this story is to humble Dudley, and take him down from the spoiled kid to who he should be if there is no Vernon there to teach him all the wrong things.  My first way of doing this is to take Dudley out of his environment, and place him in a new one (obviously) lacking all the amenities of a spoiled child.  Lack of money is a good way to start our main character off on his journey to normalacy.  I have a lot of things in store for Dudley in the future, many of which he will not like.

Let me know what you think,


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