“Did you ever wonder if you were an animal in a past life?” I ask Seamus slyly.

He pretends to take my question seriously. “You know, I’ve never given much thought to that but it’s definitely something I’m going to have to look into. I’m glad you mentioned it.” I push him lightly so that he tilts slightly but, as if on an axis, he floats upright again.

I lift my face to the sun and smile as the breeze rippled through my hair. Seamus and I have decided to take a “destination date” as I like to call it since we had Apparated early in the morning to spend the day alone on an abandoned beach Seamus had heard about. Well, actually I had Seen us at this particular beach about a year ago, so I may have pushed him in the right direction. I didn’t have to do much though. I mean, I knew it was going to happen no matter what I did. So far, what I See always comes true. So far.

“I think I would have been a cat,” I say after a while. Seamus looks at me quizzically. “I could nap all day long,” I grinned.

Seamus laughs at my declaration but sobers after a few minutes. “I’d be a cat too.” He shrugged, “I like to sleep, but I can go without it. I can’t go without you Blair. You’re like my own special addiction that no one can relate to.”

I look down at the sand between my toes and curl my legs up against my chest where we sit in the sun bleached sand. “Addictions are serious,” I said.

“I’m serious about you,” Seamus shrugs.

I hadn’t foreseen this sudden admittance of his feelings for me. It was shocking to have missed something this important, this vital to our relationship. I find myself searching for the right words to say because after all, I'm not used to impromptu. It occurs to me at precisely the weirdest time ever that maybe I would have been a shy person without my sight to guide me in what to say.

Two weeks was not a long time for a person to develop feelings for another especially when the person was Seamus. I knew this because our future was filled with fights and empty silences. He kept what he felt to himself and I couldn’t blame him after all that he had lost during the war. It’s hard to open up to people when you’re not sure what you have left inside to give.

I gaze into the ocean and the sparkling glint of the sun catches me off guard. Suddenly I'm thrown into a fever of lights and sounds as is common when I am Seeing something. It's an occurrence I have never gotten used to. I am not surprised however to find that it Seamus is sitting next to me in a room in our future home, with the edges slightly blurred of course.

There was something different about the ambience of the situation this time though. Generally the atmosphere is saturated with high emotions because if I’m Seeing a particular scene, there’s usually a reason for it. This time though, Seamus is silent and oddly enough, so am I. We’re staring at our laps, and I am turning my wedding band over and over in my hands and yet I’m clinging to it like a life raft.

“How did we get here?” I ask so softly it seems I’m almost wishing Seamus wouldn’t here me. I do that sometimes because I illogically assume if I ignore any situation, it will simply go away.

Seamus shakes his head. “You tell me.”

“Seamus, I don’t know,” I reply fiercely. “It’s always been you for me. There’s never been anyone else.”

“So I suppose you call last night a lapse of judgment then?” He replies without feeling. He seems numb to…whatever he’s upset about. This is familiar to me. Often Seamus recognizes a problem, becomes upset for a few minutes and then promptly shuts it away only to be brought up at a later date.

I watch as I laugh scornfully. “You weren’t exactly perfect either you know.”

Seamus rises quickly and towers over. I glower darkly at him and he seems to shrink slightly but resumes his posture quickly. “Well isn’t that always just the case,” he says. “I’m never quite perfect enough for you am I?”

“We’ve talked about this,” I say steadily.

Seamus’s lips are set in a grim line. “I’d forgotten. You of course are surprised by nothing. Well did you see this coming?” I am silent so he raises his voice. “Did you?” he thunders.

I realize through the haze that yes, I do know the answer but the occurrence that has brought about my need to See this scene, I do not. I am thrown promptly into the present wondering for what seems like the hundredth time in my life what it all means. Seamus stares at me expectantly.

“You zoned out for a second there,” he laughs nervously. I seem to make him nervous often. Merlin, I make myself nervous daily.

I consider our situation for a moment. Obviously I am not going to be honest about something in our future, something that seems as if it’s major enough to change our relationship forever. It’s obviously the farthest I’ve ever Seen into our future. I feel I need to at least be honest about my curse, as I’ve taken to calling it.

“Seamus,” I pause, “I need to tell you something.”

He glances at me expectantly, so I take the plunge. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen? Obviously he doesn’t get so freaked out that he walks. “I’m a Seer,” I say.

He grins hesitantly. “I was afraid you were going to say that.”

“You knew?” I feel slightly betrayed.

“Well, I had the feeling. I knew someone once who could See and she always got that far away look in her eyes like you do sometimes.”

I pick up a handful of sand and let it trickle through my fingers. “Are you mad?”

“A little,” he admits. “I wish you had told me sooner.”

“Isn’t that always the case,” I say under my breath. I know that this is often a fighting point in our relationship.

He doesn’t seem to catch my statement or if he does, he chooses to ignore it. “I think it’s time to go home.”

I’m aware that we’re entering into our very first fight and I grin at the irony of it all. I’ve Seen our first date and the first time he meets my sister. Hell, I’ve Seen our first trip to the supermarket together, but I didn’t See this coming? I’m not concerned at all like most girls would be. I think this can only end well for me. Either he buys me a pretty make up present or we have brilliant make up sex.

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