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Last Chapter:


“Hermione Krum” she confirmed. And I looked down at her huge stomach.


I smirked.


And her eyes widened.


“Malfoy?!!” she half shouted.


“Dr. Malfoy.” I confirmed. “And I shall be your doctor during your entire case.” I confirmed more.


And just to make it better, she screamed.


Chp. 2: Not So Much Hatred.


Aw, fu- f- FISH! Did she have to scream?

I looked at my reflection at my side desk mirror.


“I'm not that ugly. In fact, I'm quite handsome.” I said casually. She still had shock stuck to her face.


“Ugly? UGLY! Who effin’ cares!?” she shrieked. Who knew Ms. Bookworm could try a curse? “I don’t want you as my doctor, ok?” Her voice now shaky.


As soon as she finished her last word, Nicole came bursting through the door. Dang, she’s slow today. Hermione screamed, like what, five minutes ago?


“I, uh, thought I heard a scream?” she said, half-way through the door.


“Is that supposed to be a statement? ‘Cause I believe that sounded like a question. Are you or are you not stating an information of fact about your thoughts?” Woah-ho-ho. When did I care about grammar?


She had a pathetic expression on her face. “What the heck, Dr. M?”

Hermione, red in the face, turned abruptly to Nicole.

“I do not want him as my doctor!!!” she half-shouted. I thank god for that. I believe I would’ve suicided than have to go through that ear-peircing scream again.


Nicole, eyebrows raised at Hermione’s sudden out burst, slowly turned her to me. All your fault, it seemed to say. I rolled my eyes. She turned back to Hermione, but Hermione was already out the door.


I waited, for what like short, 10 minutes. Nicole was back with Hermione at her heels.


Once they were in the room, Nicole turned to Hermione.


“Mrs. Krum, let me explain to you once again, your doctor has been assigned and there is no way of changing it.” Nicole glanced at me. “So I’ll let you two deal with your self.” Nicole actually sounded responsible, a miracle. She closed the door as she left.


Hermione, who was fuming when she came in, seemed to be in a very flushed position.


“Er… Dra- Malfoy.” She stated. “I guess I am sorry for the way I acted a while ago. So… well, I guess that was very immature of me.” She looked down at her small cantaloupe sized stomach.


Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Rewind. Was she actually apologizing? Cool.


“Ah, well…” I smirked. “Looks like you were a little misbehaving… but…-“


She scoffed. “No. I…-”


“Yeah, like heck you-“


“Shut up! I wasn’t that-“

"You were stupid"

" No! I know better-"

“Yeah right, Herms-“


“Don’t you dare call me ‘Herms’”


“Who cares?”


“The one who you’re calling to.”






“Ohh uh.... yes.”


“Thank you.”


“Your welcome.”


She just glared.


“Well. No time to waste.” I said. She snorted and rolled her eyes. I ignored that. “Heh, well after this commotion thing, I still have no idea why you’re here.”


She looked up alarmed. Then looked down and sighed. I waited. She looked up again. Then once again, looked down and sighed. What the heck was wrong with her?


She muttered something which briefly sounded like, “Stupid ferret.”


She stared me in eye, for a long time. She looked as if she were regretting something. Like she really wished hadn’t came.


She sighed. “Ok I am stuck with a baby and uh I was wondering… uh-“ She choked out the last part. “If chances of abortion were available?” She wasn’t even looking at me. She closed her eyes. And opened to look at the bottom of my desk so intently, it felt like she didn’t even want that abortion. WAIT! Did she say abortion?


“Did you say, abortion?”


She raised her eyebrows and looked up. “Any problem, doctor?”


I smirked. Hey eyes narrowed.


“No prob. Just fill out this form please.” I handed her a form.


She took the form and stared at it. Then I noticed her eyes moving. She raised eyebrows, which hints she has in fact read all the questions. She then looked at me and I handed her a pen. She sat at the chair in front in my desk and I sat in my chair. Once she finished, she handed me it. It looked something like this:


Date: December 10


Name: Hermione J. Krum

Date of birth: Septmeber 19

Occupation: Employee at Candee’s Candy Gift Shop


*other un-important stuff*


Age: 23

Reason for doctor: Abortion

Married: Yes

Spouse Name: Victor M. Krum

Work: The World’s BEST Quidditch Player


Children: None

Since when sexually active: few months


*more other un-important stuffs*


Firstly: Pishhhhhhh… do I care if her husband is “the world’s best quidditch player”?

No I don’t. I DON’T.


I looked up at her and I noticed she was staring at the window passed me. I don’t think she noticed at me staring at her. So I began to notice her features. Her perfect face with her brown eyes. Her curly misbehaving hair. Cute nose, and were those actually freckles on there? I look down. I see familiar things. Those lips. I remember that taste. Divine, daring, delicate. –Then the lips parted. Oh how I wish I were tasting those lips, now. The lips kept parting and closing together. WAIT. – Why were the lips moving? Why were-


“MALfoy!” the brown-eyed beauty’s voice brought me back to senses.


“ Gah!! a-wha?” I blurted lamely. She looked very uncomfortable. Then I noticed I was almost right on top of her. I was very close to her face. My hands were on the arm rests and she, very much, looked frightened. Probably it was because of this familiar position we were in.


“ Oh-h!! Ahh…” I jumped back and went back to my seat where I was ‘supposed’ to be sitting.


Her frightened expression was replaced with confusion.


I didn’t know what to say. I suddenly felt very hot. I noticed a blush coming up on my face. Me blushing?! That made me blush even more.


“That was weird.” I stated. I mean, what else could I possible say?


She wasn’t even looking at me… again. She seemed interested in her hands.


“You were… very close.” She looked up.


“Oh? Well,” I guess I can owe her an apology, I mean she gave me once for acting like an idiot earlier ago. Not saying that I had. “I'm sorry, like I said before. That was weird.”


I glanced casually at the clock, and jumped out of my chair. It was 5:47. I had to freakin’ go home like half an hour ago!


“Ul-rite Hermione, nice seeing you after such a long time.” I said, rushed. “But I have to leave. How about we schedule tomorrow? Same time?”


She looked confused and just merely nodded.


“Great.” I waited. I'm patient, yes. So I waited… … to long! “Umm. Goodbye?” I said.


She suddenly understood, as if just registered to her, and stood up. She was at the door when,


She sighed, “It is actually great to see you again, Draco. Until next time, then?” She smiled and left.


Until next time.

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