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Hey everyone, I’m back. Sorry about the wait. I have been having some huge difficulties with my computer. I hope this one proves satisfactory.

Anyway, here we go!

Disclaimer: Am I richer than the queen of England? No.


Another September 1st, another start of a school year. This one though, promised to be better than the last. No more freaky kids or spooky diaries. That was all in the back of my mind, destined to be forgotten.

But it couldn’t be.

With Aunt Marge’s explosion and his leave, I just couldn’t forget the two occurrences. They all added up, in a freaky, paranoid way, and I knew something was going to happen.

But thankfully, not this year.

I was thirteen and everything seemed to be perfect. I wasn’t interested in girls yet, and neither was the rest of my gang, so we had ample time to prank instead of gawk. To us, girls were just there for later. As of now, they were beneath us.

In the third year, we were supposed to try some sports so we could decide what we wanted in 4th year. I had a hard time deciding which one I wanted. Soccer was out of the question, I thought it was stupid. Basketball was unpopular and also quite stupid. I wasn’t about to play cricket, and track and field were out as soon as they were mentioned. I was not a good runner. Rugby was fun, but I thought that neither of my friends were bulky enough to play, but at the tryouts they proved me wrong. We were a tight knit circle so we were happy that we could all play the game during gym. Piers was fast and could throw quite well. Malcolm was really an all-around athlete, so he was good with anything as long as he could show off his muscles. 

We even requited 2 new boys for our gang. Dennis (not the weird Creevy kid,) and Gordon. We knew them before, but didn’t really associate until the first rugby practice.

“Move over, you.” Malcolm grunted to a boy almost twice the size of him.  The boy raised his eyebrows, but obliged when he saw me glaring as well. The coach was a tall, skinny, balding man. He was so pleased with the team that he decided to put us into a competition with other schools in the area.

We had our first game on a Sunday soon after that, Piers, Malcolm, and I had been the kings of the game. The three of us each got more points than the rest of the team combined. That Sunday though, someone proved us wrong. We were not the champs. The big boy who Malcolm had annoyed was.

He lead our team to a victory, winning by over 20 points, and damaging many of the other team members. With one look at each other, Malcolm, Piers, and I had the same thought. 

New gang member.

We confronted the boy, Gordon the day after the game at school. We instructed him to meet us by the garbage cans before the bell rang and then we seriously asked him the question.

“Gordon.” I stated. “Would you like to be part of our gang?” He raised his eyebrows, surprised.

“Is this a joke?” The bloke asked us. “You three actually want me to join you?” We nodded, again.

“But we will take the invitation away if you don’t say soon.” Piers cut in, loudly. I looked at him. That wasn’t like him at all. I would have to ask him about that later. 

“Alright,” Gordon said slowly, and we looked at each other, excited. “Your initiation starts on-.” I said excitedly until I glanced down and saw his expression.

“Alright.” He repeated, “But only if my mate Dennis can join too.” I looked at my friends. They looked just as surprised as I was.

“We would…we would have to see him.” Malcolm said slowly. “We have to see if he’s right, you know?”

Gordon smiled. “I think you will be quite pleased with him.”


Dennis, as we found out, could not stop talking. He was just like that other Dennis…maybe it was in the blood line. People with the same names are related, right? 

Kidding. Kidding. I’m not that stupid.


A/N: At this point, Dudley and I got into a little argument. Sorry for the inconvenience, that’s why the chapter took so long. “Big D” can be very forceful. We agreed to what I wrote before, after I made him take an IQ test. He didn’t do as badly as I thought he would…kidding Duds! But now I’ll let you get back to him.

So Dennis was a talker, and a planner. He had brains, none of us denied it, we needed him for it. Pier’s and my plans only went so far. Dennis also idolized us, we soon found out. Gordon told us that ever since we bashed Tim Stoone, a bully who teased Dennis for his size, he had talked only of my gang. That gave me a warm, fuzzy, feeling.

After our little meeting, Dennis stood up. “I have something to show you.” He smiled. Eager. Too eager if you ask me, but Gordon assured us he could be like that. Dennis jumped up and pulled a shelf out of the filing cabinet. (We were in the detention room, a room I knew only too well.) He lay a piece of paper on the table and smiled up at me. Raising our eyebrows, Piers, Malcolm, and I glanced down. In front of us on the table was a design- a blue print if you will. There was an elaborate plan of how to snitch food from the kitchens, how to get to school using a faster route, and even a passage from the local park to the school yard-underground!

 Within a few days all our plans were in action. Dennis and Gordon were let in with an initiation “rain check,” so we could get started. We not only stole food from the cafeteria, but from the teacher’s lounge. We snuck out before Rugby practice and baught ice cream. The only negative was that we got booted off the rugby team. 

At the time, I didn’t count the gained weight.

Even with the year drawing to a close, our bullying did not cease. We wanted to get everything in before Malcolm went to his dad’s for the summer. He was upset that he was going to miss “hunting” my cousin, but I assured him we would. 

Peirs however, did not look excited at the prospect of summer. Because he was my one and only real friend, I asked him why.

“Dude…what’s up?”

Peirs looked up and down at the floor. “Dudley, man, it’s nothing.” I however, didn’t believe him. I squinted my eyes in what my gang calls “The Look.” “No, really,” he assured me. “It’s no-nothing.”

“Ah ha!” I exclaimed. “You stuttered!” Piers could have been a professional public speaker. He was always sure of himself. “You stuttered, you stuttered….” I went on.

“Shut up!” He cried. I stepped back, my goal accomplished. “Just because you have new gang members doesn’t mean you can ignore me! I thought I was better than them, but no-o. New gang members, why not? Why not let the whole school in? Why not degrade Piers to a…” He trailed off, his face completely red. It had dawned on him that he had told me exactly what he was hiding. My mouth must have been opened. I shut it. 

“I didn’t realize you felt that way, buddy. I never meant to degrade you…its just that all the famous gangs in history had more than four people, you know?” He nodded.

“Alright Dudley.” 

So after we kicked some cans, we made our way home, hoping for a better summer than the previous.

A/N: Hey, hope you enjoyed. This chapter was a bit different to write because I actually hand-wrote a portion of it. I’m surprised I could read it afterwards. :-)

Anyway, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to:

 a.) leave a review

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 d.) do all of the above. 

Choice ‘D’ earns you a 100 and a free dessert…next chapter ASAP!

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