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From now on I no longer called myself a Slytherin. Classes carried on as normal, like as if nothing had happened. The DA were good to me as they adopted me as one of them, but even with them behind me I felt empty with a great part of me missing.

Daily I would yearn for Draco, hoping that somewhere out there where ever he was that he was thinking and feeling the same way.

I slept alone in the dorms and spent most of my time in the library or in the grounds just sitting, thinking, wishing and praying.

Weeks past with no news at all, I heard nothing from either side. It was starting to become a rather lonely existence. At least the other member of DA had each other and their house mates. I had no one.

'It's going to be all over soon' Neville tried to reassure me one day.

'What's left for a person who has lost everything?' I asked him mournfully.

Shaking his head he frowned obviously feeling defeated.

'You haven't lost everything, you've gained new friends, you've got me' he replied.

Turning to him I gave him a small smile, I really did appreciate Neville being around. The fact that he just wanted to try and make me feel happy and welcome was really touching. He didn't need to do all of this for me, especially with my track record. I bullied him all through out school yet still wanted to be my friend.

'Why are you being so nice to me?' I asked him.

Laughing slightly he gave me a knowing look.

'Call it a change of heart' he smiled back at me.

It suddenly hit me, he had remembered what I said to him when we first spoke by the lake. I really had changed I was hoping that it was for the good.

'Without suffering there would be no compassion, true faith is the freedom to choose the truth and the good' Neville said taking my hand.

I was starting to realise why I had chosen the path, I still wasn't sure whether I had it in myself to be able to fight against all that I thought was wrong.

'I know you think you're weak, but you're so incredibly strong, where so many people gave in and admitted defeat you stuck to your heart regardless of what dangers maybe coming your way. It's so courageous, the reason why I'm being so nice and wanting to be your friend is because I respect you so much for what you have done.' Neville went on taking me by surprise.

I had never had someone say such things to me, I had never heard anyone say they respected me. I guess because I didn't deserve respect when I was younger. His words uplifted me. I was grateful for this opportunity.

There was no evident sign that any of the Slytherins were to return back to Hogwarts. The DA had now taken refuge in the room of requirement for safety, decorating it with the shields of the different houses I refused to let the Slytherin shield hang with the rest of them. As far as I was concerned Slytherin had let me down. It was here that we spoke of the future. A lot of the DA stayed hopeful that things would certainly get better but I felt that the atmosphere said something different. There was a fear that hung over many, a fear of the unknown. I was amazed that even through this fear they courageously hung on, refusing to give up.

I took to writing everything in a journal recording all my thoughts, feelings and even my plans for when I got out of here and into the world. I found this very much became an emotion crutch for me making sure I spent a little time everyday to write in it.

'I need to get out of this room' I expressed one day. 'I miss the sky.'

'Me too' came a voice.

Looking up I noticed Ginny sitting across from me.

'Do you think it's safe enough to leave and maybe take walk?' I asked suddenly feeling the urge to just run.

'Well we wouldn't be here if it was safe.' she replied but she returned my determined smile, obviously thinking the same thing I was.

'Let's go' I grinned.

Who could harm us out there? If it was any other Slytherin I knew that I could take them on in a heart beat.

Looking around cautiously we made our way to the door and whilst there was no one looking we set ourselves free.

Running down the empty corridors I felt an overwhelming sense of salvation. Heading straight out of the castle doors Ginny and I hit the welcoming breeze as we stood for a moment to stare up at the wondrous blue sky.

I felt a hand creep into mine as we stood motionless in awe of the breathtaking beauty of mother nature. Ginny's hand gave me a peace that I had not felt for a long time.

'We're friends right?' she asked glancing over at me.

'Yeah, friends' I smiled.

Strolling slowly along we spoke of everything, Ginny opened up to me about her feelings for Harry. What she was going through almost seemed parallel to my situation. Both men were off in battle neither one of us wanting them to leave but having to let them go was the hardest part.

'I always think of Draco, I always wonder whether he thinks of me.' I said as we sat under a willow tree.

'I do.'

Jumping up I looked round to find Draco standing behind us.

'What are you doing here?' I asked panic stricken.

Ginny and I both took out our wands, glancing around we held them in the direction of Draco. To do this almost killed me but I knew that I couldn't take any chances, we were now on different sides no matter what had been before all of this.

'I needed to see you' he expressed taking a step forward.

Stepping back instantly I rose my wand higher.

'How do we know that you're not just making this up?' Ginny asked still glancing around.

'Listen I'm on my own' he replied 'but not for long, I have to meet some others very soon, so I have to be quick.'

My heart was beating over time as he stood in front of me. His eyes were just as magnetic as ever. I trembled as my legs became weak.

'I needed to know that you were all right and that you were safe' he went on staring at me in concern.
'I went to your house' he said quickly.

'You went to my house? What's going on with my parents and my family?' I asked suddenly letting my mind wander over to my younger siblings.

'Don't worry they're all safe, your siblings have gone into hiding' he answered. 'but when I found out you weren't there I got worried that something might have happened to you. You haven't been seriously hurt have you?'

'I'm okay' I muttered.

'You look it' he smiled slightly pausing for a second he shuffled his feet. 'Please put down your wand'

I still held my stance, I was unsure whether I was to actually trust him.

'Please' he pleaded, his eyes looking defeated.

I looked over to Ginny, she gave me a small smile nodding at me. I lowered my wand in understanding as she still kept hers pointed in his direction. Running over to me I felt his strong arms embrace me tightly, letting tears pour out of my eyes, I never thought that I would feel his touch ever again.

'I've missed you' I cried as he kissed me softly on the lips.

'I've missed you too' he replied tracing his fingers across my cheek. 'As much as I want to stay I've got to head back.'

Sorrow swept over me as he broke away.

'I've got to warn you though, there is to be an ambush here at Hogwarts, they are out to kill everyone, please go and find safety cause I don't know what I'd do with out you' he finally said before turning away from us and disappearing from my sight.

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