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Chapter 10 Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter…yet. JUST KIDDING! I wish I owned HP but I do not so I just have this and a hundred more little plots to get me through. Author’s Note: So I guess this is the end of my story. Quite a pity having to end it… I might not depending on reviews *wink*. Thank you to my beta, Signeus! ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Harry decided that he was going to see Professor Dumbledore and tell him. Harry, Ron, and Hermione didn’t want a dark wizard running around the school. He was almost at the office entrance when he ran into Ariel, herself. “Hello Harry! What are you doing?” she asked cheerfully, almost innocently, but Harry knew better. “I need to see the Headmaster,” he started but got an idea. “In fact… Why don’t you, er…join me?” “Er…okay. It sounds really serious. What happened?” she said cautiously. “Just come with me,” Harry said firmly. “Lemon drops,” Harry said to the gargoyles flanking the entrance and they moved over to allow him access. They went up the spiral staircase and Harry knocked the Griffin knocker against the door. When he heard the old man say “Ah… come in” Harry allowed Ariel to enter first and then put a locking charm on the door. This caused Ariel to get suspicious and even a little nervous. Something she wasn’t known to do. “Ah…Harry. And Ariel! What do I owe the pleasure? It must be urgent if there is need for a locking charm. “Actually sir,” Harry started. “It is quite urgent. There is something I need to ask both you and Ariel.” “What is it Harry?” Ariel said, her voice nervous. “Yes, my boy. What seems to be the problem?” Professor Dumbledore mimicked. “Why are, er…you, Ariel, using Dark Magic?” Harry asked cautiously. The whole scene seemed to freeze over. Professor Dumbledore lost the twinkle in his eyes and Ariel started looking very sick. “Excuse me?” she said. “What made you get that idea?” “Er…you know. Shimmering. It’s considered a dark art,” Harry said cautiously. “Harry,” Dumbledore started. “There is something I need to tell you but you can’t tell anyone. Do you understand?” “Yes.” “Okay, Ariel is the niece of Lord Voldemort. When her parents died last year, she went to go live with him. That is why she’s at Hogwarts this year. Voldemort wanted her to spy on you.” “And have you?” Harry asked Ariel. “No, of course I haven’t!” she said defiantly. “I’ve been helping.” “That’s why Malfoy’s scared of you, isn’t it? And why you never get in trouble?” Harry asked. “Harry,” Professor Dumbledore started. “One thing you must know is that Ariel was raised to be a dark wizard and she sometimes can’t control her emotions. You should know what that feels like.” “Yes, but isn’t this a bit much?” Harry said plainly. “I mean, I’m supposed to be training to defeat Voldemort when his own niece is here at Hogwarts!” “Yes,” Ariel said. “But what we haven’t told you yet is that I’m going to help you train and defeat Riddle. I can use a spell that he taught me this year. It transfers pain. If we use that, you’ll finally have a chance to beat him. And to save the world from evil.” “Okay…” Harry said convinced. Not really knowing what he was agreeing to. ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ A/N: Yes, I am evil, aren’t I? A cliffhanger. Yep. Now if you want me to finish, I will and then you will find out what Harry really agreed to…please review! (I’ll probably finish the story… eventually)

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