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hi everyone! thanks for reading. i guess i should take this time to say that all the characters are jk's except for hope. she's mine! hope you enjoy this one - got some action in it!

When I came to – with a throbbing headache I might add – I had no idea where I was. Let me tell you, that’s never a good start to waking up. I looked around and managed to figure out that, duh, I was in a bed. It wasn’t my bed, however, but was definitely a Hogwarts bed. The red curtains were pulled so the room was hidden from me. The sheets that I had managed to tangle myself in were red, and ridiculously soft. I hugged them close to me and winced at my head pain. I definitely wasn’t in the Hospital Wing, which was rather dingy. All the bed linens were white there, just like the robes of the resident mediwitch. I shuddered, I had always been terrified of hospitals so I tried to stay out of the Hospital Wing.

Suddenly the memories of what had happened came flooding back to me. Blushing scarlet and thankful that no one could see me, I replayed the morning. Sirius, secrets, Peter – ugh! – the prefects’ bathroom, talking out loud… Oh shit. Before I could scream with embarrassment, I heard a clashing outside of the bed followed by a : “Damn it Prongs!”

I went completely silent and snuck to the side of the bed to get a better listen.

“What? It’s MY room, why do I have to be quiet? It’s not fair.” I gulped as I recognized the voice of James Potter.

“Prongs, the girl fainted.” The calming voice of Remus spoke up.

“So Padfoot should have taken her to the Hospital Wing! Why’d you bring her back here anyway?”

“Hospitals give me the creeps.” I heard Sirius say in his typical smug tone. ME TOO! I wanted to shout, but I didn’t. Instead, I bit my nails.

“I think it’s rather exciting.” That would be Peter, the idiot.

“Exciting that she fainted?” James said, snidely.

“Shut up Prongs, that she’s here.” Peter pouted. That’s right, he pouted. There’s my wannabe knight in shining arm over there, in the corner, pouting like a little baby girl.

Oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no. With the feeling of dread in my stomach, I began to piece everything together. I was in James, Peter, Sirius and Remus’s bedroom. I assumed that I was in Sirius’s bed, which made me shiver a little bit while grossing me out at the same time. I snuck back under the sheets and sniffed. God damn it, his sheets would smell good. I am such a weirdo.

Panic began to set in when I realized that I couldn’t get out of the bedroom without them seeing me since they had trapped me behind the curtains of Sirius’s bed, those bastards. I wish I had girl friends, girl friends who I could go and gossip to about the fact that I was in Sirius Black’s bed! It didn’t really matter that it was just me, alone in Sirius Black’s bed. I guess it would have been a little more exciting if he was in the bed with me, but I knew better. Add Sirius Black to this bed and I would become a bumbling mess who talked about things like celibacy and tanning.

I can’t believe I actually said that aloud. I’m such an idiot. I was trying to not slap myself repeatedly in the head when I heard: “Maybe you should check on her, Padfoot.”

Oh no oh no.

“We’ll leave.” Remus spoke up.

“What?” James snapped.

“She’s bound to feel awkward if she wakes up and we’re all here.” Remus explained and in my head I blessed him repeatedly. That Remus Lupin, he’s okay in my book. Always thinking about how people feel, unlike stupid James Potter, who at this point was sighing loudly and probably rolling his stupid eyes.

I really need to cut out this first-last name thing. It’s getting out of hand.

I dove under the covers in a desperate attempt to hide as the boys shuffled out of the room. The door closed and I heard footsteps getting closer and closer to my bed by the second. My heart was beating in my throat as I attempted to matt down my messy hair. I slammed my eyes closed as the curtains were pulled back.

“Hopey?” A voice whispered so softly that I almost didn’t realize it was Sirius. I shivered at his intimate tone, goosebumps popped up all over my arms.

Being the amazing actress that I am, I yawned and stretched my arms as I blinked my eyes open. Brushing my bangs out of my eyes, I “came to.” Not acting, I jumped back a little when I saw Sirius. He looked, well, concerned and it wasn’t me being delusional this time. His grey eyes filled with nervousness as he inched closer to me.  I didn’t say anything, I couldn’t. My heart was beating out of my chest and I could swear that Sirius could hear it.

He didn’t speak either. He just slowly got closer to me, those gorgeous grey eyes staring me down. I kept his eye contact, my eyes wide in anticipation. Here I was, Hope Kohl – professional nobody – in Sirius Black’s bed. And he was inching closer to me. Forget the whole fainting spell, the choking incident. Here and now, I was Hope Kohl in Sirius Black’s bed.

It didn’t help that Sirius was incredibly gorgeous. His shaggy black hair that fell in a tangled mess, brushing the ends of his eyelashes. The tan color of his skin only intensified the astonishing grey orbs of his eyes. His mouth hung open slightly, his breathing heavy as he came closer, and closer… and closer.

On the other side of the spectrum, my hair was a wreck with split ends fell past my shoulders and down my back. The dark black color of my hair contrasted with my pale skin making me look, as Sirius had pointed out, sickly. I could feel smudged eyeliner underneath my lids. Not to mention the permanent pink cheeks that I found myself with any time Sirius was within ten feet of me. Half of my polo collar was up, the other was smushed down from me sleeping on it. My skirt was turned around about six times to nonsense, and I didn’t even bother straightening it. I didn’t know where my shoes even where.

But none of that seemed to matter as Sirius came closer and closer towards me. Fine! I’ll admit it! I like him, I like Sirius Black. I like Sirius.

“Hope?” His voice pierced the silence. I blinked at him and he continued to stare. At this point he was sitting next to me, on top of the blankets that I was safely under. He was sitting on top of the blankets that I never wanted to leave.

“Oh!” I exclaimed, and then before I could stop myself… I kissed him.

He was so warm, so wonderful, I just closed my eyes and kissed him. I was shocked when he responded by pushing my mouth open, ever so gently, with his tongue. I eagerly accepted the advance, struggling to get closer to him. We were both panting heavily when he pulled me out of the blankets and onto his lap. I tugged at the bottom on his shirt and, to my delight he pulled it off and over his head. I giggled.

“Something funny?” Sirius whispered, smirking and laying me down on the bed. I brushed my fingers against his chest, softly.

 “I don’t like Peter.” I whispered back to him. He grinned.


He kissed me again, this time more forcefully. A moan escaped my lips as Sirius wrapped his arms around me. My eyes closed as his hands drifted to my shirt. His callused fingers played with the fraying edge of my shirt. Slowly, carefully, he slid his hand underneath, grazing my stomach with his fingertips.


He moaned when I said his name and I grinned. I guess I did have some power over him too. I gasped in shock as his mouth moved from my lips, down my neck and then to my stomach. His soft, wet kisses made me tremble, and he noticed.

“Don’t worry Hopey.” He spoke softly.

“Sirius…” I moaned again. I could feel him shiver as I slid my nails softly down his bare back. His hands had moved to my bare legs, and he stroked them gently. My skirt had slid back when I laid down, and he slowly caressed my inner thighs. I kissed him hard, our tongues clashing together in passion.

I heard the doorknob move before he did. He felt my body stiffen against his and looked into my eyes with alarm.

“Your shirt.” I whispered and the door began to creak open. Sirius bent down to pick it up, but before he could the door opened. He quickly rolled under the bed, grabbing his shirt – the evidence – as James and Remus walked in.

“Oh!” Remus exclaimed. James rolled his eyes at me.

“Where’s Padfoot?” James pouted at me, yes pouted. Maybe the reason he dislikes me so much is because he has a gay-crush on Sirius. The whole Lily Evans thing is just a huge cover-up for James Potter being a big pansy. I bet she’d be relieved if it was true.

“Who?” I decided it was best to play dumb, because it was almost funny how annoyed James got.

“Sirius. Where’s Sirius?” James sneered at me.

“Prongs…” Remus spoke up in a warning tone.

“I fainted.” I stated to James with a sneer.

“That doesn’t answer my question at all. I know you fainted. Where’s Sirius?” James spat back at me. I have no idea where all the tension was coming from but you could have cut it with a knife. Remus apparently noticed, but he was the smart one of the group.

“Did he leave you here to get back on your feet?” Remus led me. Looking at him, I realized that he still thought I was “out of it” from fainting earlier. I nodded meekly.

“I just wanted a few minutes by myself, to get back on my feet. You know?” I said, softly. I really was an amazing actress. James groaned in the background. “I don’t know where Sirius went. Sorry, I’m still a little hazy.”

“That’s fine, Hope!” Remus said, grabbing a few papers and books. “We’ll go look for Sirius, he probably went to get some food or something. Come on, Prongs.”

“WHAT?” James roared.


“It’s my room!” James pouted as Remus dragged him out of the room by the arm.

After they left, Sirius scrambled out from underneath his bed. He grinned at me when noticing my nervous look.

“Why does he hate me so much?” I asked him.

“Who? James?” He shrugged. “I have no idea.” There was a moment of silence between us while Sirius played with a strand of my hair and looked me in the eyes.

“I don’t like Peter.” I repeated. He nodded.


“But, maybe we should keep this to ourselves?” I said, hesitantly. I noticed Sirius’s concerned face. “Well, I mean, James…” I waved my hands around in a pathetic attempt of explanation. Sirius laughed and kissed my forehead.

“That’s probably a good idea.”

dun dun dun! i hope you liked it! please review

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