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I was thoroughly bored as I sat watching Ron and Ginny’s game of Exploding Snap. I longed for time to move faster as I checked my watch for the hundredth time, finding, once again, that only two minutes had passed since the last time I’d looked. I sighed in frustration—it was only five after nine.

Hermione watched me over her book, smiling at my impatience. She glanced over at Ron, and, finding him still wrapped in the game, lowered her book and leaned across the space between us.

“What time are you meeting him?” she asked, keeping her voice low so that Ron wouldn’t hear. He blew up whenever Draco was mentioned.

“Ten,” I replied. “I wish the clock would move a bit faster… No offense.” She smiled.

“None taken. You could go change out of your robes, you know. That might help to kill a bit of time.” I hadn’t thought of that. My robes were irritating, and I was sure Draco would probably change as well.

“Thanks, ‘Mione,” I said, standing to dig through my trunk. “That’s a good idea.”

“What’s a good idea?” Ron asked. They had finished their game, leaving Ginny triumphant for the third time in a row.

“I’m gonna go change out of my robes,” I answered, searching for a decent set of clothes. He nodded vaguely and launched into another game with Ginny.


Ten o’clock finally came around, and I hurried off to find Draco, dressed in my favorite pair of jeans and the best-fitting t-shirt I could find. For some odd reason, the idea of meeting Draco in anything other than my school robes had me terribly nervous. I’d even attempted to get my hair to lie flat, something I’d deemed impossible long ago.

It took me a few tries, but when I finally found the compartment he’d been waiting in, I froze. My hand rested on the door, and I took a deep breath before sliding it back—and I lost all train of thought. There he was, looking absolutely perfect as he turned to face me, half smiling and half smirking. I felt suddenly underdressed as I looked at him in his neat black trousers and slightly form-fitting emerald silk shirt.

“Wow,” I breathed. I was sure that no one had ever managed to look as gorgeous as he did then. His smile grew wider and even more charming as he stepped over to me, sliding the door shut and pressing me against it. Our lips met, and I couldn’t stop my arms from going around his neck. My fingers tangled into his hair as we moved away from the door. His hands caressed my back and waist, occasionally slipping down to my arse. But I didn’t mind it, because this moment was far too perfect to interrupt.

“Gods, I love you,” I whispered, sighing as he kissed my neck. He pulled back, still grinning.

“I love you, too,” he replied. I kissed him again, wishing our afternoon here together could go on forever.


“You look amazing, you know that?” I told him as we sat together in the compartment. Draco smiled.

“Thanks,” he said.

“I feel a little underdressed…”

“You’re fine, Harry. I love these jeans on you.” His hand ran along my thigh down to my knee, sending shivers up my spine. “They make your arse look great,” he whispered, breathing hot across my neck. I laughed.

“That’s why I bought them,” I replied, grinning. “I still wish I could have some nicer shirts, though. I’m tired of Dudley’s hand-me-downs.”

“Perhaps I’ll take you shopping with me sometime.”

“That would be brilliant.” We smiled at each other, and I caught myself drowning in his eyes. He kissed me, our mouths moving together, tongues brushing—and then the compartment door slid open and someone cleared their throat. We broke a part quickly, my face flushing when I turned so see Blaise standing in the doorway.

“Sorry to interrupt,” he teased, winking at Draco. “Pansy’s gone off on Prefect rounds and such. You don’t mind if I sit with you lot for a while, do you?”

Draco looked to me and I shrugged, still embarrassed at being caught snogging him. He looked back to Blaise and grinned.

“Alright,” he said. “I suppose you can, but I’m not sharing him.” He winked and grinned. Blaise laughed and sat down across from us, opening his book.

“By all means, continue!” he called. “Don’t mind me.” Draco aimed a playful kick at him, and Blaise laughed before becoming quickly enthralled in his book. O sat staring into my lap, wishing I could make my embarrassment go away. Draco took my hand, lacing his fingers with mine and kissing my temple. I smiled at him, and leaned my head against his shoulder.

It wasn’t long after that the compartment door slid open again, this time giving way to Ginny’s entry.

“Do you boys mind if I join you?” she asked. “Ron and Hermione went off on Prefect duty and it’s terribly boring sitting by myself.

“Not at all,” Draco replied, smiling. He introduced her to Blaise, who lowered his book momentarily to shake her hand. At noon, the four us bought sandwiches from the trolley and ate together. I was amazed at how well Ginny and Blaise were getting along; she even got him away from his book long enough to play a game of Exploding Snap—a game which she lost.

“Those two are getting along well,” Draco whispered to me as we watched the game. I nodded in agreement. “I’ve never seen Blaise like this before. He usually read all the time. It’s been years since we’ve gotten him to play anything.”

“Sounds like Ginny may break him of that, then,” I replied, snuggling closer to him.

“That would be a miracle.”


The afternoon went off brilliantly, and continued to when Pansy joined us around two.

“Well, look at this,” she said as she entered the compartment. “Having a party with out me, are you?”

“You know it,” Blaise replied, not looking up from his game. Ginny smiled up at her, reaching over to shake Pansy’s hand and introduce herself.

“Weasley…,” Pansy mumbled. “Isn’t your brother a prefect?” Ginny rolled her eyes.

“Unfortunately, yes,” she replied. “That git is indeed my brother.” Pansy laughed, her eyes moving to where Draco and I sat together. She winked at us, her eyes giving a strange glisten.

“Mind if I join, since Blaise so unthinkingly left our compartment unattended? It’s probably been overrun with first years by now.”

“Not if you’re gonna be like that, you can’t,” Blaise teased, winking and moving over to make room for her.

And just when I was beginning to think things were perfect, shouting echoed down the aisle, heading in our direction. The compartment door slid open with aloud bang—and gave way to a fuming Ron Weasley.

“What the hell is this?!” he shouted. Hermione appeared behind him, looking out of breath as she placed one small hand on his shoulder.

“Ron, please,” she said, trying to pull him away from the compartment. “This isn’t necessary.”

“The hell it isn’t! Ginny, Harry, come on.” Ginny was on her feet in an instant, her anger easily matching her brother’s.

“And just who died and made you boss?” she exclaimed. “I’m not going anywhere—and neither is Harry.”

“Damn it, Ginny! I’m older; therefore, I’m in charge!” She didn’t move. I felt Draco’s arms tighten around me, his fists clenched and jaw set. He had no intention of letting me go. “It’ll be a week’s detention if you don’t go!” Ron growled. Ginny tossed her hair defiantly and stormed out of the compartment, shoving Ron roughly as she passed. “Let’s go, Harry. You, too.”

“Ron—” Hermione began.

“That’s not fair!” I shouted. “Why should I have to go? You’re not in charge of me, Ron!”

“He’s got a point, Ron—”

“I don’t want you hanging around these snakes!” Ron replied.

“These are Draco’s friends, Ron. That makes them my friends, too.”

“And that’s another thing!” Ron continued as if he hadn’t heard a word I’d said. “I don’t want you anywhere near that bloody ponce either.” Pansy was on her feet instantly.

“You go too far, Weasley!” she shouted. Ron ignored her, staring at me and only me.

“He’s got you confused, Harry. He’s making you believe you’re something that you’re not.”

“And what’s that, then?” I asked, getting overly irritated. He’d gone too far, insulting Draco like that.

“He’s got you thinking you’re…that you’re….”

“What? Gay?” Ron was silent. My blood had reached its boiling point. “I thought we were past this, Ron!”

“You’ve got a problem with Harry being gay, then?” Pansy asked. “There’s nothing wrong with it, you know.”

“He’s not queer, damn it!” Ron bellowed. “That git has got him under some sort of spell!” He gestured violently to Draco, who tightened his hold on me again. “This is all just some sort of ruse to get Harry to let his guard down! He’s gonna get you killed, Harry!”

“That’s it!” Pansy went for her wand, and Blaise grabbed her wrist quickly.

“It’s not worth it, Pans,” he said quietly. “He’s not worth the trouble.”

“Did you hear what he said, Blaise? Did you hear what he said about Draco?!”

“We all heard him, Pansy,” Draco breathed. If he was pissed off, he was doing a great job of hiding it. “You two should go back to the other compartment, see if you can run off those first years. I’ll meet you there in a few minutes.”

Pansy opened her mouth to object, but Blaise shook his head and pulled her out of the compartment with him, nodding a farewell to me as he passed. I was on my feet as soon as the door shut behind them.

“What the hell was that all about, Ron?” I growled. “Everything was perfect until you showed up!”

“Are you insane, Harry?!” Ron replied. His anger hadn’t subsided a bit. If anything, it seemed to grow as he stood there glaring. “Hanging around with a load of Slytherins?! They’re dangerous! You know their parents are probably all Death Eaters!”

“That’s bullshit, Ron, and you know it. What’s it matter to you who I hang out with anyway?”

“I’m trying to protect you, Harry! Gits like Malfoy will end up getting you killed!”

Gits like Malfoy? What the hell is that supposed to mean?!”

“You know damn well what it means!” We stood glaring at each other, and the train seemed to shake uncontrollably. Then I realized—it wasn’t the train. It was me. Draco stood and wrapped his arm around my shoulders, pulling me close to him. I laid my head on his shoulder, my hand on his chest, and let him comfort me.

“Get your filthy hands off of him, Malfoy!” Ron shouted. I looked up at my supposed best friend, my anger returning quickly.

“Shove off, Ron!” I replied. “Draco’s my boyfriend. He can touch me whenever the hell he wants. He doesn’t need your permission.”

“I’m trying to help you, Harry—to keep you safe!”

“I don’t need your protection, Ron! What I need is your support.”

“I can support you if you really think you’re gay, but I will not support this affair you’re having with Malfoy!”

Affair? Is that what you think this is? Damn it, Ron! I love him! Are you really too blind to see that?” The compartment was silent. Ron’s anger mingled with a look of shock, while Hermione stood quietly behind him, watching. Draco’s arm slipped from my shoulders, taking my hand instead. Ron shook his head, as if clearing it of some invisible fog.

“Come on, Harry. Come back to the compartment with us,” he said quietly, turning towards the door and ushering Hermione out before him.

“No,” I replied firmly. He stopped and turned back to face me.


“I said no. I’m staying with Draco.”


“Maybe you should go.” His voice was so quiet, I barely heard him. I turned to Draco, who was looking down at the floor.

“What?” I asked, not wanting to believe what I’d heard.

“I said you should go.”

“Draco, no. He’s got no authority over me.”

“He’s your best mate, Harry. That’s all the authority he needs.”

“But, Dray…” I was begging, and it was pathetic. What was stranger still was that I didn’t care that Ron and Hermione were seeing it. Somehow, I didn’t mind showing them how weak this man made me—how much I longed to be with him.

“Go on, Harry. I’ll see you after break.” His eyes met mine, and he seemed serious. Was he really going to say goodbye like this?

I let Ron pull me from the compartment, my eyes still locked with Draco’s until my hand slipped from his….and the door slid shut.


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