The next day Grace woke up with a pair of strong arms around her waist. She turned over scared, then relaxed as she saw that it was Draco just sleeping peacefully. Grace quietly got out of bed and went to go take a shower. Once Grace got out of the shower she magically dried her hair and put on her make-up. Grace put on eyeliner and some lip-gloss on; she went into her room and saw that Draco was still lying peacefully in bed. The new Mrs. Malfoy smiled as she saw the ring on her finger and walked into the walk in closet she shared with Draco. She got dressed in her school uniform and high heel boots.

“Draco, Draco you need to get up. Today we’re leaving for Hogwarts today, so you need to get ready,” Grace said while giving Draco a kiss on the cheek.

Draco moaned from being woken up from his sleep and said, “You are going to learn that if you do that every morning I will be the most happiest person on Earth.” Draco got out of bed and changed into his school uniform but with pants and dress shoes. “What I take showers at night,” he said because of the look she had on her face. They went to the kitchen for breakfast. After they were done eating they went to brush their teeth and then Grace went to say goodbye to her father.

“Father? I came to tell you goodbye and that I will write every day.” After she said this she was in a bone-crushing hug by her father.

“Grace I am sorry that we didn’t get to spend more time together but you have to come home for the Christmas holidays,” Tom Riddle said with tears starting to run down his cheeks.

“Goodbye daddy and don’t get yourself killed while I am at school,” Grace said giggling a little to lighten the moment.

“Grace we have to go the train is gonna leave soon,” Draco said while poking his head in the door.

She gave her father another hug before turning shrank their luggage; put it in their pockets. Then they both appartated to King’s Crossing, so they could meet the new Hogwarts headmaster. The two boarded the train and went to the heads compartment. Draco unshrank their luggage and put it above the seats right before the headmaster came in. Much to their disappointment the headmaster is Professor Snape.

“Now that you both are here we can get to business. You two have to patrol the corridors on the train make sure there is no chaos erupting on the train. The two of you have to share a common room and I want no arguing. You may also have two people live with you for the year. Now if you would excuse me I have to go back to Hogwarts and make sure everything is right for tonight.” With that said Professor Snape left and the heads started to laugh at how mad when he looked at Grace.

Soon after the meeting they went to patrol the corridors. They were walking past the golden trio when Harry pulled Grace in the compartment and locked the door so Draco couldn’t come in.

“Hermione why are you with ferret face?” Harry said, as Grace was trying to get out but no such use.

“I’m with him because he is my husband and we’re the heads.”

“But how can you be married to him you’re a mudblood,” Ron said looking really pissed off.

“For your information Ronald I am not a mudblood but a pureblood. My name is Grace Riddle. Now let me out of here of else.” Grace said while Draco was saying ‘alohamora’ to get into the compartment. When he finally got in there he saw his wife looking really pissed off and she was starting to float.

“Grace what happened?” he asked while grabbing hold off her wrist and she calmed down and she started to cry in his arms.

“Potter why did you pull my wife in here with filth? What did you say to her?” Draco said while anger was up to the boiling point.

“I didn’t say anything to her. Ron was the one who called her a mudblood. The only thing I asked her was why she was with you and why she married you,” Harry was saying to calm down the murderous looking Draco Malfoy. Draco lead Grace back to the heads compartment were they both saw Lord Voldemort standing there in the middle of the compartment.

“Grace, Draco what is wrong? Pansy Parkinson came to me saying that she saw that Grace was pulled into a compartment with Potter and the Weasely’s,” Grace’s father said very concerned.

“Sir, Grace was pulled into the compartment with Potter and the Weasely’s. One Weasely called her a mudblood and she started to float. They locked the door so I couldn’t get in then Pansy came to help me then got the door to open. When Pansy saw Grace floating she screamed and said she was going to go and get you,” Draco said while trying to calm down a crying Grace. “Sir, do you know why she was floating?”

“Draco I have no clue why she was floating, but you two are a part of a prophecy. It said that one could not live without each other and that you’re soul mates and that the both of you carry special powers, which includes floating and glowing,” Lord Voldemort said as he gave Grace a hug so she would calm down. “I have to go because you’re almost at Hogwarts. Goodbye my darling daughter and goodbye to you Draco I am hoping to see you at Christmas. If you need anything just owl me.” With that said Grace’s father left and after he left Pansy and Blaise walked in.
“Grace are you ok? I saw you looking really mad and then you started to float,” Pansy asked a little concerned for her best friend. She gave Grace a big hug and the two started talking about what the school year was going to be like.

“Oh Pansy I forgot to ask if you wanted to live in the heads dorm with me and Draco? Since Blaise is staying with Draco.”

“Grace do you really have to ask that? So yes I would love to.”

The train stopped and the guys got their luggage along with the girl’s luggage. They guys chased the girls into a carriage. Then the door opened to show weasel and brown snogging the living daylights out of each other.

“Oh Weasel, Brown all of us can dock points from Griffindor if you keep doing that in front of us.” The two broke apart and looked stupid with their faces all red.

“Dray stop he is just doing that to make me jealous and come crawling to him. Like that is ever going to happen. I love you dray,” grace said while giving Draco a kiss. Ron turned even red because she just figured out his plan.

“How do you know that he is just using me to get you to go out with him?” asked a very mad looking Lavender Brown.

“I know because when I said this his face turned even more red than usual,” Grace said with a bored expression on her face. She then smiled when Weasel got smacked. Then they both left and they started talking about what she was supposed to do about the feast since she had to be resorted after all of the first years.

“If the new golden trio tries to sit next to you just move and we’ll all be watching you from the Slytherin table. Is that okay with you?” Draco suggested. Grace nodded in agreement with Blaise and Pansy.

The carriage finally got to the castle and the guys started to chase the girls again but started to walk when they got into the great hall. Draco gave Grace a kiss while Pansy gave her a hug and an encouraging smile. She sat at the Griffindor table when the new golden trio surrounded her. She looked at Draco, but the sorting started.

Once the sorting was done Professor Magonigal said, “Now if I can have your attention this years heads are Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy.” The two stood up and gave a bow. Harry and Ron were trying to get Grace to sit down. “Now may I have Mrs. Malfoy come up here to be resorted. Grace is being resorted because of her parentage so she would like to be resorted.”

Grace walked up to the staff table; she sat on the stool and put the hat on her head. The hat was mumbling to itself, “Oh my, my why did I put the heir of Slytherin in Griffindor. You belong with your husband in SLYTHERIN.” The whole Slytherin table cheered as loud as they could because they had head boy and girl and the heir of Slytherin. Grace smiled and made her way over to where Draco, Pansy, and Blaise were sitting. She sat in between Draco and Marcus Flint. Draco bent down and kissed her and said while smiling at her, “I’m so glad that you got in Slytherin.” Pansy looked at Grace a little funny because she saw that Marcus Flint was trying to get her away from Draco.

Pansy was going to foil his plan by saying, “Marcus what in the world are you trying to do to Grace?” Pansy and Grace were smiling while Draco and Blaise looked ready to kill anyone right now. Grace moved from next to Draco to next to Pansy on the other side of the table while Blaise took Grace’s spot. Pansy and Grace giggled and walked to the heads common room together and waited for Draco and Blaise. After about five minutes of waiting for them they came through the door with satisfied expressions on their faces.

“What in the world did you two do while we were in here?” Grace asked while laughing with Pansy.

“Well after the whole school left to go their common rooms we grabbed Flint and beat the crap out of him. We also told him that if he looks at my wife and fiancée again like that, we wouldn’t be such gentlemen’s to him next time,” Draco said while the girls and Blaise were laughing their heads off.

“Well we would love to stay and chat to you fellows but we’re tired and wish to go to bed,” Grace said.

“Why Mrs. Malfoy don’t leave just because I am here,” said Professor Snape. “I would love to get to know you better that I know who your parents are.”

“Professor Snape I would love to chat with you but I think that my father wouldn’t be so happy if I were to tell him that you are harassing my husband and I while we have witnesses who can tell him exactly that you were harassing my family. I also don’t think that you would want me to tell him that you are a spy for him and telling the order what his plans were. Now if you don’t want me to tell him any of that information I suggest that you leave my family and friends alone,” Grace said this with an innocent smile on her beautiful face. Snape looked like he was going to explode and start yelling at her, when he turned on his heels and left without a word. Draco and Blaise were staring at her in shock, but Pansy was just standing next to her looking like ‘if he came back she would video tape anything he said’. Grace went to the room she and Draco shared and started to write to her father.

Her letter said the following:
Dear father,
I am pleased to tell you that I got resorted and got in Slytherin. I also want to tell you that Snape is not faithful to you he is a spy for the order. I think you shouldn’t kill him just yet but give him false information. You might also want to talk to the Flints at the next meeting because their son kept trying to kiss me at the feast.

From your loving daughter,
Grace Malfoy

After Grace sent the letter Draco came in and started to strip down to his boxers. Grace smiled and went to the closet, got her nightgown on and hoped in bed with Draco. Draco wrapped his big strong arms around her waist and said, “I love you Grace Malfoy.”

“And I love you too Draco Malfoy,” Grace said with a smile on her face. The two fell asleep with their bodies pressed so close that it would be impossible to separate them.

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